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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Group Event: In The Character Of The River (English Translation)

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Ema: (I guess I’m done clearing up after dinner.)
Wataru: Are you done cleaning up, big sis?
Ema: Yes, I just finished. What is it, Wataru-chan?
Wataru: Umm… I’m going to sleep with Maa-kun tonight, so you come too!
Ema: Huh…? You mean all three of us are going to sleep together?
Wataru: Yes! It sounds fun, right?
Ema: (I’m happy he asked me… But I’m sure I’ll get nervous if all three of us sleep together…!)
Ema: (I can’t say no when I see Wataru-chan smiling
so innocently though…!)
Wataru: What’s the matter, big sis?
Ema: (Wataru-chan and Masaomi-san are my brothers, so getting nervous would be weird…!)
Ema: Nothing. Alright, I’ll sleep with you two tonight!
Wataru: Yay! Shall we go to Maa-kun’s room then? Maa-kun is already waiting there!
Ema: (I was no match for Wataru-chan’s smile and I replied without thinking… Does Masaomi-san know about this though?)
Wataru: Have you got the quilt ready, Maa-kun?
Masaomi: Yes, I have. Oh…? What are you doing here?
Ema: Ah, umm… Good evening…
Ema: (Masaomi-san really didn’t know…)
Wataru: I brought big sis here so the three of us could sleep together!
Masaomi: You brought her here… Umm… Are you really okay with this?
Ema: Huh? Me…? I…
Wataru: Huh…? You didn’t want to come, big sis…?
Ema: D-Don’t look so worried, Wataru-chan. I… I’m fine, so let’s all sleep together tonight! Okay?
Wataru: Really? You really don’t mind…?
Ema: Yes. I don’t mind.
Wataru: That’s good!
Ema: So can I stay here tonight, Masaomi-san?
Masaomi: Well, I don’t mind as long as you’re okay with it…
Ema: I’m fine! Wataru-chan is looking forward to it, so I’ll stay here tonight.
Masaomi: …I see. Thanks.
Wataru: Alright, Maa-kun! Can I sleep in between you two?
Masaomi: Sure you can.
Wataru: Are you okay with it too, big sis?
Ema: Of course.
Wataru: Hehehe, that’s good! I’ll turn off the light then.
Masaomi: You’re in a good mood, Wataru.
Wataru: It’s because I’m really happy!
Wataru: I’m happy sleeping with Maa-kun, but I’m even happier that big sis is here!
Masaomi: It’s good that she came here then.
Wataru: Yes!
ema: (Wataru-chan’s happiness makes me glad I came.)
Ema: (…This is the first time I’ve slept together with someone else under one quilt like family.)
Ema: (I was nervous at first, but I’m actually happy…!)
Masaomi: Come on, Wataru. I know you’re happy, but you’ll oversleep if you don’t go to sleep soon.
Wataru: Okay.
Masaomi: Goodnight then.
Wataru: Goodnight Maa-kun, big sis!
Ema: Okay, goodnight.
Wataru: *snore*
Ema: Hehe, Wataru-chan fell asleep right away.
Masaomi: Wataru has never had trouble falling asleep. He was easy to take care of in that sense.
Ema: Ah, I see… But now Wataru-chan is a honest, kind and good boy, so I think I can understand.
Masaomi: Hehe, I’m glad to hear that. He’s a little spoiled though.
Ema: Hehe, you’re right.
Masaomi: …I’m sorry Wataru insisted you come here tonight though.
Ema: It’s okay! It’s my first time sleeping under the same quilt like this… I was glad to feel like family.
Masaomi: We are family.
Ema: Huh…?
Masaomi: We’re not just “like family”, we are “family”. Right…?
Ema: …You’re right. We’re family.
Ema: (Masaomi-san’s kind words made me really happy…)
Masaomi: I suppose we should sleep soon too.
Ema: Yes, we should.
Masaom: Goodnight.
Ema: Alright, goodnight.
Ema: (Even though I said goodnight, I might not be able to sleep for a while.)
Wataru: Mm… Mmm?
Ema: Ah. I’m sorry, Wataru-chan. Did I wake you…?
Wataru: No… Can’t you sleep, big sis…?
Ema: Kind of.
Wataru: So you didn’t want to sleep together after all…? You couldn’t say no…?
Ema: No, that’s not it. I’m happy to be sleeping with you and Masaomi-san.
Ema: But I’m feeling a little nervous. I’m not nervous because I don’t like this, I’m nervous because I like you two.
Ema: …Can you understand the difference?
Wataru: Hmm…
Ema: (Was that still a little too difficult…?)
Wataru: Not nervous because you don’t like it, but nervous because you do…?
Ema: Yes.
Wataru: I see. I’m glad you’re nervous because you like it!
Wataru: Right! I’ll hold your hand so you can fall asleep.
Ema: My hand…?
Wataru: Give me your hand, big sis.
Ema: O-Okay…
Ema: (Ah… Wataru-chan held my hand. His hand is warm…)
Wataru: Umm… Maa-kun always does this for me when I can’t sleep.
Wataru: So I’m going to do this for you when you can’t sleep!
Ema: Thank you, Wataru-chan. I think I’ll be able to sleep really well now.
Wataru: Ehehe~ Goodnight then.
Ema: Okay. Goodnight, Wataru-chan.
Wataru: Maa-kun! Big sis! It’s morning! Good morning!
Masaomi: Mmm~ Good morning, Wataru…
Ema: Good morning, Wataru-chan. Good morning, Masaomi-san.
Wataru: It was fun when we all slept together last night! Let’s do it again!
Ema: Okay.
Ema: (I was a little nervous at first, but last night really was fun…)

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