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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Family Trip Day 2 (English Translation)

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Ema: The second day of the vacation! I think I’ll do lots of swimming today.
Juli: I don’t mind you getting excited, but don’t swim too far.
Ema: Okay. See you later!
Ema: (I hope today is another enjoyable day!)

Juli: So this is the second day of the family vacation, hmm?
Ema: Yep. Let’s have lots of fun!
Juli: What are you going to do today, Chii?%K%P
Ema: I think I’ll go to the beach first. What about you, Juli?%K%P
Juli: I’m still sleepy, so I’ll stay at the cottage. Be careful.
Ema: Okay, got it. See you later.

Ema: (Mmm, the sea breeze really does feel good.)
Masaomi: Hey!
Ema: Masaomi-san… What’s the matter? You look worried.
Masaomi: Have you seen Wataru?
Ema: Huh? Wataru-chan? No, I haven’t seen him…
Ema: Umm… What happened to Wataru-chan?
Masaomi: Well… I can’t find him anywhere.
Ema: Huh?! Since when?
Masaomi: We all ate breakfast together this morning. But after that…
Ema: Could he have gone to the beach alone…?!
Masaomi: No, we come here every year and I’ve warned him not to play in the water, so I think he’ll be fine…
Ema: ……
Masaomi: …I’m sorry for making you worry too.
Ema: It’s alright. Anyway, let’s split up and look for him!
Masaomi: Okay, thanks.
Kaname: What’s the matter? Did something happen?
Ema: Wataru-chan has been missing for a while… Masaomi-san and I just decided to split up and look for him.
Kaname: ……!
Kaname: Alright, we’ll help too. Azusa, you go back to the cottage to tell Ukyo and Iori what’s happened. Tsubaki, you go and call Subaru, Yuusuke and Louis.
Azusa: Got it.
Tsubaki: Okay.
Ema: (What should I do…?)

1: Look inside the cottage.
(Azusa, Ukyo, Iori and Wataru)
2: Look around the cottage.
(Masaomi and Yuzuku)
3: Look around the promenade.
4: Look around the beach.
(Tsubaki, Subaru and Louis)
1: Look inside the cottage.
Ema: Azusa-san! I’ll look inside the cottage too!
Azusa: Got it. Let’s go together.
Ema: Okay!
Ukyo: Wataru is missing…? We’ll look for him too!
Ema: Alright, thank you!
Iori: I don’t think I saw him inside the cottage though…
Azusa: We should look inside all the rooms.
Ukyo: Yes, you’re right. Let’s split up and look inside all the rooms.
Iori: Hey. How about we try and think like Wataru?
Ema: Think like Wataru-chan…?
Iori: Yes, imagine what you might do if you were him.
Ema: Right…
Ema: I don’t think Wataru-chan would go very far by himself. So he probably went to play inside the cottage or somewhere around it…
Iori: I think so too.
Iori: But seeing as he hasn’t come out, even though we’re making all this noise, he might have gotten carried away playing or fallen asleep.
Ema: Which means…
Iori: In the loft, behind the curtains and inside the closets… If we look somewhere a child might like… Alright, I’ll start looking upstairs.
Ema: Okay…!
Ema: (Iori-san is amazing… He was able to think and act calmly in this situation…!)
Ema: (I wonder where Wataru-chan actually went? I hope he’s okay…)
Ukyo: Ema-san, we’ve found Wataru!
Ema: Really?! Is he okay?
Azusa: Yes, he’s doing fine.
Wataru: Uh, big sis. Sorry I made you worry…
Ema: Wataru-chan! Thank goodness… But where on earth were you earlier?
Wataru: I was playing hide and seek with Juli-rin, and we fell asleep…
Iori: I found him asleep, wrapped up in a curtain.
Ema: I see. I’m glad he’s safe though.
Azusa: I’ll tell everyone we’ve found Wataru.
Iori: Right. Could you wait here with Wataru?
Ema: Okay, got it.
Ema: (It looks like it’s suddenly begun to rain, so I hope no one catches a cold…)
2: Look around the cottage.
Ema: I’ll look around the cottage!
Masaomi: I thought I’d look around there too. Let’s go together!
Ema: Okay!
Ema: Wataru-chan!
Ema: (Where did he go? It’s started raining and I’m worried…)
Ema: (Oh? The person over there is…?)
Yusuke: Oh, it’s you.
Ema: Yusuke-kun! What are you doing here?
Yusuke: Hmm? I’m looking for Wataru! Tsuba-nii told me to look around the cottage.
Ema: I see…
Yusuke: What about you? Are you alone?
Ema: No, I was with Masaomi-san just now. Masaomi-san went behind the cottage, so I’m looking on this side…
Yusuke: I see. It looks like he isn’t around here though.
Ema: …I hope Wataru-chan is safe.
Yusuke: Ah, watch out. It’s gotten wet because of the rain…
Ema: Huh…? K-Kyaaa!
Ema: (I’m falling…!)
Yusuke: ……!
Yusuke: That was close! I did warn you.
Ema: (Yusuke-kun caught me… But this position… His face is so close…!)
Yusuke: S-Sorry…!
Ema: No, I should apologise…! A-Also… Thank you…
Masaomi: It’s no good, he doesn’t seem to be here… Oh? Yusuke? When did you get here?
Yusuke: A-Ah…!
Masaomi: …Both of your faces are bright red. What’s the matter? Are you okay?
Ema: W-We’re okay! It’s nothing!
Yusuke: That’s right! It’s nothing!
Masaomi: ……?
Iori: So this where you all were. We’ve found Wataru.
Masaomi: Eh, really?
Iori: Yes, he’s at the cottage. You all hurry up and come inside too.
Ema: I’m glad Wataru-chan was found safely…)

3: Look around the promenade.
Ema; I’m sure there’s a promenade nearby, isn’t there? I’m going to look over there!
Kaname: No… You should go back to the cottage.
Ema: Huh…? Why?
Kaname: It’s supposed to rain this afternoon. You’re not familiar with this place either, right?
Ema: But…! I can’t just wait in my room alone while everyone else is out looking!
Ema: Because…Wataru-chan is my little brother!
Kaname: ……
Ema: ……
Kaname: Ahh… Alright. You’re going to come with me though. We’ll look around the promenade together.
Ema: Okay!
Ema: Wataru-chan!
Kaname: Wataru!
Ema: (Wataru-chan… Where could you have gone in this rainy weather…?)
Ema: …Achoo!
Kaname: Are you okay, little sis?
Ema: Y-Yes…
Kaname: It’s raining harder than it was earlier. Don’t push yourself too hard.
Ema: I… I’m fine…! A-Achoo!
Kaname: You’re soaking wet and sneezing a lot… How can you be okay?
Ema: …I’m fine! I won’t go back until we find Wataru-chan!
Kaname: …Jeez, you’re more stubborn than I thought.
Ema: Huh…?
Ema: (H-He’s hugging me…?!)
Ema: K-Kaname-san…?
Kaname: …I knew it, you’re really cold.
Ema: ……!
Ema: (The strength of his arms holding me and the warmth of his body made my heart beat faster…)
Ema: (M-My heart is beating faster… I’m feeling this way, even though Kaname-san is my older brother…)
Kaname: …Thank you for trying so hard to look for Wataru.
Ema: T-That’s because Wataru-chan is my little brother…!
Kaname: Yes, that’s right. But you’re my precious little sister. So I don’t want you to push yourself too hard. Got it?
Ema: (N-No way…)
Ukyo: Kaname!
Ema: (That was Ukyo-san’s voice?!)
Ema: (I… I pulled away from Kaname-san without thinking…)
Ukyo: You came all the way over here to look for Wataru?
Kaname: What’s the matter, Kyo-nii?
Ukyo: Ah. We’ve found Wataru. Everyone has already gone back to the cottage, so you two quickly go inside and warm up too.
Ukyo: You got quite cold in the rain, didn’t you?
Kaname: I see, I’m glad you found him.
Ema: (…Kaname-san is acting like nothing happened, but I’m too embarrassed to look at him…)
Ukyo: …Ema-san? Your face is red… Did you get a fever because of the rain…?
Ema: I… I’m fine! So let’s go back to the cottage!
Ukyo: Is that so? Let’s go then.
Ema: …I can’t believe my heart was beating faster because of Kaname-san, even though Wataru-chan was missing… That was so insensitive of me…)
Ema: (…But…)

4: Look around the beach.
Ema; I’ll go and look by the beach!
Tsubaki: Okay, come with me then. I’m sure that Subaru and the others are over there. It’s better if we look together.
Ema: Okay!
Subaru: Wataru’s gone missing?
Louis: That’s terrible…!
Tsubaki: Yeah, you guys help us look for him!
Yusuke: Sure!
Tsubaki: Ah, Yusuke. Can you look around the cottage instead of here? They probably need more people over there!
Yusuke: Got it!
Ema: (Even though the weather was fine a moment ago, it suddenly began to rain… I wonder if Wataru-chan is okay…)
Louis: …The rain has gotten worse, Chii-chan. Are you cold?
Ema: I’m okay!
Louis: You’re not. Your hands are cold.
Ema: Huh…?
Ema: (Louis-san is holding my hand…?)
Louis: I’ll warm your hands up for you. Let’s look for Wataru like this.
Ema: (L-Like this…? He’s going to keep holding my hand?!)
Tsubaki: Ah! What are you doing, Louis? Stop flirting with Ema and look for Wataru properly!
Louis: Flirting…?
Tsubaki: Hey, it’s raining really hard. You can go back to the cottage. We’ll keep on looking.
Louis: …That’s right. You should go back.
Ema: Huh… No way! I’m fine. I’m going to look for Wataru-chan!
Tsubaki: Hmm… But… It’d be no good if you caught a cold, right?
Subaru: …Tsuba-nii, Louis-nii. Keep looking instead of chatting! I’m the only one who’s actually looking.
Tsubaki & Louis: ……
Subaru: …W-What is it?!
Tsubaki: Subaru. Shouldn’t you be a little more considerate towards girls? You won’t be popular the way you are now, will you?
Subaru: Huh?! Why’d you say that all of a sudden?!
Louis: I feel sorry for you, Subaru-kun…
Subaru: What are you trying to tell me, Louis-nii?!
Azusa: …What are you doing, Tsubaki?
Tsubaki: Ah, Azusa!
Azusa: Stop messing around.
Tsubaki: I’m not messing around! I was trying really hard to look for Wataru!
Azusa: Haa… We’ve found Wataru.
Ema: Really?
Azusa: Yes, he’s at the cottage. That’s why I came to call you guys. Shall we go back?
Ema: Okay!
Ema: (Anyway, I’m just glad Wataru-chan was found safe…)

Wataru: …I’m really sorry.
Masaomi: It’s okay, I’m just glad you weren’t hurt.
Kaname: So what was he doing?
Iori: He fell asleep while playing hide and seek with the pet squirrel.
Tsubaki: Jeez. You’re still a kid, so don’t wander around by yourself, okay?
Ema: Calm down, Tsubaki-san.
Wataru: …Hmph.
Azusa: …Wataru?
Wataru: I’m not a kid anymore.
Tsubaki: You fell asleep while playing hide and seek. You’re still a kid, right?
Wataru: …That’s not true.
Ukyo: Everyone was doing their best to find you though. You understand that, don’t you
Wataru: …Yes, I’m sorry.
Ukyo: You’re going to help out with dinner tonight, to make up for the trouble you caused everyone, alright?
Wataru: ……! O-Okay!
Ema: (Ukyo-san’s punishments are so strict… Good luck, Wataru-chan!)
Ema: Ah…! Subaru-san.
Ema: The jacket you lent me yesterday got wet, so I’ll wash it and give it back to you. I’m sorry that happened to something you lent me.
Subaru: Ah… It’s okay. You’re tired from today, right? Get some rest.
Ema: (Oh, isn’t Subaru-san being unusually kind…?)
Ema: But I feel bad about it… Ah, shall I wash it together with your wet clothes?
Ema: Come on, take them off!
Subaru: Wha?! S-Stop…
Wataru: Big sis? Isn’t taking off clothes something you save for night time?
Ema: …Huh?!
Kaname: Hah!
Subaru: Y-You! What on earth have you taught Wataru…?!
Ema: I-It’s not like that! It wasn’t me, I didn’t say anything…!
Kaname: Ahahahaha!
Ema: Kaname-san…!
Kaname: Aha… Ahaha! I’m sorry, it was so funny…!
Ema: …You’re laughing too much.
Ema: (Jeez, Kaname-san…!)
Kaname: Haha! You don’t have to do the laundry today, little sis. Let’s relax together, okay?
Ema: (A lot of things happened today… But I’m glad I got to work together with everyone else. I hope tomorrow will be another good day!)

Ema: (I guess I’ll get some rest now. I hope tomorrow will be another good day!)

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