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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Tsubaki’s Route Event 2: Petit Cruise (English Translation)

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Ema: Today is the 2nd day of my trip. I had a lot of fun yesterday. I wonder what I should do today?
Tsubaki: Good morning! How about a good morning kiss?
Ema: Ah…! T-Tsubaki-san?!
Tsubaki: Ow…!
Azusa: What are you trying to pull this morning, Tsubaki?
Tsubaki: What else? It’s a good morning greeting! She asked what she wanted to do today after all.
Tsubaki: Come on! A kiss for you too, Azusa!
Azusa: *sigh*
Azusa: I’m sorry Tsubaki is troubling you so early in the morning. Are you okay?
Ema: I’m fine. Anyway, what are you two doing?
Tsubaki: We came to invite you, Ema!
Ema: Huh? Me…?
Azusa: We’re planning on riding a boat together. We were talking about it earlier and Tsubaki suggested to invite you.
Tsubaki: That’s right! It should be more fun with 3 people now, right?
Ema: So there’s a boat too!

1: Accept the invitation (hearts)
2: Decline

1: Accept the invitation
Ema: Thank you very much. I’d like to go!
Tsubaki: Yay! Be sure to call us after breakfast.
Ema: Okay.
Azusa: We’ll see you later then.
Ema: A boat ride with Azusa-san and Tsubaki-san. I’m looking forward to it.
2: Decline
Ema: Sorry, I’ll have to decline for today. I’m a bit tired from yesterday.
Tsubaki: Hmm, well I guess there’s no helping that. Let’s go, Azusa.
Azusa: It’s unfortunate but I hope you enjoy a good break.
Ema: (I’ll spend today quietly by myself. I hope it wasn’t a bad idea to decline their offer.)

Continue for choice 1
Ema: …..!?
Tsubaki: We’ll be riding this today.
Ema: Tsubaki-san, didn’t you say we we’re riding a boat…?
Tsubaki: I did. Isn’t this a boat?
Ema: (This is a boat?! It looks more like a small ship…!)
Ema: T-That’s amazing. I was expecting a boat that’s rowed with an oar…
Tsubaki: It’s really not all that great. We only end up using it once a year anyway.
Azusa: Our mother bought it for the villa a few years ago.
Ema: (The Asahina family never ceases to amaze me…)
Ema: Huh? But then who drives it?
Tsubaki: Me and Azusa of course.
Ema: What?! You know how to drive it?!
Tsubaki: All of our working family members are capable of this. Right, Azusa?
Azusa: Yeah.
Tsubaki: Driving a ship is actually pretty easy. You wanna try for a license?
Ema: What?!
Ema: I-I’m okay. I’ll be fine as long as I get my driver’s license. Ahaha…
Ema: Though I’m not really sure if I’m even capable of that.
Azusa: If it’s a driver’s license, that should be easy for you. Even Tsubaki was able to get it.
Tsubaki: Come on Azusa, that’s a bit harsh you know.
Azusa: Oh? Even after you failed the last subject at your driving school over and over again?
Tsubaki: Don’t talk about that, Azusa!
Tsubaki: Enough of that! Let’s just get on already! I’ll drive since we’re going near that small island today!
Azusa: Alright, fine.
Ema: (Does that mean all my brothers can drive?!)
Ema: (I’ve said it before, but I’m really glad I came to this home…)
Ema: (We spent a quiet time near the beach with just the three of us. I had so much fun I hadn’t realized how much time passed…)
Azusa: Tsubaki…
Tsubaki: Hm?
Azusa: It looks like the weather is getting worse.
Tsubaki: Hm, you’re right. It’s a bit cold now that I think about it. You okay, Ema?
Ema: There’s no need to worry. I’m fine.
Azusa: We should return before it gets too late.
Tsubaki: Yeah. I’d really like to spend more time together though.
Azusa: I understand how you feel but…Ah.
Tsubaki: Azusa, looks like you spoke too soon.
Azusa: Seems that way. It’s really pouring down.
Ema: Can you still drive the boat in this weather?
Tsubaki: Hm, with really high waves it’d be better if I didn’t force it.
Tsubaki: Azusa! Stay with Ema. I’ll take care of the boat.
Azusa: Alright.
Ema: This is some really heavy rain…
Azusa: Yeah, it’s really bad today. Are you sure you aren’t cold, Ema? Don’t force yourself.
Ema: Oh, I’m okay. Thank you. Anyway, I hope he’ll be able to get the boat moving…
Azusa: I wonder. I hope nothing’s wrong…
Tsubaki: This is bad, Azusa…
Azusa: What’s wrong?
Tsubaki: The boat’s engine broke down.
Ema: What…?
Azusa: Are you serious?
Tsubaki: Yeah. It’s probably because of the heavy rain…
Ema: Oh no…does that mean we’re stuck on this island?
Tsubaki: …..
Tsubaki: I’m sorry. I didn’t expect something like this to happen when I invited you…
Ema: It’s not your fault, Tsubaki-san…
Tsubaki: But you’re a bit uneasy aren’t you?
Ema: I’m…

1: I’m okay (hearts)
2: Maybe we should contact someone…

1: I’m okay
Ema: No. I’m okay…
Tsubaki: There’s no way you’re okay.
Azusa: Yeah, it’s written all over your face. You must be scared.

2: Maybe we should contact someone….
Ema: I-Isn’t there someone we can call?
Azusa: Our phones are out of range here…
Ema: A-Are you serious…?!
Tsubaki: It’ll be absolutely okay! Once it get’s dark I’m sure someone will notice us!
Ema: I guess that’s true but…

Ema: ……
Tsubaki: It’ll be okay!
Ema: Tsubaki-san?
Tsubaki: Don’t make that face! No matter what happens we’ll definitely protect you. So don’t worry, okay?
Ema: (Ah, my hand…)
Tsubaki: It’s not so scary if hold your hand, right? Azusa will take the other side.
Azusa: Yeah.
Ema: T-Thank you…
Ema: (Both of their hands are very warm…)
Tsubaki: We’ll stay this way until you feel better, okay?
Ema: (Their kindness makes me really happy…)
Azusa: By the way, Tsubaki.
Tsubaki: Hm?
Azusa: Is the boat’s engine really broken?
Tsubaki: ……
Azusa: Tsubaki?
Tsubaki: Jeez, you had to go and say it didn’t you?
Azusa: *Sigh* I knew it…
Ema: Huh? W-What are you talking about…!?
Ema: W-Was this whole thing a lie…!?
Tsubaki: Now, if I told you I was kidding you’d believe me right away!
Tsubaki: You were a lot more worried than I thought you’d be.
Ema: Tsubaki-san! T-That’s mean of you…!
Azusa: You should apologize, Tsubaki.
Tsubaki: Forgive me. I’m reeeally sorry.
Tsubaki: But you know…
Ema: …?
Tsubaki: I wasn’t lying about what I said earlier.
Tsubaki: No matter what happens, I’ll definitely protect you.
Ema: ….!
Ema: (It was pretty cruel of him to do that. But after saying that, I’m left speechless…)
Azusa: Ah, looks like it stopped raining.
Tsubaki: I guess it was just a sudden storm. Aw… I wanted to stay like this a bit longer too.
Tsubaki: Let’s head back then. This time Azusa can drive!
Azusa: Alright.
Ema: (I wasn’t sure about how it all came about, but it was fun to spend time with just the three of us.)
Ema: (When I get back to the cottage, I’ll boast to Juli all about my boat trip. Hehe.)

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