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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Family Trip First Day (English Translation)

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Ema: (It’s the first day of the family vacation that I’ve been looking forward to.)
Ema: (After travelling for several hours by plane and boat, we arrived at the Asahina family’s villa on an isolated island.)
Ema: (Papa and Miwa-san were supposed to come with us…)
Ema: (It’s too bad that they couldn’t come because of their work.)
Ema: (But instead, Fuuto-kun happened to be filming a TV show nearby and was able to come.)
Tsubaki: We’re here ♪ The boat took longer than I thought~ Was it always like this?
Azusa: I think it was? …You look so happy, Ema.
Ema: Ah… What a wonderful villa! I’ve always wanted to stay somewhere like this…!
Iori: …Hehe.
Ema: ……?
Iori: I think this is the first time I’ve seen you so excited.
Ema: Ah, I’m… I’m sorry. I was too noisy…
Iori: No, I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant. I just…thought it was kind of cute.
Ema: (Uh… Iori-san laughed at me… I’m so embarrassed.)
Iori: Everyone’s already gone to the beach. Why don’t you get changed too?
Ema: Alright, I will.
Iori: Okay, see you later.
Ema: The swimsuit I bought for today with Juli. Hmm… I wonder if it’ll look good on me…)
Juli: Hey, Chii. I know I said this when you tried it on… But don’t you think it’d be better not to wear that swimsuit after all…?
Ema: Huh, why’s that? I read in some magazine that a one-piece makes you look bigger.
Ema: So I decided to get a two-piece… Does it look that bad?
Juli: No… The fact that it suits you is the problem… I hope that your brothers don’t start acting strangely…
Ema: ……?
Juli: …Never mind.
Subaru: Hey… Y-You…!
Ema: (Huh…? W-What is it?)
Subaru: W-What are you wearing…?
Ema: What am I wearing…? A swimsuit…
Subaru: I… I know that!
Ema: (So it doesn’t suit me after all, just like Juli said…?)
Subaru: You! Put this on!
Ema: (T-This is Subaru-san’s jacket?)
Ema: Huh? I… I should wear this…? I-Is it because this swimsuit doesn’t look good on me…?
Subaru: T-That’s not it! That’s not it…! Put this on! Just put it on!
Ema: (I feel like I should put it on…)
Subaru: I… I’ll be going ahead!
Ema: Ah… He’s gone… What was that about? Subaru-san is acting funny…
Juli: No… I sympathise with him… He’s actually a good guy…
Ema: ……?
Juli: It’s alright if you don’t understand. Why don’t you go and have some fun too?
Ema: Yes, I think I will.
Ema: Hmm… Where should I go to have fun?

1: Have fun by the sea
(Wataru, Masaomi and Kaname)
2: Go swimming
(Yusuku and Subaru)
3: Have fun on the beach
(Louis, Tsubaki and Azusa)
4: Go to the cottage
(Iori, Ukyo and Fuuto)

1: Have fun by the sea
Ema: (I think I’ll have fun by the sea.)
Wataru: Big sis! Over here!
Ema: Wataru-chan! Masaomi-san and Kaname-san too!
Masaomi: I was playing in the sea with Wataru. How about you join in too?
Ema: Okay!
Wataru: Come on, look! There are crabs around here!
Ema: Ah, it’s true!
Wataru: Maa-kun is going to catch a crab for me now ♪
Masaomi: Here you go, Wataru. I caught one.
Wataru: Waah! Thank you, Maa-kun! Mr Crab ♪ Mr Crab ♪ I’m happy ♪
Ema: (Wataru-chan seems to be having a lot of fun.)
Kaname: Hey, little sis… I’m kind of curious about why you’re wearing that boring jacket.
Ema: Ah. Subaru-san just lent it to me…
Kaname: Huh? What was Suba-chan thinking? Hey, take it off. Actually, can I take it off?
Ema: Huh?! Wait…Kaname-san!
Wataru: Why are you taking off her clothes, Kana-Kana?
Ema: T-That’s right! Why are you taking them off?!
Ema: (Having Kaname-san put his hands on my clothes feels kind of embarrassing…)
Kaname: …Hmm, you’re right. Taking off clothes is for after the kids have gone to sleep. I’ll save it for tonight ♪
Ema: K-Kaname-san! W-What are you talking about…?!
Masaomi: Kaname. I’ve always told you not to say those kinds of things in front of Wataru…!
Kaname: Oh? But don’t you actually want to take it off too?
Masaomi: Wha…? T-That’s not true…!
Kaname: You don’t need to cover yourself up with a jacket. That swimsuit looks good on you. Right, Masa-nii?
Masaomi: Y-Yeah. I think it really suits you…
Ema: Ah, thank you.
Wataru: …Hmph.
Ema: W-What’s the matter, Wataru-chan?
Wataru: Nothing. Hey, let’s play, big sis!
Ema: Okay, let’s do that.
Ema: (I thought Wataru-chan was in a bad moodfor a moment…maybe it was just my imagination?)

2: Go swimming
Ema: (Seeing as I’m at the beach, I think I’ll go swimming! Oh, that’s…)
Ema: Subaru-san, Yusuke-kun! Are you going swimming now?
Yusuke: Yeah, I’m gonna have a real long distance race with Suba-nii.
Ema: Long distance, huh…
Ema: (I want to swim too. I wonder if it’d be okay to go with them? Ah…right!)
Ema: Thank you for lending me your jacket earlier, Subaru-san.
Subaru: I-It was nothing.
Ema: Umm… Can I swim with you?
Ema: I’m not confident about swimming long distances, so I’ll use a swimming ring…
Yusuke: Why’d you suddenly take off the jacket, you dummy?!
Ema: Why…? I can’t swim with a jacket on, can I?
Subaru: W-Wait up! That’s impossible! This is a proper long distance race! A girl can’t…
Subaru: And… If you’re going to wander around dressed like that, it won’t be much of a competition…
Ema: Huh, why not?
Subaru: N-Never mind!
Ema: (Subaru-san has been acting funny since earlier, hasn’t he…?)
Yusuke: A-Anyway! You stay here! H-Hurry up and put the jacket on too!
Subaru: Y-You heard what he said!
Ema: …Alright. Good luck, you two…
Subaru: Y-Yeah. Let’s go, Yusuke…!
Yusuke: Okay!
Ema: (Amazing… They’ve already got that far.Do they swim together like that every year? Subaru-san and Yusuke-kun are both athletic and cool.)
Ema: It might be nice to watch them like this today…)

3: Have fun on the beach
Ema: (I think I’ll have fun on the beach.)
Ema: (…Hmm? What’s that?)
Ema: Ah… Amazing! A sandcastle…?
Louis: Hmm…?
Ema: Louis-san! Did you make all these…?
Louis: Yes.
Ema: That’s amazing! They look like real sculptures… You must be good with your hands since you’re a beautician.
Louis: …Shall we make castles together?
Ema: Is that alright?
Louis: Of course. I want to see the type of castle you’ll make.
Ema: I’m not sure I can make one as good as yours though… Is there some kind of trick to it?
Louis: Hmm…
Ema: The more I look, the more amazing this castle seems… You didn’t just make a castle, but a garden too.
Louis: ……
Ema: Hey, Louis-san…?
Louis: ……
Ema: Louis-san! What’s the matter?! A-Are you okay?
Louis: I’m sorry, I can’t take it any longer. It’s so hot…
Ema: Huh…?! L-Louis-san?! T-This isn’t good! Somebody!
Tsubaki: What’s the matter, Ema?
Ema: Tsubaki-san, Azusa-san! U-Umm… Louis-san suddenly collapsed!
Tsubaki: I can see that. What should we do?
Ema: What should we do…? We’ve got to take him into the shade…!
Tsubaki: Huh? We’re going to carry him? Isn’t he heavy? Hey, there’s a pile of sand here, so let’s bury him ★
Ema: Huh?!
Tsubaki: Ouch!
Azusa: Don’t make jokes at a time like this.
Tsubaki: You’re so mean, Azusa! You didn’t have to hit me. I’m against violence.
Ema: Thank you, Azusa-san.
Azusa: No, thank you for being concerned about Louis. Come on, Tsubaki, hurry up and carry Louis!
Tsubaki: Huh?! On my own?!
Azusa: That’s right. Have you got a problem with that?
Tsubaki: Alright, alright…
Ema: (Azusa-san is scary…)
Azusa: Put him under an umbrella first… Don’t forget to bring a cold towel, Tsubaki.
Tsubaki: Alright ♪
Azusa: Then give him something to drink…
Ema: Oh, are you used to doing this…?
Azusa: The same thing actually happened last year. When Louis gets focused on something, he doesn’t take notice of what’s around him.
Tsubaki: Well, won’t he be alright if we cool him down like this for a while?
Ema: I see. I hope he gets better soon…
Azusa: Sorry you ended up staying with Louis. Don’t you want to go and do something fun?
Ema: I’m okay. I’m worried about Louis-san too… Didn’t you two have something to do?
Tsubaki: We’re going somewhere now. Right, Azusa? ♪
Azusa: Yes. I think it’ll be okay to let Louis rest, but I’d feel better if you stayed with him.
Ema: Okay, I’ll stay here until he wakes up.
Tsubaki: Thanks! Alright, we’re going now. Take care of Louis.
Ema: Okay, see you later.
Ema: (I wonder where they’re going…?)
Ema: (But it’s more important to take care of Louis-san right now! If I get a chance later, I’ll ask them where they went.)

4: Go to the cottage
Ema: (The beach is nice, but seeing as I’m here, I think I’ll take a look around the cottage.)
Iori: Oh, what’s the matter? Are you taking a break?
Ema: Ah, yes! Something like that. Are you studying?
Iori: Yes, I’m preparing for exams at the moment.
Ema: That sounds tough… Good luck.
Iori: Thank you.
Ema: (Ukyo-san is reading a book, and Fuuto-kun is reading…a script?)
Fuuto: What are you staring at?
Ema: Ah, I’m sorry. I was wondering what you were reading…
Fuuto: A script for a TV show. Unlike you, who is a careless and stupid girl, I’m busy.
Ema: C-Careless and stupid girl…?!
Fuuto: That’s right. The kind of careless girl who’d wear a bikini on a vacation where she’s surrounded by guys.
Fuuto: But also the type of stupid girl who’d wear a jacket to cover her body because she’s worried about her flat chest.
Ema: W-Wha…!
Ema: (I… I know I don’t have much of a chest… But…!)
Iori & Ukyo: Fuuto!
Fuuto: ……
Ukyo: You were able to fit this vacation in around your work schedule… So why don’t you try to enjoy this a little more?
Fuuto: I’m filming again tomorrow, so I’m busy! Shouldn’t you actually be thanking me for coming here?
Ukyo: Haa… I’m sorry he says such rude things…
Ema: Ah, it’s alright…
Ema: (I was speechless at the rude things he said…)
Ukyo: I’ll bring you a cold drink as an apology, Ema. What would you like?
Ema: Ah, sorry for the trouble! Umm… I’ll have an ice-tea then.
Ukyo: What about you two?
Iori: Thank you, Ukyo-nii-san. I’ll have a black iced coffee.
Fuuto: …I’ll have the same.
Ukyo: Hmm…? When did you start drinking black coffee? You usually put lots of gum syrup in your coffee.
Fuuto: ……! Don’t mention unnecessary things like that!
Ema: (…Could it be that Fuuto-kun…)
Ema: …You can’t drink black coffee?
Fuuto: That’s got nothing to do with you!
Ema: It’s okay, I can’t drink it either. How about we both put gum syrup in our drinks?
Ukyo: Hehe. It’s a good thing you’ve got a kind sister, Fuuto.
Fuuto: S-Shut up!
Ukyo: Hehe.
Ema: Hehe.
Fuuto: Don’t laugh, you stupid girl!
Ema: (Today I’ll spend my time relaxing at the cottage.)

Ema: (The first day of our family vacation passed by in an instant. I hope tomorrow will be fun too.)

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