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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Dark Epilogue (English Translation)

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Reiji: —-are you listening?
Reiji: Well then, repeat what you have heard.
Yui: Eh?
Yui: (O- Oh no. I fell asleep…)
Yui: (Although I’m slowly adjusting to this way of life… I still have a long way to go.)
Yui: (What should I do? Although I should’ve been listening, it all just flew over my head…)
Reiji: Haa…you are truly hopeless. Falling asleep in the middle of a conversation like that.
Yui: I’m sorry…
Reiji: It cannot be helped. Let us change the subject.
Reiji: Since you do not seem like you have fully woken up, I shall recall to you an exceptionally pleasant tale.
Yui: From your past…?
Reiji: Yes.
Reiji: If I remember correctly, there is a full moon today, just like that night.
Reiji: Indeed, that night I met your father —
Yui: M- My dad…?

Beatrix: …
Beatrix: Karl Heinz… why are you—
Beatrix: …ah, it is you.
Beatrix: What is the matter, Shuu? What are you doing in this place?
Shuu: …I should ask you that.
Beatrix: Ah… that seems to be the case.
Beatrix: What does it look like I am doing…?
Beatrix: Please stay with me for a while, Shuu…
Shuu: …
Reiji: …

Reiji’s Room (Still in flashback)
Seiji: Is this a photo of the woman who’s the target?
Reiji: Yes, so do not make any mistake.
Reiji: …however, this truly is an unusual situation.
Reiji: It is almost unbelievable that there would be a day where I would exchange words-
Reiji: A vampire hunter.
Reiji: Now, will I be able to rely on you?
Seiji: …I’ll definitely complete this request.
Seiji: And one day I’ll be back to kill you too.
Reiji: Indeed, you are always welcome. I shall look forward to it.
Reiji: A very long term… relationship with you.
Seiji: Hmph…
Reiji: …
Reiji: Fufu…
Reiji: Soon, you will personally find out,
Reiji: Who the superior one is…
Reiji: Isn’t that right, mother…?

The usually indifferent Reiji-san seems to be enjoying himself.
My dad is a vampire hunter?
And he…to Reiji-san’s mother…?
In that instant, I could feel my world collapsing from under me.
I don’t want to hear anymore.
I don’t want to know anything. I’m afraid to.
Even still, Reiji-san continued to weave his words around me—-

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