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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Yusuke’s Route Event 2: Bento (English Translation)

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Thursday the first of July

Ema: (It’s finally lunch break. I have to admit, I’m really hungry right now.)
Mahoko: Hina!~ Let’s eat lunch together, okay?
Ema: Oh, of course! But do you mind waiting a minute?
Ema: I have an extra boxed lunch prepared for Yusuke. So I want to go give it to him.
Mahoko: Ohhhh?
Ema: W-What?
Mahoko: A handmade lunch, huh? That’s pretty courageous of you Hina. Asahina will probably cry tears of happiness.
Ema: You’re exaggerating…  And I made it along with my share. Anyway, I’ll be back in a minute.
Mahoko: Okay, see you in a bit!
Ema: Yusuke-kun!
Yusuke: How many times are you going to keep calling me that?
Ema: Oh, I’m sorry.
Yusuke: Are you even trying to fix that habit?
Ema: I-I am! Its just difficult to say both at school and home…
Yusuke: Jeez…
Yusuke: So, what’d you want? I was just about to go and buy some bread.
Ema: Oh, yes well you see… I made a boxed lunch for the both of us today.
Yusuke: Huuuh?! A b-boxed lunch?
Ema: Since you always seem to purchase your lunch, I thought it’d be better if you had something more nutritious.
Ema: It was a bit more time consuming but I made it along with my share. So if you’d like…
Yusuke: D-Don’t be stupid! Something like that… H-Here of all places…
Ema: Oh…! I’m sorry.
Ema: (I suppose it wouldn’t be very smart to give it to him in the classroom…)
Sasakura: Talk about loud. What’s with all the noise?
Ema: Oh, Sasakura-kun…
Sasakura: You guys fighting or something?
Yusuke: I-Its nothing!
Sasakura: You know, you two have been seemingly close as of recently.
Yusuke: T-Thats not…!!
Sasakura: Are you two dating perhaps?
Yusuke: We’re not!!
Ema: (I know its true but… For him deny it like that…)
Sasakura: Is that true, Hinata-san?
Ema: …Yes.
Ema: (While its true were not dating…)
Sasakura: Hmmm.
Yusuke: …..
Sasakura: Well, whatever.
Sasakura: Anyway, Hinata-san. Could that be by any chance, a home made lunch you’re holding?
Ema: W-Well, yes.
Sasakura: Oh, so you have two with you. We’re you planning to give one to someone?
Ema: Hm? Well…
Sasakura: Well if no one else wants it, may I have it?
Yusuke: Wha…!!
Ema: What?! W-Well I…

1: Give lunch to Sasakura-kun
2: This is for Yusuke-kun (hearts)

1: Give lunch to Sasakura-kun
Ema: (Since I wasn’t able to give it to Yusuke-kun, maybe I’ll give it to Sasakura-kun…)
Ema: Well… I made a lot so I was thinking of what I should do with it all…
Sasakura: Hm, is that so? Then I…
2: This is for Yusuke-kun
Ema: (But… I made this especially for Yusuke-kun…)
Ema: …….

Yusuke: Gaaaaahh!!
Sasakura: W-What’s with you, Asahina?!
Yusuke: My bad! I forgot I had something I needed to take care of with Hinata!
Sasakura: Huh?
Ema: What!?
Yusuke: Let’s go, Hinata!
Ema: (Wait–what?)
Ema: (Yusuke-kun caught me by the wrist and almost dragged me out of the classroom.)
Ema: (Before we left, I’m pretty sure I heard Sasakura-kun shout back at us. Though with him dragging me along, I couldn’t glance back in time to check.)
Ema: Y-Yusuke-kun….
Yusuke: …….
Ema: Um… Yusuke-kun… My hand… that hurts a bit…
Yusuke: S-Sorry!
Ema: No, it’s okay.
Ema: Aside from that, what was it that you wanted to take care of?
Yusuke: Oh… that was um…
Ema: …..?
Yusuke: It seemed like Sasakura was putting you on the spot so I kinda came up with that on my own…
Ema: So that’s why…
Yusuke: ……
Ema: So um… should we return to the classroom then?
Ema:(I wonder what I should do with this extra lunch? I hate for it to go to waste but…)
Yusuke: …I’ll eat it.
Ema: What…?
Yusuke: I’ll eat the boxed lunch!!
Ema: But…
Yusuke: I mean… You went through the trouble of making it so…
Ema: …?
Yusuke: Its fine! J-Just hand it over, okay?!
Ema: O-Okay…
Ema: I know! The weather is really nice today. How about we eat this outside?
Yusuke: Huh?
Ema: Come on! If we return now, I’m sure Sasakura-kun would start getting suspicious…
Ema: (Ah! I forgot I left Maho-chan to wait for me…!)
Ema: (I’ll have to apologize in person later but I’m sure it’ll be fine if I send her an e-mail.)
Ema: Would that be all right with you…?
Yusuke: Well, I don’t have much of a choice now…
Ema: Its settled then!
Yusuke: …..
Ema: Does it not taste good?
Yusuke: It’s not that…
Ema: But you’ve been so quiet this whole time…
Yusuke: I told you that’s not it!
Ema: Well…? Is there anything you like in particular then?
Yusuke: What?! What’s with you all of a sudden…
Ema: Well…
Yusuke: T-The fried egg… was pretty good…
Ema: …I actually had Ukyo help me in making that…
Yusuke: O-Oh–W-Well um…!
Yusuke: T-T-The rest is good too!
Ema: Hehe… Aahaha!
Yusuke: W-Why are you laughing?!
Ema: It makes me very happy to see you trying so hard.
Yusuke: W-Well thats cause you…
Ema: Thank you for eating lunch with me today, Yusuke-kun.
Yusuke: ………
Ema: (I can only hope there will be more days like this in the future. It’d be nice to be able to eat lunch together again.)

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