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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Ukyo’s Birthday (English Translation)

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Ema: (Oh right, it’s Ukyo-san’s birthday tomorrow! Should I buy him a present…?)

1: Buy
2: Don’t buy

1: Buy
Ema: (I should go get one…Okay, I’ll go to the mall later!)
Shop Assistant: Welcome!
If you buy something:
Ema: (This should be okay. I’m excited to give it!)
If you don’t buy something:
Ema: (Maybe I shouldn’t get a present, after all…)
When you leave:
Shop Assistant: Thank you for stopping by!

2: Don’t buy
(Well…I don’t really need to. I need to focus on today!)

An event can happen in between these parts, so make sure to check it!

Next day: Ukyo’s birthday
Ema: (Today is Ukyo-san’s birthday.)
Ema: (I should give him his present right away.)
Ema: Good morning, Ukyo-san.
Ukyo: Good morning. It’s quite early though, is there anything you need?
Ema: Not really…I just wanted to give you something…
Ema: Happy birthday! Here, a present.

What happens next depends on what you got him.
Option1: (hearts, get him the notebook)
Ukyo: For me…? Oh, thank you very much. May I open it?
Ema: Of course!
Ukyo: これは……。よく私の欲しいものがわかりましたね。%Nずっと気になっていたんです。
Ukyo: …You know my tastes well. I’ve wanted this for a while now.
Ema: Then I’m glad that I chose it!
Ukyo: While I appreciate being given…
Ukyo: I’m all the more glad that you came early just to greet me. Thank you very much.

Option 2:
Ukyo: 私に……? ありがとうございます。なんだか気をつかわせてしまいましたね……。
Ukyo: For me…? Thank you very much. But were you burdened by this…?
Ema: No! I truly wanted to give you something.

Ukyo: Then, I’ll take care of it.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: I’ll be going now. I’m sorry again for being so early.
Ema: (I’m happy Ukyo-san liked his present!)

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