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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Tsubaki’s Route Event 1: Voice Actor Event (English Translation)

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Ema: W-Wow…!
Ema: So this is the event hall where I’m meeting Azusa-san and Tsubaki-san. It’s really big!
Juli: Yeah, there’s a lot of guests too. It must be a popular event.
Ema: Hey, Juli! Look at that! It has both of their names on that poster! Wow…!
Juli: I understand why you’re so excited but settle down a little! And don’t pull my tail like that!
Ema: S-Sorry.
Juli: So this is that game you were really curious about? How nice.
Ema: Yeah! I’m really thankful that those two invited me!

Tsubaki: Hey there, Ema!
Ema: What is it, Tsubaki-san?
Tsubaki: Can you close your eyes for a moment?
Ema: Huh?
Ema: (Why is he asking me to do that? Is he planning on doing something mischievous?)
Azusa: Don’t worry. If he tries something I definitely won’t let him.
Ema: Alright…
Ema: (If Azusa-san says he’d stop him, it should be fine right?)
Tsubaki: What’s with you, Azusa?! I wasn’t going to do anything bad.
Azusa: This is you we’re talking about. I could certainly see you trying to hug her once her eyes are closed.
Tsubaki: Wow, you figured me out.
Ema: (So he was going to try and embrace me. I need to be more cautious…)
Tsubaki: Alright. I won’t do anything today. So close your eyes, okay?
Azusa: I still worried if that’s true or not. Anyway, just go ahead and do it.
Ema: Okay.
Ema: (Hm? What’s this…?)
Ema: (When I closed my eyes, I’m pretty sure I felt Tsubaki give me something like paper…)
Tsubaki: Alright! You can open them!
Ema: Okay.
Ema: Um…Is this an event ticket…?
Tsubaki: Look at it more closely!
Ema: Guest appearance of Asahina Azusa and Asahina Tsubaki. This is…
Azusa: There’s an event for a game in which we both appeared.
Tsubaki: You’re a fan of games right, Ema? So we decided to invite you.
Ema: I know this game! It’s been really popular recently! That’s amazing that you both appeared in it!
Azusa: Please come if you can.
Tsubaki: Yeah! It’ll be loads of fun!
Ema: Thank you very much! I’d be really happy to attend!
Tsubaki: Good! We’ll be waiting for you!

Ema: (After that, I was really eager to attend this event!)
Juli: Looks like it’s about to start soon. Shall we go?
Ema: Yeah, I can’t wait!
Ema: (The both of them appear wearing military outfits like in the game. They begin the event with greetings.)
Tsubaki: To those who are fans of the game, thank you all for coming! It’s nice to see you all!
Tsubaki: This is Asahina Tsubaki here!
Azusa: And I’m Asahina Azusa. Please enjoy this to the very last minute!
Ema: (They must be really popular. There’s so much cheering from the crowd…)
Guest: Tsu-kun!!
Tsubaki: Hey! Thank you!~
Ema: (He waves at one of the guests with a smile. I feel so far away from him…)
Tsubaki: Next, we’ll be performing our new song for this game.
Ema: Hm…?
Ema: (I felt like I saw Tsubaki-san glance over here…)
Guest: Did you see that? Tsu-kun looked this way!
Guest: You’re right! He definitely did!!
Juli: I doubt it…
Ema: Hey now, Juli! Don’t shatter their hopes!
Ema: (Following the song there was a talk show. There was a lot of cheering from the crowds. But it all ended too soon.)
Ema: (I’ve never been to an event like that before! It was really fun!!)
Ema: Hm? I have an email from Tsubaki-san!
Juli: What’s it say…?
Juli: “Thanks for coming! Right now were in the dressing room.
Come visit.”
Ema: “If you tell the staff it should be fine if you come”?!
Ema: I-Is it really okay for me to go?
Juli: He did say you could didn’t he? It should be fine then.
Ema: (Should I visit their dressing room…?)

1: I’ll take this opportunity to go (hearts)
2: I won’t go after all.

1: I’ll take this opportunity to go.
Ema: Yeah, I’ll go. It’ll be a good opportunity to thank them for today.
Juli: In that case, let’s go.

2: I won’t go after all.
Ema: I don’t think I’ll go after all. I’ll wait to thank them at home.
Ema: They’re probably pretty tired from today anyway…
Juli: Yeah, you’re probably right.
Ema: I’ll try and make their favorite dinner tonight instead!
Juli: I’m sure they’d be pleased if you did that.
Ema: Yeah.
Ema: (Today was really fun! I hope I’ll have another opportunity to come again.)

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Ema: (When I told the staff I was guided there…)
Ema: It’s hard to find when there’s so many doors that look the same…
Juli: Hm? I think it’s right here. It says “Asahina Tsubaki and Asahina Azusa Waiting Room”.
Ema: N-Now what…? I’m really nervous all of a sudden!
Juli: What are you talking about? You see them everyday at home.
Ema: That’s true but…ugh…
Ema: (Alright! Here I go…!)
Tsubaki: Thanks for coming!
Ema: Ahhh!! T-Tsubaki-san! You scared me…!
Tsubaki: Yep! I was waiting until you came!
Azusa: Tsubaki…it’s dangerous to suddenly open the door like that.
Tsubaki: Aw, but I just wanted to see Ema’s surprised face!
Tsubaki: So? How was it? Did you get all excited after seeing our performance?
Tsubaki: If you’re too excited I don’t mind you jumping into my arms!
Ema: That won’t be necessary…
Tsubaki: Aw, don’t be so cold! Come on and jump into my arms!
Ema: W-Wait a minute, Tsubaki-san…!
Azusa: *Sigh* Tsubaki. You’re troubling Ema.
Tsubaki: Huh?! Then tell me your thoughts on today! Then you can decide on jumping into my arms!
Ema: Hm? My thoughts…?
Ema: First of all, It was really fun! I’ve never been to an event like that.
Tsubaki: And…?
Ema: Also…
Ema: Tsubaki-san made a really good spokesperson! And Azusa-san’s retorts made me laugh a lot!
Ema: But…!
Tsubaki: But…?
Ema: But…it was the demonstration post recording corner that was the best. Both of your performances were really amazing.
Ema: I kept thinking about how much I wanted to boast about how you two are my brothers to everyone…!
Tsubaki: …..
Ema: T-Tsubaki-san?
Ema: (He’s so quiet all of a sudden. Did I say something strange?)
Tsubaki: Let me just give you a huge hug right now!★
Ema: Ah…!?
Juli: What?!
Azusa: This is just his way of showing how happy he is. Why not just let it slide for now?
Ema: Okay…
Tsubaki: Thanks for coming today. When I looked at you from the stage I was overfilled with tension.
Ema: ….!
Ema: (So Tsubaki-san really did notice me then…)
Tsubaki: You definitely need to come again next time. When you’re there it makes me work a thousand times harder!
Ema: Sure, I’d be happy to.
Ema: (I feel Tsubaki-san’s warmth as I’m hugged by him. I really am glad I came today.)
Juli: That’s enough! Hurry up and part from her already!
Tsubaki: Hm? Be quiet you squirrel.
Tsubaki: Next time you come be sure to leave that fellow home. It should be fine if only you come, okay?
Juli: W-What did you say?! Hurry up and part from her!
Ema: Ahahaha…

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