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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Travel Planning (English Translation)

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Ema: (Talking together as a family after we’ve eaten. It’s my favourite time where everyone relaxes and enjoys talking to one another.)
Tsubaki: Hey, Kyo-nii. What are we doing this year?
Ukyo: You should introduce the subject properly when you talk, Tsubaki.
Tsubaki: Alright, alright.
Azusa: You’re talking about the island, right?
Tsubaki: You’re amazing, Azusa ♪ You knew! We really are like the same person, aren’t we?
Azusa: I can tell most of what you’re thinking.
Ukyo: I was just thinking of talking about it.
Ema: (The island? What could that mean? Everyone looked at the calendar at the same time…?)
Ukyo: Ah, this is the first you’ve heard of it. Every summer, we go to a villa our mother owns.
Ema: V-Villa?!
Ukyo: Yes, it’s on an isolated island. It’s a little far, but because of that it’s also a quiet and pleasant place.
Ema: Ah, so that’s why Azusa-san mentioned an “island” just now.
Wataru: That’s right ♪ The island is by the sea too! It’s really beautiful!
Subaru: It’s normal for an island to be by the sea, Wataru…
Iori: Our mother owns part of that island as a private beach. I’m sure you’ll like it there too.
Ema: (A villa… A private beach…)
Ema: It… It sounds really amazing…
Ukyo: So we’re going to decide the date of the trip together. When will you be free?
Ema: Umm… Is it okay for me to go too?
Ukyo: What are you talking about? Of course it is.
Wataru: That’s right! It won’t be any fun without you!
Louis: You’ll come too…won’t you, Chii-chan?
Ema: Ah… Thank you very much!
Ema: (Ahh… I don’t know what to say! I’m so happy!)
Kaname: So what plans have you got for summer?
Ema: Well… In the first week of summer vacation,  I’ve got supplementary lectures at school, but anytime after that is fine.
Kaname: You’ve got supplementary lectures?
Ema: Ah, they’re like seminars for prospective college students, anyone who wants to attend them can.
Iori: Hmm, you’re working hard. I’m impressed.
Kaname: Not like Yuu-chan who has to take extra classes.
Yusuke: S-Shut up!
Tsubaki: Azusa and I have our summer schedule pretty full with events…
Tsubaki: What should we do, Azusa?
Azusa: Right… I suppose we’ll see if our manager can sort something out. It might be difficult though…
Kaname: Ah, in that case…
Ema: What is it?
Kaname: The students can be more flexible, so it’d be good if they could fit in with the schedules of the working adults. We’ll sort out the rest!
Ukyo: …Kaname.
Kaname: Hmm? What is it, Kyo-nii?
Ukyo: You’re not counting yourself among the working adults, are you?
Kaname: Huh? Of course!
Ema: (Everyone in the room sighed when Kaname confidently said that.)
Ema: (I…)

1: Laugh without thinking
2: Sigh at the same time as the others

1: Laugh without thinking
Ema: …Hehe.
Kaname: Oh? Did you laugh just now, imouto-chan?
Ema: (Ah, uh oh. I think Kaname-san is glaring at me?!)
Tsubaki: Ah. I’m sorry, Kana-nii. I laughed too ♪
Louis: The word “working adult” doesn’t suit you, Kaname-nii-san…
Yusuke: You should actually be apologising to normal working adults!
Kaname: Whoa, you’re so mean. It may not seem that way, but I’m working hard, okay?
Subaru: You’re saying that yourself?
Kaname: You too, Suba-chan?! Ah, I think I’m gonna cry…
Ema: (Hehe. Everyone was thinking the same thing…)
2: Sigh at the same time as the others
Ema: Haa…
Ema: (Calling Kaname-san a working adult… I feel like that’s being rude to decent working adults…)

Ema: Oh, what is Fuuto-kun going to do?
Masaomi: Fuuto is always busy working all year round. He usually joins in these family activities if they fit into his schedule.
Ema: I see.
Ema: (It would be nice if everyone, including Fuuto-kun, could go.)
Masaomi: Well, I suppose we’ll prioritise Tsubaki and Azusa’s schedules, as they’re the busiest of the working adults. Hopefully Fuuto will be able to come too.
Kaname: Got it.
Ema: (I’m looking forward to the family vacation! Ah, I’ve got to buy a swimsuit!)
Ema: (I want a big travel bag and a hat too.)
Ema: (Hey, Juli! Let’s go shopping together!)
Juli: …You take too long when you go shopping.
Ema: (Don’t say that, okay? Please! I’ll buy you an ice-cream on the way home! We’ll eat it together, alright?)
Juli: Hmph. I guess I don’t have a choice! I’ll go with you, if you insist.
Louis: …Are you going shopping with Juli-san, Chii-chan?
Ema: (Huh?!)
Ema: L-Louis-san? Why did you ask me that…?
Louis: ……?
Ema: Umm…?
Louis: …I’m excited about the holiday, aren’t you?
Ema: Yes…
Ema: (Why did Louis-san ask that question earlier…?)
Ema: (Oh, well. I can’t wait for summer vacation!)

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