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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink Meeting Fuuto (English Translation)

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Ema: Mm…
Juli: …fuwaa. What’s wrong, Chii? It’s the middle of the night.%K%P
Ema: Yea… wow, it’s 2AM. I woke up at a weird time…
Juli: Hm? Chii, where are you going? Don’t tell me you’re waking up already.%K%P
Ema: I feel kind of thirsty, so I’m going to the 5th floor to get something to drink… Juli, you can go back to sleep.
Juli: Be careful then… zzz.
Ema: (Huh…? Why is the lock undone at a time like this… Did someone forget to close it?)
Ema: (But the lights aren’t on… could it be, there’s a burglar…!?)
Ema: (W-what should I do. Should I call someone? For now, I’ll just take a look at the living room…)
Ema: (Huh…? It looks like there’s someone on the sofa…?)
Ema: (It’s hard to see because it’s dark… but this person’s…?)
Ema: (Oh, could it be…!! The one that came up in our conversation earlier…!)
Ema: Fuuto Asakura-kun…!?
Fuuto: …zzz…zzz.
Ema: (It’s the real one! What a beautiful face… his eyelashes are so long… it’s the first time I’ve seen an idol up close…)
Fuuto: …you know.
Ema: …!?
Fuuto: Aren’t you being a bit too bold, attacking someone while they’re sleeping?
Ema: I-I’m sorry! B-but, I wasn’t trying to attack you or anything…!!
Fuuto: Anyway, who are you? Oh, are you one of my brother’s woman that he brought along?
Ema: …What!? N-no…!
Fuuto: I don’t know how you managed to get in here, but you didn’t think that I’d let you off just like that, did you?
Ema: N-no, that’s not it!! I came to this mansion last month…
Fuuto: Last month? …Oh, what. Kyo-nii mentioned about how Miwa’s remarriage partner has a daughter. Soo, that’s you, huh…
Ema: …?
Ema: (I-it seems like he’s staring at me…)
Ema: U-uhm…
Fuuto: You… you’re cute in your own way, but you seem kind of stupid.
Ema: …HUH!!??
Ema: T-telling someone you just met that they “seem kind of stupid” is…!!
Fuuto: Oh? You’re not denying it? Hahaha!
Ema: …!!!
Fuuto: Rather than “seems kind of stupid”, you’re really just an idiot, aren’t you?
Ema: (Wh-what…!!!)
Fuuto: Not to mention, getting close to a guy while he’s sleeping, aren’t you being a bit too careless?
Ema: T-that’s…
Fuuto: You may be stupid, but you’re a girl.
Ema: B-but… this is my home now, and…
Fuuto: You think it’s safe just because it’s your home? Even at home there’s dangerous things crawling around, you know?
Fuuto: For example, a perverted monk, or a flashy voice actor.
Fuuto: Also, it seems like you’re getting quite pampered by our brothers.
Ema: T-that’s not true!
Fuuto: Really now? Well, I’d feel sorry for myself, doing something for a dumb woman like you.
Ema: You, you said it again…
Fuuto: Hm?
Ema: Since earlier you’ve been saying how I “seem stupid” so many times…!
Fuuto: Ohh~ I’m sorry~? I’m just telling the truth, does it bother you that much?
Ema: …I don’t care anymore! Well then, IT WAS NICE MEETING YOU!!
Fuuto: Yea yea, see ya, my stupid big sister ♪
Ema: (What is with this brat!!)
Ema: (Ugh, geez, the image I had of a popular idol is falling apart…!!)
Ema: …Oh!
Ema: (That’s right! I went to the living room because I was going to get something to drink…)

1: Go to sleep
2: Go back to the living room (Fuuto hearts)

1: Go to sleep
Ema: (Whatever, I’ll just go sleep. Even if I go again it looks like I’ll make some bad memories… GOOD NIGHT!!)

2: Go back to the living room
Ema: (I’ll go to the living room again. There’s no way I can’t stand Fuuto-kun while just getting something to drink!!)
Fuuto: Oh, what are you doing?
Ema: …I came here to get a drink earlier, but forgot about it.
Fuuto: So you didn’t do anything and just came back? Haha, it’s settled, you’re an idiot~
Ema: (I-it’s settled that I’m an idiot…!?)
Fuuto: Oh, I know. There’s something I want you to do for me.
Ema: Wha…what is it?
Fuuto: Prepare a drink for me too.
Ema: Huh…!? W-why me!?
Fuuto: Thanks to you waking me up I’m wide awake now.
Fuuto: Maaan, to think that after five days I managed to go home, not only does someone interrupt with my sleep, I might even get attacked…
Ema: Like I said, I wasn’t trying to attack you!
Fuuto: But I wonder what kind of face the strict and rigid Kyo-nii will make if I tell him what happened today? Hehe, you might get chased out, you know?
Ema: ~~~~!!!
Fuuto: I won’t say anything, so get me something to drink. Some warm milk tea would be nice.
Ema: I-un-der-stand!!
Ema: (Ughhh… I shouldn’t have come back to the living room!!)

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