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Mystic Messenger Guide: V Route Day 9

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00:56 – Seduction of the Moon

Selection 1
Feels very afar…
I don’t want to think about that. (V)

Selection 2
What are you up to now?
Something disastrous will happen if you can’t control the darkness within you, Rika. (V)

Selection 3
I think it was a realization essential for V. It’s not something that derived from fear. It’s something that he needed for himself. (V)
Of course. V will be with me from now on.

Selection 4
That’s more natural to me. (V)
I’m not on any side.
Whichever it is… I don’t care. As long as V comes to me.

Selection 5
I’m not afraid of anything. Because my true nature is closer to the light. (V)
I’m a little afraid, but it’s something that I want.
I strongly believe I should be nice because of my fear.

Selection 6
I…actually want to be free.
I want to prove that the good will prevail in the end. (V)
I…want to grow by agonizing and feeling those kinds of thing.

Selection 7
Sounds unrealistic to me. (V)
Idyillic… I understand what you mean.
It seems you’re using fear but have an ideal completely opposite from it.

Selection 8
I’ll… choose the RFA. (V)
I’m confused!
Mint Eye may be right for me…

Selection 9
Are you going to awaken me?
Rika, you should let the sun be!
I’ll…wait for the sun. (V)

02:47 – I Can Make You Have More

Selection 1
You’re new, aren’t you? (Nothing)

Selection 2
Is Ray okay?
Sleeping? What do you mean? (Nothing)

Selection 3
Why did you wake up now? (Nothing)
Do you tend to sleep a lot?

Selection 4
Get rid of him? (Ray)
I don’t like Ray’s indecisiveness as well.

Selection 5
You…seem dangerous. (V)
How are you going to do that?

Selection 6
No, thanks. (V)
Give me back Ray.

Selection 7
I’m curious about you.
I’m not going back! (V)

Selection 8
Will we be together if we start from the beginning?
Please leave us and V alone… (V)

Selection 9
There’s no way that’s going to happen…! (V)

06:21 – Stop it

Selection 1
How are you feeling? (V)
Why did you come in here?

Selection 2
I’m okay! You don’t have to be sorry! (V)
I know, right? You don’t think you can do anything without me, can you?

Selection 3
The harder it is, the better outcomes it should come to…
I’m sure the others are doing well! (Nothing)

Selection 4
It must have been tough for you too, V. You can rely on me…
Merely hiding things wasn’t the answer… But you can change that from now on. (V)

Selection 5
I think you’re the only one getting hurt because of Rika. (V)
Wouldn’t Rika feel the same guilt? Rika used to do a lot of good things before…

Selection 6
Stop trying to sacrifice yourself, V! That’s not good to Rika as well. (V)
Are you planning to leave me? Don’t say such a thing!

Selection 7
Don’t betray me…!
I want you to treasure yourself more. V, you’re a precious person to me as well. (V)

Selection 8
Then what about the person who care foryou, V? Stop saying such irresponsible things and get a grip! (V)
If that makes you feel relieved…then do as you wish.
Why don’t you say it straight that you like Rika more than me?!

Selection 9
V, please… (Nothing)
V…if you go I’ll be disappointed…

Selection 10
V, is there no way for you and me to be happy?
V, if you want everyone to be happy, you have to stop pampering Rika. (V)

Selection 11
That boy…?
Thinking of others is great, but you should really think about yourself, V! (V)
Aren’t you sick and tired of living your life for someone else? The two of us can be happy!

Story Mode – Gotta Be Very VERY patient with Him

Selection 1
It’s alright. You’re good enough just the way you are. (Nothing)
Once this passes, only happiness will await you. Happiness with me.

Selection 2
There goes your habit again. You’re trying to handle everything by yourself -. (Nothing)
I’m so jealous of Rika… You love her this much.

Selection 3
There’s nothing that you shouldn’t have started. Back then you only had innocent intention… You only wished to (Nothing)
It’s not your fault, V. Who would’ve thought that Rika was such an evil person?

Selection 4
You’re not a monster, V! You’re just… you experienced tragically sad love. That’s all. (Nothing)
I don’t care if you hurt me. I want to be yours.

Selection 5
If it’s complicated, just embrace the way it is… I’m here for you.
You can find your hue from now on. You can start discovering yourself from the beginning.  (Nothing)

09:04 – Third Person Perspective

Selection 1
Seven??? (Nothing)
A hacker! There’s a hacker here!

Selection 2
Seven!!! Vanderwood is useing your phone!!
Are you fiddling with Seven’s phone? (Nothing)

Selection 3
What’s wrong with the design of our app?
Oh…the design’s like this because it was hacked. (V)

Selection 4
No. Not a test…but Vanderwood, the hacker can see the messages you write here. (V)
It is a test lol Let’s talk nonsense!

Selection 5
Does the camera work? (Nothing)
Say something! Anything!

Selection 6
In truth… I think you’re good-looking. (Nothing)
It’s reeking with tiredness.

Selection 7
Who’s the call from?
Why isn’t he answering them? (Nothing)

Selection 8
He probably thinks of his life dearly… (Nothing)
Isn’t there something you wanted to say to 707? This is your chance.

Selection 9
It seems like a series of distress… I joined because it was a group doing good deeds…
Now I have no idea where this party is heading, either… (707)

Selection 10
He was always like that.
He’s sacrificing to protect everyone. (V)

Selection 11
He codes with his…toes?
Maybe he likes the RFA that much… (Nothing)

Selection 12
Why? You like it?
Hereditary, maybe…? (Nothing)

Selection 13
You’re very good at cleaning. I’ll compliment you on that.
Allow me to thank you in his place ^^; V had many difficult to things going on. (V)

Selection 14
Don’t you want to join our association? (Nothing)
I thought you were avoiding us.

Selection 15
…It might not be the time yet… But you never know about the future, right? (V)
Yes. We will soon start our relationship.
I think our relationship is somewhat ambiguous…

Selection 16
So that’s how you give a legitimate excuse for being single…
What are you saying?
Is there something wrong with Seven? (Nothing)

Selection 17
What’s wrong with Seven’s impression…? (Nothing)
But this is the exceptional situation! Exceptional!
How is that job from Seven going?

Selection 18
What kind of photos are you comparing? (Nothing)
I think it’ll be a good idea to give up for the sake of your eyes…

Selection 19
Seven is safe, right? (V)
What other jobs do you do other than keeping watch on him, Vanderwood?

Selection 20
Run run run – (Nothing)
He wouldn’t be angry, would he?

12:07 – Rika’s Feelings

Selection 1
He’s trying to do everything he can to stop you, Rika.
He wants to protect everyone. (V)

Selection 2
Don’t belittle yourself that much… (Nothing)
That’s not completely wrong…

Selection 3
The ideas that someone will save me is just a fantasy.
Do you have to prove yourself like that? (Nothing)

Selection 4
Rika, you have a lot of people around you. Why do you feel lonely?
It may be love to you, Rika, but…it might have been obsession to V. (V)

Selection 5
Then you should let go of V now… (V)
You two are people with completely different ideas.

Selection 6
You’re only using them. (Nothing)
Then take your hands off the RFA and V.

Selection 7
Rika, will you be satisfied when you make the whole RFA fall into darkness?
That’s even scarier… (Nothing)

Selection 8
They will not want to be healed. (Nothing)
Rika, how much do you know about RFA?

Selection 9
Rika, that’s really dangerous… I can see why V is trying tostopyou by himself.
Even without you, Rika…they will find ways themselves. (Nothing)

Selection 10
At least V is a leader with a warm heart… (Nothing)
Are you saying you’re different?

Selection 11
If it slips to one side, that’s called obsession. It’s obsession for you as well. (Nothing)
Rika, you’re also using others to prove yourself.

14:11 – Reason Trying to Stop Her

Selection 1
Yes.. He’s asleep. Seven…did you see what Rika wrote? (Nothing)
He just fell asleep… Rika and V’s relationship is extremely complicated.

Selection 2
Yes, Rika is now like a bomb. (Nothing)
Isn’t saying beyond repair kind of harsh?

Selection 3
Who in the world would believe in Rika’s words? (V)
Then you’re saying that if Rika can take RFA to the Mint Eye if she wants to?

Selection 4
But I think lying that she committed suicide was too much. (V)
I can’t imagine what V would have gone through…It breaks my heart…

Selection 5
Since when did Rika change like this…? (Nothing)
The reason why Rika could act so violently was because V’s love was too ideal…

Selection 6
Yoosung…will be in a metal catastrophe. (Nothing)
I think he’ll eventually follow Rika.

Selection 7
V seems to want to go to Rika.
Yes, of course. (V)

Selection 8
She might have hidden her dual side very well… (Nothing)
You weren’t interested, were you?

Selection 9
You can see that, Seven? (Nothing)
Would there be someone like that?

Selection 10
That’s…sad… (Nothing)
Is there no way to change her mind back?

Selection 11
See you, Seven. (Nothing)

Story Mode – Vanderwood, Drag Him

Selection 1
V, please calm down… It’s too dangerous to go there by yourself
You’re not even doing well! Stop being so stubborn. (Nothing)

Selection 2
Please, stop being obsessed with Rika.
V, you’re so stubborn. (Nothing)

Selection 3
Are you sure you’re okay with that, V? (Nothing)
You tried to embrace it.

Selection 4
V…can’t you take courage and let us all work this out together? (Nothing)
So what is your real answer?

Selection 5
Enough with your obsession with Rika! You should treasure yourself some more!
Is that the reason why you live on? (Nothing)

Selection 6
You don’t have to sacrifice yourself for Rika. You’re already priceless to me.
You think like that? That’s an obsession, not an idea. No more obsession! (Nothing)

Selection 7
You already have the courage to put an end to your obsession. It’s already inside you, and I’m sure you can find it. (Nothing)
Choose what you think is right.

16:39 – You Changed Me

Selection 1
I’ll hate you for the rest of my life if you disappear without a word…I’ll hate you more than Rika!
Why do you keep coming into the chatroom? (Nothing)

Selection 2
We should be happy soon… Throw away your lingering feelings for Rika!
If you know I’m having a difficult time, hurry up and recover! Let’s think this positively! (V)

Selection 3
No… She’ll probably keep doing what she wants. (V)
She might stop if you leave Rika dead on.

Selection 4
I don’t mind suffering, as long as my words have reached you, V…
Stay saying that, and rather, how about trying to forget Rika? (V)

Selection 5
You know that’s not the way to save Rika, don’t you? (Nothing)
Then there’s one more reason why you shouldn’t go…

Selection 6
We can fill that in together. We have time a head of us. So don’t leave. (V?)
I’m different from Rika… You don’t have to be scared,

Selection 7
You’re going to sacrifice yourself by meeting her? You know that’s not the answer. (V)
What are you going to do after meeting her?

Selection 8
If you go to Rika, it means I won’t be able to see you again, V…. (Nothing)
…So are you really going to go? Putting everyone behind you…?

Selection 9
In whatever shape it is, we will be happy soon, as long as Rika is taken care of!
You can start again. Even love and art… Please listen to me. (V)

Selection 10
So, now I’m more influential to you than Rika, right?
V, you change is…entirely up to you. I told you to think of yourself first! (V)

18:35 – Seven’s Persuasion

Selection 1
return “jumin cat” (Jumin)
What are you doing?

Selection 2
Did you come in to interfere us? (Nothing)

Selection 3
Seven, is Ray baffled because we’ve won? (707)
Ray, calm down…

Selection 4
Ray… Any plans on shifting over to the RFA?
He’s right, Ray… You should rather go with Seven. (707)

Selection 5
Ray…. You should let go of us now. (V)
Why are you so afraid of losing?

Selection 6
Don’t trust Rika too much… (Nothing)
You have a brother?

Selection 7
Did you eat something wrong?
Are you in pain again? (Ray)

Selection 8
Do you think you know him, Seven? (Nothing)
Seven, you seem to be very interested in that hacker.

Selection 9
I hope V can endure to the last moment…
Good luck till the end! (707)

20:12 – Winner Seven!!!

Selection 1
Can we now get rid of the Mint Eye? (V)
Heart-beating faster?

Selection 2
Hmm? Did something change??
Hmm. It’s still the same background as before (Nothing)

Selection 3
Is the security system back?
Wow!!!! (Nothing)

Selection 4
Why aren’t the others coming in?
Are we safe now? (Nothing)

Selection 5
Yes! Can we now move V to a safer place? (V)
Would V want to go to the hospital?

Selection 6
Will Ray not attack again…? (Nothing)
I wonder what Ray’s real identity is…

Selection 7
Wouldn’t it be more transparent by receiving the law’s orders?
Take him to the agency. (Nothing)

Selection 8
Let’s celebrate the recovery of our messenger! (Nothing)
I want to share this emotional moment with V…

Selection 9
Can the RFA members come into the messenger now?
I want to see the messenger buzzing again with everyone logged on. (707 + V)

Selection 10
Then make them exit the room and add the RFA members. (Nothing)
Wasn’t it all recovered?

Selection 11
This will be the last, won’t it?
Good luck! (Nothing)

21:49 – I Missed You All

Selection 1
Rika, soon you won’t be able to log in anymore. (Nothing)
The messenger’s security system has been recovered, Rika.

Selection 2
What do oyu want? (Nothing)
Are you planning to talk the RFA members here?

Selection 3
It’d be better for them not to see you. (Nothing)
We did. ButSeven would have blocked it.

Selection 4
Quit it if you’re trying to seduce them to join the Mint Eye. (Nothing)
What kind of text?

Selection 5
I hope everyone believed your words, Rika.
That’s a lie… What trip? (Nothing)

Selection 6
For being absent for the past 6 months?
For making V like that? (V)

Selection 7
You do know…that your words can confuse him, don’t you?
You don’t even plan to do that… (Nothing)

Selection 8
You know very well about V’s father when you don’t really talk about your own parents.
Are you planning to say hello to every member like this? (Nothing)

Selection 9
Rika, your attitude is very double-sided.
Rika…what is it that you really want? (Nothing)

Selection 10
Yes, the three of us should get together. I’ll reveal what kind of person you are, Rika!
I don’t plan to… Rika, stop being like that in front of me… (V)

Selection 11
Keep away from V and the RFA! It’s really sick and tiring! (V)
If it were possible, he would have…

Selection 12
The RFA won’t be able to read what you’ve written. (Nothing)
It’s now getting pitiful….

Game Branch

Story Mode – And to Complete the Trope…

Selection 1
Are you sure you’ll be alright?
Okay. Here, lean on me. (Nothing)

Selection 2
Have you never had someone hug you before? (Nothing)
No, thank you… For finding me in my life.

Selection 3
There is no perfect love. I think every love has at least a twist or two.
Regardless, thank you for wading through such a trail of thorns and making it here. (Nothing)

Selection 4
I’m sure you can. (Nothing)
I hope you’d het your chance soon!

Selection 5
But it’s night… It’d be dangerous.
Are you sure you’ll be fine? (Nothing)

23:24 – V Has Been Stabbed

Selection 1
I have nothing to say to you now, Ray. (Nothing)
Ray, we might get to see each other soon!

Selection 2
………… (Nothing)

Selection 3
Then…about the text Rika wrote…the other can see it as well, right… ? (Nothing)
Wouldn’t Rika and the hacker participate in our chats?

Selection 4
Why don’t we first take V to the hospital and contact the others later? (Nothing)
Can the others come in now?

Selection 5
Yes. I’m innocent!
That’s not what’s important right now! Get V to the hospital first! (Nothing)

Selection 6
Zen, call the others. (Nothing) 
V’s here as well!

Selection 7
ShouldI try pinching him?
Yes, I’ll keep him awake! (Nothing)

Selection 8
I’m okay. So is Seven. V’s the only one hurt badly. (Nothing)
I don’t feel good sunce V’s hurt.

Selection 9
I have to look over V so it’ll be difficult for me to tell you in detail. (Nothing)
It’s a long story…You should go read it yourself.

Selection 10
Did you read the messages Rika left?
Yoosung, V’s been hurt badly! (Nothing)

Selection 11
Of course that’s a lie. Rika was the one who attacked the RFA messenger using the Mint Eye. (Nothing)
It was between the two of them… Some of it might be true.

Selection 12
Yes. Seven said he recovered it all.
Everything’s been done but he couldn’t kick out Rika and the hacker. (Nothing)

Selection 13
Do you want me to find proof or something? (Nothing)
Yoosung, you don’t trust Rika anymore as well, right?

Selection 14
It’s frustrating that you’re in denial even when the situation says it all.
Make up your mind after listening to both side of the story, after V recovers. (Nothing)

Selection 15
Having a party when someone’s life is in danger is a bit…
Yoosung, you’re trying to look after RFA in your own way, aren’t you? (Nothing)

Selection 16
Leave V to me and you two should contact the other members! (Nothing)
Don’t worry. V will be okay. He’s strong!

Selection 17
I’m okay… But I’m worried about V… (Nothing)
I’m relieved as well to see the members doing fine.


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