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Mystic Messenger Guide: V Route Day 5

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00:03 – Truth Revealed

Selection 1
Ray, explain yourself about what happened back there!! (Nothing)
Did oyu catch V?

Selection 2
I don’t believe you… He looks and sounds the same as the V I know. (V)
This is confusing. I don’t know whom I should trust…

Selection 3
So this was no game from the beginning…! (V?)
Why did you lie to me?

Selection 4
Why did you bring me here?
Promise me you won’t do anything bad to the V I just saw… (V)

Selection 5
Alright. I’ll do as you say.
Are you threatening me? (Nothing)

Selection 6
That’s easier said than done. (Nothing)
I think I need a moment to clear my thoughts.

02:16 – Data Filled with Riddles

Selection 1
So what did you do?
Oh…looks like the hacker who sent me here doesn’t trust me anymore. (V)

Selection 2
Is V safe? (V)
I’m fine now… Thank you!

Selection 3
Do you think it’s related to me?
There’s a data even you can’t read…? (Nothing)
What could it be?

Selection 4
The connection seems unstable… I’m worried about him. (V)
Umm…maybe it’s not V. Maybe it’s someone else.

Selection 5
Where are you right not?
That man I saw was you, right? Are you ok? (V)

Selection 6
May I, V? (Nothing)
I don’t know everything for sure, but I’ll tell you everything I know. That hacker is…!

Selection 7
I thought you and that hacker know each other, V… (Nothing)
Why would you hide him?

Selection 8
Okay, but it’ll depend on what you do, V.
Alright, I’ll keep a secret about what happens here. (V)

Selection 9
Seven, do you invent things a lot? (707)
Don’t you give your inventions a model number?

Selection 10
You’ve encrypted them since you can’t tell right now where you are, right? (V)
I don’t know what you’re talking about, but it’s a bit complicated.

Selection 11
Did he forget the word he input by any chance? (Nothing)
Hmm… Something’s fishy.

Selection 12
Can’t you just tell him where you are?
Why for a week? (Nothing)
Can’t you tell him your input word after a week?

Selection 13
It feels like..there’s some other reason why you must hide this from the other members.
V…shouldn’t you get help from the rest of the RFA? (V)

Selection 14
I think you’re making a wrong choice here, V.
So what about our party? (Nothing)

Selection 15
Why do we have to proceed with the party? I think we’re in a crisis here. (707)
V…I really want to know what you’re thinking.

Selection 16
I don’t think I can really trust you, V…
I understand that you’re trying to do this alone… But promise me that you’ll be safe, V. (Nothing)

Selection 17
Looks like you’re getting more work. Good luck.
Seven…thank you for understanding V. (V)

Selection 18
I’m fine. You came to save me, didn’t you? (Nothing)
Uh..did you get hurt by any chance?

Selection 19
Though there are a couple of things that feel fishy… I’ll see you again.
Ok… Please call me as soon as you can. (Nothing)

07:30 – Trust

Selection 1
Good morning, Zen! I’m fine! (V)
Good morning. I’m still alive…thank god…hehe

Selection 2
V sent Seven his location in encrypted form. (Nothing)
I’ll have to wait until my prince comes to the rescue.

Selection 3
Welcome, Jumin!
I’ll feel so safe if you come to rescue too! (Zen)

Selection 4
Don’t you think hiding details in this situation is kind of wrong?
I’m safe right now, so please don’t worry. V will save me. (V)

Selection 5
Then did he tell everything to Seven so far?
I’m sure there’s a complicated reason for V… I’m more worried about him, actually. (V)
He also told me not to tell you guys anything…

Selection 6
You’re incredible, Jumin…
I’ll do the best I can for the party too. (V)

Selection 7
Who is this candidate? (Nothing)
Is it okay to care more for my life than for the party?

Selection 8
Sounds interesting! Please tell him to send me an email. (Jumin + Email from watchmaster)
I don’t think…I can’t invite guests now. So I’ll decline…

Selection 9
So you want us to trust V…! (V)
I don’t think I’ll be able to do that…

Selection 10
Umm…is that your way of putting things simple?
I see! Now I get it! (Jumin)

Selection 11
Looks like you understand V to his depth, Jumin. (Jumin + V)
But even if we trust, what should we do about this weird feeling that just won’t go away?

Selection 12
I’m not sure about that… I think there’s something else other than the RFA in this.
Yes, I know very well that V values RFA so much. (V)

Selection 13
i’m sorry I can’t tell you that… (Nothing)
It’s up to you whether or not to trust him.

Selection 14
What are you going to prepare?
You’re so thorough…! Thank you, Jumin. (Nothing)

Selection 15
They’re very special friends, that’s why. (Jumin + V)
There’s not going to betray the RFA together, are they?

Selection 16
Yes, I’m going to wait too. (Nothing)
For now, it seems like we can only trust ourselves.

Selection 17
I will. Thank you for your concerns…Zen!! (Nothing)

10:52 – V’s Insecurity

Selection 1
I’m seeing oyu a lot. So you’re not busy?
V, does your phone work now? (Nothing)

Selection 2
I’m fine! Are you okay? (V)
Do you know that the rest of them are frustrated with your actions?

Selection 3
I’m scared… It feels like something’s going to happen to me soon.
I’m fine! Nothing happened yet! (Nothing)

Selection 4
I don’t think it’s really dangerous here. Actually, it’s kind of comfortable.
You had no choice. I’m just glad you’re safe. (V)

Selection 5
How can I trust you?
No, thank you. For not abandoning me.
Yes, I’ll be waiting… (V)

Selection 6
You’re telling me to sell you out! I can’t do that! (V)
Alright. Are you sure about this?

Selection 7
I need more than just words. Please show me something fast.
Don’t blame yourself too much… Everything will be okay. It’s partially my fault. I was too innocent. (V)

Selection 8
I’ll trust you. And I’ll be waiting. Please take care of yourself, V… (V)
You have to come get me soon.

12:47 – Lies and Two people

Selection 1
Yoosung… I know you hate V, but don’t you think you’ve gone too far?!
My goodness! Where did that come from? (Nothing)

Selection 2
There’s no denying that the RFA is not functioning properly.
First of all…I’m safe yet. So don’t worry about me. (V)

Selection 3
I’m not sure… (Nothing)

Selection 4
You should take a look at the image Yoosung uploaded… (Nothing)
Welcome, Zen…

Selection 5
That’s right! We should call the police!! (Nothing)
Hold on… It might be somebody’s mistake.

Selection 6
Is it from a ghost…?!
So this person actually came in person to put that in your mailbox? (Nothing)

Selection 7
Like broken pieces of a knife, for example…
Like blackmailing letter, for example… (Nothing)

Selection 8
I’m suspecting V…
Let’s not suspect the members of the RFA…T-T (Zen + V)
You’re not suspecting me, are you?

Selection 9
Don’t you think someone who hates V sent it? (Nothing)
It’s written ‘LIE’ on the image… This person must hate these two.

Selection 10
Their relationship might have been actually false.
I agree… Just who would do this…? (V)

Selection 11
I think it’d be safer to be at Jumin’s house.
That’s a great idea! (V)
I’d like to go to your place too…

Selection 12
See you… my sweet little scaredy-cat.
Watch out on your way! And be careful of the alleyways! (Yoosung)

Selection 13
Perhaps this person was jealous of the two?
Maybe this person is trying to throw RFA into a whirlpool of confusion? (V)

Selection 14
My heart is breaking. It looks like V is going through nothing but misfortunes and mishaps. (V)
Will V really come to save me? He really means it, doesn’t he?

Selection 15
We’re not going to see another iamge at your place too, right?
Please take care of Yoosung… (Yoosung)

Selection 16
Gotca. You don’t have to worry about me! (V)
You should run along now…

15:11 – Ill Will and Hypocrite

Selection 1
Did Zen’s musical get canceled?
Did something happen to V…? (V)
You didn’t get that bizarre image too, didn’t you?

Selection 2
Just what has V been up to…? Hmm…
Seems like it… Who could hate V that much? I hope he doesn’t suffer any harm… (V)
There is a suspect… But I’m afraid I cant tell you.

Selection 3
I’m more worried about V. There’s no doubt he’ll see this… (V)
I’m sure everything will be fine since we have Zen…

Selection 4
Jumin, Jaehee also got that bizarre photo. (Nothing)
Jumin, don’t you think the RFA security on personal identity is too weak?

Selection 5
Wait… Could it be…? (Nothing)
You should have given it to him!

Selection 6
Hey, you’re the one who’s been absent. Why nag at Jaehee for that? (Nothing)
That was…an important task.

Selection 7
That’s so smooth of you, Jumin…
Jumin, so is your work all done? (Jaehee)

Selection 8
I wish I could sleep too…
That is big!! I hope you leep well, Elizabeth the 3rd…
Jaehee… Wish I could send you the SEVENSTAR DRINK. (Jaehee)

Selection 9
You avoided that picture thanks to Elizabeth the 3rd!
Is this person planning on sending everyone at the RFA one of these images? (V)

Selection 10
I do have a highly likely suspect, but…
Why does no one know where Seven lives? (Nothing)

Selection 11
He seemes very talented, alright… But I think even worse things would happen if I let my mouth loose.
Shouldn’t we get outside help? (Nothing)

Selection 12
A cat project.
The eminence of the overtime all-nighter… (Nothing)
The eminence of…a holiday?

Selection 13
Wow… I never knew such unit exists in C&R. (Nothing)
Great idea.

Selection 14
Congrats!! Wow!!! Looks like we’ll have one fabulous unit!
Jaehee… You’re sacrificing yourself for the RFA. (Jaehee)

Selection 15
…I can only see a Niagara of tears before me. (Jaehee)
I’m counting on you, Jaehee!

Selection 16
Jaehee T-T Is there anything I can do to help?
But if you create an intelligence unit now, it’d take sometime to get it to work. (Jumin)

Selection 17
Is it okay to do this without telling V? (V)
You’re brave. You’re going to dig out what secrets V is hiding yourself…?

Selection 18
You’re very talented, Jumin…
But is it okay to have our party? It’s going to be okay, right? (Jaehee)

Selection 19
We already have V’s photos for auction. So I’ll pass –
Good, please tell him to contact me! (Email from michelangeli)

Selection 20
I hope V will pick up… (V)
I’ll see you again, Jumin! And please make sure Elizabeth the 3rd has a good rest!

Selection 21
Jaehee, now you have more work T-T
But it’s a relief that Jumin is doing something. (Jumin)
I’m so excited about the C&R intelligence unit.

Selection 22
I think nothing will change unless V takes action…
I believe the RFA will make it through this well! (V)

Selection 23
Good luck, Jaehee!
I’ll see you again! (Nothing)

17:59 – Seven’s Plea

Selection 1
Seven, did you also get a weird photo? (Nothing)
hey seven

Selection 2
Ugh…looks like somebody really hates V… (V)
Just what in the world did V do? ;; I’m starting to wonder what his past was like.

Selection 3
Don’t you think it’s one of us who did it.
…Are you suspecting that hacker? (V)

Selection 4
I think maybe the answer lies with V.
Ther’s no way V is a bad person! (V)

Selection 5
But we can’t reach him. So we’ll never know. (V)
If he did, then I get he’s heartbroken…

Selection 6
We’ve trusted him so much until now… Let’s not think of bad things! (V)
Maybe…V is the one who put me in danger.

Selection 7
Looks like he’s hiding something from you.
I’m sure it’s because he doesn’t want to put you in danger! (V)

Selection 8
Maybe…there was no other choice for V.
I wanna hear no more of that (V)

Selection 9
He said he’ll come save me. So maybe he is nearby.
I’m not sure if it’s ok to tell you that… (Nothing)

Selection 10
At least we should trust Jumin.
You sound tired, Seven… (707)

Selection 11
You can leave it to fate…
So you want V to tell you where he is, right? (Nothing)

Selection 12
I hope you can decrypt this asap. (Nothing)

19:36 – Zen’s View

Selection 1
How’s Yoosung doing? (Yoosung)
It looks like now Seven’s haveing a hard time too…

Selection 2
No one’s coming to save me…
I’m worried we’re hearing nothing from V yet… (V)

Selection 3
What are we going to do with V…? (V)
Don’t you think V did something bad to that hacker in the past?

Selection 4
Heavy drinking isn’t good for you. (Nothing)
Rather, I think he’s a heavy get-drunker Lolol

Selection 5
So you two were spending some meaningless time.
But are you feeling better now? (Nothing)

Selection 6
That’s impossible… (Nothing)
Maybe he’s right.

Selection 7
Are you going to take this opportunity to get close to Jumin? ^^
I’d say that man has a heart of steel… He’s impressive… (Jumin)

Selection 8
V! Thank god you’re logged in! Are you alright? (Nothing)
There you are…finally.

Selection 9
Yes! (V)
Umm…I’m thinking about it.

Selection 10
Are you really coming to get me? Don’t you think it’d be dangerous? (V)
What’s taking you so long?

Selection 11
Did you see the images…? What do you think about them? (V)
I think it’s reckless to do all that by yourself.

Selection 12
I’m frustraattaeed!!!!
V… I hope the time comes soon. (v)

Selection 13
Don’t change the subject!
That’s right! You’re a hero, Zen! (Nothing)

Selection 14
I’d like to trust you, V… (V)
If you’re not going to tell us anything, why did you log in…?

Selection 15
You’re finally talking…
What is this truth? (Nothing)

Selection 16
Please answer him, V… Don’t try to avoid it.
Hello, Yoosung.
Yoosung…please calm down. (V)

Selection 17
Good question, Yoosung!
Yoosung, what’s 78+544?
Yoosung…you should first do something about that alcohol in your blood… (V)

Selection 18
What did you have for side dish?
A human relationship isn’t something you can define as one or the other… (V)

Selection 19
Yoosung, I think you’ve gone too far… (V)
He even reached there…? He must have had a hard time..

Selection 20
But we could hear something thanks to Yoosung.
You’re taking great care of Yoosung. (Zen)

Selection 21
V…I hope you’d tell us the truth someday… (V)
You’ve been hiding too many things, V. And now they all backfire.

Selection 22
He’s right! So please think about it, V. (V)
It’d depend on what kind of truth you’re hiding…

Selection 23
Tell him to log in again lolol
I think you should take care of him… (Nothing)

Selection 24
If that’s the case, I think I’m going to hate you.
Actually, I’m having a great time. I got to meet you and a group of new people. (V)

Selection 25
What did you think of when you saw those images?
You’re still grieving a lot for Rika’s death, aren’t you? (V)

Selection 26
Getting what you want doesn’t always lead to happiness…
Can you swear that you’ve done your best to Rika? (V)

Selection 27
What kind of a person was Rika? (Nothing)
V, Rika’s choice is her own. It has nothing to do with you.

Selection 28
Right now’ you say…? You mean at heaven? (Nothing)
Did you think you did?

Selection 29
V, please hang in there! (V)
You are getting ready to save me, aren’t you?

21:00 – How We Take in Sadness

Selection 1
Hehehehe are you sober now, Yoosung? (Nothing)
Thanks for showing me what you’re like when you’re drunk lol

Selection 2
It’d be fun if you two beocome roommates.
Are you feeling okay now? About your heart, I mean. (V)

Selection 3
When’s he gonna show up again? Probably after months…
I wish I could talk to V too. (V)

Selection 4
Welcome, head of the intelligence unit. (Jumin)
Hello, Jaehee.

Selection 5
Are you awake to play game by any chance?
The power of youth – (Nothing)

Selection 6
Zen T-T He fought bravely and fallen… (Zen)
Don’t drink too much!

Selection 7
But I’m sure it’s partially V’s fault regarding what happened to Rika.
She’s right… I hope you’d understand how V would feel… (V)

Selection 8
Yoosung, are you ill by any chance?
May I ask you why? (Nothing)

Selection 9
Looks like V is hiding something.
That’s not what I was expecting to hear… But I think V had his own reasons why he looked like that. (V)

Selection 10
Do you think that’s whay happened to V?
So V was so sad that he couldn’t even cry. (V)

Selection 11
I don’t think I’ve ever been so sad like that.
That’s called the process of parting with your pain. (Nothing)

Selection 12
Do you think we can finalize what will happen in the future like that…?
I hope that’d be the case… (V)

Selection 13
I see… V still loves Rika… It hurts a bit. (V)
No one knows if he reall loves her.

Selection 14
Yes, do think about it, Yoosung!
Don’t forget to deal with your hangover! (Nothing)

Selection 15
No, you’ve done well! (Jaehee)
I’m not sure if Yoosung will agree with me…

Selection 16
Shouldn’t we wait and see if this will end as a misunderstanding?
I agree… Let there be peace! (V)

Selection 17
Please make it the best unit. You should elevate the corporate’s value.
Oh dear… Good luck, Jaehee. (V)

22:22 – Secrets Revealed

Selection 1
I wanted to talk too…! (V)
V, you do realize that the rest of the RFA is having a hard time, don’t you?

Selection 2
I trust you. (V)
I don’t trust you.
I think it’ll depend on what you do, V.

Selection 3
You will tell us everything soon, won’t you? (V)
That’s so not like a leader.

Selection 4
That you’ve done something bad to that hacker in the past?
You mean that the person who sent the images is in the hacker? (Nothing)

Selection 5
What are you investigating? (Nothing)
But why would you try to handle this on your own?

Selection 6
But Rika is no longer alive… (Nothing)
So is this hacker related to Rika?

Selection 7
But this is related to Rika. You can’t just hide it.
But why would you tell us all this now? (Nothing)

Selection 8
So you’re here to tell us to not let ourselves waver if that happens, right? (V)
You can work this out with everyone before that happens, can’t you!?

Selection 9
This is as far as you’ll reveal, isn’t it? Since it’s a secret.
You’re saying this is something you need to do alone, aren’t you? (V)

Selection 10
Yes, I promise. (V)
I’ll think about it.

Selection 11
I’m counting on you! (V)
You’re not going to waste time and fail to show up, are you?

23:48 – Finishing Up On a Stormy

Selection 1
Welcome, Jumin. (Nothing)
I happen to be going through one in my heart…

Selection 2
I think there’s a grievous secret regarding Rika’s death…
So V was not uninterested in Rika. (V)

Selection 3
You’re caring for me, aren’t you? Thank you ^^; (Nothing)
I understand that excessive drinking is bad!

Selection 4
Same here… I think this situation is really complicated. (Nothing)
What I found most shocking…was that V has been investigating on Rika’s death.

Selection 5
I can’t give you details since that hacker might see this..but it bothers me that the hacker hates V. (V)
This mystery won’t go away…. T-T

Selection 6
Friend shield on!! (Nothing)
Birds of a feather flock together.

Selection 7
For example? (Nothing)
You’re not thinking of something gore, are you?

Selection 8
Huh? Maybe!?
Aw, come on… (Nothing?)

Selection 9
Ahahahaha!! Good one, Jumin!

Selection 10
But if she’s alive, why won’t she come back to us? (V)
Caught in a tree, for example?

Selection 11
So Jumin, you also wish Rika were alive.
Tell me about it. That doesn’t sound like you, Jumin. (Zen)

Selection 12
Jumin, don’t tell me you love…!!
Do you think that was who she truly was? (Nothing)
I’d like to meet her myself…

Selection 13
Didn’t you say that Rika was adopted…? (Nothing)
I think their lives are compleely different…

Selection 14
How’s Yoosung doing right now? (Nothing)
I’d like to see him in brown hair lol

Selection 15
Jumin, when will the intelligence unit be activated? (Nothing?)
I think you’re not getting enough sleep, Jumin…

Selection 16
A model? (Nothing)
A security guard?
Hea of the strategy team?

Selection 17
Hahahahahaha my stomach!!!!
…..Jumin, that’s enough, please. (Zen?)

Selection 18
You can’t make Jaehee do smore work when she’s off-duty. I decline T-T
I feel sorry for Jaehee…but I’d like to invite him to the party. (Jumin + Email from retortfoodmaster)

Selection 19
I like Jumin’s personality…especially regarding his care for his friend. (Jumin + V)
I just imagined Jumin’s old version.
Good luck, Jaehee…!!

Selection 20
The members would be so happy… (V)
I’m sure we have to wait and see if that’ll make everyone happy.

Selection 21
I’m feeling nervous…but I should trust V. (Nothing)
I’m a bit ignored right now, so I’ll be fine!


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