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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Dark 9 (English Translation)

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Yui: (Since then, I haven’t seen Reiji-san in awhile.)
Yui: (It should be good that there’s less risks…)
Yui: (But…)
Yui: (Ah…)
Reiji: ……
Yui: (Speak of the devil…)
Reiji: What is it? How rude… staring at someone’s face like that.
Reiji: If that is all, then excu——
Yui: Uh, umm…!
Yui: That is, what are you… doing here?
Reiji: …huh?
Reiji: I do not know what you want to hear… but I am simply returning to my room?
Yui: I- I see. I’m sorry for bothering you…
Yui: (Uu, just what am I doing…)
Reiji: ……
Reiji: …however, I have changed my mind. I am going to make a minor change to my schedule.
Yui: Eh…?
Reiji: You shall be keeping me company for awhile.

Choose No way (S choice)
Yui: No way! Why do I have to spend time with you?
Yui: (Huh…Ahhhh! Not again!! My mouth went off on its own…)
Reiji: You are to come without complaints.
Reiji: I do not recall granting you the right to talk back to me.

Choose Understood… (M choice)
Yui: Understood…
Yui: B- But where exactly are we going?
Reiji: How troublesome. Do you honestly need an explanation for every little thing?
Reiji: It is a waste of time. Let us go.
Yui: Alright…

Game Room
Reiji: ——Checkmate.
Reiji: This should make it the fifteenth time.
Yui: Ugh…
Reiji: If I did not know better, I would no doubt assume this was your first time playing chess.
Reiji: It is clear that you are lacking in both sense and intelligence.
Yui: (I can’t exactly refute that…)
Reiji: Shall we play another round? Perhaps this time, the Goddess of Victory might smile upon you.
Yui: I- I concede!
Reiji: What a shame. For me, that was an enjoyably pleasant way to kill time…
Reiji: That bitter expression you wear is not so bad either.
Yui: P- Please don’t make fun of me!
Reiji: I am not mocking you, dear girl. I do not lie
Yui: Ugh, I’m leaving!!
Reiji: My my, how frightening…
Reiji: However, you are not allowed to leave the room without my permission.
Reiji: I might reconsider if you get on your knees, lower your head and beg… Well then, go on.
Yui: (T- There’s no way I’m going to do that…!)
Reiji: …fufu, please do not take it seriously.
Yui: Huh…?
Reiji: It was a joke.
Reiji: There is no merit in detaining you. You are free to go as you please.
Reiji: Like a prized doll, there are many substitutes for someone like you.
Yui: (So mean. Like always, Reiji-san really is unrepentant jerk…)
Yui: P- Please excuse me!
Reiji: ……

From behind me, I can hear the sound of Reiji-san’s laughter.
I was a little surprised to find myself thinking
that I want to turn back and look at his face.
To sever that temptation, I immediately rushed out of the room.
However, that day, I could not shake the thought of Reiji-san out of my head,
and found myself unable to sleep soundly.
In Reiji-san’s case,
he was probably just playing around as if teasing a little girl.
However I… In my case…
…could it be that little by little, I was beginning to go mad?

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