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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark bridal Reiji Dark 8 (English Translation)

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Yui: Oww…
Yui: (Because I was ordered by Reiji-san, I’m picking roses to decorate the room.)
Yui: (It still hurts where I was whipped the other day…)
Yui: (Even though he was always a cold person, that was the first time he…)
Yui: (I wonder what it was that made him so angry? Was it just because I spoke for a little bit with Shuu-san…?)
Yui: (In any case, it’s probably better if I don’t meet up with Shuu-san from now on…)
Reiji: …you seem to be lost in thoughts.
Yui: R- Reiji-san…
Reiji: Who ever could you be thinking of?
Yui: Uh, umm…
Reiji: My, do you look awfully frightened.
Reiji: It is as if you have seen a ghost…
Yui: ……
Reiji: In any case, since just before, there seems to be a surprisingly sweet scent drifting from you.
Reiji: Because of that fragrance, I was immediately able to determine your whereabouts.
Yui: Huh? Umm…?
Reiji: Oh my, could it be that you have yet to notice? The sweet smell originates from the blood drawn from your fingertips.
Reiji: It is likely that you have pricked yourself on the roses’ thorns.
Reiji: Do take care. After all, it seems as if your blood hold certain special properties. It… excites us vampires.
Yui: !! Okay…
Reiji: Fufu, very good. I do appreciate a woman who is sensible.
Yui: S- Sigh…
Yui: (Although I don’t quite understand why, today it looks like he’s in a better mood than the other day…)
Yui: (…I wonder if it’d be okay to ask about Shuu-san now?)
Yui: (Still…)
Reiji: What is it? You look as though you still have something on your mind…
Yui: Ah, no… It’s nothing.
Reiji: That does not seem to be the case. If there is something you wish to say, then do not hesitate to say it.
Yui: ……
Reiji: Go on.
Yui: …Ah, umm…
Yui: What exactly is your issue with Shuu-san…?
Reiji: ……
Reiji: Fufu… it appears you still wish to discuss that regardless of what happened?
Reiji: Wanting to know such details… You truly are a nosy woman.
Reiji: Very well. I shall enlighten you.
Yui: Ah…!!
Yui: (That hurts… he just pushed me down in a place like this…!?)
Reiji: …why do you look as though you are on the verge of tears?
Reiji: After all, I am about to indulge you with the information you so desperately wish to hear.
Yui: R- Reiji-san, umm, I——
Reiji: “Beatrix.”
Reiji: That is the name of our mother…
Reiji: Coincidentally, she is also a woman killed by a vampire hunter at my behest.
Yui: !!
Yui: Eh, your own mother…!? Why would you…
Reiji: I do not see the value in such foolish sentiments…
Reiji: She was an eyesore. It is only natural that she is dead.
Yui: No way…
Reiji: Fufu… are you afraid of me?

Choose: I’m afraid (M choice)
Yui: (That he’s capable of something like that… I’m afraid. I’m scared.)
Reiji: My my, have I rendered you speechless?
Reiji: However… this is still insufficient.

Choose: I’m not afraid (S choice)
Yui: Afraid? It’s stupid to be scared of something of that level.
Yui: (W- what did I just say!? It’s like my mouth had a will of its own…!!)
Reiji: Oh my… you seem quite spirited. I do not necessarily hate it.
Reiji: ——it makes me look forward to making you yield.

Reiji: Grow to fear me, more and more.
Reiji: Humans are no more than mere blood vessels. Your skin can easily be pierced with fangs——
Yui: ……!!
Reiji: Nn… Fu.
Reiji: Giving such a lowly, worthless container pleasure would be ironic, would it not? …Mm.
Yui: A- Ah… Ah…
Reiji: Your voice seems to be shaking. What ever is the matter?
Yui: S- Stop…
Reiji: Is it truly your desire for me to stop?
Reiji: If it were permissible, I believe you would rather drown deeper in pleasure…
Reiji: Like so… Mn… Haa…
Yui: Hrng…!!

Save for the pain and fear
pleasure undeniably coursed throughout my body.
Similar to the suffocating scent of roses, it only grew more overwhelming.
Even though this sensation is something I wish to bury,
even though I want to forget, my body refuses to do so.
Although Reij-san briefly regards me sitting on the ground,,
as if losing interest, he turns and walks away.
Even so, I couldn’t bring myself to move.
The full moon adrift in the night sky became blurred by my tears…

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