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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Maniac 2 (English Translation)

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Yui: Haa…
Yui: (Of all things… I wonder why I’m sitting in front of this person in the limousine)
Laito: Nfu. What’s up, bitch chan? Is there something on my face?
Yui: No, there’s nothing…
Yui: (To begin with, to go to school in this limousine with all the brothers… If you think twice about it then it’d be weird)
Yui: (And yet they don’t seem to get along very well. As I thought it might be a counter-plan to avoid the sunlight or something)
Yui: (Haa, if I was alone I’d escape somehow… Impossible. I’d be found while doing it too.)
Yui: (Besides, Laito is…)
Laito: ――Hey, bitch chan. Some says that the look tells more than words… Don’t you think that’s right?
Yui: Wh….What’s with that, all of a sudden?
Laito: Nothing… Even though I looked so steaaadily at bitch chan for quite some time.
Laito: Bitch chan, are you thinking that you can trifle with me? You’re ignoring me as if you didn’t notice me.
Yui: (…he found out the fact that I didn’t want to met his eyes as much as possible)
Yui: Th-that’s… I-I felt uneasy because I was wondering if you wouldn’t do something weird again to me and….
Laito: Something weird? Nfu. Are you speaking of that place I licked or that thing I did the other day?
Yui: ….! Don’t make it sound so weird.
Laito: Isn’t it the truth? Moreover, if you’re getting embarrassed at things like that, you won’t be able to bear what happens next?
Yui: Wha—!
Yui: (What does this person intends to do?)
Laito: Oh well. I wanted to steam awfully bitch chan today so I thought of doing it together with that thing here.
Yui: …? That is…?
Laito: Nnhー. Ayato said he swiped this Treasured beverage from Reiji’s room
Yui: Reiji’s?
Laito: That guy. He tasted it slowly and rejoiced all alone, uuh.
Laito: As dour as Subaru… nnh…!
Yui: (He drank it!)
Yui: Are you feeling well?
Laito: If you think so, why don’t you drink some too?
Yui: No thank you
Yui: (I can tell that it’s fishy just by looking at it. I’d better not drink that thing)
Yui: Eeeh…!? Kya…nnh!?
Yui: (He made me drink it by a mouth-to-mouth!?)
Laito: Nfu… Haa… Quite… delicious isn’t it?
Yui: *So su-suddenly… you’re cruel!
Laito: But that’s because bitch chan said she wanted to drink it.
Yui: ….!
Yui: (What’s that… my throat feels so hot as if it burned… my chest is painful…)
Laito: Nee, bitch chan how are you feeling?
Yui: (How I’m feeling… even if you say that)

Choose: It feels good (Correct choice)
Yui: It might… feel good?
Laito: Nfu. I thought so! I was sure bitch chan would become honest after drinking it.
Yui: (…What am I saying)

Choose: It’s painful
Yui: Something close to…. A painful feeling?
Laito: Nnhー. No way. Become more honest with your senses. Look…
Yui: (Even if you say so….)

Yui: (Uurghー, it’s no good… I’m feeling dizzy… Let’s lie down a little…)
Laito: Nfu. Bitch chan, your face is extremely red?
Yui: Haa… But… It’s somewhat… Really hot…
Laito: Oh poor thing. You sweat so much… I will… Lick it for you… nnh… nnnh…
Yui: (….It’s usually unpleasant and it can’t be helped but…. Now it’s as if a feather was tickling me)
Yui: Uuuh….
Laito: Fufu, it feels good, right bitch chan… I will lick you more.
Yui: Aah… It’s cool…
Laito: That’s because I’m taking off your clothes. Nfu. Aah, there’s a drop looking like a pearl who’s running down of your breast….
Yui: No! It tickles…
Laito: But it’s pleasant right? Nnhー let’s undress more
Yui: N….o…
Laito: It’s not really embarassing? Now, undress more and show me your unbecoming appearance.
µyui: (It’s embarassing …. and yet, for some reason I can’t resist as usual)
Laito: You’re surprising yourself right?
Yui: …?
Laito: However, this is bitch chan’s true nature….
Yui: Tha-t’s not… it!
Laito: That is. The delighted you when I’m licking your body like it, the you whose body trembles and is in agony when you’re listening to my words one-by-one.
Laito: They’re a~ll you.
Yui: Don’t… lead me astray!
Laito: I’m not leading you astray or anything. This is the steady reality. Nfu.
Yui: (It’s not good… If I recognize it, I feel that… I’ll fall right after)
Yui: (It’s not good but still…)
Laito: Now, let’s feel better. …Let’s fall into hell together.
Laito: It’s fine… I’ll do it as much as you want…
Yui: …
Yui: (No…!)
Yui: …!?
Laito: Tch. What a bad timing.
Yui: Ah… wha-what did I do…
Yui: Was that because of that drink?
Laito: Nfu. It’s that beverage’s fault, indeed. However the you who appeared was unmistakably a part of yourself so don’t worry ok?
Yui: Don’t worry– !?
Laito: Well it’s fine. We don’t have to do it in a place like this. I’ll slooowly take my time and give you my love.
Yui: (It was my true self… that’s… that’s impossible. That’s definitely this drink’s fault….)
Yui: (――It has to be.)

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