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Mystic Messenger Walktrough: Seven Route Texts

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Day 5

01:48 – Messenger Bug

From: Seven
– Mentel recovery abracadabra (Seven+)

10:20 – 2.35 seconds

From: Zen
– I hope Seven talks about himself more! (Seven +)

16:41 – Jumin…!

From: Jaehee
– Seven loves cats too!

Day 6

03:17 – I got it too!?

From: Jaehee
– Seven can use it! (Seven+)

From: Jumin
– Can you even say that considering Seven’s current state! (Seven+)

14:39 – Jumin!!!!!!!

From: Yoosung
– We should call his parents. (Yoosung+)

Day 7

01:10 – Seven is depressed?

From: Jaehee
– I think he’s trying to take all the burden himself…. (Seven+)

14:58 – Unbelievable!

From: Yoosung
– He said he’d come and get me, but there must be something wrong…;; (Seven+)


Day 8

08:00 – Good time with mom

From: Jumin
– Hmm.. I’m just going to follow Seven (Seven+)

From: Yoosung
– Get him to expirience life! Make him make kimchi (Jumin+)

13:27 – Two different reactions

From: Jumin
– I can’t really empathize with you Jumin. (Seven+)


Day 9

02:46 – Confession

From: Yoosung
– He’s lying because we mean so much to him. (Seven+)


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