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Mystic Messenger Guide: Seven Route Day 9

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01:12 – Shaking Faith

Selection 1
Jaehee… Isn’t V and Seven’s conversation a bit shocking…? (*Jaehee)
I think this is really difficult for him. (707)

Selection 2
Yoosung, did you read what Seven said about not trusting V anymore? (Nothing)
You barely missed V… (Yoosung + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
I feel so bad… (707)
I saw it, but I was kind of expecting it.

Selection 4
I’m sure there’s a secret he wants to keep hidden. Don’t you think he should open the drawer? (Yoosung)
I don’t want to know. T_T (Jaehee)

Selection 5
But I am certain that V hurt Seven. (*707)
Still, we didn’t hear his explanation yet, so we shouldn’t just assume that he did all bad… (Jaehee)

Selection 6 
Jaehee… aren’t you taking V’s side too much here? (Yoosung)
Calm down. It might be difficult to be objective here because you have personal feelings towards him, Yoosung. (Jaehee + Yoosung BREAK)

Selection 7
I’m going to be on Seven’s side too! (*707)
…I’m sure Seven doesn’t want RFA to split up. (707)

Selection 8
Try to rest and calm down a bit for now, Yoosung. (Yoosung)
I will. Good bye. (Nothing)

Selection 9
I just want to be in a lovey dovey relationship with Seven, but that’s so hard with everything going on… (*707)
But… what gets me more is that V was really flustered to hear the name Saeran. (707 + Jaehee)

Selection 10
It’s late, so go and get some rest. (Nothing)
I’m going to stop thinking and just get some rest. (Nothing)

02:46 – Confession

Selection 1
I was thinking about what you said to me earlier… (707)
I’s getting late… Don’t you feel a bit closer to me? (*707)

Selection 2
I’ll do whatever you tell me to do. Aren’t I a good girl? (*707)
Shouldn’t you explain to the RFA members about Saeran now? (707)

Selection 3
So V was your savior at the time. (707)
So he broke his promise (*Nothing)

Selection 4
Still, thanks to that we were able to be together, so we were lucky~  (*707)
I remember… how you looked when you found out about it. (707)

Selection 5
Now I understand why you can’t trust V. (707)
V was totally wrong~ Right? (*707)

Selection 6
Huh? I thought the party was gonna be fun T_T (*707)
I’m sure that Saeran is first now… (707)

Selection 7
It’s be nice if we just al make up… Can’t we just live a happy happy life? (*707)
Okay, I think that is the best option for you. (707)

Selection 8
I will. Don’t work too hard and please take a break. (707)
I can’t sleep… I think I will be able to if you sing me a lullaby though. (*707)

07:55 – Brother of Seven?

Selection 1
Zen… I’m sure the last conversation is difficult to take in;; (Zen)
Good morning~ (Nothing)

Selection 2
Hey Jumin. (Nothing)
I’m sure you’re shocked at Seven’s story too… (Jumin)

Selection 3
What do you think his family history is to have parted with his twin brother? (707)
It’s shocking that V basically abandoned Saeran. (*707)

Selection 4
Yeah… I would feel so betrayed. (707)
Maybe V has his own reasons? ^^;; (*707)

Selection 5
I think we’ll solve this issue by researching about the hacker’s organization rather than family. (707)
Family is a universal cure! (*Jumin)

Selection 6
… Excuse me? (Zen)
Yeah. I worked hard for it. The party must go on! (Jumin)

Selection 7
Yeah… that’ll be better than sitting around doing nothing. (Jumin)
You’re right, but still;;;; (Jaehee)

Selection 8
Do you think that’ll mean anything to RFA now? (707)
It’ll be better to have the party if I think about that. (*Jumin)

Selection 9
;;;;;  (Nothing)
Good luck… (Jumin)

Selection 10
True, but I can’t imagine a Jumin who talks nicely haha  (Jumin)
Yeah. He looks a bit like a party psychopath. (Jaehee)

Selection 11
Whoah~ Calm down lovely Zen~ (Zen)
Go and calm yourself down again ^^;; (Jaehee)

Selection 12
Be careful~ (Zen)
Good bye. (Nothing)

10:01 – It has nothing to do with you

Selection 1
Omg~ I feel excited staying in the same chat room~ ♥ (*707)
Hi… How’s work going? (707)

Selection 2
Yoosung, you understand how Seven feels, right? (707)
Hello, Yoosung. (*Yoosung)

Selection 3
Still, don’t you think there will be something he can help with? (Yoosung)
Yoosung… shouldn’t we leave it to Seven as dangerous as it is? (*707)

Selection 4
Come~ The more the better~(*707)
I don’t think that’s a good idea… (707)

Selection 5
Seven, are you serious? (Nothing)
If Seven leaves, do I have to leave? (Nothing)

Selection 6
You’re not going to forget me too, are you? (*Nothing)
Why did you suddenly decide that…? (707)

Selection 7
I feel tricked now… (*707)
That’s too harsh… (707)

Selection 8
So my feeling mean nothing to you, Seven…? (707)
Wow… Seven, you’re so cold. (*707)

Selection 9
Seven, don’t Yoosung any more. (*Yoosung)
Yoosung… (Yoosung)

Selection 10
Yoosung… are you okay? (Yoosung)
I’m so disappointed in Seven. (*707)

Game Branch

VNM – You should let me love you…

I think it’s broken… Can I fix it? (707)
You broke it! Why did you do it… Can we fix it? (*707)

I’m sure you’re just upset over Yoosung~ cheer up~! (707)
Why are you protecting me if you’re going to leave soon…? You can just leave right now. (*707)

Then if I keep being in danger, will you stay with me? (*707)
I can protect myself so don’t worry~ I’m pretty strong. (707)

I just want to be with you, because I like you! (707)
Romance is more fun when there are obstacles! Don’t you think? (*707)


Note: From this point on, if you are able to continue to follow this, congrats! You passed the branch! If you are in the bad end, you will not see these choices, but only one selection choices. Keep playing out, but if you miss chats, I wouldn’t pay HG to get into them.


I’ve been through the hacker and the bomb. I’m not afraid of your kind of life. (*707)
I like the Seven that’s in front of my eyes. Regardless of how complicated your life is, I want to know. (707)

The dangerous Seven is actually my type. (*707)
There is no reason. I just like you. That’s how I feel…! (707)

Let’s think about that later. Right now, let’s just have fun. (*707)
I’m okay with that… I don’t regret my feelings towards you. (707)

I just want to focus on how I feel right now, my feelings towards you. (*707)
There’s no way I’ll regret being with the person I like. (707)

Accept me. Shouldn’t you at least acknowledge my efforts? (*707)
First, take some time and think about accepting me. (707)

11:33 – He did not mean that

Selection 1
I feel bad that Seven and Yoosung fought. (Nothing)
Hello both… (Nothing)

Selection 2
That’s true… but I think things are very complicated for Seven right now. (707)
I think so. He seems to be very angry at V. (*Nothing)

Selection 3
I can’t say that’s a lie, but I also think that the cheerful Seven we knew is real too. (707)
Well, people keep on changing. (*707)

Selection 4
He was then but now… I don’t know. (*707)
He worked harder than any of us for the RFA… (707)

Selection 5
Hmm… I don’t know if it will work. (*707)
I’ll try my best… (707)

Selection 6
I won’t take it personally. (*707)
It’s okay. My feelings towards Seven are strong. (707)

Selection 7
Everything will work out fine when you are this worried. (Jaehee)
You seem quite attached to Seven, Jaehee. (Jaehee)

Selection 8
We worked so hard for the party. It’d be a shame to put all that to waste~ (Jumin)
My way as always… (Jaehee)

Selection 9
Good luck, Jaehee! Please do everything you can for the party! (Jaehee)
Cheer up, Jaehee. (Nothing)

Selection 10
Get some sleep. Naps are the best. (Nothing)
calm down, Zen. Why don’t you try reading your script? (Zen)

13:28 – Keep it cool

Selection 1
I’m worried about Yoosung. (Yoosung)
Thanks for worrying. I’m fine. I’m only worrying about Seven. (Jumin)

Selection 2
It’s his decision to make so we have to respect that. (*707)
That’s true… but I’m sure it was difficult for Seven to control his emotions in that situation. (707)

Selection 3
Well.. Okay, tell him to send me an email. (Email from god)
I don’t really want to think about the party in this situation.

Selection 4
Good bye. (Nothing)
Thank you for everything. Please take good care of the party, Jumin. (Jumin)

15:27 – Jaehee’s consolation

Selection 1
He’s just working like a robot. (*707)
He just keeps on working. He’s not saying anything but I think he’s sorting out his emotions. (707)

Selection 2
Even if we do have the party, Seven won’t be there, right? (Jaehee)
Yeah… Jumin’s very strange. (Jumin)

Selection 3
Perhaps that might have created a misunderstanding? (707 + Jaehee BREAK!)
You know that it’s not your fault that Seven is acting that way.  (*Jaehee + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
I’m sure he will appreciate you feeling that way. (Nothing)
Don’t worry about it too much and just do what you can for now. (Nothing)

Selection 5
Okay! Seven will change. I’ll do my best. (707)
Good luck. (*Nothing)

VNM – Nobody but you

Selection 1
It’s so messy with all the party laid out like that. (*707)
Seven, what are you doing right now? (707)

Selection 2
What are you thinking? (*Nothing)
Can’t you fix it while talking to me? I want to talk to you. (707)

Selection 3
I know dangerous men better. Don’t worry. (*707)
I was just being honest because I like you, Seven. (707)

Selection 4
I’ll decide what to do. (*707)
I genuinely like you Seven. I don’t say this to others. (707)

Selection 5
Then… tell me about the hacker, your brother… (707)
When did you last see Saeran? (*Nothing)

Selection 6
You two look so similar. (707)
You’re way more good looking. (*707)

Selection 7
I honestly can’t believe that you grew up in such a household. (*707)
How did you learn hacking when you grew up like that? (707)

Selection 8
So you shouldn’t have trusted anyone. (*707)
I feel so bad that you had to go through all that… (707)

Selection 9
What’s wrong about saying that you want to say? (*707)
They say that talking about things make you feel better. Thanks for talking to me. (707)

Selection 10
Of course. (707)
For now. (*707)

17:45 – Sorry Yoosung

Selection 1
That’s a very sudden change ^^; (707)
Hello. (*Nothing)

Selection 2
An apology? (Nothing)
The 2nd round? (*Nothing)

Selection 3
Yoosung;; Nice timing! (707)
Hello ^^ (*Yoosung)

Selection 4
Yoosung, how are you feeling? (*Yoosung)
Seven… sincerely apologize! (707)

Selection 5
Yup. Yoosung’s completely right. (Yoosung)
Seven is a robot apparently. (*707)

Selection 6
Do you miss your mom…? (707)
… (*Yoosung)

Selection 7
Congrats, Seven. (707)
We should do a campaign on “thinking before talking.” (*Yoosung)

Selection 8
I’ll support you, Seven! ^^ (707)
I won’t stop you… will it work out? (*707)

Selection 9
I don’t think I did anything… (*707)
I’m so glad you feel that way~! (707)

Selection 10
Okay, talk to me when you get bored. (*707)
Seven, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help. (707)

Selection 11
You can never predict how a person would feel. (*707)
I’m really glad that you two made up. (Yoosung)

Selection 12
I should go eat something too. I’m hungry. (Nothing)
Kimchi and ramen? (*Yoosung)

19:19 – What a relief

Selection 1
It’s really nice, isn’t it Zen? (Zen)
Jumin~ You’re not going awol on us, are you? (Jumin)

Selection 2
Yeah… Why would you say that all of a sudden? (Jumin)
You gave Seven advice earlier. lol (Zen)

Selection 3
Wow ^^ (Jumin)
… (Zen)

Selection 4
I don’t think the party’s really important right now. (Zen)
I wish anyone would suggest some guests~~ (Jumin)

Selection 5
Hmm… we can’t really prove that they have a conscience so pass~
That sounds like a nice organization! Tell them to reach me~ (Email from hospital)

Selection 6
The party has to happen if the RFA wants to continue. (Jumin)
I think Jumin’s a very strange person. lolol (Zen)

Selection 7
It’s very hard becoming an adult. Did you go through something difficult, Zen? (Nothing)
Oh… That’s a nice way to put it! (Zen)

Selection 8
You be careful too! (Nothing)
I’ll look forward to your outfit! (Zen)

VNM – Opening the truth

Selection 1
Yes, break it with a hammer! (707)
Do I need to be ready…? (*Nothing)

Selection 2
The logo… from that email… (Nothing)
I think I’ve seen it before… (Nothing)

Selection 3
Rika and V… Do you think both of them were involved? (*Nothing)
Do you think Rika was a part of Mint Eye? (707)

Selection 4
Should I go too? (*707)
We’ll have to go together, Seven! (707)

21:16 – Mint Eye and Rika

Selection 1
Oh! Then can I say something embarrassing here? lolol (707)
Maybe someone will come? (*Nothing)

Selection 2
We were going to play by ourselves~ lolol (*Nothing)
Jaehee, hello~ ^^ (Jaehee)

Selection 3
You’re going to mention what you discovered earlier, right? (707)
Oh… Jaehee, you’d better prepare yourself. (*Jaehee)

Selection 4
I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it. (707)
The source of all those spam emails! (*Nothing)

Selection 5
Shouldn’t we ask V? (*707 Break!)
We don’t know… We can only assume that Rika had a secret. (707)

Selection 6
I will. (707)
I’m scared, but I decided to go with him. T_T (*707)

Selection 7
That’s a good idea too. (*Jaehee)
Seven’s already thought enough about this. Please trust him when he says it’s time to act. (707)

Selection 8
I’m glad to hear you say that, Seven. (707)
You do? (*707)

Selection 9
Alright. Jaehee, I’ll get going too~ (Jaehee)
We’re off! (*Nothing)

23:34 – I can’t sleep

Selection 1
Yoosung… (Yoosung)
The materials in Rika’s drawer.. It’s very shocking, isn’t it? (Nothing)

Selection 2
Hello, Jumin. (Jumin)
I’m shocked too. It must be more so for you. (Yoosung)

Selection 3
But… it was Rika who requested for the bomb, and the materials were found in her apartment… (Yoosung Break)
Rika meant a lot of Yoosung… (Yoosung)

Selection 4
I don’t know… But even so, it looks as if she was a crucial part in building that organization. (Nothing)
Maybe. (Yoosung)

Selection 5
If you’re that nervous, trying gaming. (Nothing)
Calm yourself down first… we don’t know what went on yet. (Yoosung)

Selection 6
That’s a good idea…! (Yoosung)
Yes, that’ll be better than this. Go ahead. (Nothing)

Selection 7
You don’t think Rika betrayed the RFA, do you? (Nothing)
I’m sure you’re very surprised too, Jumin. (Jumin)

Selection 8
Feel better, Jumin. (Jumin)
I’d like a glass of wine too. (Nothing)

VNM – It’s just a dream…

Selection 1
Did you have a nightmare? (*Nothing)
Seven, are you okay? (707)

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