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Mystic Messenger Guide: Seven Route Day 7

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If you want the good end, chose answers that are bold only.
Answers to get the bad end(s) are marked with a *
707 Route Note: You need to get into every chat 707 is in and collect ALL possible hearts for him. If you don’t, you run the risk of bad ending on Day 10.

01:10 – Seven is depressed..?

Selection 1
Hello, Jaehee. (Jaehee)
Wassup Yoosung ma homie. (Yoosung)

Selection 2
Maybe he just got super sentimental or something;; (*707)
Yes… I feel really sad. (Jaehee)

Selection 3
If that’s really the case, shouldn’t we go rescue him? (707)
Nah~ He must be joking. (*707)

Selection 4
Was he usually bad at his work? (*707)
Perhaps that’s why he was so crestfallen and described it that way. (707)

Selection 5
Let’s just let him take care of it himself. (*707)
Why don’t we bring him Honey Buddha Chips? (707)
Let’s get him some fried chicken. (Yoosung)

Selection 6
Oh… (707)
I just think he needs more sugar in his body. (*Nothing)

Selection 7
He should be worried;; I’m in danger right now;; (*707)
I do think he’s overly worried about me. (707)

Selection 8
What do you think he meant by that? (707)
Maybe he did something super bad without us knowing;; (*707)

Selection 9
You’re not playing games right now, right? lolol Good boy. (Jaehee)
Secretly go game when your mom goes to bed lolol (Yoosung)

Selection 10
You could try to stop yourself when your mother’s there with you;; (Nothing)
I show respect because of your passion. (Yoosung)

Selection 11
Just sleep tight like a good boy~ (*Yoosung)
lololololololol Make soap! So I can give them to Seven. (707)

Selection 12
He seems to have lost his confidence. I hope he gets it back soon. (707)
He’ll get better in the morning I guess. (*707)

Selection 13
If he has a dangerous job, I’d like to stop him… (707)
It’s a bit suspicious. You don’t think it’ll harm us, right? (*707)

Selection 14
Good night. (Nothing)
You’re right! I should go to bed. (Jaehee)

02:30 – Tripter bot

Selection 1
Hello. (Nothing)
Zen, what were you doing so late at night? ^^ (Zen)

Selection 2
No, the photo is dazzling. (Zen)
You’re really puffy;;; (Nothing)

Selection 3
Did you find it? (Zen)
So it really exists? (Nothing)

Selection 4
Isn’t this against privacy laws? (*707 + Zen)
Yeah, good job ^^ Our proud God Seven! (707)

Selection 5
He’s a genius. What can’t he do? lol (707)
I think it’s just kind of useless… (*707)

Selection 6
Look through all the photos. Make sure nothing weird’s on there. (*707 + Zen)
Give something back if you’re so thankful lolol (707)

Selection 7
I think Jumin will give better advice. (Jumin)
Good idea! (Zen)

Selection 8
I agree with that. (Zen)
What’s wrong with being alone? I like it. (*707)

Selection 9
Why do you keep tying us together?; (*707)
Yeah…  want Seven to just honestly express his feelings for me…! (707)

Selection 10
Oh!!! That trip will give me a heart attack!! I hope Seven cheers up and posts it soon. (*707 + Zen)
Haha… (707)

Selection 11
No smoking! It’s bad for your skin and your lungs. (Zen)
You can… no… you can’t… yes… no… (Nothing)

Selection 12
Right now. (Zen)
I’m going to do something before I go to bed ^^ (Zen)

09:32 – Sentimental morning

Selection 1
Hello. (*Nothing)
Hello, Seven… Are you okay? (707)

Selection 2
Jumin! How’s the middle east? (Jumin)
Hello. (Nothing)

Selection 3
Seven… is everything you said last night true? (707)
Bring me some wine when you come back. (*Jumin)

Selection 4
Well, if it’s nothing serious then okay. (*707)
Something bad? Tell us. (707)

Selection 5
Oh! I know what that is lolol (707 + Zen)
What’s that? (*707)

Selection 6
… I want Seven to live a long life. (707)
My safety is under threat right now! It’s not the time to get all sentimental! (*707)

Selection 7
Ya. Gimme gimme. (707)
You can see the desert from your room…? Jealous. (*Jumin)

Selection 8
What floor are you at?;; (Nothing)
So pretty…. (Jumin + Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
Yes… Let’s make a spaceship so that we can go to the moon some day. (707)
I prefer reality. (*707)

Selection 9
Let’s go somewhere together, Seven ^^ (707)
I don’t think this is the time for you to be thinking about holidays. (*707)

Selection 11
Can’t you just postpone the work for the agency? (*707)
I think you have too much work, Seven. Is there any way we can help you? (707)

Selection 12
Why is V so hard to reach? (707)
Seven, you’re too dependent on V. (*707)

Selection 13
Jumin! Give some advice to Seven~ (*Jumin)
HB Chips are good but it’ll ruin your health~! (707)

Selection 14
You can’t focus because of me lol (707)
Who in the world is keeping you from focusing? T_T (*Nothing)

Selection 15
I think Zen will be more helpful, Seven~ (Zen)
Jumin, you’re the man. (Jumin)

Selection 16
Good! Let’s invite him. (Email from emotion)
I don’t know. I’m not very interested.

Selection 17
Take care~ (*Jumin)
Oh… I understand the beauty of water. (707)

Selection 18
Is it because your room is dirty?;; (*707)
Is it Ms. Vanderwood? (707)

Selection 19
Go. And good luck! (*Nothing)
Huh? You can’t be here is she’s with you? (707)

10:40 – We are moving!

Selection 1
Hello, Yoosung~ (Nothing)
How are you doing with your mom? ^^ (Yoosung)

Selection 2
Jaehee, how is work going? (Nothing)
Hey, Jaehee. (Nothing)

Selection 3
I am nervous, but there’s nothing I can do. (*707)
I’m fine. Seven’s protecting me ^^ (707)

Selection 4
You didn’t play games all night, did you? lolol (Nothing)
Why are you sleepy? (Nothing)

Selection 5
I agree with Jaehee… (Jaehee)
I think Yoosung’s passion should be respected. (Yoosung)

Selection 6
Hello. (Nothing)
Hello, my rainbow unicorn. (Zen)

Selection 7
I agree. (Zen)
Shouldn’t Yoosung be free? (Yoosung)

Selection 8
Are you okay? (Zen)
You can’t move because of Jumin? Are you curse or something…? (Jumin)

Selection 9
I’m disappointed that my unicorn smokes cigarettes. (Zen)
Uhm… I need help too. (*Jaehee)
Life is short. (Nothing)

Selection 10
Maybe she smokes too? (Nothing)
I mean, it’s Seven’s maid. Of course she’s strange too. (*707)

Selection 11
I think Jumin is cool. (Jumin)
To be honest, I don’t like that he told Seven to just get rid of his emotions. (707)
Jaehee’s being honest;; (*Jaehee)

Selection 12
I can’t get rid of my emotions. (Zen)
I can control my emotions however I want lol (*707)

Selection 13
Hmm.. I just hate cigarette smoke. I’ll pass.
Yeah, it’s a good cause! Let’s invite them. (Email from smoker)

Selection 14
Okay, don’t worry. Hope the meeting goes well. (Zen)
Good bye. (Nothing)

Selection 15
He might have a problem controlling his emotions. But isn’t the fact that he’s in a difficult situation what’s really getting to him? (707)
Who cares? It’s all fine as long as the work is done. (*707)

Selection 16
It would have been good if you slept early lolol (Yoosung)
You can’t be a celebrity in real life. I guess why not be one in LOLOL? (Nothing)

Selection 17
Don’t fall asleep. (Nothing)
Bye, celebrity boy. (Yoosung)

Selection 18
Yeah. It was a bit embarrassing to look at though. (*707)
Yes, I think Seven did a very good job. (707)

Selection 19
I think that’s likely lol (Jumin)
I hope that doesn’t happen… (Jaehee)

Selection 20
Good bye… Good luck! ^^ (Nothing)
Good bye. (Nothing)

12:27 – New business idea

Selection 1
Not yet. (Nothing)
I don’t have enough money to get lunch. (Nothing)
I did ^^ (Jumin)

Selection 2
Oh! That’s genius! (Jumin)
In the desert? ;;; (Nothing)

Selection 3
You’re good at golf? Nice shot, Mr. Director~ (Nothing)
You want to build a golf course on desert too? (Jumin)

Selection 4
I think they’ll be a but boring to invite to the party…
Good! Let’s invite them. (Email from golf)

Selection 5
Good bye. (Nothing)
Win the game ^^ (Jumin)

13:36 – Do not move

Selection 1
Gah! Why are your texts so big? (*707)
Yes? Why? Is something wrong? (707)

Selection 2
I told you I’m safe. (*Nothing)
What??? (707)

You’re coming here? (707) – there is only one thing to say

Seection 3
What the hell is this!? (*Nothing)
Seven, wait! (Nothing)

14:58 – Unbelievable

Selection 1
There’s no way I can know since he didn’t explain anything… I’ll just have to stay here. (707)
I don’t know… It sounds really urgent… (*707)

Selection 2
I said I don’t know. (*707)
I’m not sure, but I can tell that he’s super conscious of Ms. Vanderwood being there. (707)

Selection 3
Seven! What were you talking about just before? Please explain. (707)
Tell me why I can’t leave this place, Seven. (*707)

Selection 4
Seven’s coming here right now? (707)
I’m getting nervous… (*707)

Selection 5
Yeah. What is he thinking?;; (*707)
I think he doesn’t have any other choice right now. I should just listen to him and wait.(707)

Selection 6
Is he famous? Can I have his contact information? (Email from detective)
Will he really help though…?;;

Selection 7
I’m fine. Hurry, Yoosung! (Yoosung)
Okay go. (Nothing)

16:12 – What is the special security

Selection 1
No. This isn’t just a mishap, is it? (*707)
No.. .I’m fine ^^ (707)

Selection 2
Jaehee… Hi~! (Jaehee)
What the hell is the special security system!? (*707)

Selection 3
This is really nerve-racking… but I’m a bit happy that he’s coming to protect me. (707)
Will this be solved by Seven coming here?;; (*707)

Selection 4
I do feel that too… but I hope he doesn’t get hurt trying to hurry. (707)
Yes, isn’t it suspicious? (*707)

Selection 5
Good bye. (Nothing)
Okay, please let him know what’s going on, Jaehee! (Jaehee)

17:06 – What Yoosung and Jumin

Selection 1
Is your tongue okay? (*Yoosung)
Yoosung, do you think Seven is safe right now? I’m worried. (707)

Selection 2
Jumin! The special security system… did you get the chance to talk to V about it?(707)
Jumin… you’re back. (*Jumin)

Selection 3
Hmm… V is so irresponsible. (Yoosung)
I feel like you really would be able to, so I don’t want to say anything;;; (Jumin)

Selection 4
I want to know too. Jumin, do you know anything? (Jumin)
Wouldn’t it probably be a system that protects the apartment? (Nothing)

Selection 5
then someone must have hacked in to take our guest information… (707)
Aaargh! My head is so jumbled right now. (*Nothing)

Selection 6
So that’s why Seven is hurrying to see me… (707)
Oh my god… But nothing says that I’ll be safe when Seven gets here;; (*707)

Selection 7
Come here asap and do something. (*707)
I feel bad that your schedule’s messed up now… Anyways, be careful… (Jumin)

Selection 8
You feel bad that he’s leaving? (Jumin)
Wasn’t it Jumin who called your mother~! (Yoosung)

Selection 9
Have fun peeling onions… Adios. (Yoosung)
Good bye… (Nothing)

Game Branch

Here the game will assess the answers you have made so far and you will either continue playing the route or you will get the bad ending.

VNM – And here he is…

Note: You will get this VNM no matter which end of the branch you ended up on. It will however end differently

(Looks at where the announcement is coming from.) (Nothing)
(Ignore the announcement.) (Nothing)

The hacker…!? (Nothing)
Thief!!! (Nothing)

What are you talking about? I’m not going anywhere! (Nothing)
Is that place really paradise? (Nothing)

I’m not going anywhere!! Seven!! Help me!! (707)
Are you sure… that I will be happy? (*707)

Note: From this point on, if you are able to continue to follow this, congrats! You passed the branch! If you are in the bad end, you will not see these choices, but only one selection choice. Keep playing out, but if you miss chats, I wouldn’t pay HG to get into them.

Seven, do you know him? (707)
Seven! What’s going on? Tell me!

Seven!!!! I love you!!! (707)
Let me go!!

Seven… are you okay? (707)
I’m scared.. Seven, hug me.

Can’t you stay for the night?
That man… how do you know him? (707)

Why should I? I think everyone has the right to know!
Alright, I’ll trust you, Seven. (707)

20:58 – The system is back on

Selection 1
Seven, I’ve been dying to know what you’ve been doing. Tell me~~ (*707)
Isn’t it fun being here when we’re in the same apartment? (707)

Selection 2
I’m so happy that you’re here. We can be like newly-weds! (*707)
Seven, but what about your work for the agency? Can you be here? (707)

Selection 3
I’m fine, thanks to Seven. (707)
I feel so safe with Seven here.. I feel like I have a husband. (*707)

Selection 4
Seven, how long do you plan to stay here? (707)
Seven, can’t you just stay here and protect me? (*707)

Selection 5
I think it was one person who did everything… (707)
I have no worried now though. Because my hubby♥  is right beside me. (*Nothing)

Selection 6
Huh? But Seven… you told him… that Rika… (*707)
…Yes, I can’t talk about it now, but I think it’s someone else. (707)

Selection 7
Oh! That’s a good idea. Seven, this can all be over without you doing anything ^^ (*707)
I don’t think that’s a good idea… (707)

Selection 8
I trust Seven ^^ He’ll protect me. (707)
24/7…! Just stay right beside me. (*707)

Selection 9
Thank you for everything, Seven ^^ (707)
Honey, I filled the hot tub for you~ (*Zen)

Selection 10
>_< Now you noticed? (*Zen)
Yes… Why? (707)

Selection 11
Nothing like that will happen ^^;;; I trust Seven. (707)
If something happens, then the more reason not to tell you anything. (*707)

Selection 12
Haha, nothing will happen, so don’t worry and go. (Zen)
Good bye, Zen.  (*Nothing)

VNM – It’s a little chilly in here…

Selection 1
I’m not uncomfortable at all. Just make yourself at home. (707)
Come here~! Let’s stay right by each other’s side and eat. (*707)

Selection 2
I like it. Just live here! (*707)
Still, you’re more reliable than a CCTV. (707)

Selection 3
Did you do something wrong concerning the agency? (*707)
The agency… are you really okay with them? Are you being chased? (707)

Selection 4
Well, you’re here anyways so we might as well get close! Come here~! (*707)
But… you’ll be uncomfortable in that corner. (707)

Selection 5
Don’t you have anything you want to tell me… about your brother? (707)
Oh come on~ Don’t be shy~ (*707)

Selection 6
Are you really going to be like this to me? (707)
Seven… you’re not like how you are in the chatroom. (*707)

22:24 – The only hope

Selection 1
Yes… I’m safe thanks to Seven. (707)
I’m fine. Don’t worry about me now. (Jaehee)

Selection 2
The hacker let us meet. We are fate~haha (*707)
I do feel safe with Seven here. (707)

Selection 3
Anyways, how’s work going, Jaehee? (Jaehee)
No need to worry ^^ I feel safe with Seven here too. (707)

Selection 4
You know what to do… (Jaehee)
Why? You should respect Jumin’s opinion! (Jumin)

Selection 5
Good bye. (Nothing)
Thanks for worrying Jaehee. You cheer up too. (Jaehee)

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