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Mystic Messenger Guide: Seven Route Day 6

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If you want the good end, chose answers that are bold only.
Answers to get the bad end(s) are marked with a *
707 Route Note: You need to get into every chat 707 is in and collect ALL possible hearts for him. If you don’t, you run the risk of bad ending on Day 10.

01:33 – Mysterious email

Selection 1
Did you find that Tripter bot that Seven made? (707)
Jaehee, good evening. (Jaehee)

Selection 2
I have dibs on Seven so watch out…!! (*707)
Is something up? (Jaehee)

Selection 3
;;; (Nothing)
I don’t feel good about it… (Nothing)

Selection 4
I think you should talk to the cyber police. (*707)
Yes… I don’t feel good about it. You should ask Seven. (707)

Selection 5
I’m kind of worried about Seven. He doesn’t seem very well. (707)
I don’t think Seven is really helpful to anyone right now. (*707)

Selection 6
I’ll try talking to him… (707)
I don’t really think we should worry. (*707)

Selection 7
Good bye. (Nothing)
If you have any good photos, share them with me! Good night! (Jaehee)

03:17 – Strange Alarm

Selection 1
Hello, Zen… What about the email? (Zen)
I missed u lovely Zen♡ (Nothing)

Selection 2
I think Seven would say it’s just a spam message. (707)
I wish my hubby would check the messenger asap. (*707)

Selection 3
He never makes sense anyways, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. (*707)
I’m quite worried… (707)

Selection 4
Shouldn’t we avoid him if he has a dangerous job? (*707, Yoosung Break?)
I think so too… (707)

Selection 5
I wish nothing like that every happens to Seven. (707)
Zen, I think you watched to many movies;; (*707)

Selection 6
I do think that none of us know much about Seven… I want to know more about him. (707)
I’m sure he’s a suspicious and twisted man. (*707)

Selection 7
Why does he need to live so complicatedly? (Nothing)
Just think about it makes me sad… (707)

Selection 8
Why are suddenly talking about relationships? haha (Nothing)
I want to be in a relationship! I’m desperate! I need the universe to help me!!! (*707)
I’m not really interested in dating;

Selection 9
Time for some night time snacks! (Zen)
Just starve. Look at the time;; (Nothing)

Selection 10
Haha… (Nothing)
I want to dream about Seven. (707)
I will! (*Zen)

08:35 – I’m recovered!

Selection 1
What Zen said last night… He was really considerate. (Zen)
Are you feeling better now?^^ (707)

Selection 2
No need to be sorry… (707)
I wish God Seven would cheer up soon!! (*707)

Selection 3
Ooh!! Seven you look so handsome! (707)
Hi Jumin (*Jumin)
What a douche.

Selection 4
Don’t mind it. (*707)
Next-to-be Chairman’s Gap Moe has increased by 2. (707)

Selection 5
Wow! I’m amazed at your knowledge! (Jumin)
I don’t know what it is, but it sounds difficult… (Nothing)

Selection 6
Seven, are you gap moe? (707)
Jumin, you’re quite cute. (*Jumin)

Selection 7
I did.
I didn’t receive it. (Nothing)
I don’t know anything about it. (*707)

Selection 8
Trace it fast. (*707)
But.. Seven, don’t you have enough work already? (707)

Selection 9
Good thinking ^^ (707)
Jumin, can’t you just get my address and send me body guards? (*707)

Selection 10
I knew you were just words. (*707)
T_T… You just said you’re ready to sacrifice yourself… You’re not coming to save me? (707)

Selection 11
Alright… go. (707)
Good bye. (*Nothing)

Selection 12
Yes, I’m glad he seems to have cheered up. (707)
When are you leaving? (*Jumin)

Selection 13
Good! Oil is an important energy source! (Email from oil)

Selection 14
You really do understand cats! (Jumin)
A cat would’t know things like that… lol (Jumin Break)

Selection 15
Yes, but if you are too close, it’s easier to hurt one another. (Nothing)
You’re right. I think Yoosung also needs some help from his family. (Jumin)

Selection 16
Be careful~! Have a good flight. (Jumin)
Good bye. (Nothing)

10:22 – Spotlighted life isn’t bad at all

Selection 1
Yo yo, wassup!! LOLOL warrior! (Yoosung)
Hello. (Nothing)

Selection 2
I always starve. (Nothing)
Yes, I did. (Yoosung)

Selection 3
So jealous~ You must feel like a celebrity, haha. (Yoosung)
Stop being such a douche. (Yoosung Break)

Selection 4
Just ditch it! Hey, enjoy your life. (Nothing)
Aren’t you spending too much time gaming? I’m a bit worried. (Yoosung)

Selection 5
Maybe lololol (Nothing)
Maybe he’s calling your professor? (Nothing)
Maybe he’s calling the game addiction prevention center? (Nothing)

Selection 6
Omg… Bahoo lololol So old-school;;; (Nothing)
Yoosung, you’re so cute. lolol (Yoosung)

Selection 7
Hmm… I don’t think they’ll make good guests
Let’s do that! (Email from keyboard)

Selection 8
It’s not good to be so obsessed with games… (Nothing)
Make a suggestions to the company lolol (Yoosung)

13:01 – Jaehee enjoying freedom

Selection 1
Heya Zen. (Zen)
Hello, Jaehee. (Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
Not yet~ (Nothing)
I had lunch to. (Nothing)

Selection 2
You should still do your work. (Nothing)
lololololol Congratulations, Jaehee. (Jaehee)

Selection 4
I want Elizabeth to live with Jumin forever. (Jumin)
Did you say you saw Zen’s DVD again last night? I’d like to hear your thoughts. (Zen)

Selection 5
It feels more suspicious since that whole hacker thing just happened a couple of days ago… (Jaehee)
I think it’s just a spam email that everyone received. (Nothing)

Selection 6
I miss Jumin… When do you think he’ll start the cat project? (Jumin)
I miss Seven… I wanna joke around. (707)

Selection 7
Good bye! (Nothing)
You must still have a lot of work, but I’m happy you seem more relaxed today. Good luck! (Jaehee)

Selection 8
I think it’s a bit serious… Don’t you think he needs help? (Zen)
He’ll grown out of it~ haha (Yoosung)

Selection 9
lol (Nothing)
I pay my respect to your diligence, Zen. (Zen)

Selection 10
Bye, lovely Zen! (Zen)
Okay… Good bye. (Nothing)

14:39 – JUMIN!!!!!T_T

Selection 1
He’s still older than you. Shouldn’t you be a bit more respectful? (*Jumin)
Jumin Han!!! I wanna shout his name too lololol (707)
What’s going on? (Yoosung)

Selection 2
What did Jumin tell your mom? (Yoosung)
Wow! You get to see your mom! Good for you ^^ (Jumin)

Selection 3
Oh! They seem like a nice group. Can we invite them to the party? (Email from hyoja)
lolololol There’s a group like that? (Nothing)

Selection 4
I don’t think Jumin will listen. He’s in a plane. ^^ (Jumin)
Cheer up, Yoosung… Once you get through these hard times, LOLOL heaven will be waiting for you. (Yoosung)

Selection 5
Good bye… T_T (Yoosung)
lolol Finally you’re cleaning your room. Bye~! (Jumin)

16:04 – The sender of the email

Selection 1
Hello Zen. I hope the day finds you well. (*Zen)
Heya God Seven (707)

Selection 2
I’m not really interested in Yoosung. (*Nothing)
I can’t believe Mrs. Kim is going to go see him! I’m getting more nervous lol (707)
Jumin… What in the world did he do?;; (*Zen)

Selection 3
Hahaha, well whatever happens, I’m having fun ^^ I want some popcorn (707)
I do think he was nosy to have called his mother without getting his permission first. (707)
He was simply worried. Yoosung did have a horrible lifestyle these days. (*Jumin)

Selection 4
I don’t get your life either, Seven;; (*707)
Let’s not be too harsh on him haha (707)

Selection 5
It’s just spam right? (*Nothing)
Wow you managed to find it so fast! You’re such a genius God Seven! (707)

Selection 6
So you mean the hacker sent us that email!? (707)
What does that mean?;; (*707)

Selection 7
Please let us know what you know, Seven. (*707)
How are you going to make sure I’m safe? (707)

Selection 8
So I’m still the one in most danger. (*707)
Seven, aren’t you without a bodyguard too? Are you okay? (707)

Selection 9
You might become antisocial like that… (*Nothing)
Let’s go out for some fresh air together once this ends ^^ (707)

Selection 10
Won’t it be too dangerous? (707)
Yes, that’s the least you could do. (*707)

Selection 11
I’ll go with you!! You can’t go there alone! (707)
It sounds dangerous, so you should plan everything out and go by yourself. (*707)
Zen, you can go with him! Two men will be better than one. (*Zen)

Selection 12
You know you have to plan everything, right? Don’t make any mistakes. (*707)
Don’t strain yourself, Seven… Bye. (707)

Selection 13
If it’s going to be dangerous, he should just go there alone; (*707)
I think so too. Everything will work out if we work together… (707 + Zen)

Selection 14
I wish he’d just tell me everything… I’m worried about him too. (707)
Okay, go clear your head. (*Zen)

17:55 – Unexpected fact

Selection 1
I think this is good for him. lol (Jumin)
Jaehee… Hello! (Jaehee)

Selection 2
Don’t you think he seduced her with this smooth words? (Nothing)
Probably exactly what’s going on? haha (Jumin)

Selection 3
Why not!? Try it. I want to watch and eat popcorn. (Nothing)
Yup. You have to keep your job, haha. (Jaehee)

Selection 4
I’m worried about my safety. (*707)
Yes… I’m shocked that someone is after us. (Jaehee)
I’m more worried about Seven. I think he wants to take care of everything himself… (707)

Selection 5
Yes, please left Jumin know of the gravity of the situation. (Jaehee)
Alright. Good bye. (Nothing)

19:19 – Family reunion

Selection 1
Did your mother get there? (Yoosung)
Just be a man. (*Nothing)
Don’t cry, my baby… (Nothing)

Selection 2
I’m sure Jumin had good intentions. (*Yoosung)
Wat? Omg, I need to bring my popcorn. (Yoosung)

Selection 3
Bu-but think of it positively… You get to live a better lifestyle now. (Jumin)
I guess you didn’t… (*Yoosung)

Selection 4
lololol That’s how much you want to escape. (Yoosung)
Wouldn’t it be better for me to go…? It could be dangerous. (*707)

Selection 5
A month…? (*Yoosung Break)
She’ll just stay for a couple of days ^^;; Moms always carry around a lot of stuff.(Yoosung)

Selection 6
Cinderella Yoosung lolol (*Yoosung)
OMG lololol So cute lololol I want to be your stepmother. (Nothing)

Selection 7
… Just do your best studying. (*Nothing)
I pray that you can escape…! (Yoosung)

21:00 – It was for Yoosung

Selection 1
Mr. Han, how is your five star hotel? (*Jumin)
I’m not worried… What happened with you calling Mrs. Kim? (Yoosung)

Selection 2
I don’t think it’s the time for you to talk about that right now, Jumin. (Nothing)
Heya Zen… (*Nothing)

Selection 3
Why the hell did you call Yoosung’s mom? (Zen)
I can imagine you looking at the beautiful desert with Elizabeth in your arms drinking wine. (*Jumin)

Selection 4
The two don’t go together at all haha (Zen)
Hmm… I think Jumin is right. Independence and parents… it makes sense! (*Jumin)

Selection 5
I admit that your intentions are good, Jumin! (Jumin)
Not all families have tight bonds. (*Zen)

Selection 6
I can almost hear Jaehee yelling at us to change the subject. (Jaehee)
Oh! Good idea! (*Jumin)

Selection 7
I think you should talk to Yoosung soon, Jumin~ (Jumin)
Haha, he won’t get it. Let’s just stop here. (*Jumin Break)

Selection 8
If it’s the same group.. then they really are after the information. (707)
Jumin, you’re way better than Seven. (*707)

Selection 9
You don’t think Seven is secretly talking to him, do you? (*707)
It really is. He has to know about this asap… (Nothing)

Selection 10
I’m jealous that he gets to travel. (*Nothing)
He hurt his eyes? (Nothing)

Selection 11
I guess V has his own doctor…
Then why don’t we invite him to the party? (Email from doclee)

Selection 12
Are you there for work or pleasure? (Nothing)
Wow! Have fun. (*Jumin)

Selection 13
Since no one can be cooler than Zen ^^ (*Zen)
Yes, a bit;; (Jumin)

Selection 14
Censorship please. Photos of you that are overly handsome are bad for my health! >_< (*Zen)
Hurry and check, haha. Don’t worry too much though. I’m sure they are all nice photos.(707)

22:59 – Actually I…

Selection 1
Finally, you’re here. (*Nothing)
Yes! Seven, I was waiting for you~ (707)

Selection 2
What if something happens? (*707)
I’m fine. I’m sure you have no choice. Did you talk to V yet…? (707)

Selection 3
Of course it should be like that. (*707)
You’re trying this hard. There’s no way that the members will be harmed. Don’t worry. (707)

Selection 4
Something bad? I hope that never happens. (*707)
I trust nothing bad will happen… but I want to know what you do. (707)

Selection 5
I suppose I should keep my distance from you then. (*707)
That’s… that’s so sad. We can even be friends? (707)

Selection 6
Seven, think about yourself too, not just me. The more dangerous things are let’s stop being so sad. (707)
I would have never joined if I knew things would be like this… (*707)

Selection 7
I don’t regret getting to know you, Seven! Even if you do dangerous things! (707)
Please just take care of it. (*707)

Selection 8
Seven… you’re talking about the agency, right? Are you really okay… working there?(707)
What are you talking about? Of course you have to take care of the hacker first! (*707)

Selection 9
Okay, don’t worry. I’ll be fine. (707)
Won’t it be too late once I realize something strange is going on? (*707)

Selection 10
Don’t feel so much pressure, and just take care of everything one by one! Be careful, Seven. Thank you for protecting me. (707)
Just go and work. (*707)

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