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Mystic Messenger Guide: Seven Route Day 5

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If you want the good end, chose answers that are bold only.
Answers to get the bad end(s) are marked with a *

00:18 – Strange Alarm

Selection 1
Heya Yoosung… I did see some weird messages! (Nothing)
No I haven’t. (Nothing)

Selection 2
It must be a bug… Seven’s not as good as he says he is. (*707)
I’ll leave him a word for you ^^ (707)

Selection 3
Yoosung, turn off that computer and go to bed. (Nothing)
You’re very quick. lol (Yoosung)

01:48 – Messenger bug!

Selection 1
Jaehee, didn’t you see any weird messages in the chatroom? (Nothing)
Jaehee, why are you still up? (*Nothing)

Selection 2
I don’t feel so good about it. (*Nothing)
I hope it’s not anything serious… (Jaehee)

Selection 3
You mean what he said about marrying me at a space station?(*Nothing)
Yeah mean about the cat business? (Jaehee)

Selection 4
The timing… (*???)
Seven!! Run for you life!! (707)
The criminal is here.

Selection 5
It seems he cannot speak human. (707)
Stop joking around… (*707)

Selection 6
Don’t increase the font size like that;;; (*707)
God Seven, where are you? Please save the world from all the bugs!! (707)

Selection 7
Everyone, move over!! (707)
Are you ignoring what Jaehee said? (*707)

Selection 8
Could you get straight to the point? (*707 + Jaehee)
Hacker?? But you’re the hacker. (707)

Selection 9
Don’t tell me… that alarm and messages were sent by a hacker? (707)
How did you let this happen? (*707)

Selection 10
I can’t trust this app then; (*707)
Don’t tell me someone’s reading all our messages T_T (707)

Selection 11
It’s because of a hacker that I joined this group;;; I’m getting nervous;(*707)
Do you think… the person has something to do with “Unknown”? (707)

Selection 12
Yup. Let’s not be depressed and try to have a positive outlook on solving this. (707)
I can’t tell how serious this situation is because you’re so blaze about it. (*707)

Selection 13
Show them what team play is all about!!  (707)
I thought she’s a maid? (*Jaehee)

Selection 14
I… will have Seven’s blessing!! (707)
I think I’m the one in most danger right now… (*Nothing)

Selection 15
Yay!!! God Seven!! (707)
Don’t come. (*707)

Selection 16
I feel like you spend too much time with Ms. Vanderwood, Seven. T_T (707)
That’s not enough. (*707)

Selection 17
Go. (*Nothing)
I’ll be waiting for you☆ (Nothing)

Selection 18
Think he’s just careless as always. (*707)
I’m a bit doubtful myself T_T I guess she’s not just any other maid. (707)

Selection 19
Go ahead! (Jaehee)
Good bye. (*Nothing)

08:40 – What you two have in…

Selection 1
Zen…Good morning. (*Zen)
Did you both have breakfast? (Nothing)
Anyway… Jumin ^^;; Good morning.

Selection 2
douche. (*Jumin)
I like having Zen talk to me ^^;;
God Seven…! I miss him… I guess he’s busy with work right? >.< (707)

Selection 3
You two must have been very tired. (*Nothing)
No way… (Nothing)

Selection 4
I trust God Seven to protect me. lol (707)
I’m not fine;; I hope this get taken care of asap. (*707)

Selection 5
Ms Vanderwood… I wonder who she is. (707)
Isn’t Seven sort of incompetent if he’s been hacked twice though…?;;; (*707)

Selection 6
I guess Seven’s not very social? (*707)
Why not? So what if he has a friend. (707)

Selection 7
Zen… No way… It’s not that, right? (*Jumin)
I hate womanizers ^0^
If you have a thing for maids, then just say so. (707)

Selection 8
She’ll protect him meow~?? (*Jumin)
I’d like to protect you Zen.
Please send over God Seven to me. (707)

Selection 9
Don’t feel like it.
They seem nice. Since everyone has headaches! (Email from medicine)

Selection 10
Good luck on the meeting~! (*Jumin)
Have some mercy on Zen ^^;; Good bye. (Zen)

Selection 11
I’d like to protect you T_T (*Zen)
Run away. (Nothing)

Selection 12
Hurry up and get ready. (Nothing)
Perhaps because your looks are timeless? (*Zen)

10:20 – 2.35 seconds

Selection 1
Did you get to the office fine? (Jaehee)
Is Jumin at his meeting? (*Jumin)

Selection 2
You did that on purposes…;;; (*Jumin)
Wow! I’m sure that has nothing to do with the cat project… You just want to be prepared for fluctuating oil prices? (Jaehee)

Selection 3
8h;aw4ietej (707)
Could you please just get straight to the point? (*707)

Selection 4
I guess you’re still caught up with the agency T_T Cheer up! (707)
Can’t you just do one thing at a time? You should quit one; (*707)

Selection 5
Are you a stalker or something?;; (*707)
I knew it! I felt as if you were looking at me every 2.35 seconds!!! (707)

Selection 6
Don’t come. (*Alt Selection)
It’d be so great if you could come! (707)

Alt Selection
I’d prefer to be alone when I’m at home. (*707)
I’m just kidding, haha! I want you to be by my side.

Selection 7
Aren’t you ignoring what Jaehee said?;; (*707 + Jaehee)
I love all robots♡ (707)

Selection 8
OMG~! SO KEWT~!! (707)
This thing is supposed to protect me? (*707)

Selection 9
Why did you create something so dangerous?;; (*707)
Spitting fire balls of love… Cupid’s fire!!! (707)

Selection 10
God Seven, you’re way cuter ^^ (707)
I don’t look like that. (*707)

Selection 11
It does help! If only it didn’t spit fire, I would have wanted one! (707)
Yes mte. (*707)

Selection 12
Then just take a walk~! You should clear your head. (707)
Nothing you can do about not being able to concentrate; (*707)

Selection 13
Next time, come back after you’ve fixed everything. (*707)
I’ll be waiting for you! Cheer up! (707)

Selection 14
He should be tracing the hacker if he has time for that;; (*707)
I love genius people! (707)

Selection 15
Hurry and go! I hope he doesn’t mention anything related to cats! (*Jaehee)
I will! You be careful too, Jaehee! (Nothing)

12:30 – Men with black suits

Selection 1
Did you get to school safe? (Yoosung)
Yoosung~ Did my ickle Yoosung baby have his lunch~? (Nothing)

Selection 2
KIDNAPPERS!!!!! (Yoosung)
That’s quite scary! (Nothing)

Selection 3
OMG~ So cool! (Yoosung)
Yoosung… Your last name is Kim? I never knew lol (Yoosung Break)

Selection 4
Ugh, you’re so bougie lol (Yoosung)
So jealous… No one can come to me because of security reasons… T_T … I wish as least Seven could come. (707)

Selection 5
Little boy, you dream of such nonsense. (*Nothing)
People will think you’re a movie star or something +_+ (Yoosung)
You’re getting ahead of yourself. lol (Nothing)

Selection 6
I would want one if only it didn’t spit fire lolol Seven is so cute! (707)
What do you mean it’s cute?;; It’s practically a weapon. (*707)

Selection 7
He’d work so well if only I could go to his house!! (707)
I think he’s just ADHD (*707)

Selection 8
Enjoy it while you can lololol (Nothing)
Have fun in class! (Yoosung)

14:21 – Distract you attention

Selection 1
So the meeting went well? Congratulations! (Jumin)
You did well too, Jaehee! (Jaehee)

Selection 2
What a shame… I really looked forward to the new cat project ^^ (Jumin)
Oil prices are effecting the currency too… The global economy is always hard to figure out. (Jaehee)

Selection 3
Oil Prince. (Jaehee)
Peter Petrol. (Nothing)
Arabica Trevor. (Nothing)

Selection 4
Mr. Luciel is always open to financial cooperation. (707)
Jumin, you’re a genius. (*Jumin)

Selection 5
Jeahee, aren’t you being too obvious? lololol (Jumin)
There’s not much time left!! (Jaehee)

Selection 6
Good bye. (Nothing)
Hurry and write that email. (Jaehee)

Selection 7
Jaehee is very smart… No, perhaps she is just desperate to live a proper life. (Jaehee)
I want to work at your company too! Climbing up that promotion ladder~! (Jumin)

Selection 8
Yes, take your time ^^ For Jaehee. (Jaehee)
You’re leaving tomorrow, right? Hope you get ready without much trouble! (Jumin)

16:41 – Jumin….!!

Selection 1
Zen~ Is the body guard with you? (Alt Selection)
Hello~ (Nothing)

Alt Selection
Did something happen?
Why are you being so mean to our Jumin? T_T (Jumin)

Selection 2
Wow! They look so reliable! (Jumin)
Who is that man… I’m scared T_T (Zen)

Selection 3
I wish I could bring Seven goldfish-shaped bread since he’s working so hard… (707)
You can’t joke about things like that T_T (*Zen)
I just laughed a bit too lololol (Jumin)

Selection 4
Oh, right? Did the meeting go well? (Zen)
What kind of thoughts? (Nothing)

Selection 5
I don’t really think it’s a good idea.
Sounds fantastic! (Email from tradition)

Selection 6
Maybe they’re being spread around social media? (Zen)
Maybe there’s a Tripter bot that spreads you photo nonstop? lol (707)

Selection 7
Try thinking it out while jogging. Bye. (Nothing)
I would love to see how you sweat while running. (Zen)

18:11 – It’s been bugging me

Selection 1
You must be very tired, haha. (Yoosung)
How was school? (Nothing)

Selection 2
I think Jumin did that on purpose. lolol He’s actually pretty funny. (*Jumin)
It’s God Seven’s doing. God Seven!! Please enlighten us with your presence! (707)
I know ^^; Zen must have been really flustered. (*Zen)

Selection 3
Please don’t send ridiculous texts. (*707)
It’s okay… haha. But what were you talking about? (707)

Selection 4
Stop caring about me and just focus on work. (*707)
Then come see me~! (707)

Selection 5
To be honest… I want one ^^ (707)
Hey. What if I get burned? (*707)

Selection 6
Yeah. Don’t waste your time on something like that now. (*707)
What matters in the intention~! I would love for you to give it to me. (707)

Selection 7
Seven… You don’t…!? (707)
Stop spamming;;; (*707)

Selection 8
Why would you read weird books like that?;; (*707)
I think taking action is more important than listening to a boy who’s never dated girls before. I’m ready! (707)

Selection 9
Stop being ridiculous and just focus on work. (*707)
Creating itself with the blessing of God Seven… This is almost a myth. (707)

Selection 10
This isn’t the time for that. (*707)
Romantic… That sounds nice! I want to experience what that’s like~★ (707)

Selection 11
Just throw away useless crap. It’ll just get in the way. (*707)
Don’t!! Someday you’ll use it for something!! (707)

Selection 12
You do a lot of things… (Nothing)
The Tripter bot?? (Nothing)

Selection 13
You’ve been doing something good for Zen~! (707)
That’s nice of you… but you did get his permission, right? (*707)

Selection 14
So you’ve been hiding it on purpose. (*707)
Like… the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing! (707)

Selection 15
Right you are~! (707)
Haha, the fact that Zen exists does make the world a better place. (*707 Break)

Selection 16
Seven… (707)
Seven, weren’t you working? (*707)

Selection 17
I feel like he’s trying to avoid talking about his feelings. (707)
He’s always weird. (*707)

Selection 18
I hope that’s the case, haha. (707)
Uhm, I wouldn’t really feel comfortable about that. (*707)

Selection 19
Have fun being a social outcast! (Yoosung)
Aren’t you gaming too much..? (Nothing)

19:50 – Seven’s true feelings

Selection 1
Hey Jaehee~ Did you get off work? (Jaehee)
Hello. (Nothing)

Selection 2
Hi! (Zen)
Isn’t Yoosung gaming too much? (Nothing)

Selection 3
I think Seven is so talented at everything lol (707)
Jaehee, you didn’t know about the bot?
Didn’t he go over the line doing something like that without your permission? (*707)

Selection 4
I think he said something similar yesterday. (Nothing)
I knew he had a hidden agenda. (*707)

Selection 5
Anyways, shouldn’t he be appreciated since it ultimately helped Zen? (707)
I think Seven is being a bit odd. (*707)

Selection 6
I’m sorry that I’m so attractive.. T_T
But Seven denied that he has feelings for me… (707)
I still think he just has ADHD (*707)

Selection 7
Maybe he needs time? (707)
He seems to be quite contradictory. (*707)

Selection 8
Have a good time with the body guards~ (Nothing)
Go and rest~! It must have been a rough day. (Zen)

Selection 9
But you were busy! (Jaehee)
And I thought you were the know-it-all fan!? (Nothing)

Selection 10
Hope you find that bot! (*Zen)
Don’t work too hard and rest up~ (Jaehee)

21:20 – Bus Driver, Yoosung

Selection 1
Hello, Jumin ^^ (Jumin)
Did you get a job as the bus driver? (Yoosung)

Selection 2
It’s a game, but I suppose it’s a proper society of its own. (Yoosung)
Yoosung… Aren’t you too addicted to games? (Nothing)

Selection 3
I thought you were just volunteering lolol But you were paid for it.
Yoosung, you seem pleased about the deal lolol (Yoosung)
What do you think Seven is doing right now? (707)

Selection 4
He said something similar yesterday, and I could understand it… if you consider Seven’s career. (707)
Anything that is “vicarious” cam’t be good, since it’s too dependent. (*707)

Selection 5
But isn’t it all pointless because I’m not the one enjoying the result? (*707)
I feel bad that Seven’s job has so many restrictions… (707)

Selection 6
Really!? You?? Study?! (Yoosung)
Sounds like a normal day of a high school freshman. (Nothing)

Selection 7
Well, there’s no need to waster you precious energy on me;; (Nothing)
What’s up with you, haha? (Jumin)

Selection 8
Maybe he wants to do something for you? (Jumin)
I don’t think it’s anything important. (Nothing)

Selection 9
But shouldn’t you still try to maintain a regular lifestyle? (Yoosung)
Enjoy it while you can. lolol (Yoosung)
I’m jealous.

Selection 10
So cool… For better fame and glory! (Yoosung)
Don’t game too much though ^^ (Nothing)

23:47 – Perhaps my head is broken

Selection 1
God Seven!! How’s work going!? (707)
Are you looking at me…? (Nothing)

Selection 2
You shouldn’t have made that robot then;; (*707)
Don’t feel too much pressure. You can always do it tomorrow! (707)

Selection 3
Yeah… I guess Yoosung’s more normal. (*707)
How is he different? (707)

Selection 4
Did you run away from home? (Nothing)
God Seven… Don’t be weak!!! (*707)

Selection 5
Why~? I want to know more about you, Seven. (707)
I’m not that interested so don’t worry. (*707)
I hope you didn’t try to rhyme just now?^^ ++ (Alt Selection)

Alt Selection
You, you should be sorry;;; (*707)
Don’t think that way… You can’t be funny all the time. (707?)

Selection 6
Hmm… (*707)
Do you really believe in God? (707)

Selection 7
I guess your world must be complicated. I’m not really interested though. (*707)
Why are you being so sad…? Seven, you can have anything you want! (707)

Selection 8
Yeah, I really can’t understand you Seven.(*707) 
Just let everything go… Be yourself. (707)

Selection 9
Let’s go to the moon together someday, haha. (707)
There’s not enough oxygen on the moon. (*Nothing)

Selection 10
Yeah, you should really pull yourself together. (*707)
That damn hacker!! (707)

Selection 11
Yeah! I guess you’ll feel better if they come? (Email from hacker if you hadn’t already gotten one in the first 4 days)
Hackers…? Let’s not invite them.

Selection 12
Yeah. Good luck keeping an eye out. (*707) 
Thank you… I can feel God Seven’s good graces protecting me ^^ (707)

Selection 13
If it gets too tough, just think of me and feel better! (707)
Bye, Seven. (*Nothing)

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