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Mystic Messenger Guide: Seven Route Day 10

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01:45 – Everything I believed…

Selection 1
I can’t sleep. (Nothing)
Zen, you can’t sleep either, right? (Zen)

Selection 2
I honestly don’t know about Rika, but I;m worried about Yoosung. He seems really shocked. (Yoosung)
We do know for sure now that V lied about that drawer. (Zen?)

Selection 3
I feel so complicated too. I had no idea that RFA has so many secrets. (*Zen?)
I don’t think Seven will be able to sleep tonight either. (707)

Selection 4
I will. Don’t worry too much and try to get some rest. (Zen)
Perhaps ignorance is bliss for dark secrets. (Nothing)

04:14 – Betrayal

Selection 1
God… I’m so worried that everyone seems so shocked. (Nothing)
Yoosung…. You can’t sleep, right? (Yoosung)

Selection 2
I don’t know a lot about her… but I think that’s possible. (Yoosung)
Is there no way that Rika was secretly planning something? (Nothing)

Selection 3
Yes… He’s checking every corner. (707)
Hmm.. I think he’s doing something. (*707)

Selection 4
I couldn’t fall asleep either thinking about what was in Rika’s drawer. (707)
I couldn’t fall asleep because you were rummaging through every corner of the apartment. (*707)

Selection 5
ME…. Mint Eye? (707)
Perhaps it was quality time for herself? (*Yoosung)

Selection 6
You don’t think that V found Mint Eye, do you? haha (*Yoosung)
Then… Mint Eye hay have been exploiting Saeran too… (707)

Selection 7
I’ll be with you until the truth is revealed, Seven. (707)
We might not be able to do anything if he’s been brainwashed. (*707)

Selection 8
When will we leave for Mint Eye? (707)
Aren’t you putting too much pressure on Seven? (*707)

Selection 9
We’ll have to miss the party, but we’ll definitely find the truth. (707)
Please take good care of the party even if we’re not there, Yoosung. (Yoosung)

Selection 10
Several people are involved already. Should we just tell everyone? (*707)
I’ll trust your decision, Seven. (707)

Selection 11
I’ll start getting ready too. (*Nothing)
Okay, make sure to grab your jacket so you’re not cold ^^ (707)

Selection 12
Thank you. I’ll go get ready now. ^^ (Yoosung)
I doubt prayers work… but thank you anyways. (*707)

VNM – The present

Selection 1
For now, following you will be my safest option. (*707)
I can go anywhere if you’re there with me. That won’t change. (707)

Selection 2
What am I supposed to do with this? (*707)
Wow! The robot cat! You… fixed it? (707)

Selection 3
I don’t want to leave my future up to a God that might not even exist. Can’t we just focus more on reality? (*707)
Yes, let’s go find the truth and come back safe. (707)

Selection 4
I’m a bit scared, but please do your best. (*707)
Yes, let’s go together! (707)

08:18 – We miss you guys

Selection 1
Yes, we’re on our way. (Jaehee)
Jumin, is work going well? (Jumin)

Selection 2
Jaehee, you have to worry about RFA, your boss… it must be difficult. (Jaehee)
Jumin, did you sleep very well last night? (Jumin)

Selection 3
Jaehee, did you watch Zen’s DVD last night because you couldn’t sleep? (Jaehee)
Please don’t fangirl in a situation like this. Seven and I are risking our lives right now. (*707)

Selection 4
How long was it on average? (Jumin + Alt Selection)
… (Jaehee)

Alt Selection
Yes, let’s go back to that, Jumin…
Do you think the lenght has to do with the owner’s affection levels? (Nothing)

Selection 5
I’m not, since I’m with someone I trust. (707)
Nothing will come out of being scared. i have to be calm. (*707 + Jumin)

Selection 6
Jumin, why are you so obsessed with the party? (Jaehee)
Haha, just please take care of it. (Jumin)

Selection 7
I guess I won’t have to worry about the party now ^^ (Jumin)
Good luck, Jaehee. (Jaehee)

Selection 8
Thank you… We won’t be able to attend, but please take good care of it. (*Jumin)
I’ll just think about taking care of this and coming back safe. (707)

Selection 9
Okay, thank you. Good luck! (*Jaehee)
Seven promised that he’d protect me. Don’t worry! (707)

Selection 10
Do you want to me, is that it? ^^ (Jumin)
Let Elizabeth go instead of me. (Nothing)

Selection 11
Yes, go ahead. (Jumin)
What is it? (Nothing)

Selection 12
I’ll let him know. (Jumin)
I’ll tell him if I get the chance. (Nothing)

Selection 13
I don’t know when that will be but alright. (Jumin)
Okay, good bye. (Nothing)

10:22 – I can’t get over this

Selection 1
Not yet. I’m worried he’s speeding right now. (*?707)
We’re still on the road. It’s far… (Yoosung)

Selection 2
Well… I think we saw flying squirrels that looked like desert cats lol (Zen)
… Is this the time for jokes? (Yoosung Break)

Selection 3
Yes, you must still be in shock. Rest up. (Yoosung)
Still, you should be a good student; (Nothing)

Selection 4
I’m sorry I can’t go. Please take care of the party for me. ^^ (Zen)
I should be the one to do it… Shame. (Nothing)

Selection 5
Well… we’ll have to see the results. (*707)
That day will come… Trust us. (707)

Selection 6
Call your mother. You might feel better once you talk to her. (*Yoosung)
I understand that you’re nervous, but please have more faith in Seven. (707)

Selection 7
Cheer up~! (Yoosung)
Bye. (Nothing)

Selection 8
Don’t just worry and do something that’s helpful. (*?707)
Lead the way and have everyone cheer up Zen! (Zen)

Selection 9
Okay, I will. (Nothing)
Alright, Zen, good luck. (Zen)

VNM – Headquarters in the mountains

Selection 1
I’m fine. Are we here? (707)
I was a bit uncomfortable. (*707)

Selection 2
I won’t…! Let’s do this and go back home! (707)
Okay, we’ll just have to hope for the best. (*707)

12:07 – Please remember

Selection 1
Yeah, I guess everyone’s busy because of the party. (707)
We’ve arrived~ (*Nothing)

Selection 2
I hope this isn’t our last photo. (*707)
We look like a cute couple. (707)

Selection 3
I don’t think we’ll run into any enemies if we just follow your plan. (707)
it might be game over if we meet Saeran or run into security. (*707)

Selection 4
Don’t think that. We’ll come back safe! (707)
I feel more scared hearing you say that… (*707)

Selection 5
Is there a reason you want to tell me here? (*707)
Yes, please let everyone know here. (707)

Selection 6
Let’s talk after we’re finished with this. Let’s get going. (*707)
Of course. (707)

Game Branch

VNM – Here we go…

Selection 1
The computer looks really nice… (*707)
Do you think Saeran hacked into our system here? (707)

Selection 2
It’s no use wondering about it now. (*707)
First… if Saeran really used this computer, we’d better start transfering the materials. (707)

Selection 3
It looks like you’ve done this before. Hmm… (*707)
Seven, are you transferring the information already? You’re so fast. (707)

Selection 4
Saeran…? (707)
Who…!? (*Nothing)

Selection 5
What are you going to do with us!? (*707)
Seven, shouldn’t we run? (707)

Selection 6
Saeran… still please listen. Nothing will change just by you listening. (707)
Seven, did you do something wrong to Saeran? (*707)

Selection 7
Saeran, I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding. Please listen to what Seven has to say. (707)
I’ll be the judge of that. (*707)

Selection 8
And last time when he saw you.. that’s when he realized that V didn’t keep his promise. (707)
Believe what you want to believe. It’s up to you. (*707)

Selection 9
Saeran, what really happened? (707)
Whatever happened, Seven was wrong to leave. (*707)

Selection 10
Savior? (707)
Who should I believe..? (*707)

Selection 11
(Inserts floppy disc into the computer.) (*707)
Seven, just show it to him. (707)


Note: From this point on, if you are able to continue to follow this with Selection 12, congrats! You passed the branch! If you are in the bad end, you will not see this choices, but only one selection choice. Keep playing out, but if you miss chats, I wouldn’t pay HG to get into them.


Selection 12
I think the door’s locked!
Seven… should we run after him? (707)

13:41 – Calm down

Selection 1
Cars? (Nothing)
I guess he’s not picking up on purpose. (Nothing)

Selection 2
Jumin… Seven and I are locked in right now. (707)
Jumin, we might need some help. We’re locked in. (Jumin)

Selection 3
Please explain the situation to Jumin. (707)
How longer do you think it’ll take? (Nothing)

Selection 4
My life is on the line, pull yourself together. (707 Break!)
We will! Don’t lose faith. (707)

Selection 5
Haven’t we already made a fuss? ;; (Nothing)
Won’t someone else come attack us? (707)

Selection 6
You can do it, Seven..! (707)
If you’ve calmed down, go back to work. Move move! (Nothing)

Selection 7
Only fate will know. I’ll get going. (Nothing)
Everything will be fine, Jumin. I’ll get going too. (Jumin)

15:28 – We’re on our way

Selection 1
Yes… we had a a moment to spare. (Zen)
Is RFA doing okay? (Nothing)

Selection 2
We’re safe. We are still locked in… (Yoosung)
Not yet. We’re still locked in. (Nothing)

Selection 3
I don’t know. He seems busy. (Nothing)
Seven will be here soon. (707)

Selection 4
Yes! (707)
It’s more important to get out of here first. (Nothing)

Selection 5
Shouldn’t we go somewhere safer? (Nothing)
We can’t leave until we find Saeran and the truth. (707)

Selection 6
We’ll be in touch again! (Yoosung)
Wish us luck. (Nothing)

17:53 – Don’t worry about the party

Selection 1
We’re currently leaving the building through blind spots. (707)
No. Seven just stopped for a moment to find the way out so I came in here. (Nothing)

Selection 2
Did you guys hear from V yet? (Nothing)
V’s coming to the party, right? (Nothing)

Selection 3
I should go back to Seven now. Cheer up both of you! (Nothing)
Tell me if you hear anything from V. I’ll get going. (Nothing)

VNM – Hello there, suspicious man…

Selection 1
I think we missed Saeran… (707)
We were late because you hesitated in the middle. (707 Break)

Selection 2
First let’s get out of here. (Nothing)
Someone must have driven off quickly… It’s not Saeran’s car, is it..? (707)

Selection 3
V? (Nothing)
Saeran…? (Nothing)

Selection 4
What is that about? (Nothing)
V, you’re blind? You don’t seem that way. (Nothing)

Selection 5
Seven! Have you ever lent anyone your car? (707)
Can we believe him? (Nothing)

Selection 6
I thought Vanderwood was your maid? (Nothing)
How the hell does the agency operate? (Nothing)

20:11 – Goodbye greetings

Note: Even though you are in this chat, there are no selections.

21:34 – Disappointment

Selection 1
Yes, but first, did you read what V said? (Nothing)
Yes… we’re moving to a safe location. (Yoosung)

Selection 2
Maybe he was too shocked and just left;; (Nothing)
Jaehee, I think something’s wrong with Jumin. Shouldn’t you give him a call? (Jumin)

Selection 3
Although we don’t know the truth yet. (Nothing)
I think Seven is just as shocked. (Nothing)

Selection 4
That’s a good idea. You guys can comfort each other. (Yoosung)
That’s not very manly… but go ahead. (Nothing)

Selection 5
Don’t worry about us and Yoosung! Hurry to Zen’s house. (Yoosung)
Okay, I will. Everyone try to calm down. The party’s tomorrow. (Zen)

Selection 6
I’m just worried that Seven seems really hurt. (707)
V just told us to trust him without giving us any evidence. (Nothing)

Selection 7
I should get going too. I should at least try to comfort Seven. (707)
I have to watch over Seven so that he doesn’t dose off. (Nothing)

23:41 – Our plan

Selection 1
Seven, aren’t you tired driving? (Alt Selection)
we’re the only one here… (Nothing)

Selection 2
It’s fine. (707)

Selection 3
I’m sure that V’s our enemy. (Nothing)
Yes, I think my heart is still racing. (Nothing)

Selection 4
But how did you find this cabin? (Nothing)
You were working on your computer earlier. What were you doing? (Nothing)

Selection 5
What do you think Vanderwood plans to do with Saeran? (Nothing)
I’m feel bad for Saeran. (707)

Selection 6
I think it’ll be safe to be with you until Mint Eye is no longer a threat. (707)
I’ll be with you until the end. (707)

Selection 7
Yes… I won’t be able to attend, but I hope it goes well. (Nothing)
Since I can’t go… I was forgetting about it. (Nothing)

Selection 8
Okay, I hope the party goes well tomorrow… we’ll end the day here! (Nothing)
I’ll be hoping for everything to work out. (Nothing)

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