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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Maniac 1 (English Translation)

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Yui’s Bedroom – The Guest Room
Yui: (Maybe…I should forget about escape, and focus on surviving here…Would that be the right thing to do…)
Yui: (It looks like I can’t contact Papa either…I wonder what he’s doing right now?)
Yui: (I hope he’s alright. I hope he hasn’t been kidnapped by strange people like I have…)
Yui: (I’m even more worried about him than I am about myself…)
Yui: – What…ack! Oh no, it’s time for school.
Yui: (It’s surreal, that I can still care about school in a situation like this, but I want to. No, I need to…)
Yui: (Otherwise, I really will become just like them. This is the only normalcy I have left to me.)
Yui: Well then….
Laito: If you keep sighing at your own reflection, you’ll turn into a narcissist.
Yui: Kya! Don’t, don’t sneak up on me like that! Don’t scare me…
Laito: Hehe, I am so, so sorry. I did not mean to scare you at all.
Laito: It’s time to go to school, but you still haven’t gone downstairs yet.
Yui: Well, I was literally just about to go out.
Laito: Really? But you were so busy admiring yourself in the mirror, you almost seem enthralled.
Yui: I was not doing that at all.
Laito: It’s alright, it’s alright. You don’t have to lie to me. I think Bitch-chan’s quite the captivating creature myself.
Laito: In fact, I’m really worried about you – Look in the mirror. Just like this.
Yui: Ack…! What, what do you think you’re doing!?
Laito: I’m giving you a check-up. I need to make sure Bitch-chan hasn’t done nasty things with other boys.
Yui: How could I possibly have done that? Your familiars follow me everywhere.
Laito: Hehe, who knows? I can’t be too careful. The men of this house are all beasts.
Laito: And if you really have nothing to hide, why not give me a little peek?
Yui: That is so…

Choose: Say “That’s illogical”.
Yui: That’s illogical! It’s a propositional fallacy!
Laito: Fufu, oh really?
Yui: Of course…even if I haven’t done anything with other boys…that still doesn’t mean I want you to see me.
Laito: Hmm… why not?
Yui: (….Of course. Of course I can’t beat Laito using common sense…)

Choose: Just Scream “No!” (Correct choice)
Yui: No! Of course not! I’ll hate it!
Laito: Eh? Really? Why?
Yui: Why? It’s obvious why! It would be so humiliating….
Laito: Oooh. Humiliating, you say. In that case, I just want to look even more. Bitch-chan, you’re such a little sinner.
Yui: (…He doesn’t have to look that happy about it …)

Laito: Well then. It’s check-up time!
Yui: Ack…! What are you doing!?
Laito: – I’m giving your body a little check-up. Look down and you’ll see…hehe.
Yui: (Can’t move…!)
Laito: Now, look. Look at your reflection in the mirror…Tell me what you see.
Yui: Oh…!?
Laito: Fufu…I’ve rolled up your skirt…Just a little higher and your underwear will show.
Yui: Let…go!!
Laito: Now, now, who said you could move? It’s only just begun .
Yui: Ugh…mmrph!
Yui: (He just…squeezed my neck…!)
Laito: Not bad, not bad at all. If you ask me, it takes next-to-no effort for me to snap your neck. Remember this.
Yui: Oh…
Laito: So kawaii, Bitch-chan. Now then. Time. To get rid of. This. Obstructive. Skirt.
Yui: Ack…!
Laito: Don’t forget about here.
Yui: Kya…!
Yui: (Even my blouse…!)
Laito: Fufu. This just in. Bitch-chan’s body has not been tainted by any love bites. For now….
Laito: Not…on your snow-white thigh…Not on your flank…*Grunts and growls* Not even on your breasts…
Yui: …Argh – !!
Laito: Yes, not a single love-bite anywhere. Fufu. But the others are even more possessive than most. They must have carved their mark onto their own belongings.
Laito:  – Like this….mmmm….oh
Yui: Stop…!
Yui: (He’s sucking my neck with such strength…)
Laito: Mmmm…Oh. Yes, just like that. I’ve finally carved the mark of my love.
Laito: Now, you listen to me. From now on, always put up your hair. No matter where you go, this will show everyone that you belong to me.
Yui: That’s…
Laito: Fufu. And then, they will all want you.
Yui: Want…me?
Laito: Yes. Other men will flock to you like flies. Whether human or vampire…all men covet that which does not belong to them.
Laito: But… If you ever get close to any of these other men, do you know what will happen to you?
Laito: I… I will make you fight for your very life, and then…I’ll hang you out to dry. Outside. Naked. Like wet laundry. Until it cleans your flavor.
Laito: You would be like the finest bottle of wine. The more I would wait, the richer you would taste.
Yui: Ack!!
Yui: (Ow…ah! My hair, he’s pulling my hair…!)
Laito: Now, look at yourself…what do you think?
Yui: It hurts…! Let go…
Laito: Of course it hurts. And all your clothes have been ripped to shreds…Fufu. You look so pathetic.
Laito: You can’t possibly go to school like this…unless you want to tempt even more of the boys.
Yui: Ah…What are you saying…
Laito: Bitch-chan, aren’t so you happy right now? I have turned you into a bouquet of fresh flowers. From now on, you will attract a never-ending swarm of butterflies and bees.
Laito: Isn’t that wonderful?
Yui: (Oh God…this man is completely insane. I knew he wasn’t normal, but this….)
Yui: (…If he goes on like this he’ll – to me – No, I can’t give up!)
Yui: (I’ll have to come up with a plan…and escape)

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