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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 2 Part 6 Team Tamaki and Kyoya (English Translation)

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Haruhi: “….there’s no one here”
Kyoya: “It’s a reservation”
Tamaki: “Ho-, is this a hot spring….”
Haruhi: “It’s definitely different”
Haruhi: (Even so, what is this)
Haruhi: (There is a tropical forest in this vast facility. Well, it surely is a thing that pulls the hot water of Kusatsu….)
Haruhi: “With this facility, it doesn’t make sense to go to Kusatsu”
Kyoya: “Well, maybe so”
Tamaki: “Ohh! What is that!?”
Haruhi: “The child does seem to be pleased”
Kyoya: “Certainly”
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai keeps looking for fun things and doesn’t seem bothered to not hear the conversation)
Tamaki: “Hmm- aren’t there any clues…. Oh? What!?”
Tamaki: “Haruhi, look! A bird in the south flew away!”
Haruhi: (…ha. I wonder if it’s fine)
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai is running around fast, with his head in the jungle. He really is like a child)
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is walking by himself, while calmly watching Tamaki-senpai)
Haruhi: (The relationship between two people of opposite characters doesn’t just happen)
Haruhi: (How on earth did they become hosts together?)
Kyoya: “How are you doing, Haruhi”
Haruhi: “No, just…. wondering how you ended up becoming a host”
Kyoya: “I’ve heard that before”
Clip of the anime
Kyoya: “It’s not something to think of right now, is it?”
Haruhi: “That’s right….”
Haruhi: (I felt like Kyoya-senpai smiled a bit)
Kyoya: “…..if we don’t keep an eye on that idiot, who knows what he’ll do”
Tamaki: “Hm? Did you say something?”
Kyoya: “No, don’t mind it”
Haruhi: (Their interaction is like that of a married couple)
Haruhi: (I don’t really understand, but that’s just how they combine)
Haruhi: “Ah…, the road splits here, senpais”
Haruhi: (While walking, there’s two paths to follow)
Haruhi: (One towards a small pool, the other towards the jungle)

1: Towards the small pool (Tamaki, get a picture)
2: Towards the jungle (Kyoya, get a picture later on)

1: Towards the small pool
Haruhi: “The pool looks more safe”
Kyoya: “I see”
Haruhi: (It’s best to go cautiously with unstable feet. It seems that you can slip and fall)
Haruhi: “….ah”
Haruhi: (That?)
Haruhi: (While walking past the jungle, a small pool appears in front of us. Something is swimming in the pool)
Haruhi: (What is that)
Haruhi: “Waa…..”
Haruhi: (Crocodile!? It made a big sound and opened his mouth for a quarter, then it jumped out towards me—)
Tamaki: “Haruhi!!”
Haruhi: (I don’t know what happened just now)
Haruhi: (After a while, I understood that Tamaki-senpai had helped me)
Haruhi: “…..Tamaki…..senpai?”
Tamaki: “Are you alright, Haruhi!”
Haruhi: “….it hurts a bit”
Tamaki: “Eh! Ah!”
Haruhi: (How should I thank Tamaki-senpai who hurried to help me, I was in a state of confusion for a while)
Haruhi: “….. a little while ago, senpai, that was really cool”
Tamaki: “I, is that so….”
Kyoya: “Hey! Are you alright?”
Haruhi: “I was selfish. Tamaki-senpai had to help me”
Haruhi: (Crocodiles, in a place like this….)
Kyoya: “The crocodile’s free dwelling is extremely dangerous”
Haruhi: “Wheter they’re dangerous or not, I don’t think animals should be released freely….”
Haruhi: (After all, in a place where Tamaki-senpai is as good as Kyoya-senpai , I think common sense has shifted…..)

2: Toward the jungle
Haruhi: “….I feel like something’s there”
Haruhi: (Someone, or something…. What is it?)
Haruhi: (Walking slowly towards the jungle with thick trees)
Haruhi: (The sound of trees rustling, sound of swimming pools, sound of strange birds echoing)
Haruhi: (Looking at the side of the river, something is moving)
Haruhi: (What—)
Haruhi: “Wa….”
Haruhi: (Crocodile!? It’s juming from the water surface making a lot of noice and opening it’s mouth a quarter)
Tamaki: “What! Crocodile!?”
Kyoya: “The crocodile’s free dwelling is extremely dangerous”
Haruhi: “Wheter they’re dangerous or not, I don’t think animals should be released freely….”
Haruhi: ((After all, in a place where Tamaki-senpai is as good as Kyoya-senpai , I think common sense has shifted…..)

Haruhi: “Haa…. I can’t find any clues”
Haruhi: (Besides, there’s no one here….. I can’t collect information in such a case)
Kyoya: “Well, I expected as much”
Haruhi: (I wonder what? Something seems to have worked…..)
Haruhi: (No way, again….!?)
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Ah–”
Tamaki: “You guys”
Kaoru: “Fuu. Our ways joined over there”
Hikaru: Hey- hey- Haruhi. This is totally boring. How’s it going here?”
Haruhi: “We didn’t find anything either”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Is it really here~?”
Haruhi: (This is the place that was written, so I don’t think it’s a mistake….)
Tamaki: “I haven’t had confirmation from everyone yet. Anyway, go look around that way!”
Hikaru: “Alright”
Kaoru: “See you”
Haruhi: (Hikaru’s team faded back into the jungle)
Tamaki: “We’ll also search! I won’t let them go ahead alone!”
Haruhi: (….even though I don’t feel a sense of opposition in such a place)

If you chose to go towards the jungle
Tamaki: “Let’s be a shield, that way the cute Haruhi’s skin won’t get scratched”
Haruhi: (Saying that, Tamaki-senpai went ahead and moved forward)
Tamaki: “After all, it was a mistake for Haruhi to put on a swimming suit…..”
Haruhi: “I’m alright. Just some little scratches……”
Tamaki: “No good! Be careful not to hurt Haruhi, even at night”
Haruhi: (Suddenly, something popped out of the side street)
Haruhi: (My eyes meet with the one’s from the creature that lookes out from the bushes)
Haruhi: (—crocodile!?)
Haruhi: “Why in such a place…..”
Haruhi: (It’s better to slowly leave, as to not stimulate it)
Haruhi: (Calm down, one step at a time—)
Haruhi: “…..oh!?”
Haruhi: (Somthing quickly took a hold of me)
Haruhi: “…..Kyoya-senpai?”
Kyoya: “Are you alright, Haruhi”
Haruhi: “Wouldn’t it be better to run away”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is standing in front of me to protect me, staring at the crocodile)
Kyoya: “For short distances, it’s quicker than you think. It’s dangerous to show your back”
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai also has a serious face and doesn’t move)
Haruhi: (After a while, the crocodile went away towards the waterway)
Haruhi: (Fuuu….)
Tamaki: “We’re save…. After all, it seems the crocodile was also afraid of Kyoya”
Kyoya: “…..next time, we’ll escape using you as food”
Tamaki: “…………”
Haruhi: “….eumm”
Kyoya: “If you were injured, we wouldn’t be able to face Ranka-san”
Haruhi: “Thank you….”
Kyoya: “Don worry about it. Next we’ll sacrifice Tamaki”
Haruhi: (……please don’t smile while saying that)

Haruhi: “….I’ve been walking fine”
Haruhi: (After all, we left the jungle without any clues)
Kyoya: “For the moment it seems to be broken bone damage”
Haruhi: (The bushes rustle and something comes out rushing)
Mitsukuni: “Ah, Haru-chan!”
Haruhi: (From behind Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai lookes up)
Haruhi: “It was you Honey-senpai….. I was surprised…..”
Tamaki: “Did you find something there?”
Mitsukuni: “There’s nothing. But, I am getting hungy…..”
Haruhi: (Apparently, Honey-senpai was also swinging in the air….)
Haruhi: “By the way, isn’t it evening?”
Mitsukuni: “That’s right. But, we still have a little time, so I’ll do my best!”
Tamaki: “It’s like Honey-senpai said! Now, let’s move forward with high spirits!”
Mitsukuni: “Haru-chan, don’t force yourself too hard”
Takashi: “…..let’s go, Mitsukuni”
Haruhi: (We parted with Honey-senpai’s team and continued to search for a while)
Haruhi: (In the end, we couldn’t find any clues)
Haruhi: “We should return to the meeting place soon”
Tamaki: “….just a little longer”
Kyoya: “Tamaki….. if our return is delayed, everyone will worry”
Haruhi: (At Kyoya-senpai’s word, Tamaki-senpai nodded and we headed back towards the meeting place)

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