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Mystic Messenger Guide: Yoosung Route Texts

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Day 5

01:28 – The picture of the last party

From: Seven
– Impersonate Yoosung, too! (Yoosung+)
– How was Zen? (Zen+)

07:35 – Yoosung in the past

From: Yoosung
– No one would have known! (Yoosung+)
– It would have awesome if you wore red undies lololol

13:22 – Yoosung’s concern

From: Yoosung
– Me, too! We always think the same 🙂 (Yoosung+)
– Send me more, more!

18:25 – A way of releasing anxiety

From: Yoosung
– You want me to become close to him?
– I only saw you. Did you feel nervous? (Yoosung+)

From: Jumin
– Are you jealous? (nothing)
– What~ It’s nothing like that yet~

From: Jumin (from another save file)
– You can change him, too (Jumin+)
– It’s because I’m like Rika

21:45 – The people who makes games

From: Yoosung
– A cat collecting game (nothing)
– A dating simulation game (Yoosung+)

23:07 – After looking at the old photo

From: Yoosung
– Macho man (nothing)
– Handsome guy (Yoosung+)

From: Yoosung (from another save file)
– I’ll leave my back to you! (Yoosung+)
– Circle around and woof!


From Day 5 but not sure from which chat

From: Yoosung
– Just tell me it’s me
– I don’t know who that person is, but she must be very blessed 🙂 (Yoosung+)

Day 6

01:03 – Rika’s relatives

From: Jaehee
– Zen is the diamond on stage! OMGGGGG!!! a;lskjfa;w!!!!!!!! (Jaehee+)
– I want to chain him to me! So that he can act just for me! (nothing)

03:33 – Seven’s gift

From: Yoosung
– For a LOLOL item! (nothing)
– You want to hack in and get the secrets? (Yoosung+)

12:22 – Yoosung’s major

From: Yoosung
– From now on, I’ll listen to your troubles and help you figure things out (Yoosung+)
– I’m the only one who has to know 🙂 (Yoosung+)

17:00 – Kitten and Jumin

From: Zen
– I can block them from you! Like the movie Body Card!! (Zen+)
– What do you mean weapon? They’re adorable angels! (Jumin+)

From: Yoosung
– You sould just confidently put your thumb up in times like that (nothing)
– If I were beside you, I could have stitched it up for you (Yoosung+)

19:50 – Just like Rika

From: Yoosung
– You just want to see my face, right? (Yoosung+)
– It’s upsetting! (nothing)

23:30 – Rika and (name)

From: Yoosung
– Please don’t look for someone else’s shadow from me (Yoosung+)
– I think you should rest, Yoosung

From: Yoosung (from another save file)
– Should I change my hair to blonde like Rika?
– I’ll be your new magician (Yoosung+)


From: Yoosung
– I guess you should be thankful toward them
– They’re just being selfish (Yoosung+)

From: Seven
– Hey!!!!! You just wait until I get ahold of you!!
– I’m so scared… What should I do? (Seven+)

Day 7

07:20 – Quarrel

From: Yoosung
– Zen must have feelings for me. I think he just said that in the chat room (Yoosung+)
– What if I really say, “Yoosung feels like a brother?” (Yoosung+)

14:44 – Drunk Jaehee

From: Jaehee
– Hmm, what is it Assistant Kang. Shoot! (nothing)
– Jaehee, your typos!;;; I’m not Jumin! (Jaehee+)

17:32 – Advice from Jumin

From: Yoosung
– I’m glad you realized it now, at least (Yoosung+)
– But don’t forget that you don’t need to force yourself to change everything overnight (Yoosung+)

19:19 – Zen’s relief

From: Jaehee
– It was fun seeing that side of you 🙂 (Jaehee+)
– Maybe you sent the same texts to Zen? (nothing)

From: Jaehee (from another save file)
– It was fun to see that side of you 🙂 (Jaehee+)
– I’m gonna read them again whenever I get bored~

20:55 – Emergency!

From: Seven
– Hey!!!!! You just wait until I get ahold of you!!
– I’m so scared… What should I do? (Seven+)

22:00 – The feelings for (name)

From: Yoosung
– Just look at me now. Don’t let your eyes wander (Yoosung+)
– Come save me (Yoosung+)

Day 8

02:01 – Zen and his shadow

From: Yoosung
– See you in my dreams (Yoosung+)
– Nothing’s rude between us~(nothing)

08:01 – Did you sleep well?

From: Yoosung
– They say that even the strongest men can’t lift up their eyelids
– You know a good way to wake someone up~ (Yoosung+)

11:43 – The place that Zen lives…

From: Yoosung
– Scary movies (nothing)
– Romance films (Yoosung+)

20:45 – I’m shocked!

From: Yoosung
– Get two of the same mugs so that we can be matching~ (Yoosung+)
– A cup with Zen’s face on it! (nothing)


From: Zen
– I just can’t trust V. Other than that, I’m okay
– I’m okay… (nothing)

From: Yoosung
– I just imagined you were here instead when I was eating (Yoosung+)
– I feel like you’ll just make a mess if you stare at my face while eating~

From: Jumin
– I want to run to you right now T_T
– I trust Yoosung can protect me (Yoosung+)

Day 9

14:23 – The results of investigation

From: Yoosung
– What’s most important is me (Yoosung+)
– What’s most important is you (Yoosung+)

20:10 – A missing puzzle piece

From: Jaehee
– Yup. What happens will happen (nothing)
– Yeah… I’m fine… (Jaehee+)

Day 10

01:50 – Can’t sleep

From: Jaehee
– I don’t think it’s the time to talk about cats (nothing)
– I’m sure this is tough for you, too (Jaehee+)

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