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Mystic Messenger Guide: Jaehee Route Day 11

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08:00 – See you at the party

– Welcome, Yoosung! (nothing)
– Zen, hiya (nothing)

– We all protected the Earth (nothing)
– A lot of things, but everything’s okay now (nothing)

– Seven, what are you gonna wear? (nothing)
– Zen, did you pick out your outfit? (nothing)

– I want to meet you soon, too (nothing)
– Please stop hacking… T_T (nothing)

– Maybe he doesn’t want to pay for Seven’s car insurance fee (nothing)
– Maybe he is busy playing with his cat (nothing)

– I wanna meet you all soon~! How am I supposed to wait until noon? (nothing)
– I’m looking forward to it ^^ (nothing)

– Heart beating faster (nothing)
– Seven…V is really not coming to the party? (nothing)

– Precognitive dream? (nothing)
– Argh! That’s scary;; (nothing)

– Seven, do we really get to enjoy a happy ending? (nothing)
– It’s weird V’s not here. I really wanted to meet him in person (nothing)

12:00 Party Start

(no answer choices)

If you’re aiming for the Good Ending, be sure to answer all the emails you need before starting the party!


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