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Mystic Messenger Guide: Deep Story Common Route Texts

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Day 2

00:30 – We are having a party again!

From: Yoosung
– I get what you mean 🙂 (Yoosung+)
– I can’t believe you…

02:11 – Expressing emotion

From: Jumin
– You must have rubbed catnip all over your leg!
– I want to met Elizabeth 3rd, too (Jumin+)

09:22 – Answer me!

From: Zen
– Jumin’s catching my eye more and more (Jumin+)
– My heart races when I see Seven

14:12 – How’s my life?

From: Seven
– I can be fun, no matter what the subject is (Seven+)
– Will I think so, too, though?

15:58 – Bickering

From: Jumin
– Just imagine you’re looking at a pretty cat when you talk to him! (Jumin+)
– I think you just need to keep quiet

19:56 – Be honest

From: Seven
– I hope Jumin’s never been in a relationship before T_T (Jumin+)
– We’re official allies! Let’s do this, Captain Seven!!

23:22 – Jumin… Are you…

From: Jaehee
– I’m going to grab the groom’s hand and leave the wedding hall (Jumin+)
– Let’s bless the love between this two people! I mean between one person and one animal!

Day 3

00:55 – Stop playing game…

From: Jumin
– What about a necklace for me instead of Elizabeth?
– Why don’t you bid in the auction for a 15 carat pink diamond? (Jumin+)

07:46 – Stayed overnight T_T

From: Seven
– God wants us to talk more (Seven+)
– Put your phone down first;;

12:02 – Lunch

From: Jumin
– “Jumin Han is a bore” rule
– The “Ju and L” rule! “Ju” stands for Jumin, what does “L” stand for~? (Jumin+)

17:00 – Tell me, Seven!

From: Seven
– I’m a woman with many secrets, too!
– Jumin might be able to give me some if I ask him (Jumin+)

22:14 – Something in common

From: Seven
– Fold a thousand cat origami! (Seven+)
– Read books to enrich your mind

Day 4

00:01 – Stay healthy!

From: Zen
– Your influence is… amazing! (Zen+)
– Are you drunk, Zen?

02:22 – Real master

From: Seven
– What if someone finds out you’re a hacker?
– It really suits you! (Seven+)

11:45 – Unknown fact

From: Jumin
– I love the name Elizabeth 3rd! (Jumin+)
– Isn’t it too long and uncomfortable? A shorter name would be better

17:07 – Hacker is dangerous

From: Seven
– I like you with curly hair. Looks cute~ (Seven+)
– A shiny bald head

18:30 – Yoosung’s life mission

From: Yoosung
– Don’t you have a username that’s cooler?
– “No one can stop Superman Yoosung!” (Yoosung+)

From: Jaehee
– Jumin’s not interested? (Jaehee+)
– I hope Seven doesn’t think that way T_T

21:21 – Good cat business

From: Jumin
– Leave traps for him! Use cat photos as bait! (Jumin+)
– Get a lot more security guards! Maybe ten!

From: Seven
– Yeah! (Seven+)
– Wtf?

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