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Mystic Messenger Guide: Zen Route Texts

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Day 5

08:49 – Value of beauty

From: Jumin
– Of course they do! (Zen+)
– I’d rather take a photo of you (Jumin+)

14:42 – Echo girl? OMG

From: Zen
– Echo Girl will fill up the seats!
– I hope you aren’t too concerned about popularity (Zen+)

From: Yoosung
– How could you not have seen him perform? (nothing)
– You don’t think they’ll have a kiss scene, do you? (Zen+)

16:56 – Jumin’s offer

From: Seven
– I’m happy with just Zen’s autograph! (Zen+)
– I’ll take that offer! (nothing)

21:12 – Zen vs Jumin

From: Zen
– Still, shouldn’t you do it? (Zen+)
– I want you to pursue what you want rather than money (Zen+)

Day 6

10:13 – Released Zen

From: Zen
– I just want to put things off and run to you (Zen+)
– Yup (Zen+)

14:58 – About visiting Zen

From: Jumin
– But Jaehee…
– Yes, of course. I’d like to stay beside him (Zen+)

19:07 – Defensive Jaehee

From: Jaehee
– Zen wants to see me… so I want to go if I can (Zen+)
– Do you think it’ll be scandalous for you to go, too, Jaehee? (Zen+)

Day 7

16:16 – About Echo Girl

From: Jumin
– I don’t want to force him to do something he doesn’t want to do (Zen+)
– I’ll persuade him (Zen+)

Visual Novel Mode after About Echo Girl

From: Zen
– A cat being all cute to you
– Meeting me (Zen+)

From: Jaehee
– Of couse, we’ll hide it (Zen+)
– You know Zen doesn’t care about that…

From: Seven
– He honestly looks really ugly lololol
– Zen looks great whatever he does! (Zen+)

18:00 – Zen’s discrimination

From: Yoosung
– Maybe it’s just because of the allergy (Zen+)
– I think Jumin is overly sensitive (Jumin+)

Visual Novel Mode after Let’s invite Mummy

From: Zen
– I like you more after seeing you (Zen+)
– Next time, don’t send me back (Zen+)

23:40 – Unstoppable feelings

From: Zen
– Dream about me, Zenny! (Zen+)
– Wash your feet and go to bed (Zen x)

Day 8

03:15 – Zen’s new work

From: Yoosung
– But it’s true that he’s handsome! He looks like a statue! (Zen+)
– I think Zen was actually saying no (nothing)

12:51 – Old party

From: Seven
– Ohhh lolololololol I should tell Zen lol (nothing)
– God, I wish I could wipe that snot for him… (Zen+)

18:53 – The meaning of families

From: Zen
– Don’t hurry and take your time to get ready. I’ll help you (Zen+)
– Don’t you like me better than your family who can’t understand you? (Zen+)

20:18 – It’s over

From: Zen
– Do you want to come over here and hide for a while? (Zen+)
– Echo Girl… she’s so conniving (Zen+)

22:00 – People talk, but…

From: Jaehee
– How could you say that when you’ve been so supportive…? (Zen+)
– You’re more upset, aren’t you? (Jaehee+)

Day 9

01:46 – It is unfair

From: Yoosung
– Don’t worry. I’ll protect Zen (Zen+)
– I’m sure the storm will disappear if we stay quiet (nothing)

From: Yoosung
– Zen will like that
– I’ll sing him the lullaby! (Zen+)

09:37 – When Zen and Jumin first met

From: Zen
– Do you want to go for another ride? (nothing)
– I actually think this gave us a good chance to get to know each other! (Zen+)

From: Zen (got this text in another save file)
– It’s because you were strong (Zen+)
– Of course. We’re in the RFA together

From: Jaehee (got this text in another save file)
– Then you’re finally acknowledging our relationship?
– He can come back because there are people like you, Jaehee (Jaehee+)

From: Jumin
– I think it’ll be nice to live in a quite place like that (Zen+)
– You have to tell me later, too, okay? (Zen+)

From: Jumin
– It’s so nice to see you two get along! (Zen+)
– You didn’t force him, right?

16:11 – I will be okay again

From: Zen
– We should be able to talk about things, you know… (Zen+)
– I’m not really mad, haha (Zen+)

From: Zen (got this text in another save file)
– It’s fine. I texted someone else, too (Zen+)
– I knew you’d come back if I just wait (Zen+)

18:03 – You are still trusted

From: Jaehee
– And then you’re going to change your mind again, right? (Jaehee x)
– You know much more about his fans,, so please spread the word (Jaehee+)

From: Jumin
– I’m not sure… (nothing)
– It’s because you were kind to him (Jumin+)

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