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Mystic Messenger Guide: Zen Route Day 11

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08:00 – Look forward to the party

– Hello~! The party is finally today (nothing)
– Today’s a good day, but I’m worried about V… (nothing)

– I knew it… V only talks to the two of you (nothing)
– Why didn’t you say anything then? (nothing)

– ??? (nothing)
– There must be some sort of story (nothing)

– My Zenny is very special 🙂 (nothing)
– I’m so grateful you came for me… (nothing)

– Is he coming today? (nothing)
– Hello, Yoosung! (nothing)

– Is V coming alone? (nothing)
– Are you coming with Seven, Yoosung? (nothing)

– I’m okay thanks to Zen 🙂 (nothing)
– Zenny… gave me a lot of love so I’m good

– Z-Zen… haha;;; (nothing)
– *cough cough* (nothing)
– omgomgomgomg (nothing)

– Jumin~ See you later! (nothing)
– Sure, bye Yoosung! (nothing)

– Yes! (nothing)
– I’m a bit nervous… (nothing)

12:00 Party Start

(no answer choices)

If you’re aiming for the Good Ending, be sure to answer all the emails you need before starting the party!


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