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Mystic Messenger Guide: Casual Story Common Route Texts

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Day 2

03:03 – Zen received fan letters

From: Zen
– You mean I feel like an outsider? (nothing)
– Do you think we’ll have a deeper relationship? (Zen+)

08:05 – Fight over cats

From: Yoosung
– Are you eating soon? (Yoosung+)
– I’m about to (nothing)

12:43 – Zen hates cats

From: Zen
– How about this cat? Meow! (Zen+)
– I like talking about cats (nothing)

17:23 – Yoosung’s doubt

From: Yoosung
– I guess they all have their own reasons (nothing)
– I understand how you feel (Yoosung+)

20:05 – Romance Novel

From: Zen
– Such a man…! I’ll be beside you! (Zen+)
– I think it’s too hard for you to pull off (Zen x)

21:35 – Jaehee’s support

From: Jaehee
– Yeah, of course (nothing)
– I understand. I admire how you are devoted as a fan! (Jaehee+)

Day 3

07:30 – Jumin and Cat and Zen

From: Jumin
– Don’t be too mean to him~ (Jaehee+)
– Nice Jumin meow! (Jumin+)

12:15 – Handsome Zen

From: Yoosung
– I hope you get it! Good luck! (Yoosung+)
– Don’t do it this time (nothing)

15:30 – Jaehee’s thoughts

From: Jaehee
– I went into the wrong chat room and dissed someone who was there (nothing)
– I have to tell you. Jaehee keeps texting me about you and how you… lolololol I got you just now, right? (Jaehee+)

17:56 – Zen is making a fuss

From: Zen
– ya (nothing)
– I’ll give you all the reactions you want! ^0^ (Zen+)

21:15 – Jalapenos topping

From: Jaehee
– I want to lick Zen’s abs. omgomg (Jaehee+)
– I thought you didn’t want me to say anything inappropriate? (nothing)

Day 4

03:24 – Do not drink coffee

From: Yoosung
– Don’t say that. I’ll wake you up with a kiss!!! (Yoosung+)
– You might have to be in bed for a long time, so clean up beforehand (nothing)

From: Seven
– He totally fell for it! Just continue it! (Seven+)
– I feel so bad for him… I just want to tell him it’s a lie (Seven+)

09:05 – Seven mocks Yoosung

From: Seven
– High five! It was so fun lol (Seven+)
– I feel bad messing with someone so innocent… (nothing)

10:00 – Blame

From: Yoosung
– Don’t worry about me 🙂 I’m more worried about you, actually (Yoosung+)
– I’m a bit worried, to be honest. I think V’s being irresponsible, too (nothing)

12:50 – I quit LOLOL

From: Jaehee
– I think you’ve managed to achieve your goal of getting a job (nothing)
– It’s still not too late! You can talk to me and look for something different! (Jaehee+)

17:04 – Found him

From: Jaehee
– I’m starting to feel interested. This is a secret between us, okay? (Jaehee+)
– No! I just want to watch him from afar… support him.. and those muscles… omg! (Jaehee+)

22:00 – The game that starts again

From: Zen
– I’m sure you can find someone soon! I guarantee it~ (Yoosung+) <- I saw a green heart…
– You have Jaeh… I mean, a scary gatekeeper (nothing)

From: Yoosung
– Continue reporting to me asap 🙂 (Yoosung+)
– Nice! But you don’t have to tell me every time you win 🙂 (nothing)

From: Jaehee
– Finally, she’ll return to her owner’s arms (nothing)
– That’s great, Jaehee! I’m happy for you! (Jaehee+)

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