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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 2 Part 4 (English Translation)

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If you have been avoiding doing your host job, the day will start like this
Kyoya: 「ハルヒ、ちょっといいか?」
Kyoya: “Haruhi… do you have a moment”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai called me over to a place with no customers)
Kyoya: “….your host attitude is too passive”
Haruhi: “……Yes”
Haruhi: (Sure, there are many cases that we are in business, despite not having much customers…)
Kyoya: “I should’ve warned you before about repaying your debt. It’s also important to enjoye yourself while doing so…”
Haruhi: (He says in a cold tone)
Kyoya: “If you do not become qualified, you’ll have to leave the hostclub”
Haruhi: “Eh?! Just like that……”
Kyoya: “We won’t forget about your debt. ….but, you’ll never be able come to the hostclub again”
Haruhi: (Saying that, Kyoya-senpai walked away)
Haruhi: (…. in a way, I would be free)
Haruhi: (That may be…)
Haruhi: (But……)
Haruhi: (I look up to the blue sky)
Haruhi: (I should’ve been more active…)
Haruhi: (Why? Do I feel like I have a hole in my chest…)

This is how the day would start otherwise
Haruhi: (Since their would be another event today, I thought they would have refurnished again…)
The host club is now open
Tamaki: “Welcome, my beautiful princess…”
Kyoya: “Please, enjoy the Okose with only 2 people”
Kaoru: “Hikaru, after all I’m not like you…”
Hikaru: “I understand Kaoru. Even so, you must be Kaoru…”
Haruhi: (Everyone is doing their customer service as usual)
Mitsukuni: “There are lots of cakes today! Everyone is here as well, it’s a lot of fun♪”
Takashi: “…..yeah”
Haruhi: (All customers seem happy. Nothing has changed)
Haruhi: (It’s also like a special trick….)

Warning flag
Haruhi: (As I’m looking around….)
Kyoya: “Haruhi… do you have a moment?”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai called out to me)
Haruhi: “Yeah?”
Kyoya: “What is you reason for joining the hostclub?”
Haruhi: “To repay my debt, but”
Kyoya: “So you’re aware of that, even though you’ve done so little work.”
Haruhi: “…… But I’ve been trying my best.”
Kyoya: “Is that so. Then the problem must be something else”
Haruhi: “That’s…”
Kyoya: “Whether being here is meaningful for you. And whether we have a good time, is up to you”
Haruhi: “A good time…?”
Haruhi: (What should I do? It’s rare for Kyouya-senpai to talk like this)
Haruhi: (Maybe I should attend more costumers…)
Haruhi: “Well, I’ll try to participate more”
Kyoya: “…. I see. That’s one interpretation”
Haruni: (While sighing… he walked away)

Kurakano: “Haruhi-kun”
Haruhi: “Ah…., yes?”
Kamikamo: “You seemed to be thinking about something, I wondered what was going on”
Sakurazuka: “Is something wrong?”
Haruhi: “No, it’s nothing”
Haruhi: “Nothing has happened, so it really doesn’t matter)
Haruhi: (Oh yeah, there’s no point in thinking about it. I should be serving customers…)
Haruhi: (Well, who’s table should I go to?)

1: Miss Kurakano (no hearts)
2: Miss Sakurazuka
3: Miss Kamigamo
4: Mabye later

1: Miss Kurakano
Kurakano: “Haruhi-kun, where do you spend summer vacation?”
Haruhi: (Summer vacation… It’s still May)
Haruhi: ‘Nothing in particular. What about you, miss Kurakano?”
Kurakano: “I have plans to travel abroad with my family”
Kurakano: “What are the plan of the host club?”
Haruhi: “Well. Knowing Kyoya-senpai, he probably has something planned”
Haruhi: (Even though it’ll be summer vacation, I don’t think Kyoya-senpai will completely close off the business)
Kurakano: “If that’s the case, I really want to participate. It should be fun”
Haruhi: (….hmm)

1A: It will be fun
1B: I’m not interested

1A: I will be fun
Haruhi: “Yes, I’m looking forward to it”
Haruhi: (I’m a bit worried not knowing what will happen, but I’m still looking forward to it a bit)
Kurakano: “I’m envious. It should be fun going out with such good friends”
Haruhi: (A close friend of mine…. That wouldn’t be bad….)

1B: I’m not interested
Haruhi: (Going on a trip with those people, I’m getting tired of uselessness…)
Haruhi: “I’m not interested”
Kurakano: “Is that so…”
Haruhi: (Oops… I have to manage somehow….)
Haruhi: “B, but, it would be fun if miss Kurakano were to join us”
Kurakano: “….. Haruhi-kun, thank you very much for taking care of me”
Haruhi: (That? She was laughing. But, was it because I returned the smile)

2: Miss Sakurazuka
Sakurazuka: “What is your favorite cold dessert, Haruhi-kun?”
Haruhi: “I love everything if it’s delicious… but, why do you ask?”
Sakurazuka: “Well, the famous pastry chef from Paris released new cold sweets for the summer. I wanted to try them soon…”
Haruhi: “Is that so different from other things….”
Sakurazuka: “Yes, it looks pretty. If you don’t mind Haruhi-kun, would you like some”
Haruhi: (Sweets….)

2A: No, I…
2B: By all means

2A: No, I….
Haruhi: “No, I….”
Sakurazuka: “…..I see”
Haruhi: “No, I’m not good at sweets…. but everyone else would be happy”
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai in particular would be very pleased)
Sakurazuka: “Is that so…. Well then, how about something discreet in sweetness for you Haruhi-kun?”
Haruhi: “Ah, I’d like that”
Haruhi: (That was good… miss Sakurazuka returned the smile)

2B: By all means
Haruhi: “Well, by all means”
Haruhi: (If it’s really delicious, I want to try it)
Haruhi: “If one selfishness is allowed, I would like something modest in sweetness”
Sakurazuka: “Leave it to me! I’ll choose something you’ll like Haruhi-kun”
Haruhi: (Miss Sakurazuka nodded enthusiastically)

3: Miss Kamigamo
Kamigamo: “Have you been to a festival, Haruhi-kun?”
Haruhi: “When you say festival, do you mean like a fair day? I used to go a long time ago… Why do you suddenly ask?”
Haruhi: (It’s quite surprising of miss Kamigamo to talk about festivals)
Kamigamo: “I could see one from the car window while driving home. I was wondering what it’s like, since I’ve never been to one….”
Haruhi: (Miss Kamigamo has never been to a festival….)
Kamigamo: “After all, a festival is fun…. right?”
Haruhi: (How shall I answer…?)

3A: Yes, very (heart)
3B: It’s boring

3A: Yes, very
Haruhi: “Yes, it’s a lot of fun”
Kamigamo: “Well, that’s what I expected… I also want to go once”
Haruhi: “When summer comes, I’ll ask Kyoya-senpai if everyone from the host club can go”
Kamigamo: “Really? I’m so glad, I….”
Haruhi: “Miss Kamigamo will look good in a yukata, so I’m looking forward to it”
Haruhi: (Miss Kamigamo nodded with a slightly red face)

3B: It’s boring
Haruhi: “It’s boring. It’ll be crowded”
Kamigamo: “Is that so…”
Haruhi: “B, but if we go with everyone, it might be fun. I’ll consult with Kyoya-senpai”
Kamikamo: Really?”
Haruhi: (Miss Kamigamo’s smile returned. That’s good….)

4: Maybe later
Haruhi: (Since I wasn’t requested, I wonder if I can do it later)

Haruhi: (Well, I have a little time, I should go help somewhere)
Haruhi: (Let’s go somewhere I can see everything)
Haruhi: (….It seems Honey-senpai is busy. It’s seems 2 people isn’t enough)
Haruhi: (Should I go help Honey-senpai or Mori-senpai?)

1: I don’t have to
2: Help Honey-senpai
3: Help Mori-senpai

1: I don’t have to
Haruhi: (….it seems to be alright for those two)
Haruhi: (For now I don’t need to help)

2: Help Honey-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s head to Honey-senpai’s table)
Kamigamo: “That’s right. As expected of Honey-kun”
Mitsukuni: “Yes, I do it every day. Why don’t you try it Kamigamo-chan?”
Kamigamo: “I wouldn’t be able to continue. Such a thing has a correct way…”
Mitsukuni: “It’s alright! Because, I will tell you”
Haruhi: (With drinks in hand, I also went to Honey-senpai)
Haruhi: (What are these two talking about….)

Topic Selection Results
Study: bad
Entertainment: bad
Sport: very good
Trivia: bad
Health: bad
Meal: bad

Haruhi: “It’s something that Honey-senpai’s good at”
Mitsukuni: “Yeah, the correct exercise is good for both beauty and health. That’s why it’s fun”
Kamigamo: “Honey-kun is really healthy, isn’t he”
Haruhi: (I heard that an excellent fighter also has knowledge as a trainer)
Haruhi: (To be honest, I’m not good at it myself….)

3: Help Mori-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s head over to Mori-senpai’s table)
Kamigamo: “That’s right. It’s truly Mori-kun”
Takashi: “….the basis of martial arts are from the body”
Kamigamo: “It is somewhat surprising. Are you preparing for it as well?”
Takashi: “Material only…”
Haruhi: (I’ll prepare drinks and go to Mori-senpai)
Haruhi: (The topic of the two present people….)

Topic Selection Results
Study: bad
Entertainment: bad
Sport: bad
Trivia: bad
Health: bad
Meal: very good

Haruhi: “Ahh, it’s a healthy diet”
Takashi: “That’s right”
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai smiles while saying so)
Kamigamo: “Mori-kun doesn’t only exercise, he also takes care of nutrition management”
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai continues talking about healthy food)
Haruhi: (Since I’m not familiar with it, I’ll learn a lot)

Tamaki: “Well, everyone!”
Haruhi: (Suddenly, Tamaki-senpai shouted loudly)
Tamaki: “Today we take on the challenge of commoners’ ramen… no, I will do research!”
Tamaki: “Commoners’ ramen is on amazing food of the commoners that you can make by simply adding hot water!”
Haruhi: (Enjoying what I said yesterday, this thing….)
Haruhi: (Besides, he’s saying it’s amazing, about cup ramen…)
Haruhi: (Mostly, what kind of research is he exactly going to do?)
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai put a tremendous amount of cup noodles on the table)
Haruhi: (Customers gather in front of the table)
Kamigamo: “Well, there are quite a variety of types”
Sakurazuka: “Very, colorful”
Kurakano: “It’s unexpectedly light”
Tamaki: “Let’s make commoners’ ramen!”
Kyoya: “Regarding on how to make it, follow the teacher’s method”
Haruhi: (….teacher, maybe)
Haruhi: (Naturally, everyone gazes at me)
Haruhi: (I am one myself, after all…)
Haruhi: (The kind of cup ramen I got from Tamaki-senpai, it has a slightly different way of making…)
Haruhi: (I wish I could make someone a cup noodle)
Haruhi: (If you look at how it’s made once, then I think that you can understand the instructions on the cup….)
Haruhi: (Well, who should I go to first?)

1: Tamaki-senpai
2: Kyoya-senpai
3: Hikaru
4: Next page
5: Kaoru
6: Honey-senpai
7: Mori-senpai
8: Previous page

1: Tamaki-senpai
Haruhi: (Let’s go to Tamaki-senpai)
Haruhi: (I often make cup ramen in the club room and eat it, so it should be easy to teach)
Tamaki: “Ahh, Haruhi! This commoners’ ramen hasn’t been made, it’s troublesome”
Haruhi: (Tamaki senpai has the new release ‘thick rich dragonly rich heap’)
Haruhi: (If you think you were suffering the same way as everyone else, it’s a sprinkle type)
Haruhi: (It’s different from the type that Tamaki-senpai always makes)
Tamaki: “What does it mean to be a child? Will commoners’ ramen be crispy in the beginning?”
Haruhi: “This is how I make it”
Haruhi: (Take the content from the bag, put it in a cup, pour hot water)
Tamaki: “From the lid, you know it’s about a 3 minute wait”
Haruhi: “One minute is enough”
Haruhi: “Yes, that’s it”
Tamaki: “….is this the wisdom of the commoners”
Haruhi: (Even if I was touched by such things….)
Tamaki: “O…. Oh! Haruhi do you want a bit?”
Haruhi: “Well then, I’ll just taste it”

2: Kyoya-senpai
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai chose the newly released ‘extreme triple source yakisoba’)
Haruhi: (Even in ‘Neighborhood Super Maritime’ is was reported to have the best hotness ever)
Haruhi: “Kyoya-senpai, you’ll also eat cup ramen”
Haruhi: (I thought he didn’t like these kind of things…)
Kyoya: “Certainly, it won’t suit my mouth”
Haruhi: (Even though I haven’t said anything…)
Kyoya: “By the way Haruhi. This is not branded baked soba, isn’t that strange?”
Haruhi: “Because the seasoning is the sauce, can you eat yakisoba?”
Kyoya: “It’s a bad thing”
Haruhi: (In front of Kyoya-senpai who is bitterly smiling, I teach small skills such as putting milk under the noodles first)
Haruhi: (I will add the sauce after putting the hot water in, this sauce can be adjusted step by step according to taste)
Kyoya: “You seem to have done it.  I’ll do it myself from here”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai put in a hot spicy sauce and brought the yakisoba to his mouth)
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is eating the yakisoba while leaving his expression unchanged, but with a little sweat floating)
Haruhi: “Eumm… Is that delicious?”
Kyoya: “Does it look delicious?”
Haruhi: “….I can’t see it”
Haruhi: (As if to experiment, Kyoya-senpai adjusts the sauce to the highest hotness)
Haruhi: “Kyoya-senpai, how much will that…”
Haruhi: (The spice fried yakisoba still sits in Kyoya-senpai’s mouth)
Haruhi: (Sweat passes over Kyoya-senpai’s face….)

Depending on where you touch, he’ll say:
Kyoya: “Do that later”「あとにしてくれ」
Kyoya:  “Do not interfere”「……邪魔をしないでくれるか」
Kyoya:  “What do you intend?”「何の真似だ?」
Kyoya: “Do not do that!”「揺らすな!」
Kyoya: “Haruhi, stop”「ハルヒ、やめろ」
Kyoya: “Do not press!”「押すな!」
Kyoya: “…..sorry”「…………悪いな」

Haruhi: (I wiped the sweat of his forehead with a handkerchief, Kyoya-senpai kept on looking a little shy)
Kyoya: “….I can appreciate the point where I can adjust the spiciness”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai put the cup on the table)
Haruhi: (Something like yakisoba is hot sauce and it looks very spicy….)
Haruhi: (How bad was it? A little taste for myself….)
Haruhi: (Hn———————!!”
Kyoya: “The taste is not destroyed”
Haruhi: (Saying so, Kyoya-senpai laughed)

3: Hikaru
Haruhi: (The cup noodle Hikaru chose is the new release ‘meat sauce spaghetti’)
Hikaru: “This is pasta right? Just by pouring in hot water, it’ll become ‘al dente’?”
Haruhi: (‘al dente’ is the most delicious boiled pasta which is additive and subtracted. Even if asked for such an instant….)
Hikaru: “Besides salting and stiffness, isn’t it important to pasta? Is it?”
Haruhi: “Don’t expect that much of instant food”
Hikaru: “I wasn’t expecting anything from the beginning”
Haruhi: (Saying so, Hikaru leaves the cooking to me, while sitting at my side)
Haruhi: (I wonder if this will tell how to make it….)
Haruhi: (After cutting the water and putting in the sauce. I hand the cup to Hikaru)
Hikaru: “It looks disgusting…”
Haruhi: “I don’t think so”
Hikaru: “But well, Haruhi did make this for me. Let’s eat”
Hikaru: “Thank you for your kindness”
Haruhi: “Are you only going to eat one bite?”
Hikaru: “I don’t need it anymore”
Haruhi: (…I wonder if it wasn’t taste. I take one bite to taste…. normal. It tastes normal)
Hikaru: “That’s not spaghetti”
Haruhi: (So I told you, you shouldn’t expect it from instant food…)

5: Kaoru
Haruhi: (The cup noodle chosen by Kaoru is the famous  ‘soy sauce butter spaghetti’)
Kaoru: “Does it really taste like ‘uni’? Are we not being fooled?”
Haruhi: “But, in the field of raw materials it is written”
Kaoru: “I’m afraid….”
Haruhi: (Well, to convince you, I’ll have to make it so you can eat it. As soon as I cut the seal and pour in hot water)
Kaoru: “Oh, I’ll help. It seems interesting”
Haruhi: “Because this is instant, there’s nothing to help. …..yes, it’s already done”
Kaoru: “It looks tasty but….”
Haruhi: “It looks like….. But is has a nice scent”
Kaoru: “……Haruhi made it so I’ll eat it”
Kaoru: “Thank you for the meal…. Oh, it was delicious…..”
Haruhi: “You didn’t have to do that”
Haruhi: (I didn’t even cook)
Kaoru: “It didn’t taste like ‘uni’. Haruhi you cheated”
Haruhi: (…..but, that’s too much to say)

6: Honey-senpai
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai chose a simple classic cup noodle ‘prime special salted ramen’)
Haruhi: (It seems like Honey-senpai doesn’t like the special pricing….)
Haruhi: (It seems the salty taste feels somewhat uncomfortable)
Haruhi: “This can only be done by pouring hot water”
Mitsukuni: “Wow, that’s pretty easy”
Haruhi: “….yes, it is. Here you go”
Mitsukuni: “Well, it looks lonely”
Haruhi: (There is nothing in this simple series besides green onions)
Haruhi: “Then why don’t you add something?”
Haruhi: (The table has all the ramen ingredients)
Mitsukuni: “That’s right”
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai went to get the cake with a big smile)
Haruhi: “No, um, that’s….. a bit…..”
Haruhi: (There’s no doubt about it…… no way, he’s going to do it!?)
Mitsukuni: “Cake ramen”
Haruhi: “Please stop Honey-senpai! I don’t want to see it!”
Mitsukuni: “Well, ramen parfait!”
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai doesn’t listen at all….)
Mitsukuni: “Also add the ice cream, okey, I’m ready!”
Haruhi: (I have completed amazing food…)
Mitsukuni: “Haru-chan, want to eat together?”
Haruhi: “…..no, I’m just watching….”
Mitsukuni: “Well, it’s really good…..?”
Haruhi: “Yeah…..”
Mitsukuni: “Wow, what did you say!”
Mitsukuni: “Thank you for the meal!”
Haruhi: (He finished eating in a moment….)
Mitsukuni: “It was tasty, but I’m not satisfied yet”
Haruhi: (When in the presence of Honey-senpai, it’s like being in another world….)

7: Mori-senpai
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai chose the ‘fever’ and ‘the tanning rose’)
Haruhi: “Mori-senpai can you eat two as well?”
Takashi: “…..I didn’t have lunch”
Haruhi: (…..I wonder if he’s getting hungry for today’s event)
Haruhi: (What if the event wasn’t food, what would it be….)
Haruhi: “Then, let’s make it”
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai nodded and took out an apron)
Haruhi: “What’s with the apron?”
Takashi: “I’m prepared….”
Haruhi: (I don’t think that is necessary….. Mori-senpai is taking this too serious)
Haruhi: (Next, I will try to put the tempura of the staple with a serpentine fish from the beginning)
Haruhi: “Oh, I can put it on afterwards”
Takashi: “I see…..”
Haruhi: (Saying so, I turn my eyes towards the drying soba)
Haruhi: “It’s alright to keep it in from the beginning”
Takashi: “It’s complicated….”
Haruhi: “Is that so? After this we just need to put in hot water”
Takashi: “I see”
Haruhi: (For a moment, Mori-senpai took off his apron)
Haruhi: “According to the lid you have to wait 3 minutes”
Takashi: “…..all right”

Haruhi: (Fuu…. everyone, did you make it all together?)
Haruhi: (It seems it’s tasting time. With Hikaru and Kaoru, hands are putting out to everyone’s cup with a pinch sense)
Nekozawa: “….Fujioka-kun”
Haruhi: (In surprise I turned around and Nekozama-senpai was standing there)
Haruhi: “Nekozawa-senpai… What happened, suddenly?”
Haruhi: (This man is really bad at heart)
Nekozawa: “Actually… Fujioka-kun bad things happen….. fortunately……”
Tamaki: “Haruhi’s body—!?”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “It’s not bad?”
Nekozawa: “Oh, envious, envi….”
Tamaki: “Does something like that happen, Nekozawa-senpai?”
Nekozawa: “Now, even my fortune-telling…”
Haruhi: (Somehow, the circumference have gone awful. Customers are watching with anxious eyes)
Haruhi: (Everyone seems to be worried, but I…)

1: Don’t believe it
2: …believe?

1: Dont believe it
Haruhi: (I don’t believe in fortune-telling in the first place….)
Haruhi: “Eum…. Thanks for the advice, but I don’t believe in deviation or fortune”
Nekozawa: “Is that so….”
Nekozawa: “….but something is late….. Fujioka-kun, please have Beelzenef as a substitute….”
Haruhi: “No…. please don’t hold back”
Haruhi: (Rather, it feel dangerous to have…)

2: …believe?
Haruhi: (I don’t believe in fortune-telling, but I feel bad that I don’t believe it clearly….)
Nekozawa: “…..I am worried…. Fujioka-kun, you’ll be in this place, please have Beelzenef….”
Haruhi: (Nekozawa-senpai smiled a bit and offered me Beelzenef)
Haruhi: “Well, I’m sure of the anxiety….”
Haruhi: (I wonder if the doll is also scary….)
Tamaki: “If that’s the case, it’s a father’s job to welcome such a heartfelt apprehension of anxiety!”
Tamaki: “Come here! Dive into your father’s chest!”
Haruhi: “I’m sick of this”
Haruhi: (It doesn’t seem like a problem that depends on Tamaki-senpai)

Nekozawa: “This is the story from me… then…..”
Haruhi: (Nekozawa-senpai left the club room)
Haruhi: (For a while, silence was wrapped around the host club)
Kyoya: “The event hasn’t ended yet. How do you like it? Everyone”
Haruhi: “Oh, it was”
Haruhi: (Due to what happened with Nekozawa-senpai, I completely forgot)
Tamaki: “Come on, everyone! Let’s rebuild and resume the research on the commoners’ ramen”
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai says in a bright voice—-)
Haruhi: (The customers don’t seem to have lost their interest in the ramen, but they’re not as aggressive like before)
Haruhi: (….What is happening?)
Hikaru: “….this is not it?”
Haruhi: (Hikaru and Kaoru softly point towards the lid of the cup ramen)
Kaoru: “Calorie display”
Haruhi: (I see. Do they care about the calorie of ramen)
Haruhi: (For girls, too many calories in food is probably a troublesome thing)
Haruhi: (Then, how about ramen that is low in calories and good for the body)
Haruhi: (From the mountain of cup ramen, it’s hard to search for what you’re looking for)
Haruhi: “…there it is!”
Haruhi: (I pulled out one with low calories for diets)
Haruhi: (It’s made of agar and konnyaku, and there are abundant dietary fibers. However, this one alone is not enough)
Haruhi: (If I change the bowl for the dish, it should be alright. Besides, it’s surely fun to work together)
Haruhi: (Let’s call out to one of the customers)

1: Miss Kurakano
2: Miss Sakurazuka
3: Miss Kamigamo
4: Let’s take a break

1: Miss Kurakano
Haruhi: “How’s this? Beautiful food is popular with girls”
Haruhi: (I show miss Kurakano the diet ramen)
Kurakano: “Konjac…? This is interesting….”
Haruhi: (Miss Kurakano’s eyes shine)
Haruhi: “Well then, shall we make it together”
Haruhi: (Miss Kurakano nodded with a smile)

2: Miss Sakurazuka
Haruhi: “How about this? It’s calorie humble ramen”
Haruhi: (I show the diet ramen to miss Sakurazuka)
Sakurazuka: “Agar…? It’s quite a mysterious food”
Haruhi: (Miss Sakurazuka seems to be interested in the diet ramen)
Haruhi: “Well then, shall we make it together”
Haruhi: (Miss Sakurazuka nodded with a smile)

3: Miss Kamigamo
Haruhi: “How about this one?”
Haruhi: (I show the diet ramen to miss Kamigamo)
Kamigamo: “If it’s with agar, calories are also likely to low.. Ah—”
Haruhi: (Miss Kamigamo smiles hard)
Haruhi: “Well then, shall we make it together”
Haruhi: (Miss Kamigamo nodded with a smile)

4: Let’s take a break
Haruhi: (But, the future is still long from now….)
Haruhi: (While everyone’s enjoying making ramen, I’ll take a break)

Renge: “Oh, I was a little late”
Sayuri: “Haru-chan, you seem to be excited”
Haruhi: “Renge-chan, Sayuri. What’s up”
Haruhi: (By the time I tried to open it, 2 people, Renge-chan and Sayuri, appeared
Sayuri: “I thought we would also participate and prepare it”
Haruhi: (While saying so, Sayuri takes a cup of noodles that says ‘limited release finest sharkfin ramen’ and puts it on the table)
Renge: “If it’s an instant, it’s like this. I you don’t mind, would you tell me how to make it?”
Haruhi: “….ha”

There are different options that depend on your previous choices
Option 1:
Haruhi: (The sharkfin ramen is prepared without any problem. Served in small vessels, I present it for the two of them)
Renge: “Oh, it’s delicious isn’t it”
Sayuri: “True. It’s not too bad”
Haruhi: (At a glance, Hikaru and Kaoru are watching)
Hikaru: “Hey, we want to taste what kind it is”
Kaoru: “Is it for real?”
Tamaki: “I can’t accept a little”
Haruhi: “You guys are eating sharkfin”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Because? Tomorrow”
Tamaki: “Huh! I want to eat even more!”
Hikaru: “There is only one vessel!”
Haruhi: “Oh, It’s yours….”
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai and Hikaru have their own. What’s it supposed to be like…. I mean, if I hold a container like that it would spill—)
Everyone: “Ah-!!”
Haruhi: (The finest sharkfin ramen was spilled on the floor…)
Hikaru & Kaoru: “It’s because of you!”
Haruhi: (….the color of the reflection is zero)
Haruhi: “Sorry, both of you. Even though I bought it….”
Renge: “I don’t mind”
Sayuri: “We were able to eat”
Haruhi: “I see….”
Haruhi: (But, it was a waste)
Haruhi: (Unnoticably, Tamaki-senpai had a serious look and was watching the sharkfin)
Tamaki: “I can’t believe that….”
Haruhi: “What happened, Tamaki-senpai”
Tamaki: “Fortune-telling, in reality….”
Haruhi: “Ha?”
Haruhi: (‘Bad things’ certainly happened….. But, this is just a human mistake, no matter how you look at it….)
Haruhi: (….anyway, I have to tidy up)

Option 2:
Haruhi: (The sharkfin ramen was completed without any problems)
Haruhi: (….thinking)
Haruhi: (The bag of seasoning seems to have been forgotten, it was floating on the soup)
Haruhi: (There were plenty of bags, so it’s not surprising to forget about one bag)
Haruhi: (As expected it’s a luxury instant noodle. When trying to get stuck with an egg—)
Tamaki: “Why do you not do it! These doppelgangers!!”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “It’s not our fault”
Haruhi: “Wow!”
Haruhi: (3 people in a struggle bumped into eachother, the sharkfin noodles near completion were overturned)
Renge: “I brought it all the way”
Sayuri: “…I wonder what it was like”
Haruhi: (Renge-chan and Sayuri sigh)
Tamaki: “I can’t believe that….”
Haruhi: (Unnoticably, Tamaki-senpai had a serious look)
Haruhi: “What happened, Tamaki-senpai”
Tamaki: “Fortune-telling, in reality…”
Haruhi: “Ha?”
Haruhi: (‘Bad things’ certainly happened….. But, this is just a human mistake, no matter how you look at it….)
Haruhi: (….anyway, I have to tidy up)

Haruhi: (…..today’s sales also finished after cleaning up the spilled ramen)
Haruhi: (While thinking that, I returned the dishes to the shelves–)
Haruhi: (Suddenly, my cup cracked)
Haruhi: “Ahh… It’s a cup that I’ve gotten a while ago, but it’s alright”
Tamaki: “Everyone…. you didn’t touch the cup?”
Hikaru: “Yup…”
Kaoru: “Nobody….”
Haruhi: (For some reason, a black cat walked across the room)
Haruhi: “Where did you come in from”
Tamaki: “…no, he didn’t”
Haruhi: (Next, the door of the room opens with a squeak)
Haruhi: “Oil, is it not enough”
Tamaki: “…..Haruhi, don’t you think this is weird!? Don’t you think this is strange!?”
Mitsukuni: “That’s right, Haru-chan”
Haruhi: “No not really”
Hikaru: “Truly…”
Kaoru: “A little bit…. right?”
Haruhi: (What on earth did everyone else do?)
Haruhi: “Umm- I’ll leave after I’ve cleaned this up. Otherwise I won’t be in time for the super sale”
Haruni: (Leaving behind Tamaki-senpai with a uneasy expression, I left the club room)

At home
Haruhi: (It seems like a variety of things happened today…)
Haruhi: (I never thought we would do things like eat cup ramen…)
Haruhi: (Even so….)
Haruhi: “The fortune-telling of Nekozawa-senpai…”
Haruhi: (What was it?)
Haruhi: (Though I don’t believe it, I feel like Tamaki-senpai does)
Haruhi: (Well, I don’t care. Let’s check the pc before I forget)
You’ll see your stats now
Haruhi: (Let’s go to bed for today….)

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