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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 2 Part 3 (English Translation)

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If you have been avoiding doing your host job, the day will start like this
Kyoya: 「ハルヒ、ちょっといいか?」
Kyoya: “Haruhi… do you have a moment”
Haruhi: (While I was looking outside for a place to eat my lunch, Kyoya-senpai called to me)
Kyoya: “….your host attitude is too passive”
Haruhi: “……Yes”
Haruhi: (Sure, there are many cases that we are in business, despite not having much customers…)
Kyoya: “I should’ve warned you before about repaying your debt. It’s also important to enjoye yourself while doing so…”
Haruhi: (He says in a cold tone)
Kyoya: “If you do not become qualified, you’ll have to leave the hostclub”
Haruhi: “Eh?! Just like that……”
Kyoya: “We won’t forget about your debt. ….but, you’ll never be able come to the hostclub again”
Haruhi: (Saying that, Kyoya-senpai walked away)
Haruhi: (…. in a way, I would be free)
Haruhi: (That may be…)
Haruhi: (But……)
Haruhi: (I look up to the blue sky)
Haruhi: (I should’ve been more active…)
Haruhi: (Why? Do I feel like I have a hole in my chest…)

Another warning flag can show up now
Haruhi: (While I was looking for a place to eat my boxed lunch outside…)
Kyoya: “Haruhi… do you have a moment”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai called out to me)
Haruhi: “Yeah?”
Kyoya: “What is you reason for joining the hostclub?”
Haruhi: “To repay my debt, but”
Kyoya: “So you’re aware of that, even though you’ve done so little work.”
Haruhi: “…… But I’ve been trying my best.”
Kyoya: “Is that so. Then the problem must be something else”
Haruhi: “That’s…”
Kyoya: “Whether being here is meaningful for you. And whether we have a good time, is up to you”
Haruhi: “A good time…?”
Haruhi: (What should I do? It’s rare for Kyouya-senpai to talk like this)
Haruhi: (Maybe I should attend more costumers…)
Haruhi: “Well, I’ll try to participate more”
Kyoya: “…. I see. That’s one interpretation”
Haruni: (He sighed a little while walking away)

This is where it would normally start
Haruhi: (Today’s lesson is over… It’s still early to for the club activities)
Haruhi: (Should I go to the library for a while?)

1: Just for a little while (Tamaki and Kyoya)
2: Let’s not (Hikaru and Kaoru; Mitsukuni and Takashi; No one)

1: Just for a little while
Haruhi: (I can study for the intermediate exam in the library)
Haruhi: “That? What’s over there…”
Haruhi: (As I entered the library, I saw Tamaki-senpai en Kyoya-senpai)
Haruhi: (Studying without greeting them… could go wrong)
Haruhi: (Should I talk to Tamaki-senpai of Kyoya-senpai?)

1A: Tamaki-senpai
1B: Kyoya-senpai

1A: Tamaki-senpai
Haruhi: “Tamaki-senpai, it’s rare to see you in a place like this”
Tamaki: (“Haruhi! … Did you perhaps come to see me?”
Haruhi: “…Since the intermediate exam is so close, I came to study for a bit”
Kyoya: “To keep up while you’re a special student, it’s rather difficult”
Haruhi: (To have such a harsh person as a host, even if he has a cool face)
Haruhi: (By the way, it was hard when I first joined the host club…)
From now on, you are a host.
Tamaki: “Alright, Tamaki-sensei will help Haruhi with her study!!”
Haruhi: “No thanks. I can study better alone, so please don’t disturb me”
Tamaki: “T, then, I’ll prepare some tea…”
Haruhi: “Eating and drinking is prohibited in the library”
Tamaki: “Cold, so cold Haruhi…”
Kyoya: “Well, it’s a correct judgment. If you’re by her side Tamaki, you’ll just get in the way)
Tamaki badum sound
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai becomes white at Kyoya-senpai’s words)
Haruhi: (This guy. It can’t be helped)
Haruhi: “…but, if there’s something I don’t understand, I would like you to explain. Alright? Tamaki-senpai”
Tamaki: “Oh, me… Is that alright?”
Haruhi: “If you’re useless, I can always ask Kyoya-senpai”
Tamaki: “I won’t be useless!!”
Kyoya: “Tamaki…. I you do not want to be kicked out before you start teaching, I suggest you be a little more quiet”
Haruhi: (Glares are sent our way, from various parts of the library)
Haruhi: “Well then, let’s study quietly”

1B: Kyoya-senpai
Haruhi: “Kyoya-senpai, are you doing an investigation?”
Kyoya: “Ah, it’s on a acquaintance of Tamaki. Are you going to study for the midterm test?”
Tamaki: “That’s great Haruhi. I’ll help study since my father pays you!”
Haruhi: “I don’t need it. Please don’t disturb me”
Tamaki: “Ky, Kyoya… Tell Haruhi to let me”
Kyoya: “Wouldn’t it be helpful to get guidance from an excellent senior student?”
Tamaki: “Yes, that’s right Haruhi”
Kyoya: “In that case, Jonnouchi-san from my class is appropriate. I’ll ask him tomorrow”
Tamaki: “….eh?”
Haruhi: “No, I am thankful for the offer…. Please ask again if my score were to drop”
Kyoya: “I see”
Haruhi: (It felt like Kyoya-senpai was smiling gently)
Haruhi: (…..It couldn’t be)
Kyoya: “Haruhi, it’s about time”
Haruhi: (I was solving a application problem, when Kyoya-senpai spoke to me)
Haruhi: “Yes, understood. …..hey, Tamaki-senpai should also go”
Tamaki: “…. you didn’t ask me anything”
Haruhi: “Since there weren’t any problems, wouldn’t it be useless to ask Tamaki-senpai”
Tamaki: “… I wanted you to ask”
Haruhi: “Shall we go, Kyoya-senpai”
Kyoya: “I see”
Haruhi: (We left the library, leaving Tamaki-senpai who was tampering in the shades of the bookshelves)
Kyoya: “I definitely don’t have experience values”
Haruhi: “I don’t to do it alone”
Haruhi: (Well, since I know Kyoya-senpai will support me, I can do this)

2: Let’s not
Haruhi: (…..I’ll do it when I have more time)
Haruhi: (I could ask Hikaru and Kaoru, to go together)

2A: Call out (Hikaru and Kaoru)
2B: Give up (Mitskuni and Takashi)

2A: Call out
Haruhi: “Hikaru, Kaoru. Why not do something together for once?”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “That’s unusual”
Hikaru: “Did Kyoya-senpai ask you to do so?”
Kaoru: “So you wouldn’t be late”
Haruhi: “…b, but I just thought it would be nice sometimes”
Haruhi: (Sure, I was warned, but that has nothing to do with inviting them)
Hikaru & Kaoru: “We don’t care for the reasons”
Haruhi: “…well then, are you going with me?”
Hikaru: “3 people together, should be fun”
Kaoru: “Doing things together, like classmates”
Hikaru: “It seems interesting, Kaoru”
Kaoru: “It sounds fun, Hikaru”
Haruhi: (…..maybe, it was better not to ask them)
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Well Haruhi, let’s go”
Haruhi: “…yeah”
Haruhi: (After arriving in the club room, I hope it won’t be troublesome)

2B: Give up
Haruhi: (…let’s not. We’ll be together later anyway)
Haruhi: (Aslo, if the 3 of us arrive together, Tamaki-senpai will throw a fit…. yeah, let’s go alone)
Haruhi: (While walking in the corridor, I saw Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai)
Haruhi: (If I wave, they might not notice…)

2B1: Wave hands (Mitsukuni and Takashi)
2B2: It should be alright (No one)

2B1: Wave hands
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai noticed as soon as I waved. Honey-senpai came running like a puppy)
Haruhi: “Hello, Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai”
Mitsukuni: “Yep! Hello”
Takashi: “…yeah”
Haruhi: “You’re on your way to the host club, right senpais?”
Haruhi: (I’m worried since they are going in the opposite direction…)
Mitsukuni: “No. Takashi has to go to the kendoclub, so we’ll be late”
Takashi: “….Mitskuni will also go”
Haruhi: (By the way, Mori-senpai is also part of the kendoclub)
Haruhi: “I see, well then, see you later”
Mitsukuni: “Yes. ….Also, could you leave me some cake?”
Haruhi: “Alright, I will”
Takashi: “….wel’ll be back”
Haruhi: “Please, do your best, so you won’t get hurt”
Takashi: “….yeah, I know”
Mitsukuni: “See you♪”
Haruhi: (After speaking to the two, I leave for the host club”

2B2: It should be alright
Haruhi: (It’s arlight…. It looks like they’re going somewhere different from the host club. Surely, they have to do something else)
Haruhi: (After seeing them walk away, I head towards the host club)

The host club is now open
Haruhi: (I hope today will be business as usual…)
Haruhi: (It’s amazing how they changed the room back to normal in one night, after the Japanese theme from yesterday)
Kyoya: “Haruhi, miss Kurakano and miss Sakurazuka have requested you. Prepare the table”
Haruhi: “Ah, yes. I’m going”

Haruhi: “Welcome”
Kurakano: “Ah, Haruhi-kun. Yesterday was fun”
Sakurazuka: “Honestly, it was my first experience”
Haruhi: (Of course it was new for everyone…)
Haruhi: (On the contrary, what is common for everyone, is new for me)
Haruhi: (We live in the same world, but sometimes I feel like I’m in a different country)
Haruhi: (Those two are talking happily about yesterday, and somehow I’m thinking of something that)

There are different options for this part depending on your previous choices
Haruhi: (I’m just listening to miss Kurakano’s table, since I don’t know what to talk about)
Kurakano: “… what do you think, Haruhi-kun?”
Haruhi: (This doesn’t feel bad though…)
Haruhi: (What should I do in such a case?)

Option 2:
Kurakano: “That’s it….”
Haruhi: (At the table, miss Kurakano is talking happily)
Haruhi: (However, it seems we’ve been talking about the same thing all this time)
Haruhi: (What should I do in such a case?)

Option 3:
Haruhi: (Miss Kurakano’s expressions seems somewhat dark. Sometimes she sighs, I wonder if I should be worried)
Haruhi: (What should I do in such a case?)

Option 4:
Haruhi: (It’s rare for miss Kurakano to be in a bad mood…)
Haruhi: (I wonder what I should do in such a case…)

Option 5:
Haruhi: (Normally miss Kurakano is always smiling…. She doesn’t seem to be feeling well today)
Haruhi: (What happened…?)
Kurakano: “………ha”
Haruhi: (What should I do in such a case)

Topic Selection Results
Listen: Option 3

Haruhi: (….maybe this?)
Haruhi: (It makes me happy that miss Kurakano looks fine)

There are different options for this part depending on your previous choices
Haruhi: (I continue talking to miss Sakurazuka at the table)
Sakurazuka: “Such a good idea”
Haruhi: (Yes, this doesn’t feel bad)
Haruhi: (In such a case, how should I act?)

Option 2:
Haruhi: (At the table, miss Sakurazuka talks entusiastically)
Sakurazuka: “As expected, I thought it was not so”
Haruhi: (As for myself, I’m only doing the listening)
Haruhi: (I have to do something…)

Option 3:
Sakurazuka:  “…..ha”
Haruhi: (What happened? I wonder if something’s wrong)
Haruhi: (I wonder what I should do in such a case…)

Option 4:
Haruhi: (I wonder what happened, miss Sakurazuka has been silent for a while…)
Haruhi: (Maybe something bad happened and put her in a bad mood?)
Haruhi: (I wonder what I should do in such a case…)

Option 5:
Haruhi: (Miss Sakurazuka who always seems alright, doesn’t seem to feel well today)
Haruhi: (Even if I talk to her….)
Sakurazuka: “……”
Haruhit: ‘It completely goes over her head)
Haruhi: (What should I do in such a case)

Topic Selection Results
Stare: Option 1
Listen: Option 4

Haruhi: (….maybe this?)
Haruhi: (Miss Sakurazuka seems to be having fun as well)
Haruhi: (Today, when I thought it was over, I noticed there was 1 sweet left from yesterday)
Haruhi: (….Maybe I should give it to someone?)

1: Miss Kurakano
2: Miss Sakurazuka
3: Miss Kamigamo
4: Well…

1: Miss Kurakano
Haruhi: (I’ll give it to miss Kurakano)
Kurakano: “What’s wrong, Haruhi-kun?”
Haruhi: “Since there was only 1 sweet left from yesterday, I want you to have it miss Kurakano…. Let’s keep it a secret”
Kurakano: “…t, thank you. I’ll take care of it”
Haruhi: “Since there is an ‘best before date’… Please don’t keep it for too long”
Haruhi: (It’s nice to be pleased, even if it’s something simple)

2:Miss Sakurazuka
Haruhi: (I’ll give it to miss Sakurazuka)
Sakurazuka: “….w, what’s this?”
Haruhi: “Since there was only 1 sweet left from yesterday, I want you to have it miss Sakurazuka…. Let’s keep it a secret”
Sakurazuka: “………….I’ll treasure it”
Haruhi: “That’s a bit exaggerated…”
Haruhi: (I’m glad she seems pleased, but she can’t save it for later, if she wants to eat it properly)

3: Miss Kamigamo
Haruhi: (I’ll give it to miss Kamigamo)
Kamigamo: “What is it? Haruhi-kun”
Haruhi: “Since there was only 1 sweet left from yesterday, I want you to have it miss Kamigamo…. Let’s keep it a secret”
Kamikamo: “….thank you, Haruhi-kun. I’m very happy”
Haruhi: “I’m glad you’re happy”
Haruhi: (I didn’t think it would please her this much. Well, it was good to give a present)

4: Well…
Haruhi: (Well…)
Haruhi: (Since there is only one, it would be unfair to just give it one person….)
Haruhi: (I wish I could just leave it on the sweets-shelf. But that way, Honey-senpai will eat it before you know it)

Haruhi: (Today’s business ended safely. It’s a moment of relief to be done with everything)
Tamaki: “I’m planning a tasteful event tomorrow”
Tamaki: “Please look forward to it, Haruhi…”
Haruhi: (Why me…)

At home
Haruhi: (Tomorrow is the event)
Haruhi: (I’m confident that most people won’t be surprised….)
Haruhi: (I have to check my pc, before I forget it)
You’ll see your progress now
Haruhi: (Well, let’s sleep now…)

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