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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 2 Part 2 (English Translation)

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If you have been avoiding doing your host job, the day will start like this
Kyoya: 「ハルヒ、ちょっといいか?」
Kyoya: “Haruhi… do you have a moment”
Haruhi: (On my way to the hostclub, I hear Kyoya-senpai)
Kyoya: “…your host attitude is too passive”
Haruhi: “…..Yes”
Haruhi: (Sure, there are many cases that we are in business, despite not having much customers…)
Kyoya: “I should’ve warned you before about repaying your debt. It’s also important to enjoye yourself while doing so…”
Haruhi: (He says in a cold tone)
Kyoya: “If you do not become qualified, you’ll have to leave the hostclub”
Haruhi: “Eh?! Just like that……”
Kyoya: “We won’t forget about your debt. ….but, you’ll never be able come to the hostclub again”
Haruhi: (Saying that, Kyoya-senpai walked away)
Haruhi: (…. in a way, I would be free)
Haruhi: (That may be…)
Haruhi: (But……)
Haruhi: (I look up to the blue sky)
Haruhi: (I should’ve been more active…)
Haruhi: (Why? Do I feel like I have a hole in my chest…)


Episode 2: Study of the commoners’ culture

Another warning flag can now show up
Haruhi: (I’m on my way to the hostclub…)
Kyoya: “Haruhi… do you have a moment”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai spoke to me)
Haruhi: “Yes?”
Kyoya: “What is you reason for joining the hostclub?”
Haruhi: “To repay my debt, but”
Kyoya: “So you’re aware of that, even though you’ve done so little work.”
Haruhi: “…… But I’ve been trying my best.”
Kyoya: “Is that so. Then the problem must be something else”
Haruhi: “That’s…”
Kyoya: “Whether being here is meaningful for you. And whether we have a good time, is up to you”
Haruhi: “A good time…?”
Haruhi: (What should I do? It’s rare for Kyoya-senpai to talk like this)
Haruhi: (Maybe I should attend more costumers…)
Haruhi: “Well, I’ll try to participate more”
Kyoya: “…. I see. That’s one interpretation”
Haruni: (He sighed a little while walking away)

This is where you’ll start the day if you have been doing your host job
Haruhi: “What is this?”
Tamaki: “I  tried changing the atmosphere of the club room according to the commoners’ sweets festival. Do you like it, Haruhi?”
Haruhi: “….well, how much did it cost?”
Kaoru: “Ignoring the question and suddenly talking about money”
Hikaru: “Awesome”
Haruhi: “As long as things change, everyone will be interested”
Hikaru and Kaoru: “Hmmm, is that so”
Haruhi: (I almost forgot, around here this is normal…)
Kyoya: “There is still room in the budget because we did not prepare customized kimono’s”
Haruhi: (I can’t keep up with these rich people…)
Haruhi: (When the guests come in, the room fills with surprised voices, then their eyes start shining when they see the candy on the tables)
Haruhi: (…everyone seems to be having fun)
Haruhi: (This way, it certainly does seem effective to change the club’s atmosphere)
Haruhi: (Well then, I wonder what I should do)

1: Miss Kurakano
2: Miss Sakurazuka (no hearts)
3: Miss Kamikamo
4: …let’s pass

1: Miss Kurakano
Kurakano: “I wonder what kind of pastry this is”
Haruhi: “I’m not sure everyone will like it, but these are the usuals for me”
Kurakano: “Well then, why don’t you choose something Haruhi-kun”
Haruhi: “That’s true…”
Haruhi: (In front of miss Kurakano, there is ‘Yamamaru Candy’ and ‘Pururu Jelly’)
Haruhi: (‘Yamamaru Candy’ is, like the name suggests, an animal shaped ame. ‘Pururu Jelly’ is a strange elastic jelly with vivid colors)
Haruhi: (Which one should I choose?)

1A: Yamamaru Candy (heart)
1B: Pururu Jelly

1A: Yamamaru Candy
Haruhi: “How it this one?”
Kurakano: “This candy is so cute”
Haruhi: (Miss Kurakano says, while pointing at the candy on the table)
Kurakano: “Is this…, a horse?”
Haruhi: “Since it’s yellow, it’s a giraffe”
Haruhi: (I feel like I’ve gone back in time…)

1B: Pururu Jelly
Haruhi: “How about this little jelly?”
Kurakano: “T, this…?”
Haruhi: “It might look bad, but it’s popular for it’s mysterious texture”
Kurakano: “…………”
Haruhi: “Euh, you don’t have to eat it”
Kurakano: “No, I will”
Haruhi: (While looking a bit awkward, miss Kurakano eats the jelly)
Haruhi: “…. miss Kurakano?”
Kurakano: “……………”
Haruhi: (Miss Kurakano looked like she was about to cry while running away)
Haruhi: (…..it seems like a failure)

2: Miss Sakurazuka
Sakurazuka: ” Are you familiar with these ordinary cakes, Haruhi-kun?”
Haruhi: “Not as detailed as this”
Sakurazuka: “This is my first time seeing these… I wonder if these can be eaten?”
Haruhi: (In front of miss Sakurazuka, there is ‘Suprising Cutlets’ and ‘Petit Yoghurt’)
Haruhi: “They are sweets, so you can eat them”
Sakurazuka: “Is that so… Hey, which one would you recommend Haruhi-kun?”
Haruhi: “My recommendation”
Haruhi: (Either way, I don’t think these are sweets miss Sakurazuka would like, but I have to say something…)
Haruhi: (‘Petit Yoghurt’ comes in a cute container, a sweetness that has a distinctive taste)
Haruhi: (‘Surprise Cutlets’ is a surprise sweet with plenty of red pepper when you get the wrong one) like Russian Roulette, but with candy
Haruhi: (Which should I recommend)

2A: Suprise Cutlets
2B: Petit Yoghurt

2A: Suprise Cutlets
Haruhi: “How about sweets with a surprise? Even though, not many people like the suprise”
Sakurazuka: “Since today’s fortune horoscope was good, I might win?”
Haruhi: (Miss Sakurazuka tries a small surprise cutlet with a smile)
Haruhi: “That sweet, like the name says is a cutlet, but the surimi of the fish is the material…. Miss Sakurazuka?”
Sakurazuka: “I…… go……”
Haruhi: “Everything alright, miss Sakurazuka!”
Haruhi: (I can’t believe it…)

2B: Petit Yoghurt
Haruhi: (Anyway, this is a safe bet…)
Haruhi: “How about this sweet?”
Sakurazuka: “It has a cute container”
Haruhi: (Miss Sakurazuka is just looking at it, without eating it)
Haruhi: (I guess it’s okay for now)

3: Miss Kamigamo
Kamikamo: “Haruhi-kun. Why don’t you choose a sweet for me?”
Haruhi: “Ah, yes ….euh, what do you like?”
Kamikamo: “If it’s one you choose Haruhi-kun, I could eat any sweet”
Haruhi: (…I hope so)
Haruhi: “Well then, I’ll pick from the options on the table”
Kamikamo: “Yes, thank you”
Haruhi: (Before Mr. Kamigamo there are ‘Happy horn with fortune telling’ and ‘this is something with fish and chocolate’)
Haruhi: (The taste is certain, both of which seem to have been inconvenient, but …)
I’m not sure on how to translate the second type of sweets here… it’s rather strange

3A: Happy horn
3B: Chocolates

3A: Happy horn
Haruhi: “How about a fortune telling Ramune?
Kamikamo: “Ramune…? I wonder what kind of sweet it is, this is the first time I heard of it”
Haruhi: “I.., Is that so…”
Haruhi: (I thought ramune was a common sweet, guess not…)
Kamikamo: “Hey, look! Haruhi-kun! I’ll be lucky in love”
Haruhi: (At the moment miss Kamigamo opened the package, her expression became bright)
Haruhi: “That’s good”
Haruhi: (Miss Kamigamo was more worried about the fortune telling, than the ramune)
Haruhi: (I would definitely just eat the ramune)

3B: Chocolates
Haruhi: (‘whatever they want to call this’ seem to be a rather rare pastry…)
Haruhi: “How about this chocolate?”
Kamikamo: “….what’s with the powder?”
Haruhi: “It is salt-dried sardine but … I never ate it”
Kamikamo: “I see, I’ll give it a try”
Haruhi: (With a small smile, miss Kamikamo went to grab the chocolate…. at that moment, her movements stopped)
Kamikamo: “…………fish?”
Haruhi: “..yes, that’s right”
Kamikamo: “They made fish with chocolate? Wy… would someone do that…”
I’m wondering the same thing to be honest
Haruhi: “Well, I don’t really know…”
Kamikamo: “….I see. Well, it can’t be helped”
Haruhi: (I’ll pick some more delicious ones later and hand them over to her)

4: ….let’s pass
Haruhi: (…can I pass?)
Haruhi: (Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves without me. It should be fine)

Haruhi: (Although I wasn’t sure about what to think of this ‘commoners’ culture festival’, I didn’t think it would rise to this point)
Haruhi: (I wasn’t sure on what Tamaki-senpai was thinking, but I have to admire it after all)
Haruhi: (Everyone seems to be having fun. You can’t help but enjoy yourself when you look at this room filled with laughter)
Hikaru: “Haruhi, come over here”
Kaoru: “You shouldn’t laugh at others alone”
Haruhi: (….I was just watching)
Tamaki: “Haruhi, the main character of the commoners’ culture festival can’t stand on the sidelines!”
Haruhi: “I’ll leave then”
Immediate Reply
Tamaki: “Rejected by Haruhi, rejected by Haruhi, rejected by Haruhi….”
Haruhi: (…ha)
Haruhi: (It’s not much fun standing alone, I should go talk to someone)

1: Tamaki-senpai
2: Kyoya-Senpai
3: Hikaru
4: Next page
5: Kaoru
6: Honey-Senpai
7: Mori-Senpai
8: Previous page

1: Tamaki-senpai
Haruhi: “The festival was a success, Tamaki-senpai”
Tamaki: “Just as calculated!”
Tamaki: “Eating a variety of commoners’ sweets, is fun, is it not?”
Haruhi: “….what kind of calculation?”
Tamaki: “But, did you have fun as well Haruhi? With the power of the commoners’ festival sweets?”
Haruhi: “Sweets don’t have such power, but…. it was fun in fact”
Haruhi: (It somehow feels like I’m a child again…)
Haruhi: (By the way, I used to play in front of a cake shop with my friends when I was small…)
Haruhi: (….ah, I see. Everyone has memories like that)
Tamaki: “Well, since Haruhi liked it, I have to assemble the second plan as soon as possible!”
Haruhi: “Ehh!? Another one…”
Haruhi: (This is what happens if you praise him a little bit…)

2: Kyoya-senpai
Haruhi: (Suddenly, a bit farther away, Kyoya-senpai was writing something down)
Kyoya: “It seems rather popular. Occasionally Tamaki’s ideas are useful”
Haruhi: “Occasionally?”
Kyoya: “Normally, I’m only thinking ‘what is this fool thinking’ ”
Haruhi: “Haha…”
Haruhi: (It seems a bit harsh, but it’s the truth)
Kyoya: “Well… I have to think about the next event”
Haruhi: “Thinking about it already? It seems a bit early”
Kyoya: “Considering the previous one, there’s no loss”
Kyoya: (Recently, there seems to be an interest in stalls and evening stores, so it may be good to have thas as the theme of next ‘festival’ ”
Haruhi: “How do you feel about it? In spite of, the fun activities, Takoyaki, goldfish scooping ……”
Kyoya: “I have not decided yet. ….For the time being, I would like to put it on the ring desk, also in the Rio Carnival photo collection”
Haruhi “…that, how’s that”

3: Hikaru
Hikaru: “Haruhi, I’ll give this to you”
Haruhi: (He throws me a cheesy spider toy)
Haruhi: “……I don’t need it”
Haruhi: (I throw it back)
Hikaru: “By the way, Haruhi, you seem to be fine with insects”
Haruhi: “But, I’m not good with cockroaches”
Hikaru: “Hee–”
Haruhi: (I get it, Hikaru seems to be smiling)
Haruhi: “….I’ll tell you. Once you break that”
Hikaru: “I haven’t said anything yet?”
Haruhi: “You only seem to be thinking one thing Hikaru”
Hikaru: “…by the way Haruhi. Can I come over next vacation?”
Haruhi: “No”

5: Kaoru
Kaoru: “Haruhi, have you ever tried these?”
Haruhi: (Saying that, Kaoru hands me candy)
Haruhi: (It’s a bundle of snacks sold at convenience stores, sold with various flavors)
Haruhi: “I think there are few people who have never eaten it”
Kaoru: “Oh, I see”
Haruhi: (It seems that the newly launched Italian mentaiko taste seems quite favorable to Kaoru)
Kaoru: “I mean, there are no mentaiko in Italy. As for ingredients, Mentaiko is not written anywhere”
Haruhi: “That’s what such a candy is like. Here, they didn’t use any beef for this ‘Yakiniku Gyutaro’ ”
Kaoru: “Pfu, hahah… Is that what commoners’ candy is like?”
Haruhi: “Maybe, is it not?”
Kaoru: “Yes, I’ll give you half”
Haruhi: “No need. It won’t taste good”
Haruhi: (I pushed back the sweets that were offered)

6: Honey-senpai
Haruhi: “Honey-senpai. What’s wrong?”
Mistukuni: “Hu-, Haru-chaaan!”
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai, came running with tears floating while talking at the same time)
Mitsukuni: “You know, you know, I want the ramune from the glass bottle”
Haruhi: “…..ha”
Mitsukuni: “But, I can’t take it away”
Haruhi: “Because it is designed not to take”
Haruhi: (Depening on the type, some can take out marbles, but this is a type that can not be taken without breaking every bottle)。
Mitsukuni: “Well then we should cut it with a knife”
Haruhi: (….euh, Honey-senpai?)
Haruhi: “…..please don’t do that”
Mitsukuni: “I will not be injured”
Haruhi: (…. I am worried about injuries, but it would seem that the atmosphere of Honey-senpai is becoming even more dangerous than that…)
Haruhi: (It’s just like that time…)
Haruhi: (Well, this is pretty dangerous)
Haruhi: “The bottle should be returned to the people of the shop!”
Mitsukuni: “Huh? …Is that so?”
Haruhi: (…this is good, Honey-senpai has returned to his usual self)
Haruhi: “That’s right, Besides, there are also types that can be taken. Let’s do it next time”
Mitsukuni: “Oh, I see. The, tell me what Toko sells to me!”
Haruhi: “Yes, I understand”

7: Mori-senpai
Haruhi: (I’ll bring some green tea, as I speak to Mori-senpai)
Haruhi: “Here you go, Mori-senpai”
Takashi: “….that’s helpful”
Haruhi: (While smiling, Mori-senpai picked up the tea)
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai drinking tea in a Japanese style room, looks nice)
Haruhi: “What were you eating, Mori-senpai?”
Takashi: “Natto crackers”
Haruhi: “It’s suitable with some good tea”
Takashi: “….yeah”
Haruhi: (Some of the sweets have rice crackers in sachets)
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai and Hikaru are running around the clubroom while making a stir. There is only a quiet air flowing around Mori-senpai during the laughter of all the girls)
Takashi: “…would you like some, Haruhi”
Haruhi: “Let’s eat”
Haruhi: (While sitting next to Mori-senpai, I consume the Natto bean crackers and the tea)

Haruhi: (It became evening, and the business was finished for today)
Kaoru: “My stomach is filled with sweets. Who could still eat dinner…”
Mitsukuni: “Well, I could eat cake when I return!”
Hikaru: “….you can still eat, Honey-senpai”
Mitsukuni: “Yup! But Usa-chan wants to eat as well”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “U, Usa-chan”
Clip from the anime
Mitsukuni: “Hmm, What’s wrong? Hika-chan, Kao-chan”
Kaoru: “No, it’s nothing Honey-senpai”
Hikaru: “Well, we’ll excuse ourselves in advance”
Haruhi: (After saying that, Hikaru and Kaory ran home at a tremendous speed)
Haruih: (At that time, with ‘Usa-chan’, it looked pretty nervous…)

At home
Haruhi: (Today was fun, but I ate too much sweets…)
Haruhi: (Let’s check the pc)
You’ll see your progress now
Haruhi: (Yeah, it’s like that)

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