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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 1 Part 4 (English Translation)

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The host club is open
Haruhi: (The host club is busy as usual, but…)
Haruhi: (I can’t stop thinking about Majima-kun returning to America)
Haruhi: (I must come up with something today, though…)
Haruhi: (It won’t be easy, right…)
Kyoya: “Haruhi, can I talk to you for a minute?”
Haruhi: “Yeah.”

If you have been avoiding hosting (this is a warning flag according to the script)
Kyoya: “What is your reason for being here?”
Haruhi: “I’m here to repay my debt.”
Kyoya: “So you’re aware of that, even though you’ve done so little work.”
Haruhi: “…… But I’ve been trying my best.”
Kyoya: “Is that so. Then the problem must be something else”
Haruhi: “That’s…”
Kyoya: “Whether being here is meaningful for you. And whether we have a good time, is up to you”
Haruhi: “A good time…?”
Haruhi: (What should I do? It’s rare for Kyouya-senpai to talk like this)
Haruhi: (Maybe I should attend more costumers…)
Haruhi: “Well, I’ll try to participate more”
Kyoya: “…. I see. That’s one interpretation”
Haruni: (He sighed a little)
Kyoya: “Ah, then, Haruhi”

If you have been doing your job as a host
Kyoya: “How are things going?”
Haruhi: “We’ve been thinking, but we haven’t come up with an idea that screams “this is it!” to us.”
Kyoya: “…I see. I’ll try to help as much as possible as well, but it is difficult in the current situation”
Haruhi: “Well, I certainly don’t…”
Kyoya: “Have you tried any means to get him inside the school?”
Haruhi: (I wonder what he means by ‘any means’, but I’m afraid to ask…)
Haruhi: “Well… for now, let’s try to think of something better”
Kyoya: “Ah. Let me try to think of a proposal”
Haruhi: (Saying that, Kyoya-senpai walked over to a customer)
Haruhi : (We need to hurry and think of something, or else…)
Kurakano: “Haruhi-kuuuun~”
Haruhi: “Ah, everyone. Welcome.”
Kurakano: “Haruhi-kun, is something troubling you?”
Haruhi: “Eh? No, there’s nothing.”
Sakurazuka: “Really? Then that’s good, but…”
Kamigamo: “If there is ever something, please talk to us.”
Haruhi: “Yes, thank you very much.”
Haruhi: (I must had a complicated expression on my face, to worry everyone like that… I’d better be careful)
Haruhi: “I am just fine, so everyone, please go ahead to the tables. I will visit you later on, alright?”
Kurakano: “…… Okay.”
Sakurazuka: “I’ll be waiting, alright?”
Kamigamo: “I will be waiting for you.”
Haruhi: (While wathing Kurakano, I remembered I had to think about the assignment)
Haruhi: (As expected, I won’t have enough time to visit all three of them. Who should I go visit…)

1: Miss Kurakano
2: Miss Sakurazuka
3: Miss Kamigamo
4: ….I’ll pass

1: Miss Kurakano
Haruhi: (I headed over to Miss Kurakano)
Kurakano: “How nice, for you to come to me”
Haruhi: “Is there something you wanted to do?”
Kurakano: “Eum… If anything is worrying you, please talk to me. I’ll help you”
Haruhi: “…well, it’s”
Haruhi: (She is my classmate, but she’s also a costumer, what should I do…)

1A: Everything’s fine
1B: …… Sorry  (heart)

1A: Everything’s fine
Haruhi: “It’s alright, nothing is wrong”
Haruhi: (Miss Kurakano might be able to help, but I can’t talk about Sayuri…)
Kurakano: “Is that so…”
Haruhi: “Ah, but, if something is wrong, I’ll come talk to you”
Kurakano: “Yes, I’ll be waiting”
Haruhi: (I kept talking to Kurakano, she smiled at me and I left the table)

1B: ….. Sorry
Haruhi: “…… Sorry.”
Kurakano: “Why are you apologizing?”
Haruhi: “I’m not sure. But, I didn’t mean to worry you”
Kurakano: “Something like that…”
Haruhi: “I want you to keep smiling, I like it when you do”
Kurakano: “Haruhi-kun…”
Haruhi: (I kept talking to Kurakano, she smiled at me and I left the table)

2: Miss Sakurazuka
Haruhi: (I headed over to Miss Sakurazuka)
Sakurazuka: “Haruhi-kun, you came to me.”
Haruhi: “Of course.”
Sakurazuka: “I’m glad you did, but Haruhi, you seem to be a bit tired”
Haruhi: (I kept thinking about the situation last night, so I couldn’t sleep at all…)

2A: You think so? (heart)
2B: That is…

2A: You think so?
Haruhi: “….you think so?”
Sakurazuka: “Of course, because I’m always looking at Haruhi-kun.”
Haruhi: “Always?”
Sakurazuka: “I, I didn’t mean that in a weird way, I just thought you looked tired when I looked at you, that’s it!”
Haruhi: “Oh, is that so?”
Haruhi: (I don’t think she needs to be quite so flustered about it…)
Sakurazuka: “… They say, that when you are tired, you could catch a cold, so be careful”
Haruhi: “Don’t worry. I was studying late last night”
Sakurazuka: “Ah, is that right. Then, you should take a break from studying and rest today”
Haruhi: “Yes, I will”
Haruhi: (I kept talking to Sakurazuka, she smiled at me and I left the table)

2B: That is…
Haruhi: “There’s no such thing”
Sakurazuka: “…but, you do look a bit tired”
Haruhi: “I must look tired because of all the studying I did last night. It was my own choice”
Sakurazuka: “I do think studying is important, but you shouldn’t force your body..”
Haruhi: “Yes, I know. I’ll finish my work soon and go to bed early today”
Sakurazuka: “Promise me”
Haruhi: “Alright”
Haruhi: (I kept talking to Sakurazuka, she smiled at me and I left the table)

3: Miss Kamigamo
Haruhi: (I headed over to Miss Kamigamo)
Kamigamo: “… your mood seems to be down Haruhi, why don’t you relax a little”
Haruhi: “It’s imposible for me to do such a thing”
Kamigamo: “I hope you don’t misunderstand me…”
Haruhi: (I don’t intend to do the impossible, but the situation has to be solved…)
Haruhi: (Perhaps I should say something, well…)

3A: Lie
3B: Ask why (heart)

3A: Lie
Haruhi: (It’s not something I can discuss, so I should lie)
Haruhi: “I think you must be mistaken. I’m like I always am”
Kamigamo; “Ah so it seems, Haruhi, you’re just like that then
Haruhi: (…Is it such a thing? I don’t really understand it myself)
Kamigamo: “But, from time to time, I would like to change that…”
Haruhi: (While murmering, miss Kamigamo startes at me for some reason)
Haruhi: (I wonder if I should say something)
Haruhi: (But I don’t know what. For now, I’ll keep smiling)
Kamigamo: “…………”
Haruhi: “….well, what happened?
Kamigamo: “Nothing, nothing. Haha…”
Haruhi: (What do I do..)

3B: Ask why
Haruhi: (Let’s ask why she thinks that)
Haruhi: “Eum, why did you think that?”
Kamigamo: “Your facial expressions seemed a bit bad”
Haruhi: (Even though I don’t understand it at all, Miss Kamigamo seemed to have noticed….)
Haruhi: “You always seem to notice these tings about me”
Kamigamo; “Ah, that…”
Haruhi: “So, I’ll try not to worry you from  now on”
Kamigamo: “…. I don’t mind worrying about you”
Haruhi: “Eh?”
Kamikamo: “Nothing, nothing. Haha…)
Haruhi: (…what just happened?)

4: …..I’ll pass
Haruhi: (It seems unfair to only go to one of them, so I’ll pass)
Haruhi: (I’ll just do some cleaning for now, while thinking about that)

Haruhi: (I finally get a breather. …it was pretty busy, but is seems to have calmed down)
Haruhi: (I guess now is the time to think about the situation)
Haruhi: (I can see Sayuri standing alone by the wall)

1: Keep silent
2: Go talk to her

1: Keep silent
Haruhi: (….I don’t know how to call out to her, so I’ll leaver her alone…)
Kurakano: “Hey Haruhi-san, aren’t you worried?”
Sakurazuka: “She sighed a couple of times…”
Kamigamo: “Wouldn’t it be better to go talk to her?”
Haruhi: (…I’m in trouble. I’m not supposed to talk about Sayuri’s problems)
Haruhi: “If there is something to discuss, I’ll call out to Sayori. But for now, I’ll leave her alone”
Kamigamo: “There are times like that. …but, Haruhi-kun”
Haruhi: (Miss kamigamo stares at me with a serious look)
Kamigamo: “There are times when someone is waiting for you to go talk to them”
Haruhi: “….I see. I’ll be carefull”
Haruhi: (While smiling, Miss Kamigamo nods at me)
Sakurazuka: “Well then, let’s go”
Kurakano: “If you have the time, come visit us as well”
Haruhi: “Yes, I will”
Haruhi: (I see miss Kurakano walking to a table with a smile)
Haruhi: (Even though I don’t know what to talk about, I wonder if it were better to go talk to her)

2: Go talk to her
Haruhi: (Anyway, let’s go talk to her)
Haruhi: “I wish I would know what to say to you”
Sayuri: “Ah, Haru-chan…”
Haruhi: (Sayuri smiled when I talked to her, but it quickly turns into a sunken look)
Sayuri: “Ah, even you don’t care”
Haruhi: “I didn’t intend to do that, though?”
Sayuri: “Hahaha…”
Haruhi: “…I do think that the deal about Majima-kun is troublesome, you shouldn’t worry about it too much, we’ll manage somehow”
Sayuri: “Could you tell me were you got that confidence from”
Haruhi: “Eh? I don’t think I have any”
Sayuri: “…It is a big deal, I can assure you, Haru-chan”
Haruhi: “Ah, thank you for that”
Haruhi: (Why would she praise me…)
Sayuri: “Look, other than me… You’re supposed to do your host job nog, right?
Haruhi: (While saying that, Sayuri walked towards an empty table)
Haruhi: (I wonder if she’ll cheer up a bit? While thinking that, I should go after her…)
Kamigamo: “You’re kind aren’t you, Haruhi-kun…”
Kurakano: “We want to help you, so please talk about it”
Sakurazuka: “I’m sure there’s something we can help you with”
Haruhi: “…yes, thank you very much”
Haruhi: (I don’t think they noticed. Anyway, it was good not to say anything specific. But, it’ll be boring if we stay here like this…)
Haruhi: “Well, there are some things I need to take care, so please excuse me”
Haruhi: (I didn’t do anything bad, but I did leave to escape)

Haruhi: (Time is going by slow, since there isn’t much to do in the host club)
Haruhi: (It’s important to think about our assignment, but we also have to attend everyone who came to the host club)
Haruhi: (I should go to someone’s table with tea and sweets)

1: Miss Kurakano
2: Miss Sakurazuka
3: Miss Kamigamo
4: Take a break

1: Miss Kurakano
Haruhi: (I’ll go to miss Kurakano)
Haruhi: “Should I bring you some tea?”
Kurakano: “Yes, let’s have some”
Haruhi: (I go get some tea after hearing Miss Kurakano’s reply…)
Kurakano: “Hey, Haruhi. About Himemiya-san…”
Haruhi: “What about Sayuri?”
Kurakano: “Well, she wasn’t feeling well, and she was standing alone…)
Haruhi: “It seems she was a bit tired, due to the environment change by transfering”
Kurakano: “Ah, I see, if there is anything I can do”
Haruhi: “That’s very kind of you, Kurakano-san”
Kurakano: “No, not at all…”
Haruhi: (Miss Kurakano averted her eyes shyly …but it really was kind of her)

2: Miss Sakurazuka
Haruhi: (I’ll go to miss Sakurazuka)
Haruhi: “Should I bring you some tea?”
Sakurazuka: “Yes, thank you, let’s have some”
Haruhi: (I go get some tea after hearing Miss Sakurazuka’s reply…)
Sakurazuka: “Hey, Haruhi. About Himemiya-san…”
Haruhi: “What about Sayuri?”
Sakurazuka: “It seemed like she didn’t have a lot of energy today…”
Haruhi: “It seems she is a bit tired after moving here”
Sakurazuka: Ah, I see. Please tell me if there is anything I can do…”
Haruhi: “Miss Sakurazuka… Thank you.”
Sakurazuka: “Eh? No, It’s nothing at all…”
Harhi: (Miss Sakurazuka looks a bit embarassed ….but she really is a nice person)

3: Miss Kamigamo
Haruhi: (I’ll go to miss Kamigamo)
Haruhi: “Should I bring you some tea?”
Kamigamo: “Thank you, Haruhi-kun. Let’s have some”
Haruhi: (I go get some tea after hearing Miss Kamigamo’s reply….)
Kamigamo: “Himemiya-san didn’t look well… Do you know what’s wrong, Haruhi-kun?”
Haruhi: “……Um”
Haruhi: (I can’t tell her about the guy who’s returning to America…)
Kamigamo: “It would be nice if she could talk to me if something was bothering her, but it seems we don’t have that kind of bond…”
Haruhi: “She’s arlight, jus a bit tired due to changing enviroments”
Kamigamo: “Ah, is that so? But if there is anything I can do to help, please tell me”
Haruhi: “Yes, thank you… You are very kind miss Kamigamo”
Kamigamo: “Such a thing… I’m not so sure”
Haruhi: (Miss Kamigamo looks away shyly, I wonder if it would be like this to have a sister…)

4:Take a break
Haruhi: (I should take this time to take a short break)
Haruhi: Now seems like a good time to think abou the asignment)

Haruhi: (Huh? Before I knew it, I couldn’t see Sayuri anywhere. Perhaps she has already gone home, but I’m not sure…)

Team Tamaki and Kyoya

Team Hikaru and Kaoru

Team Mitskuni and Takashi

Haruhi: (The hostclub ended earlier than usual. To explain why, it’s to decide on what to do about the assignment)
Haruhi: (What’s this… even though this is all for Sayuri, she doesn’t seem energetic. Is she not feeling well? Maybe I should say something….)
Tamaki: “Come on, everyone! Lets start the ‘Produce of love’ now!”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Wow~ clapclapclapclap~”
Mitsukuni: “Yaaaaay~!”
Takashi: “Wow.”
Haruhi: (….they are really excited for this, what’s going on….)
Tamaki: “You can choose the idea you think is best, Princess Sayuri, and we’ll start working on it immediately”
Hikaru: “Yeees! Well then, first of all”
Kaoru: “Our idea”
Haruhi: (Hikaru and Kaoru go to the front with big smiles…)
Sayuri: “I’m so sorry!”
Hikaru: “Eh, what?”
Kaoru: “All of a sudden?”
Sayuri: “I know I asked this of you for myself, but please just forget about it..”
Haruhi: (After these unexpected words from Sayuri, everyone calms down)
Mitsukuni: “You don’t want to do it anymore, Sayu-chan?”
Sayuri: “… Yes”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Aa-ahh, and we had such a good idea”
Sayuri: “I’m sorry…”
Haruhi: “Can you tell me why?”
Sayuri: “…did I worry you. I guess I have to explain”
Haruhi: (Sayuri’s voice is trembling)
Sayuri: “It’s like this, Majima-kun might not even remember me, after all, we only spoke once at that party…”
Sayuri: “Since, Majima-kun is going back to America, I don’t think it will work out even if I confess”
Haruhi: “Is that really alright? If he goes back to America, you might never see him again”
Sayuri: “That’s…”
Haruhi: (Without saying anything else, Sayuri closes her mouth)
Haruhi: (Sayuri……)

1: …it can’t be helped
2: You have to say how you feel

1: …it can’t be helped
Haruhi: (..It is her decision, I can’t force her to confess)
Haruhi: “…it can’t be helped. If that is what Sayuri thinks, we can’t force you to tell”
Sayuri: “I’m sorry, Haru-chan.”
Haruhi: “It’s fine, but…”
Mitsukuni: “Hey, Sayu-chan.”
Haruhi: (Slowly, Honey-senpai’s cheeks lit up)
Mitsukuni: “Do you really think he doesn’t remember you, Sayu-chan?”
Sayuri: “I don’t know, but…”
Mitsukuni: “If that’s the case, I think we should start by making him remember it again”
Sayuri: “…………”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “They say that people who only look from a distance are stalkers..”
Haruhi: “Hikaru, Kaoru!”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Wow.. Haruhi is angry..”
Haruhi: (While saying so, Hikaru and Kaoru try to escape..)
Haruhi: (In exchange, Mori-senpai steps forward)
Takashi: “He won’t be rude to someone who tells him they like him”
Takashi: “Besides, there is no bigger regret, than regretting not telling something”
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai is saying a lot… I think he’s saying some good things)
Haruhi: “Thank you very much, Mori-senpai”
Takashi: “…no problem”
Haruhi: (I caught a small smile on Mori-senpai)
Haruhi: “Sayuri… using not remembering as an excuse, are you going to leave it like this?”
Sayuri: “…no. I’ll confess properly”
Haruhi: (Sayuri said that while looking straight ahead)

2: You have to say how you feel
Haruhi: “You have to tell how you feel. Him not remembering you, is just an excuse”
Sayuri: “Haru-chan…”
Haruhi: “I know you don’t want to be turned down, it’s not a good feeling, but wouldn’t it be weird not to tell him?”
Sayuri: “But…”
Haruhi: “You’re just scared, because you care so much for Majima-kun”
Sayuri: “––!”
Haruhi: (Sayuri raises her face as if being relieved)
Tamaki: “Why don’t you stop thinking about that fear and start thinking about how you’ll regret it later, Princess Sayuri”
Tamaki: “This time he won’t come back, Princess Sayuri”
Tamaki: “Besides, Majima-kun is someone who likes lovely people like you…”
Tamaki: “Don’t you think you can trust the one you really like?”
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai talkes to Sayuri with a gentle smile)
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai’s thing… maybe, we just witnessed it)
Kyoya: “..Himemiya-san. Do you recall the feeling of coming back to Japan from America?”
Kyoya: “The only thing you need to fear, is taking that big step”
Kyoya: “If it’s trying to stop you, just push it back”
Tamaki: “We are here to help you”
Sayuri: “…………”
Haruhi: “What are you going to do, Sayuri?”
Sayuri: “Sorry, Haru-chan. And everyone, for bothering you”
Haruhi: (Sayuri smiled like a weight was dropped from her shoulders)
Sayuri: “..I’ll confess. That’s why I came to Japan”
Haruhi: (Sayuri said that while looking straight ahead)

Tamaki: “You’re feeling will be answered, princess Sayuri”
Sayuri: “Ye, Yes.”
Tamaki: “Well then..”
Haruhi: (Saying that, Tamaki-senpai snapped his finger)
Haruhi: “Wow!”
Haruhi: (The room became dark… I guess something is going to happen)
Tamaki: “So, let’s introduce today’s special guest”
Hikaru: “Today’s?”
Kaoru: “Special guest!?”
Kyoya: “…such an unnecessary performance”
Tamaki: “It’s Majima-kun”
Sayuri: “Ma, Majima-kun!?”
Haruhi: (Majima-kun was standing in crowded room with a gentle expression)
Majima: “… Miss Himemiya, long time no see.”
Sayuri: “Ye, Yes…”
Majima: “Well,it doesn’t seem to be the case, but I was told you wanted to see me because of a stray dog…”
Tamaki: “Don’t you see it, it’s right in front of you”
Sayuri: “M-Me!?”
Tamaki: “A cute puppy, suffering from the love disease”
Haruhi: (…it is a great way to invite Majima-kun, since he likes animals. It was probably Kyoya-senpai’s idea)
Sayuri: “Ma, Ma, Majima-kun. Could it be… that you heard all of what we were talking about just now…?”
Majima: “…yes. I was struggling to keep listening, since it somehow feels like stealing”
Sayuri: “… I-Is that so”
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai supports Sayuri’s back, as she becomes red)
Tamaki: “Now princess, tell…”
Majima: “Um, please wait.”
Haruhi: (Majima-kun stands before Sayuri to stop her from saying anything inspired by Tamaki-senpai’s words)
Majima: “Can I confess to you?”
Sayuri: “…… Eh?”
Majima: “Because, I think it’s a man’s job to do so”
Sayuri: “Ha……”
Sayuri: “Haru-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!”
Haruhi: “Sa, Sayuri!?”
Haruhi: (Even though, he was going to confess, she hugged me)
Tamaki: “W, why Haruhi?”
Hikaru: “Why not?”
Mitsukuni: “The otome heart is complicated”
Haruhi: (Yes it is, I don’t understand…)
Sayuri: “Thank you Haru-chan!!”
Haruhi: “I, I didn’t do anything…”
Haruhi: (I wonder why Majima-kun is looking like that)
Majima: ‘Umm… what does this mean?”
Mitsukuni: “Well, Haru-chan is special”
Hikaru: “It’s fine”
Kaoru: “They’re childhood friends”
Majima: “…is that so. I wonder if something’s wrong?”
Haruhi: (He doesn’t look convinced)
First of all, explain
Haruhi: (After explaining my relationship with Sayuri, Majima-kun happily confessed)
Haruhi: (Suddenly, the problem of Majima-kun leaving to America comes to mind…)
Kyoya: “Ahh, Majima-kun, are you still going to America tomorrow”
Majima: “No. It’s no longer necessary”
Mitsukuni: “Why not?”
Majima: “The reason I wanted to go to America, was to meet Himemiya-san. To meet her and to confess”
Majima: “Because, ever since coming to Japan, I wanted to go back, so I wouldn’t regret… euhh.. Everyone… what’s wrong?”
So similar
Haruhi (No way, Majima-kun was doing the same like Sayuri…)
Haruhi: (…in a way, they’re a perfect match)
Haruhi: (Even so, Majima-kun will go back to America…)
Kyoya: “…who said, Majima-kun won’t come back anymore?”
Haruhi: (That’s Kyoya-senpai…. completely a dark person)
Kyoya: “We didn’t really win or lose, since Majima-kun was the one to confess, that wasn’t the assignment”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Ehhhhh?!”
Kyoya: “Of course. Nobody has succeeded in the part of Himemiya-san’s confession”
Haruhi: “Yeah, that’s right”
Mitsukuni: “I see, but, it can’t be helped”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Ahh, we misunderstood many things”
Haruhi: (Even thought I don’t have to do it, it did seem somewhat fun)
Haruhi: (In any case.. the results for Sayuri are really good)
Haruhi: (I wasn’t able to reduce my debt, but it’s still a good end result)

At home
Haruhi: (… Today was a busy day, I’m very tired. But, Sayuri seems to be happy and that’s good)
Haruhi: (I never really though about it, but someday, like Sayuri, I’ll meet someone like that….)
Haruhi: (…will I.. I can’t imagine it at all. I wonder if I’ll understand when the time comes)
Haruhi: (Ah, I have to check my computer before I forget)
You’ll now see you’re progress
Haruhi: (Somehow, it’s already Friday, we’ll get a day off tomorrow, but there is another day…)
Haruhi: (But, I’ll get a break from the host club tomorrow, because I was supposed to spend time with 2 people, I’m not sure if it’ll end without anything happening)
Haruhi: (… I hope it will)

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