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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 1 Part 4 Team Tamaki and Kyoya (English Translation)

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Haruhi: (Anyway, I can’t see Tamaki-senpai or Kyoya-senpai anywhere…)
Haruhi: (I wonder if Sayuri went with Tamaki-senpai of Kyoya-senpai)
Haruhi: (But they wouldn’t leave without saying anything)
Haruhi: (Well I should try looking for either Tamaki-senpai or Kyoya-senpai for the time being)

1: Search for Tamaki-senpai
2: Search for Kyoya-senpai

1: Search for Tamaki-senpai
Haruhi: (I’ll look for Tamaki-senapi…. He doesn’t seem to be in the club room)
Haruhi: (I’ll try the corridors outside for now, but where would Tamaki-senpai likely be…)
Haruhi: (I have no idea. I usually see him inside the host club…)
Tamaki: “Who are you looking for?”
Haruhi: “What are you doing in a place like this?”
Tamaki: “Haha, I heard good things about it”
Haruhi: (…Maybe I should’ve gone looking for someone I actually want to see)
Tamaki: “Anyway, about princess Sayuri’s case…”
Haruhi: “If you have something to say, please do”
Tamaki: “Haruhi… I always do my best to make every woman happy”
Haruhi: “…yeah, yeah. I understand, please continue”
Haruhi: (There’s no point in fighting)
Tamaki: “Well, after all, I thought this kind of thing would be meaningless if we only know one viewpoint”
Haruhi: “What do you mean?”
Tamaki: “A young Haruhi. A relationship is between a man and a woman. There’s nothing special when there’s only one person”
Tamaki: “In other words! We can only build a strategy if we know how princess Sayuri’s crush feels about her!!”
Haruhi: (Surprisingly, what Tamaki-senpai is saying makes sense. But how will we do it, when we only have today)
Tamaki: “So, I’ll go talk to Majima-kun!”
Haruhi: “What, now!? Don’t you think it’ll be too late…”
Tamaki: “Haruhi, it’s never too late for these kind of things”
Haruhi: “…………”
Tamaki: “Besides, take the risk or lose the chance…”
Haruhi: “…That’s not how you use that saying”
Tamaki: “Huh”
Haruhi: “But, it might not be too late like you said Tamaki-senpai”
Tamaki: “Haruhi…”
Haruhi: “Let’s do this”
Tamaki: “Yeah”
Haruhi: (Together with a smiling Tamaki-senpai, I headed towards Majima’s classroom”
Tamaki: “This is Majima’s classroom”
Haruhi: “So, what should we do?”
Tamaki: “Pudding?”
Haruhi: “…maybe I should leave?”
Tamaki: “It was just a joke. First, let’s come up with a basic course of action!”
Haruhi: “That’s it?”
Tamaki: “There’s an order for things…”
Haruhi: (Even with Tamaki-senpai here, I’m on my own in talking to Hajima-kun)
Haruhi: (So that’s Hajima-kun, he seems nice. But I can’t be sure without talking to him)……
Haruhi: (For a while, Tamaki-senpai and I were just watching Hajima-kun…)
Tamaki: “It seems that he has many friends, regardless of gender”
Haruhi: “It’ like looking at Tamaki-senpai”
Haruhi: (For now, we are just collecting information about Majima-kun)
Haruhi: “Besides, he seems like a good person”
Tamaki: “Haruhi, Haruhi, what about me!?”
Haruhi: “…………”
Tamaki: “…………”
Haruhi: (…what should I do, if I answer honestly, it’ll be troublesome…)
Haruhi: “…ah, it seems that Majima-kun is leaving the classroom”
Tamaki: “What?  Oh, let’s hide behind the pillar!”
Haruhi: (Hahaha…)
Haruhi: (Majima-kun walkes past us without noticing us …where is he going?”
Tamaki: “Lets go, Haruhi”
Haruhi: “Yes”
Haruhi: (Majima-kun entered the cafeteria and talked with the cook)
Haruhi: (After talking for a while, he got something from the cook and put it in a smal bag)
Haruhi: “He got something”
Tamaki: “Well… maybe it was a piece of bread? And that’s the rest of his lunch”
Haruhi: “Hold on, Tamaki-senpai, why would Majima-kun…”
Tamaki: “Perhaps, we just witnessed something we shouldn’t have!!”
Haruhi: “Yeah, that’s exaggerated..”
Tamaki: “Is it though. Maybe Majima-kun had to save up to enter Ouran academy and has to live on rations now due to cutting out on food expenses…”
Tamaki: “How awful it must be… I would love to give him something nutritious…”
Haruhi: “Be more serious, Tamaki-senpai! What do you think we’re doing here!?”
Haruhi: (Maybe I should stop asking Tamaki-senpai for help)
Tamaki: “But…”
Haruhi: “Stop! How is this supposed to help Sayuri!?”
Tamaki: “Well, when you say that…”
Haruhi: “Oh, Majima-kun is going somewhere. Let’s go”
Tamaki: “Ah, yes…”
Haruhi: (After walking a way, we follow behind Majima-kun with some distance)
Haruhi: “I wonder where he’s going”
Tamaki: “I bet he’ll go eat somewhere alone..”
Haruhi: “It doesn’t look that way”
Tamaki: “Well, than why did he take the leftovers?”
Haruhi: “I’m not sure myself, but we’ll find out if we follow him…”
Haruhi: (While saying that, Majima-kun suddenly stopped and started looking around)
Tamaki: “Huh! Haruhi, hide!”
Haruhi: “But where…”
Haruhi: “Um, what are you doing?”
Tamaki: “Majima-kun was looking this way”
Haruhi: (So, why…)
Haruhi: “I’m not familiar with this, is this normal?”
Tamaki: “No…, we should act like lovers”
Haruhi: (… I was kind of expecting this, but it’s troublesome)
Haruhi: “Eum…, I don’t know what to do”
Tamaki: “How about touching me, like you would a boyfriend?”
Haruhi: (It can’t be helped, let’s try it like I was told to)
These are the things he can say when you touch the picture:
Tamaki: “More gently…”「もっと優しく……」
Tamaki: “…………”
Tamaki: “What else would you like to touch?”「もっと他に、ふれたいところは?」
Tamaki: “Such cute hands”「かわいい手だね」
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai was smiling while we were gently stroking hands)
Haruhi: (…Its this what it’s like to have a boyfriend?)
Haruhi: “…Um, Majima-kun has already left, how long should we do this?”
Tamaki: “………… Eh?”
Haruhi: “Besides, everyone thinks I’m a male student, so it looks strange”
Tamaki: “Ha! ….that’s”
Haruhi: “Not gonna llie, it was kind of weird”
Tamaki badum sound
Tamaki: “…………”
Haruhi: “So, what should we do now?”
Tamaki: “What to do…”
Haruhi: “Shouldn’t we follow Majima-kun?”
Tamaki: “Ah, let’s chase him!”
Haruhi: “Yes, yes. Well, let’s do it”
Haruhi: (Honestly… I don’t even know)
Haruhi: (It was a bit shocking…)
Haruhi: (Trying to keep up with Hajima-kun)
Haruhi: “Ah..”
Haruhi: (There was a small puppy besides Majima-kun, while nobody else was there)
Haruhi: (Majima-kun took at the bread and placed it in a bowl. He softened it with water)
Tamaki: “… So that’s how you give food to a puppy”
Haruhi: “Yes, it’s like feeding a baby”
Tamaki: “In that case, wouldn’t it be better with milk?”
Haruhi: “It has to be milk from the mother dog. If the milk is from another animal, it would break the stomach”
Tamaki: “Taking care of animals isn’t easy…”
Haruhi: “You’re taking care of a living thing. It’s a big responsibility”
Tamaki: “… I see”
Haruhi: (After feeding the puppy, Majima-kun went back to the school building..”
Tamaki: “…This could be useful”
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai is smiling)
Haruhi: “What can be useful?”
Tamaki: “Ha, that’s a secret!!”
Haruhi: (….no, I didn’t expect anything else)
Tamaki: “Now, back to the clubroom”
Haruhi: “Yeah Yeah…”
Haruhi: (We were able to find somethings out about Hajima-kun, but whether they’ll be useful…. It’s a delicate case)

2: Search for Kyoya-senpai
Haruhi: (I’ll look for Kyoya-senpai, maybe he left the clubroom…)
Haruhi: (It’s strange. It’s not like Kyoya-senpai to just go home…)
Haruhi: (….the bathroom?)
Kyoya: “Looking for me?”
Haruhi: “Huh!”
Kyoya: “….to be so surprised, you must have been imagining rude things”
Haruhi: “N, no…  I  just wondered where you went since I couldn’t find you”
Haruhi: (Just like Nekozawa-senpai, Kyoya-senpai has a certain presence…)
Haruhi: (He might be a demon)
Kyoya: “Sorry to not live up to your imagination, but I just met up with Majima-kun”
Haruhi: “Ah, with Majima-kun…. What!?
Kyoya: “… You’re too loud.”
Haruhi: “So–Sorry…”
Haruhi: (Due to my loud voice, his eyes twitched)
Kyoya: “…since it is done. Let’s leave now”
Haruhi: “Ah, yes”
Haruhi: (While thinking about what to do, I follow Kyoya-senpai)
Haruhi: (As we entered the room, Kyoya-senpai immediately opened the laptop and started working)
Haruhi: (Well, it is a laptop. No, not that…)
Haruhi: “Eum, what happened before…”
Kyoya: “Let’s say, there was no mistake in the information. Also…”
Kyoya: “The pharmaceutical company managed by his parents has some new interesting drug patents”
Haruhi: “…Sorry, but I don’t understand why Kyoya-senpai went to see Majima-kun”
Kyoya: “Let’s just say I thought I had nothing to lose since we weren’t acquainted. I did hear some interesting stories”
Haruhi: (He’s staring at the screen while typing)
Kyoya: “It’s very disappointing, but he seems to have decided on another way forward…”
Haruhi: “Huh? Is that an animal hair on you uniform, Kyoya-senpai?”
Kyoya: “..hmm. It seems to be somewhere I can’t see. That’s bad, can you take it off?”
Haruhi: “Ok. Please, hold still for a while”

These are the things he can say when you touch the picture:
Kyoya: “I suppose, they really are there”「本当についているんだろうな」
Kyoya: “Do not stop, unless you want to increase your debt”借金を増やしたいというなら、俺は止めないが」
Kyoya: “…what are you doing”「……何をしてる」
Kyoya: “Thank you, Haruhi”「ありがとう、ハルヒ」
Haruhi: “This, is a dog hair”
Kyoya: “Apparently, it must’ve gotten on me while talking to Majima-kun, he is looking after a puppy after all”
Haruhi: “A puppy… at school?”
Kyoya: “Yes, is that a problem?”
Haruhi: “No, but is that really okay? I’m not sure if it violates the school regulations”
Kyoya: “It should be alright. I’ll leave it to him, unless another student or staff memeber finds out”
Kyoya: “Besides, it’s a good experience for Majima-kun since he wants to become a veterinarian”
Haruhi: “A veterinarian? But, he won’t be able to inherit his parents company”
Kyoya: “Also, the merit I would obtain from this decreases drastically”
Haruhi: “Well then…”
Kyoya: “No need to panic. Since the pet industry will continue to expand, it’s still worth helping out”
Kyoya: “However, we need to recalculate the merit of it. That’s why Haruhi, I would like to ask you in name of the club”
Haruhi: “Haa.. by myself”
Haruhi: (Somehow, I feel like I couldn’t listen properly)
Haruhi: (Still, i don’t think you’ll get hair on you just by talking to Majima-kun. Unless, you hold it …)
Haruhi: (Hold it? Kyoya-senpai holding a puppy?)
Haruhi: (The sight of Kyoya-senpai smiling while holding a puppy… I want to see that, but I can’t really imagine it)

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