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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 1 Part 4 Team Hikaru And Kaoru (English Translation)

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Haruhi: (Anyway, I  haven’t seen Hikaru or Kaoru… Where could they be?)
Haruhi: (I don’t really care, but maybe they’re planning something for Sayuri without permission… well, I’d expect that)
Haruhi: (One possibility is that they got bored and starting playing a video game…)
Haruhi: (I’m afraid that’s it. For now I should start looking for one of them. Even though they might be together)

1: Look for Hikaru
2: Look for Kaoru

1: Look for Hikaru
Haruhi: (Let’s look for Hikaru … I don’t see him anywhere in the clubroom..)
Hikaru: “Haruhi”
Haruhi: “What are you doing here?”
Hikaru: “I’ve been in the club room all along, though?
Haruhi: “Really? I was thinking about looking for you”
Hikaru: “Ohh, you wanted to go look for me”
Haruhi: (… what just happened, he seems to be happy?)
Hikaru: “Come on Haruhi. I’ll let you be in my presence”
Haruhi: “Presence?”
Hikaru: “Alright, let’s go”
Haruhi: “Hey, so….”
Haruhi: (I just left the club room, being urged by Hikaru)

2: Look for Kaoru
Haruhi: (Let’s look for Kaoru… I don’t see him anywhere in the club room)
Kaoru: “Haruhi”
Haruhi: “Well, you’re here? I didn’t see you, so I was going to go look for you”
Kaoru: “Not for Hikaru, but for me?”
Haruhi: “That’s right… but no need anymore”
Haruhi: (What just happened, Kaoru got a serious look…)
Kaoru: “That’s not it. I just thought Haruhi would never notice me”
Haruhi: “What? Why do you think that?”
Kaoru: “It doesn’t matter. Anyway, come over her”
Haruhi: “Huh, what?”
Kaoru: “It’s fine, it’s fine”
Haruhi: (I just left the club room, being urged by Kaoru)

Haruhi: (I was brought to the library)
Haruhi: “…. I thought I didn’t see you, and now I’m dragged here by you two”
Hikaru: “That’s a terrible way of saying it. We just wanted to work on the assignment in the quiet library”
Kaoru: “Honestly though”
Haruhi: “I see… sorry”
Hikaru: “It’s fine, as long as you understand”
Kaoru: “Well then, about the assignment, we were thinking…”
Hikaru: “How about a confession using the ‘Suspension bridge’ theory”
Haruhi: “Isn’t that the theory that makes on feel like they are in love due to a state like you are throbbing with a swinging suspension bridge? They say a Canadian psychologist experimented with it”
Kaoru: “Oh, you know it”
Hikaru: “A confession that takes maximal use of the suspension bridge effect”
Haruhi: (While saying that, Hikaru pointed to an open magazine on the desk. There was a big picture of a helicopter flying trough the night sky)
Kaoru: “The two will be taken out for a night fly with a helicopter,  princess Sayuri can do her confession of love at 3000 meters high”
Hikaru: “Well!? Isn’t it nice?”
Haruhi: “Is it easy to rent a helicopter?”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Ah, we have one”
Haruhi: (Because they’re rich)
Haruhi: “Another problem, is that couples born from that theory don’t last long”
Hikaru: “… Eh?”
Kaoru: “Is that so?”
Haruhi: “Sorry, but love created from tension, doesn’t continue on”
Kaoru: “Well then, no roller coaster and sky diving…”
Hikaru: “I guess it’s no good”
Haruhi: “That’s right”
Kaoru: “I was thinking about various things…”
Hikaru: “… Kaoru.”
Kaoru: “After all, they can’t understand our way of thinking”
Hikaru: “It’s alright, Kaoru. You have me…”
Kaoru: “That’s right, as long as I have Hikaru, I don’t need anything else”
Hikaru: “Me too, Kaoru”
Haruhi: (…the forbidden love of brothers, I don’t mind seeing it in front of me)
Haruhi: (I wish I could deny it… Anyway, if I don’t do anything, it’ll go on forever)

Depending on where you touch the picture they’ll say one of these;
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Stop”「やめてよ」
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Don’t touch…”「さわらないで……」
Hikaru & Kaoru: “That’s ticklish”「ちょっと、くすぐったいって」
Hikaru & Kaoru: “You’re coming between us…”「僕らのなかへ入ってくるんだね……」

Hikaru & Kaoru: “You’re coming between us…”
Haruhi: “Although I don’t want to start a triangle relationship…. sorry. But a while ago..”
Kaoru: “Why are you apologizing?”
Haruhi: “Both of you thought hard about it, it can be disappointing”
Hikaru: “Were you consciously doing it?
Haruhi: “It’s not like that… Why don’t we come up with a humble plan?”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Euh, boring”
Haruhi: (Okay, because this is for Sayori’s love, so it can’t be boring like they said…)
Hikaru: “It’s a big deal, so let’s make it grand”
Kaoru: “That’s right. In fact, we have prepared the ultimate proposal”
Hikaru: “It’s absolutely going to work”
Haruhi: (….I don’t really want to know, but if I don’t listen now, I’ll regret it later)
Haruhi: “Well, what is it?”
Hikaru: “Not telling. But, I’m looking forward to it”
Kaoru: “If we don’t return to the club room, they’ll come looking for us”
Haruhi: (That’s true… but I really wonder what their idea is)

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