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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 1 Part 3 Team Tamaki and Kyouya (English Translation)

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Team Tamaki and Kyouya
Tamaki: “Ah, Haruhi. Give your father a hug…)
Haruhi: “Can I come back later?”
Kyoya: “…let’s continue our preparations”
Sayuri: “Yes, please take care of me.”
Kyouya: “This place…, it’s the same as yesterday. Let’s go”
Tamaki: “There is something I would like to ask you, princess Sayuri”
Sayuri: “About Haru-chan?”
Tamaki: “No, no. I certainly care about Haruhi, but princess Sayuri was also pretty since kindergarten…”
Sayuri: “Haha…”
Haruhi: (Senpai, I’m also curious about what Sayuri was like as a child)
Kyouya: “…………”
Haruhi: (Kyouya-senpai is thinking of something)
Haruhi: (Should I join the conversation between Sayori and Tamaki-senpai or talk to Kyouya-senpai?)

1: Talk with Sayori and Tamaki-senpai
2: Talk to Kyouya-senpai

1: Talk with Sayori and Tamaki-senpai
Haruhi: “When we were in kindergarten, Sayori was very popular”
Sayuri: “Really? I think I was being made fun of, I just feel like I was being mean..”
Haruhi: “Did everyone wanted you to stop it?”
Sayuri: “In that case, I want you to think about it a little more. At that time…”
Haruhi: “On excursion?”
Sayuri: “Yes.. I still have the pictures, so I’ll never forget it”
Tamaki: “Princess Sayuri, was Haruhi also in these pictures?”
Sayuri: “Of course, right next to me. Why do you ask?”
Tamaki: “Ah, well, as her father, I want to see it…”
Haruhi: “Eh..”
Haruhi: (If she hands them to senpai, he’ll be printing bigger versions without premission again)
Tamaki: “Even though I couldn’t see you together, can’t you understand the desire of a fathers heart to see how his little girl grew up with his own eyes”
Haruhi: “If you were my real father, you would’ve already seen that”
Tamaki: “I will bring photo’s as well! We can talk about each other’s grand memories and fill in the missing gaps!”
Haruhi: “I’m sick of this”
Tamaki: “––!”
Sayuri: “…truly, like usual”
Haruhi: “What do you mean?”
Sayuri: (It’s nothing. …Tamaki-senpai, I’ll bring you the picture even if she is disappointed”
Tamaki: “………………Really?”

2: Talk with Kyouya-senpai
Haruhi: “Kyouya-senpai, what are you thinking about?”
Kyoya: “It’s decided. About this case”
Haruhi: (He’s smiling..)
Kyoya: “And how we’ll apply these methods to future events”
Haruhi: (…so that’s it. He’s already planing for the future…)
Kyoya: “However, it would useless if miss Sayuri’s case doesn’t succeed”
Haruhi: (…I should also think about Sayuri properly)

Haruhi: (As soon as we arrive at the rose garden, senpai starts talking)
Tamaki: “Well, the Japanese sweets mansion…)
Kyoya: “Just shut up”
Sayuri: “…………Are you alright, Haruhi-chan?”
Haruhi: “Its always like this.”
Sayuri: “…really?”
Haruhi: “It also surprised me at first, but now I’m used to it”
Sayuri: “Haru-chan, no matter where you go, you could be alone..)
Haruhi: “Probably”
Haruhi: (Well, I don’t really care about such things…)
Haruhi: (I wonder how long it will take for the senpais to recover and for the story to continue…)
Haruhi: “…aww”
Tamaki: “Haruhi! What happened?!”
Haruhi: “I’m okay, it was just a little rose thorn”
Tamaki: “… Haruhi!!”
Tamaki: “….. uf”
Haruhi: “Ta, Tamaki-senpai?”
Haruhi: (Tamaki senpai is placing a gentle ‘kiss’ to my finger)
Haruhi: “Euh… that’s first aid for when you get bit by a snake”
Tamaki: “……eh?”
Person trying to suck out poison
Haruhi: (Sayuri came with a small box, while senpai looked strange)
Sayuri: “I have a first aid kit. Let’s disinfect the wound first”
Haruhi: “Thank you, Sayuri.”
Tamaki: “……eh?”
Sayuri: “It doesn’t look like a big deal, but it would be bad if it got infected”
Haruhi: “Thank you. Oh, that dog pattern is cute”
Sayuri: “This, I like it too”
Kyoya: “… I heard that Majima likes dogs as well”
Sayuri: “Majima-kun, likes all animals not just dogs. That’s why I chose such a pattern…”
Please join me
Haruhi: (We started devising strategies)
Haruhi: (But we haven’t come up with an idea yet…)
Haruhi (There wasn’t really anything going on at all today)

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