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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 1 Part 2 Team Hikaru and Kaoru (English Translation)

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Hikaru & Kaoru: “Ah, Haruhi, what is it?”
Haruhi: “Let’s put up a proposal plan”
Sayuri: “Thank you in advance.”
Hikaru: “Well, would you like to change the location?”
Kaoru: “Would you like to go over there”
Haruhi: “By the way, do you two have any ideas?”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Nooooot at all, not even a little.”
Haruhi: (Somehow, I had expected this…)
Haruhi: “I thought you two were motivated for this?”
Hikaru: “That’s right”
Kaoru: “Haruhi”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Guess it can’t be helped”
Sayuri: “Haha…”
Haruhi: “What is it, Sayuri?”
Sayuri: “Nothing, it’s just cute to see you working with the host department)
Haruhi: (This was a mistake, now they’re just making fun of me…)
Hikaru: “Anyway, what are you thinking about it so far, Princess Sayuri?”
Sayuri: “I vaguely remember sweets from that party I told you about… Such a nice place…”
Kaoru: “Hmm, Japanese sweets, huh”
Sayuri: “Yes. He likes Japanese sweets”
Haruhi: “I understand that he has a sweet tooth, but this alone doesn’t help us… Is there anything else?”
Hikaru: “Then, what about a dance party? Then, at the point that it’s been building up to, she’ll confess!”
Kaoru: “Won’t that backfire for a plain person who likes simple things like Japanese sweets? I think a love letter would be good.”
Hikaru: “I think a dance party would be better! You don’t understand the value of a good atmosphere, Kaoru!”
Kaoru: “That’s the point, a love letter will provide a better atmosphere”
Hikaru: “A present day love letter? Ha… How ridiculous. Right, Haruhi?”
Haruhi: “… Eh?”
Kaoru: “As for dance parties, those are just noisy, boisterous to play around. Right, Haruhi?”
Haruhi: “… Eh?”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Which of ours will you choose?!”
Haruhi: (… Hmmmm)

1: Maybe Hikaru’s idea
2: Maybe Kaoru’s idea

1: Maybe Hikaru’s idea
Haruhi: “Maybe Hikaru’s idea? If it’s a Host Club hosted party, then I think there’s a lot of things we can do.”
Hikaru: “Haruhi thinks so too, after all? Then it’s decided!”
Kaoru: “…Well, I….”
Haruhi: “A love letter is also a good idea, but this time let’s go with the lively party idea. Alright, Kaoru?”
Hikaru: “Right right, a love letter is such a boring idea anyways.”
Kaoru: “… What do you mean it’s boring?”
Hikaru: “Just like the other things you come up with”
Kaoru: “What do you mean by that?”
Hikaru: “Do you not understand Japanese, Kaoru?”
Sayuri: “U-Um… You two…”
Haruhi: “… It’s started.”

2: Maybe Kaoru’s idea
Haruhi: “Maybe Kaoru’s idea? I think it’d easy to convey her feelings through a letter.”
Kaoru: “Haruhi thinks so too? Then it’s decided.”
Hikaru: “…Well, I…”
Haruhi: “A party is a good idea too, but this time let’s go with the love letter idea.”
Kaoru: “Well yeah, this is the best solution, the party idea is a little childish”
Hikaru: “…what do you mean childish?”
Kaoru: “Don’t you even understand the meaning of it?”
Hikaru: “What’s that supposed to mean?!”
Kaoru: “Don’t you even know that?”
Sayuri: “U-Um… You two…”
Haruhi: “… It’s started.”

Hikaru: “You’re always like this Kaoru..!
Kaoru: “That you would even say such a thing Hikaru…!”
Sayuri: “Ah, uh, to fight like that…”
Haruhi: “You two! Stop fighting! You’re troubling Sayuri–”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Is Haruhi also troubled?
Haruhi: “Uh…”
Hikaru: “Do you think I dislike you, Kaoru?”
Kaoru: “No. Even though I dislike myself, I could never dislike you Hikaru”
Hikaru: “…the same goes for me, Kaoru”
Kaoru: “Hikaru…”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “It was just a disagreement”
Sayuri: “Ah, that.., this…”
Haruhi: “Don’t worry about it”
Haruhi: (Even I thought is was serious, how stupid of me…)
Renge: “It’s wonderful!”
Haruhi: “Renge-chan…”
Sayuri: “Eh? Eh?”
Renge: “Twins linked by bonds, that can not be destroyed by love or hate…”
Renge: “Oh Sayuri, have you just now been woken to this world?”
Sayuri: “…no, sorry”
Renge: “That’s too bad. Anyway, Haruhi, what were you talking about?”
Haruhi: “Err… What should we do for lunch tomorrow, Sayuri?”
Sayuri: ‘Huh? …Oh yeah. I always bring a boxed lunch, since I don’t like going to the dinning hall”
Renge: “…oh, that’s it? In that case, I’ll be going. Have a nice day”
Haruhi: (I wonder why Renge-chan came here)

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