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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 1 Prologue (English Translation)

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Guess I should get on with some work.
… What should I do?
1: Hosting Duties
2: Run some errands

1: Hosting Duties
Haruhi: (I better help with the hosting. I am one of the hosts, too, after all. Besides, I enjoy talking to the guests)
Haruhi: (I start to look around for the others…)
Kyoya: “Haruhi.”
Haruhi: (That’s Kyoya-senpai’s voice)
Haruhi: “What is it, Kyoya-senpai?”
Kyoya: “Before you start serving guests, I need to speak to you about how to be a good host.”
Haruhi: (Right now, Kyoya-senpai is smirking about something)

2: Run some errands.
Haruhi: (…I think I’ll go and run some errands)
Haruhi: (We’ve run out of Instant coffee)
Haruhi: (I should go buy some more)
Haruhi: (All the others think I’m some kind of expert with it anyway)
Haruhi: (It’s just normal coffee but they’ll never understand)
Haruhi: (Damn rich people)
Haruhi: (Muttering to myself in annoyance, I head for the door…)
Kyoya: “Where are you going?”
Haruhi: (That’s Kyoya-senpai’s voice)
Haruhi: “I’m going out to buy some more Instant coffee…”
Kyoya: “You’re not planning to host today? You do realize that we have a debt of 8,000,000 yen under Haruhi Fujioka-kun.”
Haruhi: “Eh, ehehehe……”
Haruhi: (I should make a run for it before he keeps me here)
Haruhi: “Well, catch you later…”
Kyoya: “Haruhi.”
Haruhi: (I was stopped in my tracks by Kyoya-senpai)
Haruhi: (I don’t think he’s letting me get off that easily)
Kyoya: “Before you start serving guests, I need to speak to you about how to be a good host.”
Haruhi: (Right now, Kyoya-senpai is smirking about something)

Haruhi: (…Wonder what he wants to tell me? I bit my lip, trying to think of what he could want)
Kyoya: “First, our honoured guests designate a Host that they request to spend time with.”
Haruhi: “Okay.”
Kyoya: “In order for the guests to designate you, you must attain popularity. In other words, it’s a matter of winning the customer’s heart.”
Haruhi: (… Easy for him to say)
Kyoya: “It will be rather difficult.”
Haruhi: (Erm… Is he a mind reader?)
Kyoya: “If you wish, I can give you an explanation on how to host our guests.”
Haruhi: (An explanation of how to host… I wonder if I should listen to this)

1: Listen to his explanation
2: Decline the offer

1: Listen to his explanation
Haruhi: “Yes please, I’d like you to explain it.”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai nodded quietly)
Haruhi: (Then he began to explain his tips on Hosting)
Kyoya: “When hosting, you must act in accordance with the mood and desires of your customer.”
Kyoya: “In short, you have to read their facial expressions and their verbal replies.”
Haruhi: “Okay.”
Haruhi: (… I already know to act based on reading people)
Haruhi: (My problem is I never really know what to talk to the guests about)
Haruhi: (I always consider the feelings of the guest)
Haruhi: (The others seem to think “This is when I do this or do that”, like a hosting routine)
Haruhi: (But I don’t believe hosting can be taught as a skill)
Haruhi: “I know how to make the guests laugh, but not from reading the guest’s feelings. I be myself and let things flow naturally.”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai seems to be nodding in agreement)
Kyoya: “There is usually six options for what to do with our guests. …Here, take a look at this.”

2017-12-13 (7).png

These are the action selection icons.
Select an icon with the touch pen among these to select what to do.

A description of the selected icon will be displayed (in the black box).

Haruhi: (… Hmmm. I kinda understand it, but I kinda don’t)
Kyoya: “You’ll know if your selection of topic was right by paying attention to the guest’s reaction.”
Haruhi: “How do you mean?”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai gave a sigh, as if to say “You’re not getting this at all”)
Kyoya: “…An emotional response like that.”

2017-12-13 (8).png
Haruhi: “Ahhh~ Thank you very much…… I understand it now.”
Haruhi: (While I answered, I wondered to myself what would happen if I said I still didn’t understand at this point)
Kyoya: “… Understand now?”
Haruhi: (Well, I guess I still have a lot to learn. But I know that I can gauge the guests’ reactions. Plus, if I do things correctly, the situation might be altered)
2017-12-13 (9).png
This is when I did neither good nor bad.
2017-12-13 (10).png
This is when I did good.
This is when I did very good.
2017-12-13 (12).png
This is when I did best.
This is when I did bad.
This is when I did very bad.
2017-12-13 (15)
This is when it was a complete disaster.

Haruhi: (If I follow this as a guide, I’ll be fine. Well, maybe…)

1A: I’ve got it.
Haruhi: “Okay, I get it.”
Kyoya: “It takes time and experience to be a good host. So far, you have shown a few positive signs.”
Haruhi: (Now, Kyoya-senpai is laughing to himself)

1B: I need to see again.
Haruhi: “Can you explain once more?”
Kyoya: “Very well.”
(The previous part will just restart)

After this you can skip to the next continue, the 2 beneath this sentence is for when you do not want to read the tutorial. This is becoming a bit complex with all the choices you need to make in the game, but I hope you can all understand it. If not please let me know.

2: Decline the offer
Haruhi: “I’m okay.”
Kyoya: “You seem confident. At the end of each day, you’ll get to review the results of your actions.”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is smiling)

Kyoya: “Ah, let me give you this, Haruhi.”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai takes out what looks like a small laptop and hands it over to me)
Haruhi: “What’s this for?”
Kyoya: “That computer is used to calculate your rates and total debt left. Don’t worry, it doesn’t come with a rental charge.”
Haruhi: “Ahaha.. Okay then.”
Haruhi: (I smile wryly to Kyoya-senpai. I’m hoping he’s about to explain this device to me)
The screen goes black for a moment, we don’t get to see Kyoya explain this to us.
Kyoya: “…Were you able to understand?”
Haruhi: “Well…”
Haruhi: (While looking at the small computer, I begin to think back to what Kyoya-senpai first told me)
Haruhi (It goes like this…)
On screen explanation of the graph system

Haruhi: On this screen, I am given my appointment rate.
Haruhi: The line shows how popular I am with the guests.
Haruhi: The higher the gradient is, the better I’m doing.
Haruhi: Also, the total of my remaining debt will be calculated based on how often I am requested and how well I do with the guests.
Haruhi: I currently have my 8,000,000 yen debt, once I have got this down I can leave the host club if I decide to.
Haruhi: After that…
Haruhi: If I become more popular with the guests, I can change my actions to get even more positive responses from the clients.
Haruhi: …The rate will either increase or decrease depending on my actions taken.
Haruhi: Hang on, that other screen seems to be something else…
“Host Favorability System?
Haruhi: (It seems to show who out of the other hosts like me? Well, that’s not something I care too much about. This doesn’t help with my debt at all. Still I’ll keep an eye on it, it might turn out to be useful in some way)

Haruhi: “Okay, I understand it all.”
Haruhi: (With my positive reply, Kyoya-senpai nodded and walked away looking satisfied)
Haruhi: Well, I best be careful I don’t slack off. I’m not here to have fun after all. I’ve gotta repay that debt!)
Haruhi: (When I looked around, I saw my first guest walking towards me)
Haruhi: “Welcome.”
Haruhi: (It was Momoka Kurakano. She’s the vice-president of my class. From what I can tell, she’s a calm, polite person)
Kurakano: “Ah, Haruhi-kun.”
Haruhi: “Who are you here to see today?”
Kurakano: “I’d like to see Tamaki-sama, but…”
Haruhi: (In front of Kurakano-san’s view is Tamaki-senpai. He’s surrounded by everyone right now.)
Haruhi: (Hmmm… Should I speak to Kurakano-san for a while? I don’t know how long she’ll be waiting for Tamaki-senpai)
Haruhi: “Do you mind waiting for him for a while?”
Haruhi: (The table near us is empty right now. Kurakano-san smiled at me)
Kurakano: “Will you wait with me, too, Haruhi-kun?
Haruhi: “Yes, of course. Here, take a seat.”

Kurakano: “Ehehe…”
Haruhi: (Kurakano-san gave a giggle as I guided her to the table)
Haruhi: “Is everything okay?”
Kurakano: “…Mhmm, I’m fine, but… I find it a little unusual that we’re in the same class everyday, yet talking to you here feels a little weird.”
Haruhi: (Well, when she says that, should I agree?…)

1: Well, maybe a little….. (Heart)
2: That’s very true (Don’t choose this one)

1: Well, maybe a little…… (Heart)
Haruhi: “Well, maybe it is a little strange… But I was just thinking I’d like to talk to you more and know each other better.”
Kurakano: “Oh… really?”
Haruhi: “Yes… Ah, I’ll go prepare the tea. Kurakano-san, wait there for just a moment please.”
Haruhi: (I’d been distracted walking over to the table and had forgotten all about the tea preparation)
Haruhi: (Risky, risky. I don’t want to upset Tamaki-senpai’s guest. Although I was just about to sit down with her anyway)
Kyoya: “You’ve got a good attitude.”
Haruhi: “Huh? What do you mean?”
Kyoya: “It shows you really are a natural rookie at this.”
Haruhi: (Hmmm. I can’t tell if he’s praising me or making  fun of me…)
Kyoya: “Maybe my advice wasn’t needed after all.”
Haruhi: “… Hmm.”
Haruhi: (By now, I should be able to gauge a guest’s feelings and select correctly right…? I guess we’ll find out. Oh, I need to hurry and put the kettle on for the tea)

2: That’s very true! (don’t choose this one)

Kurakano: “…………”
Haruhi: (Kurakano-san’s expression looks a bit troubled. She looks worried about something, occasionally letting out a small sigh)
Haruhi: (In this situation, what should I do?)

I think the topic results are randomized for this part? So just save and go back if you don’t get to right answer.

Haruhi: (…For now, let’s try this)
Haruhi: I’m not convinced I’m doing all this hosting properly, though.

If you pick something other than the heart Haruhi will say either one of these:
Kind of a so-so feeling, I guess.
I should properly think about what I should
I messed up. This time I’ll properly think more about what to do.

Haruhi: …It’s calmed down now. Looking around the club room, I see…
Haruhi (Tamaki-senpai is entertaining Tsubaki Kamikamo, Kyoya-senpai is entertaining Kimiko Sakurazuka….)
Haruhi: (Hikaru and Kaoru look busy at the moment. And over there, Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai are hosting right now too)
Haruhi: (…Hmm. Before I knew it, I’ve been left out of the circle and have no one to host)
Haruhi: (I wish I knew why I wasn’t getting more guests… Well, it can’t be helped. It’s not like I can change it. I’ll get some more tea ready and do the dishes)
Haruhi: …………
Haruhi: Okay, it finally seems to have quieted down. I think this is a good chance to seek some tips on hosting from one of the club members.

1: Tamaki-senpai
2: Kyoya-senpai
3: Hikaru
4: Next Page
5: Kaoru
6: Honey-senpai
7: Mori-senpai
8: Previous page

1: Tamaki
Haruhi: (I guess I’ll try asking Tamaki-senpai)
Haruhi: “Hey, Tamaki-senpai.”
Tamaki: “Hm, what is it, Haruhi?”
Haruhi: “Actually… I was wondering if you could give me some tips on hosting.”
Tamaki: “Ah… It seems that Haruhi’s passion as a host has awakened!”
Haruhi: “Well, I wouldn’t go that far…”
Tamaki: “Very well! Let me instruct you on the techniques of hosting!”
Tamaki: “But before that, I’d just love to see Haruhi in a beautiful white dress—-”
Haruhi: “No, thanks.”
Haruhi: (Even if it was only for a moment, I’m really an idiot for feeling gratitude toward Tamaki-senpai…)
Tamaki: “W-wait, Haruhi! I’ll properly teach you!”
Haruhi: “… Is that the truth?”
Tamaki: “A king doesn’t go back on his word. Therefore, I shall instruct you about the incredibly effective technique of  [gazing] at your customer!”
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai posed after his grand expression)
Tamaki: “Gazing into their eyes…. That is, to have a conversation with our eyes.”
Haruhi: “… Riight.”
Haruhi: (I’m not sure this conversation is going to be all that helpful for me)
Tamaki: “—- How was that? Incredible right!?”
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai has a triumphant smile on his face. Butto be honest, he just mostly spouted nonsense)
Haruhi: (Let’s see….)
Haruhi: ([Gazing] is an advanced technique, and it seems that if you don’t understand the other party’s feelings, it will be a massive failure)
Haruhi: (If I don’t think properly about if they would be happy to be gazed at, or if they would find it unpleasant, I’ll mess up… It’s very difficult indeed)
Haruhi: “Yes, you’ve been very helpful. Thank you very much.”

2: Kyoya
Haruhi: (I’ll see if Kyoya-senpai has any spare time to help me)
Haruhi: “Kyoya-senpai.”
Kyoya: “Yes?”
Haruhi: “I was wondering if you could tell me if there was some sort of trick to waiting on customers.”
Kyoya: “You’ve got a good attitude.”
Kyoya: “For you that is”
Kyoya: “Well, this is also connected to the Host Club’s profits. So, I’ll teach you about the [touching] technique.”
Haruhi: “Yes, please.”
Haruhi: (Pushing up his glasses, Kyoya-senpai began talkingabout the art of waiting on customers)
Kyoya: “… Do you understand?”
Haruhi: “Let’s see…”
Haruhi: (While answering, I think about what Kyoya-senpai said. [Touching] is exactly as it sounds, establishing skinship with the customer. It’s an effective way of shortening the distance between myself and the customer, but just as there are people who would find it agreeable, there are also people who would not. I have to take their feelings at that moment into account, and think of whether or not they would want to be touched…. Besides that, another problem before doing that technique is  that I’d have to be careful to do it in a way that would not be rude to them)
Haruhi: “Thank you very much. It was very helpful.”

3: Hikaru
Haruhi: (I try to see if Hikaru is available)
Haruhi: “Hikaru, have you got a sec?”
Hikaru: “Yeah, what’s up?”
Haruhi: “I was hoping you could tell me if there’s any kind of trick to hosting.”
Hikaru: “Ohhh~ well aren’t you motivated?”
Haruhi: “Well… In my own way.”
Haruhi: (Hikaru gave a grin that seemed to say “Hmmm~”)
Hikaru: “Well then, how about I teach you how to [talk] to customers?”
Haruhi: “Uh-huh, please.”
Haruhi: (After I answered, Hikaru smiled and started talking)
Hikaru: “… Well, it’s that kind of thing.”
Haruhi: “I see,” I say and nod at Hikaru’s words as I think back on his explanation.
Haruhi: When it comes to talking, it seems that it’s not just about thinking of the customer’s feelings, but also considering what kind of topic they’d be anticipating. To [talk] is a simple matter, but one must consider the time and situation, or else it won’t go well. Even without thinking about it, it feels like I just had something very obvious explained to me.
Haruhi: “Thanks, Hikaru.”

5: Kaoru
Haruhi: (I try to see if Kaoru is free)
Haruhi: “Kaoru, have you got a sec?”
Kaoru: “What’s the matter?”
Haruhi: “I was hoping you could tell me if there’s any kind of trick to hosting.”
Kaoru: ……Okay, but what’s wrong all of a sudden?
Haruhi: “Well, y’know.”
Haruhi: (When I answered, Kaoru gave a smile that seemed to say “Hmmm~”)
Kaoru: “…… Well, whatever. How about I teach you about serving customers [drinks]?”
Haruhi: “Yes, please.”
Haruhi: (After I answered, Kaoru smiled and started talking)
Kaoru: “… and it’s along those lines.”
Haruhi: “Oh I see,” I say and nod at Kaoru’s words as I think back on his explanation.
Haruhi: (If I’m worried about how to attend to my customers, preparing [drinks] rarely fails. Listening to them talk as much as possible, then using the pause when they lose track or hesitate may also be a good way to use it. However, that method is not necessarily the correct one all the time, so I have to be careful. When I get more experience I’ll understand it better, so I have no choice but to practice little by little.
Haruhi: “Thank you, I’ll try to refer to that.”

6: Mitsukuni
Haruhi: (Honey-senpai was eating a cake and seemed available, so I called out to him)
Haruhi: “Honey-senpai, do you have a moment?”
Mitsukuni: “Ah, Haru-chan. What’s wrong?”
Haruhi: “Excuse me, but I was hoping you’d teach me if there’s a trick to waiting on customers…..”
Mitsukuni: “Sure thing. Then~ I’ll teach you about the incredibly important topic of [food]!”
Haruhi: “Please.”
Haruhi: (After I answered, Honey-senpai’s whole face lit up with a smile)
Mitsukuni: “How’s that, Haru-chan?”
Haruhi: “W-Well….”
Haruhi: (As I vaguely answered, I thought back to the contents of what Honey-senpai had taught me, but—– I can only remember things like ‘If they eat sweet, delicious cake, then everyone will be happy,’ as well as what kinds of cakes are delicious.
Ah…… He also mentioned that if the customer is overwhelmed with emotion, then they won’t be able to eat, so it’s better to not prepare food in that situation. So I guess I can reference that.
Haruhi: “Thank you very much.”

7: Takashi
Haruhi: (I’ll try and see if Mori-senpai has any spare time to help me)
Haruhi: “Mori-senpai, do you have a moment?”
Takashi: “……?”
Haruhi: “Do you have any tips on being a good host, I could do with some pointers….”
Takashi: “… You sure you want me to teach you?”
Haruhi: “Yes, I’d like to hear your advice.”
Takashi: “Then do you mind if I teach you about [listening] to the customer?”
Haruhi: “Please.”
Haruhi: (As I answer him, I notice Mori-senpai is smiling)
Takashi: “… If it’s just listening to someone talking, anyone can do it.
Takashi: “Listen carefully to understand the other person’s position…”
Takashi: “Make sure you add advice at the right moment. Wait until you are prompted for your opinion….”
Haruhi: “—- So that’s [listening], to pay attention to the customer’s words and their position.”
Takashi: “Exactly.”
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai smiles with satisfaction. To listen to the other party talk, I think it’s a very Mori-senpai-like tip)
Haruhi: “You’ve been very helpful. Thanks for your tips.”

Haruhi: …………
Haruhi: (I saw how the other hosts handled the guests so well. I think it will take some time before I am as good as they are at it)
Haruhi: (When I think about it, I should take it in steps, little by little, but…)
Kyoya: “Haruhi.”
Haruhi: “What is it, Kyoya-senpai?
Kyoya: “Just so you know, you’ll need to help out the others when hosting too.”
Haruhi: (… Help? How can I help the others when they’re hosting?)
Kyoya: “I can explain it better if you need.”
Haruhi: (… Would this be good?)

1: Yes, please
2: I’m okay, thanks

1: Yes, please.
Haruhi: “Yes please.”
Haruhi; (“Okay,” Kyoya-senpai nodded quietly)
Kyoya: “To be brief, you will be helping the other hosts with their guests.”
Haruhi: “Help you, Senpai?
“That’s right,” Kyoya-senpai says and gives one of his sinister grins.
Haruhi: (…….. I dread to know what he has in mind)
Haruhi: “Uh, Mori-senpai……?”
Takashi: “… Don’t worry about it.”
Kyoya: “Mori-senpai, for the purposes of this example, is one of our guests.”
Haruhi: “Very well.”
Haruhi: (He’s not at all giving the impression of being a customer….)
Kyoya: “Ready? It’s true that we allow our guests to freely choose whichever host whenever they wish.”
Kyoya: “That said, it does not mean that we never work together hosting customers from time to time.”
Haruhi: “….So wait, I’m supposed to walk right into the middle of other people’s conversations?”
Kyoya: “Essentially yes. You will be entering into the middle of their conversation, but….”
Haruhi: “I definitely cannot mess up, right?”
“You really get it,” Kyoya-senpai nodded.
Kyoya: “If you mess up when you’re helping another host, it will give both you and the host you’re helping a negative image.”
Haruhi: “It seems like a big responsibility.”
Haruhi: (I don’t see how I can butt into a conversation in the middle with a new topic and it be a success)
Haruhi: (Besides, it’s not just me that’ll be the one that failed. The other host will be counting on me)
Takashi: “…. You’ll do fine.”
Haruhi: (Having him tell me that makes me feel happy, but I still don’t feel very confident……)
Kyoya: “You pick from 6 topics to help the other hosts. Let me show you…”
Haruhi: (Even though I look really anxious, Kyoya-senpai continued with his explanation)
2017-12-13 (19).png
Haruhi: (As far as the Club is concerned, there’s six good topics with guests here)
They are exercise, food, health, entertainment, trivia and study.
If I don’t understand which topic would be good in that situation, I’ll end up being a nuisance rather than a help. So I need to think carefully.

Haruhi: “Hmmm, so when you get the selection of topic correct…”
Kyoya: “You’ll know as you will see a positive response from the guest and the other host, like this…”
Takashi: “And for when we have failed…”
Haruhi: …………
Haruhi: (There’s a pretty big difference between those two responses)
Kyoya: “…. Understand?”
Haruhi: (Well… Do I really need to hear this again from them?)

1A: I understand.
Haruhi: “Sure, understood.”
Kyoya-senpai gave a satisfied nod that seemed to
say “Good.”
Kyoya: “It’s all a matter of obtaining experience. Little by little you’ll begin to understand.”
Haruhi: (Thinking about it, I don’t have all that much experience yet. But I intend to give it my best shot)

1B: Can you explain again…
Haruhi: “Can you explain it once more please?
Kyoya: “Very well.”
Without appearing to be particularly bothered, Kyoya-senpai started over.
Go back to the previous part if you need to reread the explanation.
After that you can go to the next continue, the 2 beneath this is if you skipped the previous explanation.

2: I’m okay, thanks.
Haruhi: “No, it’s fine.”
Kyoya: “I see. You seem very confident about it. We’ll be expecting great results from you in that case.”
Kyoya-senpai let out a great laugh.

Haruhi: “From now on, I’ll try and help out the other Hosts as often as possible.”
Kyoya: “That’s good to hear, we’ll be counting on you.”
Haruhi: (He said, and then Kyoya-senpai went back to serving customers)
Haruhhi: (…. Ah, at some point it became busy again)
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai is entertaining Kamigamo-san right now, as per usual. Kamigamo-san is a Host Club regular, and she often designates Tamaki-senpai)
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai is also entertaining Sakurazuka-san as per usual. Sakurazuka-san is also a Host Club regular, and she’s often designated me as well)
Haruhi: (This is the time to jump in and help one of them, but…)

1: Help out Tamaki-senpai
2: Help out Kyoya-senpai
3: I don’t have the confidence

1: Help out Tamaki-senpai
Haruhi: (… Well I’ll pick Tamaki and help him out)
Haruhi: (I’ll just be as subtle as possible and not interfere with the flow of their conversation. I headed over to Tamaki’s table)
Tamaki: “Actually, it was a wonderful thing I discovered.”
Kamigamo: “Oh my, how do you mean?”
Tamaki: “The technique of the masses— no…. That technique is surely just your and my secret, princess….”
Kamigamo: “Ohhhhh, Tamaki-sama~”
Haruhi: …………
Haruhi: (What exactly they’re getting so excited about, I have no concrete idea. But if I use that thing about the “technique of the masses” as a hint—-)

Topic Selection Results
Study: bad
Entertainment: bad
Sport: bad
Trivia: very good
Health: bad
Meal: bad

Haruhi: “Tamaki-senpai, if it’s to that extent, then it’s anything but a secret or miscellaneous knowledge.”
Tamaki: “What?! Then the art of putting gunpowder in the bottom of instant yakisoba is already common knowledge to the world!!”
Haruhi: (…. That’s what he was talking about?)
Kamigamo “Oh my…”
Haruhi: “Excuse me, but I don’t know if it’s something to be that surprised about?”
Tamaki: “The wisdom of common people is quite formidable. This is something I’m going to have to review further within the host club family.
Haruhi: (Family, what on earth goes through his mind?)
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai suddenly stood up with such force he almost pushed the table over)
Tamaki: “—– I must apologize, but I must leave your side for a short period.”
“I leave the rest to you,” Tamaki-senpai muttered quietly as he made an elegant gesture and left.
Haruhi: (It looks like helping him was a success, so I feel very relieved)

2: Help out Kyoya-senpai
Haruhi: (Well I’ll pick Kyoya and help him out)
Haruhi: (I’ll just be as subtle as possible and not interfere with the flow
of their conversation. I headed over to Kyoya’s table)
Sakurazuka sighed a little and kept on talking)
Sakurazuka: “.. it’s soon, isn’t it.”
Kyoya: “Well, untill the daily achievemenst are met”
Sakurazuka: Did you do something special, Kyoya-senpai?”
Kyoya: No, it just goes without saying.
Haruhi: …………
Haruhi: (What exactly they’re getting so excited about, I have no concrete idea. But if I use that thing about the “daily achievements” as a hint—-)

Topic Selection Results
Study: very good
Entertainment: bad
Sport: bad
Trivia: bad
Health: bad
Meal: bad

Haruhi: “Wouldn’t it be alright to open a studygroup in the hostclub departement?”
Kyoya: “That is an interesting proposal of you, Haruhi. There is room for consideration”
Sakurazuka: “Your grades will get better if you study together”
Haruhi: I’m not sure if my grades will improve, but it does sound like a lot of fun”
Kyoya: “I’ll leave you with Haruhi, Sakurazuka, so I’ll excuse myself”
Haruhi: (As Sakurazuka continues talking, Kyoya-senpai bows briefly)
Sakurazuka: “Yes, please tell me more”
Haruhi: (She answers with a smile and Kyoya-senpai leaves the table)
Haruhi: (It looks like helping him was a success, so I feel very relieved)

3: I don’t have the confidence
Haruhi: (…… I don’t have the confidence)
Haruhi: (They said to help another host only if you could help them, so…
And trying to find the right timing to join the conversation seems difficult…
For now, I’ll take care of the dishes and I’ll prepare the sweets.

Renge: “Haruhi-kun”
Haruhi: “Ah, Renge-chan. Come right this way.”
Haruhi: (Shortly after I joined the host club, Renge Houshakuji moved to the school and joined the same class as me)
Haruhi: (Apparently she joined because she had seen Kyoya-senpai and believed him to look identical to her favourite video game character)
Haruhi: (A girl all the way from France, choosing to move just so should could attend Ouran Academy. In short, an Otaku)
Haruhi: “What have you been up to today?”
Renge: “Well I worked as the manager of the Host Club, checking everything ran smoothly.”
Hikaru: “Who made you the Manager anyway?”
Kaoru: “We were doing perfectly fine without one.”
Renge: “Hey, twins! I’m very picky about what I like in this Club!!”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Yes, so you are.”
Renge: “Oh, Haruhi, you’re doing really well. Especially with the tone you take with the customers.”
Haruhi: “….thanks!”
Renge: “You’re very pleasant.”
Haruhi: (… Well, at least Renge is pleased with me at the moment. I guess she’s heading home..)
Nekozawa: “… Hello.”
Haruhi: “Argh!”
Haruhi: (This person is the Head of the Black Magic Club, Nekozawa-senpai)
Haruhi: (The strange costume instead of the uniform is because he can’t stand bright light, he has a weak constitution)
Haruhi: “Welcome, Nekozawa-senpai.”
Nekozawa: “Fujioka-kun….I sense today that something incredibly ominous and terrible with fall upon you today….”
Nekozawa: “I have been studying this closely…. Also Beelzenef has had this same premonition.”
Haruhi: (Nekozawa-senpai left with a sinister laugh.)
Haruhi: (I wonder if I should tell the others about this strange encounter…?)
Mitsukuni: “Haru-chan!”
Haruhi: (Well, here comes Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai)
Haruhi: “How are you doing, Honey-senpai?”
Mitsukuni: “I’m good. You know Haru-chan, there is plenty of promise in you.”
Haruhi: “Thanks for saying so.”
Mitsukuni: “When I’m not busy eating cake, I can see your doing well with the guests.”
Haruhi: “Do the both of you think that?”
Takashi: “… Yeah.”
Haruhi: “Cool, thank you”
Mitsukuni: “Let’s go have fun ! ♪”
Haruhi: (As he shouted his reply, Honey-senpai ran towards the cake table.)
Haruhi: (Mori-senpai walked off slowly behind Honey-senpai.)
Haruhi: (I myself turned and headed back towards the Club Room)
Haruhi: “Welcome, I’m sorry I kept you waiting.”
Haruhi: (I bow deeply, before looking back up at the guest)
Haruhi: (…….I felt like I was looking up at a model given how pretty she is)
???: “… That was bad.”
Haruhi: “Huh?”
???: “Do you think you’ll grow a bit taller? I don’t know how you can expect to wait on girls being so short!”
Haruhi: “I’m fairly short I’ll admit, but I hadn’t found it a problem really.”
???: “You hadn’t found it a problem!?”
Haruhi: (… This guest, I wonder why she seems so upset?)
Haruhi: “If you don’t mind me saying, you have very long beautiful hair and are very tall. Are you a model?”
???: “…….uh…….”
Haruhi: (…….. uh?)
???: “… Hmm. I guess you must be having fun with all this, praising all these girls.”
Haruhi: “Do you not like accepting praise? I just tend to say what I think and be honest.”
Haruhi: (Did I say something wrong? … Ah, I haven’t introduced myself properly yet. That must be why she’s upset)
Haruhi: “I’m sorry, I haven’t properly introduced myself yet. I’m Haruhi Fujioka. I should have said so sooner…”
???: “Fujioka…. Haruhi?”
Haruhi: “Yes, that’s me”
???: “…………”
Haruhi: (I wonder what to say, she seemed pretty surprised at my name. Maybe I’m getting a reputation, great…)
???: “…….. Maybe.”
Haruhi: “Yes?”
???: “Haru-chan……?”
Haruhi: “Yes?”
Haruhi: (Her eyes just lit up when I replied yes to that. I wonder what this is all about)
???: “… You’re, Haru-chan.”
Haruhi: “Who are you?”
???: “You, you don’t remember me?”
Haruhi: (Well?)

1: …What is your name? (this one will get you a heart later on)
2: Did we meet somewhere before?

1: …What is your name?
Haruhi: (I’m trying really hard, but I don’t recognise meeting this girl before….)
Haruhi: (But, maybe if she tells me her name I might have heard it somewhere)
Haruhi: “I’m really sorry, but could you tell me your name please?”
Haruhi: (As soon as I asked that, her expression changed to an annoyed look)
???: “…. Alright.”
She muttered something with a heavy sigh.
Sayuri: “I’m Sayuri Himemiya.”
Haruhi: (Sayuri…..Himemiya….)
Haruhi: (Hmmm I don’t have anyone in my class with that name. I can’t remember anyone in middle school… or even elementary school with that name)
Sayuri: “No. Way. You can’t even remember who I am after I told you my name…”
Haruhi: (Hmmm… Miss Himemya seems very confident she knows me. We must have been introduced at some point)
Haruhi: (Himemiya… Himemiya… Sayuri…)
Haruhi: (I remember now!)

2: Did we meet somewhere before?
Haruhi: (But I’ve completely forgotten from where)
Haruhi: “We met before somewhere didn’t we?
???: “We did.”
???: “I’m sorry I remember your name, but I don’t know where from.”
Haruhi: (We are supposed to be acquainted from somewhere, I feel confident enough to affirm it)
Haruhi:”Pardon, I haven’t heard your name yet”
???: “Wha…. Listen, quickly!!!”
Haruhi: “I’m really sorry, but can you explain more.”
Haruhi: (I thought I was going to get annoyed, but I find it fun for some reason)
???: “Your name has such a nostalgic feeling from long ago”
Haruhi: “… from long ago”
Sayuri: “Himemiya, Sayuri Himemiya”
Haruhi: (The moment I heard that name…)
Haruhi; (I remember things from when I was a child)

Haruhi: (We met, on the first day of Kindergarten.)
Haruhi: (Sayuri bumped into me by accident that day, I hit the floor and cried a lot. My clothes were all muddy.)
Haruhi: (I was really mad at the time too. I remember crying for ages. Even after Sayuri had said sorry. My mother came over when she saw I was crying. To find out what had happened…)
Haruhi: (I remember! A photograph)
Haruhi: (I remember us having a photo taken later on… Kinda funny how nostalgia works)
Haruhi: (I can recall, Sayuri starting to weep a little because I would forgive her about earlier)
Haruhi: (I’m certainly not upset about it now. Sayuri is angry because I don’t remember her from Kindergarten)
Sayuri: “I’ve been thinking Haru-chan. Did you think I was being too rude just now?”
Haruhi: (Sayuri’s voice, brought me back to the present.)
Haruhi: “I can’t believe it’s been so long. I thought you had gone to the United States…”
Sayuri: “For about ten years.”
Haruhi: “That’s a long time.”
Sayuri: “…I know, it’s left a lot of worries in my head.”
Haruhi: “How so?”
Sayuri: “I’m not thinking straight. Of all the things, I chose to talk to you about height!”
Haruhi: (… Ah. When I look up, she looks so annoyed)
Haruhi: “I’m sorry I was staring earlier. You seemed very different to everyone else here. It’s a good thing in a way.”
Sayuri: “Well I guess it’s still nice being little, it suits you, Haru-chan.”
Haruhi: (Hey, I may be petite and that’s good in some ways. But I do wish I was taller)
Sayuri: “Hey Haru-chan. I’ve been meaning to ask about this for quite a while…”
Haruhi: “What’s up?”
Haruhi: (Just as Sayuri was about to start explaining.)
Kurakano: “… Haruhi-kun.”
Sayuri: “Haruhi-kun!?”
Kamigamo: “Is that one of your good friends, Haruhi-kun?”
Haruhi: “That’s right, We went to Kindergarten together…”
Haruhi: (As I try to introduce the two customers to Sayuri, she is muttering something and looking very serious.)
Haruhi: “What’s wrong?”
Sayuri: “Eh!?”
Haruhi “I was trying to introduce you to the others Sayuri.”
Sayuri: “There’s something more important right now that I want you to hear.”
Haruhi: “I want to hear?”
Sayuri: “Haru-chan, I–”
Haruhi: (Whatever Sayuri was about to say, it was interrupted by Kyoya-senpai walking over.)
Kyoya: “I’m terribly sorry, but the Host Club is now closing for the day…”
Kamigamo: “Oh I see, that’s okay we had a fun time today.”
Sakurazuka: “See you soon, Haruhi-kun.”
Haruhi: “Yes, thank you very much and see you soon too.”
Sayuri: “…. Well then, I should also….”
Kyoya: “Oh, please take your time explaining Miss Himemiya.”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai gave a Sayuri a smile and they headed towards the door.)
Haruhi: (I think Kyoya-senpai has something in mind that he needs to speak to Sayuri about.)
Haruhi: (The last vistor headed out of the Club room. It’s been one strange day today)
Haruhi: (With the exception of Sayuri appearing today, I’m feeling the same as always at the end of the day)
Haruhi: (It’s a bit of a problem, that Sayuri did not know about why I joined the Host Club, when everyone else already knew)
Haruhi: (Well I don’t feel so bad about not introducing myself earlier on, given that she did know me)
Tamaki: “A childhood friend of Haruhi… She knew of my daughter even before I did.”
Hikaru: “Are you still continuing with your family delusion?”
Kaoru: “I agree, it leaves something to desired, it’s not very logical.”
Tamaki: “Quiet you two!”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “But it’s the truth~”
Haruhi: (With that the two twins fled with Tamaki in chase….)
Sayuri: “Wait Haru-chan. You didn’t introduce me to everyone…”
Haruhi: “Ah, you’re right. Then let’s go in order…”
Tamaki: “Please to meet you, Sayuri Himemiya. This here is the Ouran High School Host Club. I am its king–”
Haruhi: “Sayuri, that is Tamaki-senpai. The self-appointed king of our Club.”
(Badum sound with Tamaki)
Sayuri: “Please excuse me, Haru-chan….”
Haruhi: (… I wonder what that was about?)
Kyoya: “Hello there, I am the vice president of the Host Club, Kyoya Ootori.”
Haruhi: “… Kyoya-senpai tends to speak his mind.”
Sayuri: “Could it be that the deputy president is better respected?”
Haruhi: “That’s true.”
(Badum sound with Tamaki)
Haruhi: (… He can be pretty tedious sometimes)
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Hi, we are the Hitachiin twins.”
Haruhi: “Wait a sec, Hikaru, Kaoru.”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Huh?”
Haruhi: “I’ll introduce you two to Sayuri properly. It’ll be better that way.”
Hikaru: “Geez, no jokes or anything to start with?”
Kaoru: “Hey, we’re not a problem.”
Tamaki: “Haruhi’s right, Hikaru, Kaoru.”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “It has nothing to do with you, Milord~”
The President has zero dignity.
Haruhi: (It doesn’t worry us much, he seems to recover quickly to insults…)
Hikaru: “I’m Hikaru Hitachiin…”
Kaoru: “And I’m Kaoru Hitachiin.”
Sayuri: “… Wow, you both are identical.”
Haruhi: “They do seem to be identical, but there are some differences too.”
Sayuri: “Right now, the difference I can see is they have slightly different hairstyles.”
Haruhi: (I wonder….? If she can see the other difference….)
Clip out of the anime (Let’s play the ‘Which one is Hikaru’ game), you can skip this.
Haruhi: (I don’t find it difficult to tell them apart personality wise….)
Mitsukuni: “Hi!! Sayu-chan, would you like to eat some cake?”
Sayuri: “Sa, Sayu-chan?”
Haruhi: “As in a nickname for Sayuri. Right, Honey-senpai?”
Mitsukuni: “Right!”
Haruhi: “You know, he may look young but he’s actually a senior. He’s a member of the Mitsukuni family.”
Takashi: “… Takashi Morinozuka.”
Haruhi: “This is Mori-senpai, he might look intimidating, but he’s a nice guy really.”
Sayuri: “… Ri, right.”
Kyoya: “Sorry to interrupt, but it’s something of a coincidence that two were friends before. And now have met again now Haruhi is a Host with us…”
Sayuri: “I’m not sure.”
Haruhi: (Sayuri spoke over Kyoya-senpai while he was still speaking.)
Sayuri: “I was surprised that Haru-chan had cut her hair short. But she is a girl so I don’t understand why she is in your….”
Sayuri: “Club. I mean the other girls believed you were a boy. Even your uniform….”
Kyoya: “This is true. There has been a big situation going on.”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai didn’t break his smile and he was speaking to Sayuri)
Haruhi: (While speaking to Sayuri and answering her questions, he explained the bulk of my plight)
Haruhi: (Because I broke that 800 million yen vase, I will have to be a Host for the Club to repay my debt. And I’ll need to be a “boy” to be able to Host)
Haruhi: (Also, I cut my hair short not because a boy in my neighbourhood stuck gum to my hair. It was just coincidence)
Sayuri: “… Hey.”
Sayuri: “This is a secret right?”
Haruhi: “Yeah, the other 6 Hosts found out one at a time.”
Hikaru: “So it was really”
Kaoru: “Haruhi’s decision that she made.”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Do you think you’ll manage to repay the debt?”
Haruhi: “Well if I do, it’ll be quickest by Hosting”
Sayuri: “Haru-chan don’t worry. I’ll keep your secret.”
Haruhi: “… Are you sure?”
Sayuri: “But you know, I’ll do this on one condition.”
Kyoya: “We’re listening…”
Sayuri: “I want to come again…. Back to the Club.”
Hikaru & Kaoru: “Sounds fun.”
Haruhi: (Kaoru and Hikaru don’t seem to realise, that Sayuri is glaring at them. I don’t think she plans to see them)
Sayuri: “…………”
Sayuri: “You guys have no idea about what people want!”

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