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Ouran High School Host Club Episode 1 Part 2 Team Tamaki and Kyoya (English Translation)

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Tamaki: “Haruhi! I hear you’re planning a day out?
Haruhi: “I am, we can spend some time working out the details if you really want…”
Kyoya: “Well come to think of it, Haruhi did choose us yesterday.”
Sayuri: “Thank you for inviting me.”
Tamaki: “It’s no trouble at all my Princess. Allow me to escort you to the rose gardens.”
Tamaki: “I have something I want to ask you, Princess Sayuri…”
Sayuri: “What is it?”
Tamaki: “Ha..Haruhi, and yourself, talk of your days in Kindergarten quite often…”
Sayuri: “Yes, we both went to the same Kindergarten.”
Tamaki: “Wow, that’s amazing!!”
Tamaki: “It’s so wonderful… To think that there was once such a cute miniature Haruhi…”
Haruhi: (… Well not anymore)
Kyoya: “We’ll leave you be, Haruhi.”
Sayuri: “Haha…”
Haruhi: “What’s wrong Sayuri?”
Sayuri: “It’s nothing, I just wish that you had been Hosting earlier when I was in the club.”
Haruhi: (……Hmm, I wonder who Sayuri had been with at the Clubroom)
Tamaki: “Well, it depends how the Club want to run their policies…”
Haruhi: (The expression on Tamaki-senpai’s face has changed)
Tamaki: “It’s like a gift for me! Getting to spend a day with Haruhi in a Haunted House! … Do you know what I’m looking forward to most?”
Tamaki: “I saw on the TV that the Haunted House is the new attraction that’s very popular with young couples.”
Haruhi: (… Forget anything nice I’ve ever said about him)
???: “The chest pounds hard with fright, with both the fear of dark and fear of love…”
Haruhi: (Huh? That voice…)
Nekozawa: “Beelzenef… thinks this would be a good first date.”
Tamaki: “Argh!!!”
Haruhi: (Nekozawa-senpai, I wonder how long he’s been lurking here?)
Kyoya: “Dismissed.”
Tamaki: “Wh, what did you say that for?”
Kyoya: “Its none of your concern.”
Haruhi: “You can be very harsh sometimes…”
Kyoya: “And you are too sweet sometimes, but that is just your nature”
Haruhi: (It’s true I’m like that, just as Kyoya-senpai says)
Tamaki: “Ha, Haruhi? Tell me honestly, would you like to go to the Theme Park with me ! ?”
Haruhi: (Hmm, what should I tell Tamaki-senpai…)

1: Well, it might be good (Tamaki)
2: I’m not so sure it would be a good idea (Kyoya)

1: Well, it might be good
Haruhi: “Well, I think your idea of going together might be fun.”
Tamaki: “Haruhi! Haruhi, you’re such a good boy!!!”
Haruhi: “…….”
Kyoya: “….So how exactly are you planning to take him to the Haunted House exactly?”
Tamaki: “Well… We can organise a day out together as a Club together….”
Kyoya: “Well even though you just invited me, I won’t necessarily be able to come.”
Kyoya: “Do you always think that going this early into the school year is also a good idea?”
Tamaki: “……..”
Sayuri: “I wonder as well how good the Haunted House would be during Spring.”
Haruhi: (… That’s true. It certainly does seem to be out of season right now)
Haruhi: “….I’m sorry Tamaki-senpai, it sounded like a good idea to me. But I guess we should leave it for a few months?”
Tamaki: “… I think you’re right Haruhi.”
Haruhi: (I am after all a high school student and don’t want to mess up my studies either…)

2: I’m not sure it would be a good idea
Haruhi: “I don’t think it’d be such a good idea.”
Tamaki: “Huh, how come!?!!”
Haruhi: “Well it’s Spring right now and only the start of the school year. We should focus on our studies.”
Sayuri: “I agree with Haru-chan on this.”
Kyoya: “I think it’s the right decision for now.”
Tamaki: “……How very disappointing.”
Haruhi: “I hope we didn’t upset you too much?”
Tamaki:”Huh? Well it’s just that… It’s pretty clear you weren’t going to take my side on this….”
Haruhi: “Do you really think that?”

Nekozawa: “Well children, Beelzenef thinks…”
Tamaki: “Bee… Beelzenef wants something!?”
Nekozawa: “He enjoys sadness and despair…”
Haruhi: (Nekozawa-senpai looked sullen, he walked away without making a single noise)
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai seems really down from all of this, I guess he really had his heart set on this trip)
Tamaki: “Princess Sayuri at the Haunted House, that would have been really fun… Oh well, I give up.”
Sayuri: “Did you say my name?”
Tamaki: “What is it that you truly love, Sayuri?”
Haruhi: “Why are you bringing that up all of a sudden?”
Kyoya: “Well, I could give you a few hints if you needed them.”
Haruhi: (Sometimes what people say can meaning something. And other times mean nothing…)
Sayuri: “Oh is that right… I’m told that Majima-kun is going…”
Tamaki: “I reminded you of something? I’m not sure I know what you mean?”
Sayuri: “It’s that he, well and I, both enjoy Japanese sweets, that’s all.”
Tamaki: “Both of you?”
Sayuri: “Yes, it was the dessert that was offered at the party I told you about… Anyway, I’m not sure me talking about these here is helping.”
Kyoya: “Well we certainly shouldn’t be asking too many questions that you don’t wish to answer Miss Himemiya.”
Sayuri: “… Ha, thanks.”
Haruhi: (Hmm, that was suprising)
Haruhi: (Tamaki-senpai’s and Kyoya-senpai’s discussion with Sayuri had got me thinking)
Tamaki: “Well, I see you seem to be thinking quite deeply. No doubt about those sweets!”
Haruhi: (… He really is incredible sometimes. Ah well, I’m not going to show my cards just yet)
Tamaki: “In the end, ‘We could not reach the higher expectations’ maybe if it was a Haunted House with sweets.”
Kyoya: “Are you on planet Earth right now?”
Haruhi: (Kyoya-senpai sighed as if to show his annoyance)
Haruhi: (Trust Tamaki-senpai to come up with a weird idea like a confectionery Haunted House)
Haunted House with sweets?
Haruhi: (….. Who knows what goes through his mind)
Tamaki: “Well I think it sounds interesting…”
Haruhi: “Please don’t stare at me while you daydream.”
Tamaki: “Haru-chan, that was cold!”
Haruhi: (I’m hardly being unreasonable…)
Kyoya: “Today isn’t the day to go into this idea. It’s best to keep it for another time.”
Tamaki: “Sure, we’ll keep it on the back-burner.”

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