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Ouran High School Host Club Prologue (English Translation)

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‘This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual people or events is merely a coincidence.’

Only those with the financial and social wherewithal spend their time here, at the Private Ouran Academy.
Many consider it an elite Institute, so only the children of the super-rich are here.
At the south of the college, at the end of the north wing’s top floor, in the unused third music room, you open the door to find…
Everyone: “Welcome”
The Host Club!

The cherry blossom season has began to fade, the next season is almost upon us.
Today as always, the Host Club is crowded with customers and is very lively.
Ouran Host Club is where handsome boys with too much time on their hands entertain and charm girls, who also have too much time on their hands.
There are young ladies seated at the tables with boys whom are acting as Hosts to the girls. All of this was started 2 years aga by Tamaki Suou.
He has a request rate of 70% or so I was told.

Tamaki: “Oh, the never-changing beauty of a Princess, it always makes my heart burn with desire…”
He always is like this with the guests by the way.
Over there, smiling and guiding guests in, is a second year student, Kyoya Otori-senpai.
Kyoya: “Welcome.”
He is the administrator of the Club, running all the business side of it.
On the opposite side of the room, is the twins.
They’re in the same class as me. They’re called Hikaru and Kaoru Hittachin.
Hikaru: “The other night, Kaoru refused to sleep in the same bed as me…”
Kaoru: “How mean, Hikaru… You promised you wouldn’t tell anyone.”
They are supposed to be this brotherly love pair, everyone seems to love it. But I don’t understand it at all….
Oh, yeah. Those two are distinguished by their hair if you haven’t noticed.
Some people find it useful to remember.
The one with his bangs to our right is Hikaru…
…And the one with his fringe to our left is Kaoru.
Without that difference, many people can’t tell them apart.
I guess I understand why people get them confused. But it’s really not that hard to remember.
Over there eating cake is the 3rd year senior, Mitsukuni Haninozuka. Most people call him ‘Honey’.
The tall person next to him is his classmate Takashi Morinozuka. People call him ‘Mori’.
Mitsukuni: “You know, Takashi. Usa-chan said he wanted to eat some cake with me. Would that be okay?”
Takashi: “…Yeah.”
Honey’s appeal seems to be cuteness, while Mori’s draw is his silent and calm disposition.
Hmmm… it can seem strange here sometimes.
But really, I don’t feel out of place around them.
Although I didn’t chose to enter into their circle.
Becoming a host wasn’t my choice.

The animation with the vase plays now (you can skip this).

Even though the hosts have to be boys, it’s a little different in my case…
All the customers are pampered girls, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.
Besides, I have my reason for joining them.
I am Fujioka Haruhi, a first year girl.
But for the purposes of the host club,
I’m here as one of the boys.
…Now then.

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