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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Dark Epilogue (English Translation)

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With calm piano music and a completely dark background. The only thing in sight is a beautiful, elegant lady. We do not know her name…Yet.
The Lady: — Laito…Laito…
Laito: …Hm?…What’s the matter?
Lady: I beg of you.
Lady: It’s…not enough. But you can satisfy me, Laito.
Laito: Oh, you…And so you come to me again?
Lady: That’s right, Laito. Come, quickly.
Laito: …Looks like I’ve got not choice. Let me give you my tender love.
Lady: Kawaii Laito. I love you, I love you…
Laito: I can really…do it like this?
Lady: Yes, Laito. Quick…hurry…
End of flashbak

Laito’s Bedroom
Laito: — Gasp! — A dream…? To think I’d have a dream…And that dream, out of all the…
Laito: – Agh!
Laito: Who is it?
Yui: Ah…it’s me.
Laito: What…Bitch-chan, it’s you. ….The door’s open, come on in!
Yui: ….
Laito: Now, what brings you to my bedroom so early in the morning?
Yui: …I thought I heard…crying…I was concerned…
Laito: Oh, you thought I was….? Tsk, tsk, tsk…I was just having a bad dream. Don’t you feel silly now?
Yui: You just had a…bad dream?
Laito: Yup. And a bad dream….is the best dream.
Yui: …? I don’t know what you mean at all.
Laito: You don’t know what it’s like. To love and be loved so deeply – so deeply – you’re crushed by hate…
Yui: …
Yui: (Laito-kun…is so abnormal. Why is he so different from everyone else…)
Laito: You’re not saying a word. I don’t know what you’re thinking, Bitch-chan.
Yui: I still can’t keep up with the things you say.
Laito: And now you’re so cleverly changing the subject.
Yui: …So…I’ll be going now.
Laito:  — You really think I’ll let you go?
Yui: Kya!
Laito: You say such cute words, but you came here for me to embrace you. Isn’t that right?
Yui: No…no, it isn’t!
Laito: Alright then. Until you are satisfied, I will give you my tender, tender love.
Yui: No…! Ack!!
Laito: I told you many, many times. You don’t have to hide it.
Laito: Snow-white words are simply another manifestation of lust. What, are you trying to be polite or something?
Laito: …Give up your reason. Your virtue means nothing.
Laito: God doesn’t exist. His commandments are worthless. It’s all wishful thinking…
Laito: It’s nothing but a story you humans made up. Humans deceiving humans.
Yui: I know it’s made-up.
Laito: If you know, then why are you so scared of what I’m doing? I don’t understand…Laito: –what are you afraid of?
Laito: What’s the point of living for such an oppressive way of life?!
Yui: There is…no point.
Laito: …What…?!
Yui: There’s no point! I know there’s no point believing in God! —But that doesn’t matter! Yui: I…
Yui: — I’ll still believe!
Laito: …
Yui: Because humans are cowards. I am…a coward.
Laito: He…ha, hahaha….HAHAHAHAHAHA! HAHA….!
Yui: !?
Laito: That’s hilarious! Yes! Yes, Bitch-chan!
Laito: This is the first time I’ve met a girl like you, Bitch-chan. Before I was only interested in your blood.
Laito: But now, I’ve changed my mind…Oh….
Yui: Eh…?!
Laito: Now, I’ll do everything in my power to make you mine.
Yui: I’m…not an object!
Laito: Fufu, keep telling yourself that. Soon, you’ll beg to belong to me. I’m sure of it.
Laito: I’m the kind of man who likes to chase his prey into an alley, and slowly, slowly eat her up.
Laito: So struggle…all you want.
Yui: Ah…!

I couldn’t believe the extent of my own terror.
I regret going to this mansion from the bottom of my soul.
Sympathy or kindness would not defeat this man.
— So why, why….
Did I ever knock on his door?

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