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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Dark 9 (English Translation)

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– I skipped school, alone,
And left for a different place.
A familiar place,
Where I cannot count the times I laughed. And cried.
And burst into song.
Mere months ago,
Father was here.
I often came in to assist him.

Inside the Church
Yui: (I never thought I’d come here in a state like this…)
Yui: (…I know praying here won’t save me…)
Yui: (But if I don’t pray, what else can I do?)
Yui: – God, please protect me…
Voice from right in front of your face: – Look at that, you’re praying.
Yui: Oh! L-Laito-kun?
Laito: Hm? What did you expect, an angel on a white horse? Nope! It’s me, the-one-and-only Laito!
Yui: (Oh…but I made sure no one was following me…How?)
Laito: – How? I’ll tell you how.
Laito: Right now, standing by your side is one my little spies. You can’t see it, but it can see you.
Yui: What?
Laito: Fufu, you didn’t know?
Laito: At all hours, my familiars are by your side, watching over you.
Laito: Each and every one them are contractually bound to report your whereabouts to me.
Yui: (Wh-what…I didn’t notice at all!)
Laito: Fufu…why are you blushing? Maybe you’ve done so many naughty things you’ll never be able to show your face again?
Yui: Th-that….
Laito: – They told me, you know? The things you do at night, effortlessly, discreetly…when you’re lying in the bathtub.
Yui: WHAT! Don’t make things up!
Laito: Oh, don’t be shy. There are still so many of your secret places for me to see.
Laito: So don’t be shy about the little things. From here out, I’ll need to know even more about you.
Yui: Ack…!
Laito: Honestly, as much as I like to use my familiars, I’d rather inspect you personally.
Laito: I’m very attached to you. To your body, and all the blood that flows through your body’s veins…
Laito: I cherish the memory of your flavor. There’s something in your blood that makes me want to remember it forever. Now, why is that?
Yui: That…I don’t know. Why would I…No, don’t come any closer!
Laito: Oh, that’s not something I can do. Bitch-chan…Look out the window. Tell me what you see.
Yui: …The full moon?
Laito: Yes. So I shouldn’t have to tell you…how much I ache right now.
Yui: Kya!
Laito: On any other day, I can’t tell you how much I won’t want to enter a church.
Laito: But, the me tonight is insatiable. I want you.
Laito: I want to press you down. And have my fill of your blood.
Yui: …I told you…Don’t come any closer!
Laito: Oh, I heard you the first time. But that night…that’s right, after you gave me your fresh, fresh blood…
Laito: My breath flowed inside you, made your body so hot you couldn’t stand it…Is that right?
Yui: Oh…!
Laito: Is that why you came here? To confess? You knew it was wrong, but you still let me play with you.
Laito: You let my words confuse you…and you liked it.
Yui: Oh…alright! I came here to confess! What of it?!
Laito: So you admit it ~ Fufufu. Bitch-chan really is kawaii. That fierce look in your eyes makes my heart go doki-doki.
Yui: Ack…
Yui: (It’s like he can see right through me…I hate it…)
Laito: I will comfort you tonight, Bitch-chan.
Laito: I will now expose the lust that lurks inside of you. The real you.
Yui: Kya…!
Yui: (Dead end!)
Laito: Admit it, Bitch-chan. Isn’t this your true self?
Yui: (My wrist…He’s grabbing my wrist!)
Laito: So after all that, you’ll still play dumb? Oh well.
Laito: If that’s how you want it, I’ll just ask your body for the truth.
Yui: Stop…!
Laito: Fufu. I’m looking for “you”…the “you” in hiding. The woman about to burst with lust.
Laito: I will tie you up, until you can’t move, and do all sorts of unbearable things to your body.
Laito: —Say it. Say that you want me to ravage you.
Laito: I will see everything…in Bitch-chan’s lustful soul.
Laito: So don’t try to hide it.
Yui: (No, I’m not like that…! I swear…I don’t have anything to be ashamed of…)
Yui: (But he makes me feel dirty every time I open my mouth…Everything I say is wrong.)

Choose “Shut up!” (S choice)
You: – Shut your mouth!
Laito:  Wha…?!
Yui: You always say things like that! “I know you want it!” “You’re an animal!” “You like it when it hurts!”
Yui: No, you’re the animal! You like it when it hurts! You’re the liar! Not me.
Laito: He….HAHAHAHAHA. Amazing, Bitch-chan is amazing! I love it when you play like this.
Laito: It’s true, it’s true. Everything you said is true. I can’t help it…I’ve always been…a bad boy…
Yui: (…I just made him aroused again, didn’t I?)
Laito: Fufu. Enough games. Let’s see if I can get you to be a bit more honest. – How about this!

Choose “Stop talking back” (M choice)
Yui: Say what you want.
Laito: So you admit it?
Yui: Oh…
Laito: Fufu. Look at you, so frigid. – You cold fish.
Yui: (Ah…! He still won’t stop insulting me…)
Laito: Fufu. Enough games. Let’s see if I can get you to be a bit more honest. – How about this!

Yui: Ack…!?
Yui: (His fangs…are at my shoulder…please not here…no!)
Yui: No, I don’t want to…Ow!
Laito: Oh….mmm…
Yui: No…!!
Yui: (My body…too weak…no, not like this…)
Yui: Not like this…!
Laito:  That’s what you say. But… —you’re already starting to feel so good.
Yui: Ack…!!
Laito: Oh…The tip of my tongue tingles…And there are even better things we can do together.
Yui: Ah…
Yui: (He’s going to do this…in my church)
Laito: Look at you, doing this in a church. You’re doomed. God will punish you for sure.
Yui: No…
Laito: Isn’t it exciting? — It feels so good to smash a taboo to pieces.
Laito: -And no one likes it better than you.
Yui: (…I’m not like that…But I can’t make a sound…My head feels like it’s melting…I can’t fight back…)
Laito: More, give me more. I will prove your desire by drinking you dry.
Yui: (Consciousness…fading…oh…my body feels like it’s floating in air…how funny….)
Yui: (Almost as if…I’m about to drown.)

Ballroom (Two unseen men are speaking)
Young Man: – This way, there won’t be any problems. All your wishes will be fulfilled.
Old Man: Hmph. Only for now. If we don’t keep watching them, we’ll have no idea when or how those bastards are going to change.
Old Man: We don’t even know if that girl’s blood has any truly significant power.
Young Man: Please don’t worry about that. I’m certain the girl has special abilities, and by now, your sons would have already inspected her body thoroughly and personally.
Old Man: For the future of my race, I wait with baited breath.
Old Man: Come, my sons! Kill me, and soon!

I think I already knew strange creatures were spying on me,
But I turned a blind eye on purpose.
Maybe…what Laito-kun said is true,
Maybe it is my lust which stirs me to the things I do?
I don’t want to admit it, but I can’t entirely refute it…
If I’d wanted to escape, I would’ve escaped at once…why not?
– So I’ve asked myself over and over.
Somehow, I think it has something to do with the violent beating of my heart.
Every time I endure the things they do to me,
It’s like another person rises inside me, coaxing, smiling,
Begging to be degraded –
I can’t stop. I’m so scared.

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