Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Dark 8 (English Translation)

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What I dreaded
Did not occur.
Those who lose their blood
To the fangs of dark creatures
Become one of their number.
So I always believed.
But in the end,
There were no obvious symptoms.
My turbulent life, of day-and-night turned inside-out, continued unabated.

School Library
Yui: (But I don’t have to live like this anymore…)
Yui: (I finally managed to buy a new cell phone. They broke my old one, but didn’t block my IC card. I can’t believe it worked!)
Yui: (Ah…All my old school friends must so worried about me. I can’t wait to call them and tell them I’m sorry and I miss them and I’m ok…)
Yui: (But first thing’s first. I’ve got to get back in touch with Papa…)
Yui: (Papa…Please pick up!)
Yui: Ah! Papa, Papa! It’s me! …
Voice from phone in your left ear: [Hi~~i~~ Bitch-chan!]
Yui: What?!
Laito: You naughty girl~ — When in the world did you get a cell phone?
Yui: Why! Why you?! The number I dialed was Papa’s…I swear…
Laito: Hehe…Don’t look down on my abilities, Bitch-chan.
Yui: (These people…How could they have this kind of power?)
Laito: Oh, you’re terrified. I knew you would try to hide your new phone.
Yui: Ah…
Laito: And that just won’t do. So, who did you think you were talking to? Could it be…Laito: Bitch-chan was calling one of her boyfriends?
Yui: No, it wasn’t like that! I just wanted to talk to Papa…
Laito: Ah..The Papa who ditched you.
Yui: He didn’t…ditch me!
Laito: Fufu. I can’t say I care what goes on in Bitch-chan’s pretty little head. But…
Laito: Ever since he left for East Europe, you haven’t heard from him at all, have you?
Yui: Ah…You…What do you know?
Laito: Oh, nothing. I just wanted to know you better, so I did a little research.
Yui: Research…
Laito: Don’t underestimate my intelligence network. It was easy as pie.
Laito: I didn’t even find anything that interesting…Fufu.
Yui: Of course you didn’t. We’re a single parent household, and Father’s an ordinary priest. You’ve seen worse.
Laito: “Ordinary” priest, eh?
Yui:…What do you mean?
Laito: Oh, nothing. To us, the existence of priests is as annoying as that of a house-fly’s. Laito: That’s all I meant.
Yui: (No, he’s hiding something…)
Laito: Don’t worry your pretty little head. As the good book says, “The poor little lamb needs only to meekly obey.”
Yui: What did you learn about my father?
Laito: — Well. About that. I’m sure Reiji would know more than I do
Yui: Reiji-san?
Laito: Let’s just say…When humans do business with demons, they go to certain men. Laito: Anyways, it’s not really something I’m into.
Yui: “Certain men…”? Stop speaking in riddles.
Laito: Hehe. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But the only thing I’m into is you, Bitch-chan.
Yui: (Why was I sent here? Was there a reason?)
Yui: (What about those “certain men”…)
Laito: – So…Give it to me.
~snatching sound~
Yui: Hey!
Yui: My cell phone! What do you think you’re doing?
Laito: This old thing? You won’t be able to use it right. In fact, you won’t be using this to talk to anyone.
Yui: Oh! Then, what about Papa…What do you know about Papa?
Laito: Hehe…Do you really want to know?
Yui: Ugh!
Yui: Tell me already!
Laito: Fufu…Bitch-chan is so kawaii. When you beg me like this…I feel so good about you.
Laito: But…You’re not stimulating enough.
Yui: (Oh, come on! What does he want from me now!)
Laito: – Alright. I’ll tell you, on one condition.
Yui: What condition?
Laito: This.
Yui: A book? What do you want me to do with it?
Laito: Read this book aloud, slowly and clearly. I’ll be very happy.
Yui: That’s it? You want me to read?
Laito: Easy, right? I’m not like my other brothers~ I have a such a big and gentle heart~
Laito: Even a hopeless little-baka-san like you can do something like this!
Yui: (…He’s obviously up to something…But what can I do?)

Choose “Refuse” (S choice)
Yui: No. Whatever the book is about, I’m sure it isn’t healthy.
Laito: Oh~ Not bad, Bitch-chan. You’re so determined. So relentless. It makes me hard.
Yui: No, no! Don’t do that!
Laito: You’d only act like this on purpose if you wanted to turn me on… —…Oh, Bitch-chan, scold me more?
Yui: (No! If refusing makes him this happy…!)
Laito: Hehe. As you can see, you have no right to refuse. So, open the book!

Choose “No choice but to read it” (M choice)
Yui: – I understand. I just have to read aloud, that’s all.
Laito: — You’re doing it wrong, Bitch-chan. Say it like this.  “Oh, please let me read, Laito-sama. Please let me hear my own stupid, worthless self…”
Laito: – Doesn’t that sound better? Fufufu.
Yui: (…When did everything get so out of control…)
Laito: Hehe. As you can see, you have no right to refuse. So open the book!

Yui: (I’ve got to do it…For Papa! There are so many weirder things he could be making me do.)
Laito: There we go. Start from page 178, line 7.
Yui: Page 178…Line 7…Eh?!
Yui: (This word means…It’s referring to….)
Laito: Something wrong, Bitch-chan?
Yui: Oh…Please don’t make me read it…It’s too much!
Laito: It’s not too much. It’s clearly written in Japanese, isn’t it?
Yui: Yes, but..
Laito: – Don’t you love your dear Papa?
Yui:…Stop bullying me…
Laito: I’m not bullying you. We have a deal.
Yui: “I couldn’t wait any longer…I, I prepared myself…to enter her ripe-red, plundered passage…to open her up…”
Laito:  — Louder.
Yui: “…Her ripe-red, plundered passage…to open her up…so her sugar-sweet juices…flowed out…like honey…”
Laito: Honey?
Yui: “Flowed out like honey…dripping down…”
Laito: You feel so warm, Bitch-chan. Could it be, that reading makes you hot?
Yui: Ugh…no, no! Look, I’m done reading! Happy now?
Laito: No~ope. You’re not done until I say you’re done.
Yui: “ – I, I…swallowed her nectar…and then-”
Laito: Then what? Then what?
Yui: No…I can’t take it anymore!
Laito: Oh, you can’t do that. – Now, read.
Yui: Ack!
Yui: (Laito-kun’s hand…is crawling up my leg…)
Yui: Oh…  “…I swallowed her nectar and then I sucked…”
Laito: – What’s the matter, Bitch-chan?
Yui: No! Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!
Yui: (I can’t take it anymore!)
~pushing sound~
Laito: Ow! Bitch-chan, why are you so cruel?
Yui: (- Papa, I’m sorry. But I can’t…)
~Yui running away~
Laito: – Well, well, well. She ran away. Look’s like the book was too exciting for a fresh, young maiden like her.
Laito: This book written by our “dear uncle” is not bad, not bad at all…
Laito: But once an enabler, always an enabler. It’s disgusting.
~sounds of paper shredded and burned~
Laito: – I’ll never forgive him.

Though I can’t fathom how or why, Laito-kun knows my Father.
Papa’s but a normal priest.
Yet, Laito-kun claims to know better
That Papa is far from an ordinary priest at all.
He researched us with a fine tooth comb
And then he said. ”When humans do business with demons,
They go to certain men.“
So what business? And what men?
– So the plot thickened. And I was evermore enthralled.
Why was I sent to the Sakamaki house?

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