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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Dark 7 (English Translation)

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Yui: Ugh…today was no good either…
Yui: (I don’t know how they do it. Every time I try to covertly contact Papa, the brothers find out immediately)
Yui: (How could they possibly be watching me that closely…)
Yui: (I can’t believe they’re that desperate to keep to their “toy” from running away, but I’ve got to do something…Think, think…)
Yui: (Those brothers are too strong, but if I found someone else for them, someone other than me…)
Yui: (-Ugh, no! I could never inflict my suffering on someone else…)
Yui: (How could I even think about it…)
Yui: (It’s the break period now…I’ll go outside, clear my head with the evening air)

Yui: (Huff, huff…It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve seen the blue sky. The closest I can get to is the dark sky at night…)
Yui: -Huh?
Off-screen voice: – I love you. For ever, and ever, and ever. Whether you desire it or not.
Yui: (Laito-kun? But…who’s he talking to?)
Laito: I have never forgotten you. Not even for an instant.
Laito: I remember your voice…your scent…your everything…You are as clear to me as you have always been…Oh…
~Laito closes his eyes, breathes in, and exhales~
Yui: (…Laito-kun?)
Laito:  …
Yui: Eh…?!
Laito: – Oi, you there…If you’re gonna spy on me, then I’m gonna bite you to death.
Yui: Ack!
Laito: I’m talking to you.
~slamming sound~
Yui: Argh-
Laito: Eh…? Bitch-chan?
Yui: (He’s crushing me against the wall! My throat…hurts…)
Laito: … Who knew Bitch-chan was a nasty Peeping Tom? I am so disappointed in you.
Yui: I…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.
Laito: — Hehe…really?
Yui: R-really…I just wanted to get some fresh air…
Laito: Are you sure? But…you heard? A little bit of this and a little bit of that, didn’t you?
Yui: Only a little…
Laito: —So you were still eavesdropping. What a naughty girl.
Yui: That’s why I said I only heard a little…
Laito: Really, to stoop to voyeurism. Bitch-chan. That. Is. So. Low! Hehehe…Looks like it’s time to punish you.
Laito: Now, what shall we do?
Yui: Oh…
Laito: Let’s see…I can grab your throat and squeeze as I take away your purity…or…
Yui: Can’t…breathe…
Laito: …I can sip your sweet, sweet blood to my heart’s content…but which one’s better?
Yui: (He’s strangling me…my throat…)
Laito: So, what do you think I should do? Pick for me, Bitch-chan. Haha…HAHAHAHA!
Yui: But…before I…throat…can’t…breathe…
Laito: Ah, my apologies. Just a little bit of my strength and I almost slaughtered you.
Yui: (Huff…he let go of me…finally…)
Laito: Now, Bitch-chan. Pick what’s on the menu today —
Yui: (He’s serious…What should I do? Both of these choices suck…)
Yui: (It doesn’t look like I can get away…so that means…)

Choose “Make him take my blood” (S choice)
Yui: (I’m sick of him toying with me. I’ll get back at him, I swear!)
Yui: Fine, then…Take my blood if you can! Isn’t that what you want?
Laito: — Look at that. Bitch-chan’s pretending to be tough. It’s so annoying.
Laito: But sometimes, I like it when you act all high and mighty. It sets my heart aflutter. Yui: (Why won’t he stop toying with me!)

Choose “Let him drink, I guess… (M choice)
Yui: (I can’t escape…no choice but to brace for it…)
Yui: I understand…I’m ok with letting you drink my blood, I guess.
Laito: Fufu. Don’t say it like that. Say it like this. — “Please drink me. Drink my filthy, filthy blood!”
Yui: What!
Laito: Say it. If you don’t hurry up and say it, I won’t give you a reward.
Yui: (I don’t understand…what he’s thinking at all…)

Laito: -Ah, to make Bitch-chan pick her own punishment! I’m too cruel!
Laito: Tonight…Let’s see what I have on the menu for you. —
Yui: Ack!
Yui: (…he pinned me down again…)
Laito: We dwellers of the night become particularly thirsty on nights such as this.
Laito: We become so terribly thirsty…we are driven mad with the need to quench our throats.
Laito: On these nights, even the blood of the most boring fellow becomes ten times as good…
Yui: (Ah…Behind Laito-kun…It’s the full moon…)
Laito: Now, where do we begin?
Yui: Argh!
Laito: Yes, let’s start here….the most classic spot. Oh… —
Yui: Oh…
Yui: (My neck…it hurts…what is this…!)
Laito: Mmm…ah…oh…—
Yui: Ah…No, don’t want…
Laito: —…this scent…
Yui: Eh…!?
Laito: – No, it can’t be. It’s just…a coincidence.
Yui: Wh-what?
Laito: — …Ah, I was just talking to myself. — …It’s been so long since I’ve tried such delicious blood…my tongue tingles.
Laito: What about you, Bitch-chan? How does it feel, your first time?
Yui: Ah…
Yui: (I feel…what’s going on? I feel light, too light, like I’m about to float out of my body…)
Laito: —You can’t even speak, it feels so good.
Yui: No…that’s not…
Laito: It’s alright. The moon won’t set for awhile. So, I will…continue to play with you.

Time crept along so slowly that night, I thought it would never stop. 
Our first time was my rude awakening,
From then on, I truly understood what it was to be a vampire. 
A creature that gained his strength through my blood, a denizen of the night.
With the cry of an addict, he had said “I love you.”
But who was the “you” he was talking to?
I knew I was but food to him.
I knew I must not stay close…
I knew, but that night was the first of many traps.
His words, sweet as honey, rang in my ears, wrapping themselves around me.

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