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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Dark 6 (English Translation)

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Living Room
Yui: (Oh…Today I’m sleepy again…I don’t know if I can live like this)
Yui: (They say your health will fall apart if you don’t get sunshine each day, and I guess that’s true for me…for humans, at least)
Yui: (These days, I can’t think. I can’t concentrate on anything…My attention span is so bad)
Yui: (I don’t even know if it exists anymore…)
Off-screen voice: ~Oh, Bitch-chan?
Yui: (I guess the least I can do is eat well…but those guys have such a random meal schedule that I never know when we’re going to eat next.)
Laito: ~Bitch~chan~?
Yui: (Oh, and no matter how I look at it, I don’t understand why I was sent here in the first place. It makes no sense)
Yui: (I’ve got to find a way to contact Papa, we need to talk-)
Laito: -Bitch-chan?
Yui: …Ack! L-Laito-kun?!
Laito: What’s the matter? You’re daydreaming. I kept calling you, and you didn’t notice me at all.
Laito: Let me guess…were you thinking of another man, someone other than me? Oh, your cheating heart~
Yui: That, that’s not it at all!
Laito: *Tsk-tsk-tsk* Don’t you know it’s not nice to tell lies? I know it’s not nice to tell lies. Laito: I know exactly what you’re doing. Here, sit next to me.
Yui: …Ah!
~Laito drags Yui next to him~
Yui: (He won’t let go of my hand…what should I do?)

Choose “Shake him off” (Correct choice)
Yui: You, what do you think you’re doing?!
Laito: I touch you a little and you react like this….
Laito: It makes me want to push you down and steal your purity right now.
Yui: (Ack…! Why does he look so happy about it!)

Choose “Grab him back”
Yui: (Well…maybe he wants me to grab him back…I don’t want to get in trouble.)
~grabbing sound~
Laito: Hm? Bitch-chan…you’re really eager today.
Laito: …Yes, I love eager…however…
Laito: Instead of corrupting you at once, I’d rather do it slowly, subtly…it would be like strangling your neck with a fine silk ribbon.
Laito: – So watch out.
Yui: (It’s no use…I don’t know what he’s saying at all…)

Laito: Really Bitch-chan, I can’t relax about you for a moment.
Laito: The next time I catch you thinking of another man, I’ll do so many embarrassing things to you right in front of him, you’ll wish you were dead.
Yui: It wasn’t like that…hear me out. I’ve just been randomly dozing off a lot, that’s all.
Laito: Oh? But that doesn’t matter. When I call, you have to answer.
Laito: So I’ll have to give you a nice punishment.

Yui: My punishment…is going to the rose garden?
Laito: Yup. Enjoying the roses with me is your punishment.
Yui: (…Alright, he’s definitely up to something…at least the roses are pretty?)
Laito: Look over here. Really enjoy it.
Laito: Above all flowers, I love roses the most. They’re so beautiful…I practically hate them.
Laito: But the most breath-taking roses are the ones that bloom in the midst of the night, just like—
Yui: Like what?
Laito:  …just like…you, Bitch-chan.
Laito: You’re so pretty, I cannot help but be fond of you.
Yui: Uh…please, please stop messing with me…you were going to say something else. You changed your mind at the last moment,
Laito: Are you really so suspicious of me? What a naughty girl…but that doesn’t matter. Laito: Because no matter what…
Laito: …I will…split you open…and ravage you…like this…
~crushing noise~
Yui: (Ah…he picked up a rose…and crushed it in his fist…)
Laito: And just like this…I’ll eat you…
Yui: Ah…you swallowed it..the poor flower…
Laito: Oh? Isn’t it…delicious? Here Bitch-chan, let’s eat together.
Yui: I, I don’t want to eat flowers…
Laito: Come…have a bite…it tastes so good…
Yui: …Ow! It hurts! Oh…the rose thorns…my finger…
Laito: Eh? I’m sorry. Looks like the rose still had thorns…let me look at your finger.
Yui: Ah…no, it’s no big deal. Don’t worry about it.
Laito: Come now. For my beloved Bitch-chan, nothing is too hard to do.
Yui: Wah!
~Laito grabs her finger~
Laito: Well, well, well. See, that wasn’t so hard. And isn’t your finger bleeding?
Yui: (He’s dragging my finger towards him…he’s so rough..,)
Yui: Let me go!
Laito: No can do. I need to treat it properly. Hehe…oh…
Yui: Ack…!?
Laito: Oh…oh…oh…— Bitch-chan’s blood…— so sweet…—
Yui: Stop!
Laito: Hehe…how am I supposed to stop now? Just what do you think I am?
Laito: Aren’t I even more sensitive to blood than humans are? Aren’t I…a vampire?
Laito: The fact that I haven’t pushed you down, sunk my fangs into you…really, you should be thanking  me…oh…—
Yui: (Ah…I’m so scared…)
Laito: — Oh…that’s right…if it goes on like this I won’t be able to stop at all. So, that’s all for today, ok?
Yui: …
Laito: What’s the matter? You look so stiff. Could it be…you want me to keep sucking your blood?
Yui: No…No…please don’t do that…
Laito: Hehe. So…you’re scared of me?
Yui: That’s, that’s…
Laito: Looks like I’ve got it. — Bitch-chan is so easily rattled. Hm…—
Laito: But that’s ok. Fear me…more.
Yui: Eh?
Laito: The more I scare you, the more excited I get.
Laito: There is nothing sexier than your look of complete and utter terror.
Laito: But it’s about time for me to look at the other roses. — Ah, the roses tonight really are beautiful…—
Yui: (I’ve got to…get away from here…)
Yui: (Quickly…as soon as I can!)

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