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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Dark 5 (English Translation)

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Yui: (Ah – I can’t stand it, I feel so sick. Sleeping all day and staying up all night is awful…)
Yui: (I used to live in a church, so I’d always wake up and go to bed early)
Yui: (My head is so dizzy…at this rate, I don’t know if I can stay in class…)
Laito: What’s wrong? Bitch-chan…your face is so pale.
Yui: Eh…you’re worried about me?
Laito: Of course. Bitch-chan, I need you! You’re my…
Yui: Your…

Choose “Food?” (Correct choice)
Yui: I’m your food, right?
Laito: Bitch-chan’s so funny. To go so far as to call yourself “food”…
Laito: But, I don’t mind this side of you…hehehe.
Yui: (Maybe I was too hard on myself…but that was obviously the right answer….oh.)

Choose “Girlfriend?”
Yui: Your….girlfriend, right?
Laito: Haha…Bitch-chan…is your head alright?
Yui: (Ah…! Now, I feel even worse!)

Nurse’s Office
Yui: (That’s how Laito convinced me to go to the nurse’s office. I followed him, but I don’t really know why or how he brought me there…)
Yui: (I just want to lie down and rest…)
Yui: I-I…I’ll be fine by myself…
Laito: But the teacher isn’t here, and isn’t it inconvenient for you to be alone?
Yui: It’s not inconvenient! I’m just a bit light-headed, so after I lie down….
Laito: But-
~screen shakes~
Yui: Ack!
Laito: But if you lie down like this…you’ll sweat and get thirsty, right?
Yui: I can take care of that by myself…
Laito: Really?
Yui: Ah!
Laito: … Oh, why won’t you stop sweating?
Yui: That’s because…Laito-kun is being weird-
Laito: And that’s why you’re so wet?
Yui: ….Don’t, don’t say that…you’re disgusting…!
Laito: Who’s really the filthy one? Oh…
Yui: Ah…! What, what are you doing?
Laito: What am I doing? It’s obvious. Bitch-chan looks so listless right now, so I’m getting you excited.
Laito: Like this.  If I use my tongue to lick your sweat off…. you would feel better, right?
Yui: It’ll have the opposite effect….ugh!
Laito: It will? But don’t you want to keep sweating? Isn’t it good for humans to sweat when they’re sick?
Yui: ….But that’s only if….you have a fever and I don’t have a fever….ack!
Laito: ….Are you trembling? Bitch-chan’s collarbone feels so weak and clammy…How did that happen?
Yui: Stop it!
Laito: No can do. The buttons are your shirt look so uncomfortable. That uniform’s so tight, you’d better take it off.
Yui: (My, my uniform…he sliced open my uniform! Where was he even keeping that knife?!)
Laito:  ….If you take it off, you wouldn’t be so tight, right?
Yui: How can doing this possibly make you happy?
Laito: Everything I do, I do for you, Bitch-chan. Look…
Yui: Ugh!
Laito: Look…You’re dripping, dripping with sweat…It almost makes me blush…
Yui: Agh!
Laito:  …are you angry? When you look at me with those eyes…Amazing. You’re so cute, I can’t stand it.
Laito: You can get mad. You can fight me. You can even call me names.
Laito You can even loathe me.
Laito: But no matter how hard you try, you are no match for me.
Laito: For I am inhuman. You will be forced to submit…and you will be at my mercy.
Laito: I will see the places you have been too embarrassed to show anyone…and in the end, you will be completely mine.
Laito: …I can’t take it anymore… I’m about to come just thinking about it.
Yui: I’ll never…submit to you! Never!
Laito: Haha…hahaha!  Look at you, acting all courageous. That’s not bad. I like that…Now, let’s see how much you can take in one day.
Yui: (…I’ve got to get away from the mansion…If this goes on, I’ll…)
Yui: (My chest won’t stop hurting…I’m scared…that he’ll really change me, that I really will start doing anything he wants…)

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