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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Dark 4 (English Translation)

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Yui:  (Sigh– I’m really not used to living like this. Day and night is completely upside-down for me….)
Yui: (It’s almost the crack of dawn, but I need to take a bath)
Yui: (Ah…so woozy…)
Yui: (I’ll take a quick bath…)
Yui: (And sleep…)

Yui:  Eh…?!
Laito: Yoo-hoo~ Bitch-chan? I know you want a happy bath-time-
Laito: So I’m going to get in with you.
Yui:  What?!

Choose “Get out!”
Yui:  Get out, get out!
Laito: Hm? But you’re the one who walked in on me. In that case, shouldn’t you get out?
Yui:  What kind of skewed logic is that…

Choose “Hentai!!” (Correct Choice)
Yui:  You—you hentai!!
Laito: Hehe~ I hear that a lot. To me, it’s a compliment.
Laito: After all, if you thought I was normal, then you’d be pretty abnormal yourself.
Laito: So congratulations, Bitch-chan! You’re completely normal.
Yui:  (I, I didn’t even faze him…)

Yui:  Just, just…please get out! If you want to take a bath, why don’t you go to your own bathroom…
Laito: Don’t wanna.
Yui: Don’t be s-so stubborn…
Laito: Oh, Bitch-chan. If you want to please me, you have to obey me.
Yui: If…
Yui: If you don’t get right now, I’ll….
Laito: Nope~
Yui:  What…!? Ah!
~splashing sound~
Laito: Gotcha, Bitch-chan–
Yui:  Wait…what do you think you’re doing…Ah!
Laito: Doing? Obviously, I’m taking a bath with you.
Yui:  I’m still wearing clothes. I chocked on the water and almost drowned!
Laito: Hmm – Relax. If you drown, I’ll just give you mouth-to-mouth. *chuckles*
Yui: I-I don’t want that!
Laito: If that’s what you say…why’s your heart beating so fast?
~splashing sound~
Yui:  Oh…ah!  No, don’t touch me!!
Laito: Hehe…don’t thrash around. Otherwise, I might drown you for real.
Yui:  Ah…!
Yui: (The look in his eyes…he really means it…!)
Laito: You’ve finally calmed down…hehehe.
Yui:  ….does it make you happy to do these things?
Laito: Of course. I’ll never do something boring. Oh, don’t look at me like that. I hate people who give me trouble.
Laito: But, as long as you entertain me…you’ll be ok…you understand?
Yui:  (Laito-kun…? He’s acting…even worse than usual…)
Yui: Laito-kun?
Laito: Heh. Tricked you. *Kisses you on the lips*
Yui:  Eh? Hrmmph…
~splashing sound~
Laito: Oh…
~moans and kissing sounds~
Yui:  (He’s…still kissing me…?!)
Laito: Hm…hm… *Kisses you at least twice*
Yui:  Ah…no…stop!
~splashing sounds~
Laito: Ow!
Yui:  (I-I bit him…I bit his lips…)
Laito: *Smacks his lips* That hurt…I think you just bit me on the lip, hehe…it’s been awhile since I’ve felt so alive.
Yui:  Ah…S-sorry…
Laito: Don’t worry about it. After all, aren’t we basically the “living dead”?
Laito: Are you afraid…look at it…my blood…it’s so red…right?
Yui:  …wh-what?
Laito: Lick it…Lick my blood…Lick the blood of a man who’s licked the blood of so many women.
Yui:  Ugh…ack!
Yui: (His blood-stained…finger…he’s stroking my mouth with it…)
Laito: Hehe, Bitch-chan…Such pretty red lipstick…It’s magnificent.
Laito: Look at that, you’re terrified. Do you think drinking the blood of a vampire…
Laito: Will turn you into a vampire too?
Yui:  …No…but drinking blood is something only a monster would do.
Laito: Hehe…maybe. But I don’t think it’s so bad…Now, I’ll suck your blood non-stop…
Laito: Until you’re completely dry.
Yui:  Oh…
Laito: Heh. Changed my mind. I’ll wait few more days, let you marinate a bit longer. Only then, will I show you these terrible pleasures…
Laito: So prepare every blood vessel entwined in your body…your sweet, sweet blood, your gourmet blood. And look forward to it, ok?
Yui:  Oh…!

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