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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Laito Dark 3 (English Translation)

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Yui: *Sigh* It’s almost impossible to live a normal human life here, so my health hasn’t been very good.
Yui: Because they’re vampires, we don’t eat regular meals, and when we do eat we don’t eat well.
Yui: They don’t let me sleep at night or get up in the day…even though I’m human! Sigh…what’s happening to me?
Yui: They broke my cellphone, so I can’t call Papa. And worse…
Yui: They won’t even let me buy a new one!
Yui: But if I have to live like this, I want something resembling a normal human life! So the least I can do is make sure I eat well. *You smile*
Laito: …Bitch-chan!
Yui: Ah…! You, you scared me! Don’ sneak up behind me when I’m cooking!
Laito: But my kawaii Bitch-chan, you’re alone right now. You know I can’t resist when you’re alone~
Laito: So I say…AH!
Yui: Hey! What did you just yell at me for?
Laito: *enthusiastic* Bitch-chan! Is that…an apron?
Yui: Yes, I’m wearing an apron…
Laito: Oooh…ahhh…how cute~
Yui: …haven’t you ever see an apron before?
Laito: *chuckles* Blame the head of the family. He doesn’t even try to manage household chores.
Laito: But you are so refreshing…Bitch-chan, I got to ask: Are you a very good cook?
Yui: Well…Yeah …I did grow up in a single-parent household.
Laito: So that’s how it was~ Hehehe…oh, but isn’t it hot in here, Bitch-chan?
Yui: Eh? Well, obviously you need fire to cook food. Of course it’s going to get warm…
Yui: What’s wrong with that?
Laito: *Chuckles* ….Oh, nothing. But if you’re hot…why don’t you take off your clothes?
Yui: What…?!
Laito: Yes, you should take off all your clothes. Oh, but keep the apron on. I like that.
Yui: I…I…
(I…I don’t what to say…)

Choose “Naked apron?!” (Correct Choice)
Yui: You want me to wear an apron…naked?!
Laito: Ha! Yes, yes! Now, Ayato always calls you “Flat-Chest.”
Laito: But I’m not sure. Maybe you just look that way in your clothes. So no matter what, I want to check…

Choose “Uncle humor?”
Yui: You’re just…you’re just using uncle humor!
Laito: Hmm? Are you calling me your “uncle”? Am I your uncle?
Yui: Ack?! Ew!  *muffled*
(My lips…he’s holding my lips shut!)

Laito: Do it, Bitch-chan. Strip. Strip now.
Yui: No! …I won’t! I’m cooking!
Laito: Hmm? You don’t want to? Ah, so you want me to take them off for you. So Bitch-chan can get right back to her cooking~
Yui: Ack! Stop it! …Take your hand off my skirt!
Laito: Oh, don’t mind me. Bitch-chan, just ignore me and keep on cooking~
Yui: …I can’t cook like this! You know I can’t!
Laito: Eh~? *mocking* What ever shall we do?
Yui: Ack–
Laito: *chuckles* If I can’t take off your skirt, then what about your blouse?
Yui: (He’s, he’s grabbing me from behind!)
Yui: I’m serious…stop it! I’m gonna…get mad!
Laito: Yes! *Breathless and excited* Get mad, get mad! If you boil over, throw the boiling pot at me!
Yui: Now, that’s just…
Laito: If you really hate me you’ll do it! Come on, quickly, now!
Yui: I can’t do something like that!
Laito: Hehehe…Bitch-chan is such a softie. But you don’t want to get soft on me~
Laito Because…I’m a vampire.
~sound of clinking buttons~
Yui: (Ah…! My blouse, the buttons on my blouse…)
Laito: Understand, Bitch-chan? At this rate, I’ll even take off your underwear~ Ok?
Yui: Of course not!
Laito: Then fight back, I dare you. Use every bit of strength in your body… come on, shake me off!
Yui: Urgh…!
Laito: If you won’t shake me off it means you want it.
Yui: Why…?
Yui: (Why? My body…I feel as a heavy as a rock…I can’t fight back at all.)
Yui: (Why? Am I too scared? But…) *You hear the sound of a beating heart*
Yui: Argh….!?
Yui: (My chest…suddenly…)
Laito: *surprised* Bitch-chan? What’s wrong?
Yui: No, nothing…ah!
Laito: Is that right?
Yui: (My heart is pounding so fast it hurts…Why? …It keeps happening, ever since I came to this haunted house…)
(Maybe…I’m sick? Or…)
Laito: Oh well. If Bitch-chan won’t fight back, less work for me!
Laito: –So you can receive all kinds of my gifts.
Yui: Ack…?! Don’t touch me…Ah! *The screen shakes. You hear someone being hit*
Laito: Ow!
Yui: Oh, s-sorry…!
Laito: …You hit me. Which means I’ll have to punish you….Let’s see, how should I play with you today?
Yui: (…What’s happening to me? Someone…?)
Yui: (Someone please…tell me it’s just one, long bad dream…)

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