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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Reiji Dark 7 (English Translation)

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Yui: *gasping for breath*…
Yui: (Suddenly telling me to come to his room within a minute, Reiji-san is just too selfish!)
Yui: (However, I have no idea what he’d do if I don’t follow his orders… so I should hurry anyway!)
Shuu: ……
Yui: Ah…
Yui: G- Good morning.
Shuu: …Aa…
Yui: (I wonder if he even hows how to make a conversation…)
Shuu: …What is it? If there’s nothing, then I’m leaving.
Yui: P- Please wait!
Yui: Uhh… Umm…
Yui: How do you usually feel about Reiji-san?
Shuu: …Well.
Yui: Don’t just say that… Aren’t you all brothers?
Shuu: That’s only because it’s convenient. It’s different in truth.
Yui: Huh?
Shuu: …can I go now?
Yui: N- Not yet! Please explain more properly.
Shuu: …Ayato, Laito and Kanato are triplets.
Shuu: Subaru is an only child.
Yui: Ohhh, so that’s how it is.
Yui: Then, Reiji-san and Shuu-san are brothers…? And Reiji-san’s your older brother?
Shuu: …actually, I’m the eldest.
Yui: !! E- Excuse me…
Shuu: Whatever.
Yui: (That’s a little unexpected. He seems so much more like the eldest, I can’t believe he’s the second son…)
Yui: Ah… In that case, does it mean that each of your parents are different?
Shuu: Parents…
Shuu: ……
Shuu: …heh, you’re so noisy. How annoying.
Yui: Ah… I- I’m sorry…
Shuu: So, can I go now?
Yui: Yes…
Yui: (It looks like I was turned down for being a little too nosy…)
Yui: —oh no! I should hurry!

In Reiji’s room
Yui: Please excuse my tardiness!!
Reiji: ……
Yui: Ah… I’m sorry, that was loud…
Reiji: ……
Yui: (As I thought, Reiji-san is angry…)
Yui: I’m truly sorry, next time I’ll be fas——
Reiji: There is the stench of that good for nothing coming from you.
Yui: (“Good for nothing?” …could he be talking about Shuu-san?)
Reiji: It seems that for you, a punishment is in order.
Yui: Eh!? No way, I only ran into him on my way here…!
Reiji: —Come.
~sound of him grabbing her~
Yui: R- Reiji-san!? Wait! Stop——

In the torture chamber
Reiji: ——is that truly all you heard from Shuu?
~whipping sound~
Reiji: If you do not wish to be whipped any further, speak truthfully without lies.
~whipping sound~
Yui: P- Please believe me… I already told you everything…
Reiji: ……
Reiji: …very well.
Reiji: As a reward, I shall engrave more marks upon you with this whip.

Choose “Stop it! (S choice)
Yui: Stop it already!
Yui: H- Huh… I… Why did I shout in such a loud voice…?)
Yui: (It’s as if I wasn’t myself…)
Reiji: Hmph, now you even dare to oppose me…
Reiji: How loathsome!

Choose “It’s useless to say anything” (M choice)
Yui: (Maybe it’s useless no matter what I say…)
Reiji: …you appears as though you have resigned yourself. Have you already lost the strength to resist?
Reiji: Fufu, are you aware that I have yet to be satisfied?
Reiji: Or perhaps… you want me to make you suffer even more.

~whipping sound~
Yui: !!
Reiji: Do you understand…? From now, you will not speak another word with that good for nothing again.
~whipping sound~
Yui: !!
Reiji: This has been decided. You have no choice in the matter.
Reiji: It should be simple to understand, yes…?

Even after all my senses have grown numb,
Reiji-san’s whip continues to strike upon my entire body.
Though he and Shuu-san are truly brothers,
it seems they have some sort of feud against each other I don’t know about.
Still, even though he didn’t exactly touch me directly,
I feel as if we have grown closer…
These scars engraved upon my body,
I wonder if they represent the pain in Reiji-san’s heart…?
Perhaps it is just convenient for me,
to consider it that way.

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