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Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Dark Prologue (English Translation)

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In the living room
Yui: (Even though I was intimidated into it, to accept being vampire’s food is…)
Yui: (It’s like a nightmare.)
Yui: God…why did you set me such a trial…
Shu: …Oi.
Yui: Kya!
Shu: …What a noisy woman. Don’t jump up and down in the house. The floor will break.
Shu: If the house breaks, he’ll be annoying.
Yui: (Him…? Is he talking about Reiji-san…?)
Shu: What?
Yui: No…ah. Shuu-san, what’s wrong? It’s already night but you’re wearing school uniform.
Shu: Hah? I’m going to school now, though….
Yui: School?
Reiji: You two, you’re still here?
Yui: Oh… Reiji-san
Yui: (He’s also wearing uniform… I wonder why.)
Shu: The annoying one came…
Reiji: Shuu, get in the car now. I won’t allow the reason we are late to be a disgraceful reason such as you.
Shu: Got it
Yui: Ah, wait Shuu-san!! …He left.
Reiji: Komori Yui, hurry up and get ready as well.
Yui: Uhmm… What do you mean by ‘get ready’?
Yui: Both of you are wearing uniforms even though its night…is there something at school?
Reiji: What sleep-talking is that? School started from now.
Yui: Eeehhh?!
Yui: (What do you mean?!)
Reiji: Ryoutei Gakuen is a high class night school for people who can’t attend class during the day…
Reiji: Don’t you even know that?
Yui: … S-sorry. I didn’t know.
Yui: (There’s a school like that…I left all the school transfer procedure to then so I didn’t know anything…)
Yui: Everyone’s a vampire so they go to night school?
Reiji: Such useless inquiries are unnecessary. Hurry up and get ready and come to the lobby. The limousine will leave in 10 minutes.
Yui: T-ten minutes?! I…I’ll go change now!
Yui: (I have to hurry… I can’t be late on my first day.)

In a school corridor
Yui: Haa…even though I just came to school, I feel so exhausted.
Yui: But… The people at the school mostly look normal…I think this can go well.
Yui: (And … Even though there was talk of sucking my blood, Shuu-san doesn’t have any interest in me at all…)
Yui: (Maybe he’d let me go without doing anything )
Yui: I’ll do my best to go on without angering him…
Female Student (FS): Ah, hey hey, you!
Yui: Eh…me?
FS: Yeah! Hey, you’re the girl who just transferred into our class today right?
Yui: eh? … Ah, yeah. I’m Komori Yui. Nice to meet you.
FS: Yeah, me too!
FS: Uhmm… I saw you just then when you came to school…
FS: What’s your relation to the 6 Sakamaki brothers?
Yui: Eh?! I’ve got this situation…Shuu-san’s–
FS: Eh, what? What about Sakamaki Shuu?
Yui: Eh? Are you that interests in Shuu-san?
FS: Of course! The 6 Sakamaki brothers are famous!!
FS: And it’s said that Sakamaki Shuu doesn’t talk to anyone and is the master of the music room!
Yui: Master of the music room?
FS: Yeah. He skips most classes and is always in the music room.
Yui: I see.
Yui: (Then I should go near the music room much…)
FS: But anyway, it’s so cool you come to school with the Sakamaki brothers!
FS: So, what’s your relation to them?
Yui: Ah… Well, about that
Yui: (I can’t possibly say that “I’m a live-in meal.”…)
FS: Hey…could it be that you’re a lover of one of them…or something?
Yui: No no! It’s not like that!
FS: Hmmm…
Yui: Wh…what?
FS: Well, if you feel like telling the truth then tell me secretly, I won’t tell anyone else.
Yui: Like I said it’s not like that…!
FS: You don’t have be shy about it. See ya!
Yui: That felt like…That was one huge misunderstanding…
Yui: anyhow, I have to be careful not to go near the music room…
???: What’s wrong with the music room?
Yui: Kya!
Laito: Ah~ that’s so mean. You don’t have be so scared.
Yui: …Ah. La-Laito-kun…right?
Raito: Yup. Hey hey, what are you doing dazed there? If you’re free, then play with me?
Yui: Ah…no, that is… I’m not really free…
Laito: Then make free time from now, and play with me.
Yui: I -I can’t! I still have class!
Laito: Who cares about classes? The lessons about you and my bodies are more important… Right?
Yui: Eh?!
Laito: Getting all embarrassed, so cuute. C’mon…let’s go there. There’s a good empty classroom…
Yui: (I … I have to escape!)
Yui: I-I’m…busy! See you!

In the music room
Yui: *Huff* *Huff* …! I…I somehow managed to escape…
Yui: Geez… Almost getting attacked at school is too scary…
Yui: ….But…huh? This is… Could it be…?
Yui: (I ran in here in a panic so I didn’t notice but… This is the music room!)
Yui: (I can hear music…someone’s here…)
Yui: N…no way…
Yui: Shuu-san … Is here… Or something…
Shu: ………What?
Yui: Kya!
Shu: So noisy…
Yui: Sh-…Shuu-san…?!
Yui: (He’s sleeping on the floor…)
Shu: What…. You’re making a weird face…….
Yui: Eh, umm…. Errr….
Shu: …What is it?
Yui: Ah, no… It’s not like I have anything to…
Yui: (May-… Maybe I should talk about something…)
Yui: Uhmmm
Shu: If you have no use here then get out. So annoying. I don’t really care about you.
Yui: Eh…?
Shu: My younger brothers seem to want your blood really bad, but don’t group me with them.
Shu: And if you plan to use that body if yours to gain right or whatever in the Sakamaki family, it’s no use coming to me.
Shu: I’m not interested that house. Even then, is it fine?
Yui: ummm… I don’t really get what you’re talking about but what do you mean ‘useless’?
Shu: Don’t you even understand that much? …Explaining it is a pain though…
Yui: But I don’t know what…
Shu: … Then, whatever.
Yui: But…!
Shu: I get tired speaking. I’ve said what I have to.
Yui: Right…..
Yui: (He’s an unmotivated person.)
Yui: (But by ‘useless’, is he telling me not to do anything…?)
Yui: Then, I’ll be in your care from now.
Shu: What? Even so you still choose me? ….What a weirdo.
Yui: R-really? I don’t really think I am.
Shu: ……..
Yui: Shuu-san?
Shu: …….
Yui: (Ah! He closed his eyes. I guess there no use taking to him anymore.)
Yui: then I’ll be leaving…
Shu: …….
Yui:( Hhmmm… I still don’t know what he’s like but…)
Yui: (If I go well with him then I can be released without anything happening. For sure.)

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6 thoughts on “Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal Shuu Dark Prologue (English Translation)”

  1. I can not thank you enough – I know translations take a while so i dont expect Shuu to be completed any time soon but I still super appreciate his translations thus far – he’s the only reason I wanted to play the game for so long now >w<

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you like it. When someone sends me a message like this, it always motivates me. So thank you! 😄 I’ll try to work more on Shuu’s route now 😊


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